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I went to school with a fellow metalhead, and one day he came to school wearing a shirt with two of my biggest kinks. It was most likely an album cover from some metal band.
I was too nervous to ask about it, so I couldn't ask what band it was from so I can download the image
To describe it-
Skeletons were force feeding a very fat man, and I'm pretty sure there were mutilated corpses in the background
I'm taking a shot in the dark here by posting this but I really need to find this image!


The imagery you describe is common to two genres: death metal and goregrind. Not sure about the exact cover, but, given the description, here's a good start for your searches: https://www.google.com/search?q=cannibal+corpse+covers


File: 1535892826608.jpg (105.08 KB, 1024x846, 0021033875685932_b.jpg)

File: 1535026372074.jpg (542.73 KB, 1200x1696, 1534935114369.jpg)


Anyone know who the hell the artist who made pic related is? Reverse image searching it on IQDB, Saucenao, Yandex, Google Images, and Tineye turn up nothing.


Prob ask from the thread of person who posted it. I think it was something Naruto related.




I`m searching for everything of her


Man i saw a few pics of her :P i don't rly remember in witch ;) section, gore or artwork, if i stumble upon them i'll post a link, but you might want 2 do some digging yourself, btw there is a nice story about here in literature, gl&hf!


THX at first. I´m searching a lot and of course I find a few. But I hope there is more. if you find some and send the links, I´ll be grateful.


Go over to Gurobooru and look for em. I'm sure you'll find more :)


Just wondering if anyone know of any sets or sites of little girls (clothed) tied up? I know some old screencaps of old vids have floated around old yahoo groups back in the day but just seeing if there is an archive or anything. Thnks.


Hi, I like to cut tits, cunts, cocks, nuts..
I´m Looking for pics of these ….


There are plenty of the tit pics in the Artwork and Gore & Death sections. Searching there and scrolling would be best bet cause there are alot to go through. :) On someone elses other thread, I posted gif and stuff related (If you can find it in the request by scrolling.)


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I saw this on a thread somewhere you might want to ask them


Alright so I know a lot of the hentai/anime out there that have stomach growls/noises in them like Night Shift Nurses Blood Royale etc. I want to know of some that you guys can think of that has stomach growls or noises of some kind. I don't care for end results or reason of the stomach noise just please help me find some.........


Don't everyone answer all at once.........


There aren't alot of options for that one, you would usually have to go to things that involve disembowlments, gutting, impalment, etc and hope the had some noises. Gurobooru might have some under those tags and there are a few of the same in Artwork and Death & Gore.



You could also go on youtube to check just type in stomach noises.


File: 1534438296884.gif (3.81 MB, 498x280, tenor.gif)


I want to see, Yayo, a puchidol fro Puchimas, getting roasted, bisected, or beheaded.


Not the torture-type stuff, but more along the lines of "guess what, you're now female and surgically equipped as such."


Preferably beheaded or bisected


File: 1534371459067.jpg (456.44 KB, 1493x2000, forbiddenfeast_celebrity_d….jpg)

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