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Anyone got images where the character is pooping / piissing while flying?


Hey all, I'm looking for a snuff RP. If you're interested in the details, my Discord is argyle_n1nja#3051. Male, female, furry, I take all comers.


I recommend you site www.f-list.net and virtual world Second Life.
Both are good for finding snuff roleplay partners, and in SL you can even have some visual aid - gallows, guillotines and other gear.


Noted and appreciated!


Y'know, there's a /rp/ board here where you should put this post instead of this one


Y'know, I'd considered putting it there, but I figured it was more of a request for a partner than for an RP.

I'll put it up there later, though.

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Does anyone know of any other dehydration images/stories besides that one chapter in Rain of grain is pouring rain? It is extremely difficult to find material of this kind.


File: 1534085983324.jpg (220.54 KB, 880x1035, boxing_gwen_by_chamberlain….jpg)

This story is nice /chamberlain-complex/art/Boxing-Gwen-363934776 on deviantart


Hi I am looking for 2 Guro doujinshi. I'll describe them, one was in english and involved the rape and murder of a fox anthro. It was in english and she was being raped and after they raped her they forced bricks in her cunt. The other Doujin involved a loli that was raped and a man stuffed her pussy with roaches, I think I remember it being called "CockRoach".


Does anyone have the latest Quoom galleries ?

For example Safe Passage, Marie Stuart, Queen Zenobia or Conquered Part 3 ?

I would freakin love it

File: 1533957057237.jpg (1.95 MB, 1920x1410, 1491472649585.jpg)


look for pictures from this artist that was on pixiv but his account good deleted a few month back.


So if anyone's familiar with MNF club, there's a lot of premium costumes for female player models, I'd like to ask if anyone can make some snuff art using said costumes. That'd be great! Thanks


Does anyone have anything with famous video game girls getting circumcised? Samus, Princess Peach, Lara Croft, Zelda, etc?
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There are actually quite a few thread in Gore&Death / Artwork that will label what specific heroine they are drawing/focusing on. There are quite a few of them (too many to list here) so if you go to both and scroll slowly, you'll see a bunch.>:)


Also, Gurobooru with tag


(Has some nice, immediate ones)>:)


There really aren't that many in G&D. I also haven't seen much in the ways of genital mutilation for famous video game girls like Samus or Zelda. There's only actually two pieces of artwork where Lara Croft loses her tits.


I'd like to see some Star Wars characters getting their multicolor clitorises cut.


Their there, but more across the everything spectrum. If you got to all the threads in Gore&Death/Artwork, you will find them >:) The Wonder Woman Thread alone has some Suicide Squad Girls>:)

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File: 1533519217179.jpg (545.93 KB, 800x1130, 1481731479232.jpg)


Looking for any sites with a good collection of english guro manga or comics




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