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Thanks in advance

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Dispatch vol 2 by Kobayashi Hiyoko


I was wondering if anyone had anime/manga pics of dead kids in morgues and/or crime scenes? It makes for good fantasy material.

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(I'd link the thread, but the web archive link sets off spam protection, it was on page 2 posted by someone called "Balloon-chan")
Did anyone ever happen to save this thread? I'm specifically looking for the second story. Sadly the archive only saved the first image.


Anyone have some cut in half video, with sex or not, animation, film or even stories.

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I can work with that. I'll just come up with some vaguely scientific explanation to make you last longer, but you'll still only have a couple of minutes after being cut in half. (Unless you wanted a variant that actually has both of your halves connected to some kind of machines to keep you alive for longer, and you'd only die after that machine is turned off)

But I need a few more things: For one, what perspective should I write from? 1st-person ("I"), 2nd-person ("You"), or 3rd-person ("he/she")? But I take it, from the PoV of the victim, that is, you, either way, right?
Also care to describe yourself (or more specifically, the character representing you in the story) just a bit? At least a little bit of 'your' looks, what name/age your character is supposed to have, something like that.
Similarly, are the other two partners supposed to have any particular physical or personality traits, or should I just come up with something standard?



My point of view, yeah machine why not surprise me


I'll go with 2nd person, then, that seems the most fitting. Any specific bits of detail 'you'/your character should have, or shall I just come up with all the minutiae I need?


Surprise me am waiting I fill empty


I've been trying to find a good place to find all of MA's work. Anyone know where I can look?

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File: 1533015849181.png (44.23 KB, 600x500, 1418309245997.png)


What's the more humiliating and painful, in multiple ways at once?
A girl who pees herself as she is spanked, or maybe shits even?
Pubicly raped and the like?
Just after many pains and with much disgrace, looking upon the rack... Tortures await..

I want to see mortified, fearful faces!


Go to Gurobooru - Use Tags:



Shit ton more on sight>:D


I have found a couple pictures by this artist, but like 4-5, and I like the style, but I was curious if more were floating around?
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The two links diffrent animations from juan gotoh and however the death of naked samurai girls is just one animation that involves a duel with katana swords between a red ponytailed haired girl and the black long straight haired girl as they strike each other the red haired girl strikes the long straight haired girl leading to her disimbowelment but the long haired girl counterattacked and decapitates the red haired girl as well as severing ther right hand which holds the katana(as the head falls and the background lies her headless corpse spasmed and spray with blood then as it falls down the floor it pee’d after her left hand twitch for the last time. After that the disemboweled black long straight haired girl stabs her chest in the heart ended up commited suicide.

That’s what i remembered what i describe when i was watching that m4v or Gif on the original Gurochan.


Damn! ... That sounds really familiar, and hot af! If anyone has any leads on the original video that would be greatly appreciate.d


File: 1531498133236.gif (5.77 MB, 320x240, 1414687498389.gif)

I saved the gif version a few years ago. Here it is.

Would love to see this one if anyone has it.


thank you! :D this is what i've remembered and described even this one is a gif version awesome you're a lifesaver


Awesom! Thank you! I remember this on Juan's site. Brings back memories.

File: 1532703503751.jpg (148.43 KB, 600x849, 58239057_p0_master1200.jpg)




I found the doujin here. If anyone can buy it and share it, that'd be great - but I doubt there's any shooting :\


Dude dont make me sad.

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