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File: 1530737968257.jpg (345.94 KB, 949x1234, 3646311634986403491 - Copy.jpg)


My friend gifted me this shirt, but was unable to tell me who the artist was, or where he got it. Does anyone know the source?

Also, does anyone know where to buy any other good gore shirts?



File: 1528242700347.gif (277.36 KB, 500x217, tumblr_mgaogdtpUi1rb4yjwo1….gif)


Does anyone know where this is from? Maybe a movie or music video?




File: 1532120731225.png (28.13 KB, 500x217, test.png)

I noticed that the image is mirrored.
after flipping it in gimp, notice the sig says "lucifers-queen"

There is a tumbler page lucifers-queen.tumblr.com and connected to it is blackandwhitehorror.tumblr.com

try looking there.


Thanks for your help, the source was Dark House (2009)


Doesnt have to be diarrhea or anything, only stomcha
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File: 1532121172977.png (18.83 KB, 640x400, b43fa20f1f854c08dad6753810….png)


Go to Gurobooru>:D
Use the tags:


Decent amount of images>:) (try to think of other shit too:))


Last one was me>:)
Also Xray


I have the worst fetish


Not at all boy>:)


Anyone got the pass of「 」's latest two works? There is no information on his posts. Links below


All Thx


Never managed to find any decent ones
Example: This scene is from Blood Royale episode 2. One girl is suspended and is forced to shit while another girl is forced to eat it.


Perhaps one of these?




Looking for art of girls with guns pointed at their pussies, ready to be fired or being shot between their legs. Binus point if it's suicide


Go to Gurobooru >:D
with tags
*pussy *shot (for bonus *impale, *Clit/Clit_torture, gun)

Should satisfy you blood lust for a small while

BTW Gurobooru is almost strictly Guro pics so anyone else looking for stuff its kinda a one stop shop:)


File: 1531984782664.jpg (408.09 KB, 749x800, 6298.jpg)


Anyone know where I could find more of this artist? Original post was on darkfetishnet's amazon combat group.


This is art of the famous artist moon! He is on DA!



Do you happen to have a link to his profile? DA's search function is being less than helpful.


File: 1527654894880.jpg (56.9 KB, 348x560, 1511646034318.jpg)


who is the artist


it looks familiar think they had some illustrated stories.


The artist is '8 club' or '8 no Ji Club'. There are quite a few galleries on e-hentai.


they don't look the same.


File: 1531960430483.jpg (21.45 KB, 480x458, haruka23.jpg)

8 Club is the artist for this image. This plus the rest of the series can be found on exhentai.

File: 1531878112774.jpg (1.91 MB, 2395x3767, 1526804264216.jpg)


Its hard to find good gore pics of the dragon loli. Anyone have?


There's been a decent thread in the freak show section but being no "gore" puts a damper on that. Any one have girls in magic/illusion acts (preferably failed ones) to share here, gory or not.


Gurobooru will give you a whole selection.>:)

Go there and type in the tags (magic, magic_trick, illusion, etc) and it will pop right up:)


Thanks but I looked on there and very few images come up (about 4 under "magic" and that's all. I've seen some pop up on here in the past and was hoping to see a good thread of them all.


Make a Thread with Some Images in Gore/Death with some example images (the ones you found). That Should Workcause others might even make some for you >:)


I'll try when I'm on my home computer, hopefully this expired certificate by then so it will see some traffic.

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