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a thread for alternative endings of stories or more juicy detailed drawings artist didn't make or publish


can someone make a more detailed ending for the story: a tale of chinese slavery.
I like the ending but would like to see how meimei ended up.


Long shot but would anyone have lying around a now probably ancient DOS era, turned based snuff game in which you shot, stripped and raped women of dubious art quality? Looking for it out of interest, not quality.

I know there was a nearly identical thing done on some forum (that I can no longer find) using 3D models and a Windows application. That’s *not* what I’m looking for.

This was 2D art and a distinctly DOS era UI and exe.


This sounds interesting. I wouldn't mind seeing this myself.

File: 1527090511038.png (514.39 KB, 642x589, source.PNG)



File: 1527004020010.jpg (389.72 KB, 975x1293, image.jpg)


Excuse me, but could someone help me find all of these photos or the artist.
Cause I found this on the net but there was no credit to the original artist.



File: 1526857928066.jpg (1.11 MB, 2000x2000, Mae_Tamamo_Render_(WO3U).jpg)


Tamamo No Mae from the game Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate,i hope any of you talented people can make a sfm of Red hood throat fuck her to death and use all her holes(FYI:Just death don't want blood and gore to spoil the art, personal preference:p), thanks. Here's a picture of her.

File: 1526614541943.gif (1.85 MB, 500x273, C1C6C70.gif)


I spied this on Motherless but no source was listed... is there a set, or a video, or is this a manip? Does anybody know?


It's from the movie The Prowler, I think. Look it up on YouTube.


I know this may be out of the norm for here but am looking for a tv show of a drug cartel but all I can remember is one scene where they are trying to find the young daughter of someone so they take her friends family hostage and get the girl to call her to setup a meeting. The whole family gets iced after that.


Nevermind found it. Gang Related epi 3 10:50

File: 1524546680430.gif (1.66 MB, 400x600, Decap.gif)


Hi guys. I'm looking for two games by Bloodiba that I can't seem to find. One of the is Slash and Execution 1, for which all of the links he has on his own page are dead. The other is just an execution game featuring pic related. (Btw yes I did totally post this in the guro games thread over on g before putting it in requests where it belongs, my bad)


There's a thread on Reddit's guro sub that has links for both of bloodiba's slash and execution games, no idea where to find the other one.



I whid this game was translated T.T


You can translate it by going through "start.txt" and translating @msg, @title and @sel lines. Use "" for multiple words. Don't translate @labels (not necessary).

File: 1526446730298.png (133.99 KB, 618x800, 49E96414-AF7A-4CB0-9BF8-01….png)


Can anyone mind coloring this? Please and thank you.


There was a series of images I found a long time ago and never found again. Basically it was a bunch of cow/women hybrids that were in some kinda field or something shitting. One person wasnt brainwashed like the others and was aware she was a hybrid shitting and someone who was watching them through a monitor alerted some higher up. The images were black and white and there was maybe 2 or 3 and they werent really continuations of each other but had the same premise

If anyone knows where to find these or has them that would be appreciated

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