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File: 1520092718351.gif (1.93 MB, 200x112, d2f1da8d3016769f109f748dfd….gif)


Anyone knows? Sorry it's so small


its a gif


you mean this is all was made, not coming from something longer?


It's from this pivix pixiv.net/member.php?id=2532867

You need an account to see the NSFW


There was a short scene where the monster tears her chest.


Huh. There was a request for this artist's stuff earlier this year actually.

Good News: There is a full version with the monster actually slashing her and - most impressive - sound.

Bad News: The artist's Pivix actually doesn't have the full version. They originally hosted everything on a website that has since gone down. I guess when it went down, they lost a lot of their stuff. So for those who've seen their whole archive before the site went down, their Pivix page is painfully disappointing.

Better News: Someone managed to save everything before the site went down. Deep in the Animated Gifs thread on /g, there's a link to a working Mega that contains (as far as I can tell) the whole archive. It includes the full version of this one, as well as all of the artists other amazing animations and still art.

Best News: I'm a nice guy, so I went and dug out the link: https://mega.nz/#!aIAhnZpY!soVrLjUG80jet65GvmZADKT4dRV5WttTFa1eeRaDJCY
It should still be working.

File: 1521388393051.jpg (239.85 KB, 784x1100, 1213889 - Clark_Kent DC Di….jpg)


anyone got link?


File: 1521388430834.jpg (379.79 KB, 1400x879, 1213188 - DC Studio_AD Won….jpg)


I have no idea how to get all the images. I know there are some in exhentai by Artdude41 name.


ad41 DOT eroticillusions DOT com



Is anyone doing furry requests?



File: 1521299870879.jpg (245.42 KB, 730x1032, 1422162512566.jpg)


I want to find the rest of this piece and all his work.
Thank you!


The author is nanashi ( 774 )
I also like his work but it is pretty scattered all around

you can find quite a lot of that on exhentai



Thank you ^__^


Looking for images of non brutal lolicon executions. Hangings, beheadings, etc.



I'm searching dolcett stuff (mostly drawings) with males. they are mostly with girls getting cooked or eaten.
Do you know any sources? Thank you :)


I doubt is this kind of stuff even exists since dolcett was quite specifically focused on females. The whole fictional universe is about males being extremely uncommon and valuable while females are on the same value as cows.

Unless of course, you are looking for stuff unrelated to dolcett.


there is a thread in gore and death


File: 1514915223311.jpg (1.25 MB, 2300x2350, 1793009_SmittyG_isabelle_2.jpg)


Those who know my name tend to see me in the scat or Artowork sections. But I have this craving for something I cannot shake since few share my interest...

I would like to make a request for an anthro female dog character squatting to piss and shit. The catch is that the character has to be sporting a canid pussy (aka "dogina" or "fortune cookie"), puffy preferably (in heat is up to you).

The character can be any female anthro dog character. Could be a pre-existing (e.g. Isabelle, Renamon, Krystal, etc) or an OC (e.g. e621's Dogmom, or somebody else). What matters is that the character is attractive (on-model, or close to it, is always a plus), and I have a good enough view of genitals and anus.

If nobody does it, that's fine... I had no idea where else to post this request.


File: 1520833983416.jpg (103.67 KB, 1280x886, 1515572050_slayermike471_3….jpg)

Well... I didn't request these, but they are up my alley.


File: 1520834000633.jpg (107.68 KB, 1280x886, 1515572453_slayermike471_9….jpg)


File: 1520834042723.jpg (124.84 KB, 1280x886, 1515572891_slayermike471_k….jpg)


Something about puffy fortune cookies and shitting just seems so hot, to me.


well dude, I wanna see this too. Especially on isabelle hnnnng. I wanna see her farting and shitting <3



I'm glad I'm not the only one. <3

File: 1520573950021.jpg (285.98 KB, 600x800, ravness_loxaerion_001.jpg)


Need help identifying whose the artist for these...They're very good. Would also like to know if there's more/better quality.

Ravness Loxaerion from Tactics Ogre 1(?)/3(?)
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File: 1520574016075.jpg (283.33 KB, 600x800, wang_yuanji_001.jpg)

Wang Yuanji from Dynasty Warriors 1(?)/2(?)


File: 1520574026892.jpg (978.23 KB, 800x2600, wang_yuanji_002.jpg)

Wang Yuanji from Dynasty Warriors 2(?)/2(?)


File: 1520577388646.png (463.11 KB, 800x600, unknown_001.png)


File: 1520577433490.jpeg (291.78 KB, 1000x800, shibuya_rin.jpeg)

Shibuya Rin from Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls


Artist is 鶴亀(Tsurukame)
A bulk of their work is at:


I know it's been done before but I am dying for some Rey decapitation


if u wanna buy it send me mail redsevenred7@gmail.com


I want that too


Me too

File: 1521074989122.jpeg (142.19 KB, 1004x708, 6732FE06-286C-4195-B00F-E….jpeg)


Just wondering if this has a continuation or not


File: 1521075713340.png (458.58 KB, 800x566, C1D445AB-80FA-4831-A241-60….png)

Dis one too

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