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Looking for "scarred". A VN based on Damaged Goods:

Original filename is "ScarredBeta.rar" but it seems to have been wiped from the internet. Does anyone happen to have it?

I would really appreciate it.


Do anyone know anyone who does Naruto necrophilia stories?
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I would love to read Naruto stories like that just with little to no blood in it


me too


Yes this is what i want more of


Can this guy come back pls


Second that request

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Looking for a WWII related Manga. Only have 2 pages. It is a Manga mainly about tank combat and war related stuff, as far as I remember.
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Thx! Knowing the name helps a lot!


Does somebody know where to find the 8th volume?


Do you have a source for the first 7 Volumes? :D



Need to find this if there are scans

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Can someone make a headless edit of this plz? I appreciate.


File: 1538146017443.jpg (183.91 KB, 640x1432, WHH1000000.jpg)


Thanks very much! <3

File: 1537612659432.png (339.93 KB, 628x895, Giggles_profile(9).png)


Itt Please post any original gore/guro content you may have or find involving this cute little pink chipmunk I love her

Thank you!

I accept content with her in human or furry style but I'm actually looking for the latter. The former is actually super easy to find on like Pixiv.
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File: 1538116873392.jpg (1.04 MB, 2029x2017, 50589088_p0.jpg)


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Any picks of Scott Pilgrim Girls? I'm surprised that I haven't found some already. The seriues is filled with likable and attractive girls like Ramona and Knives




Double bump


Hello >:)
Hate to blue ball you here >:), but you would probably be better off going to each person's thread and requesting them to make it personally. to my best knowledge, there is no scott pilgrim vs the world guro (awesome movie pick BTW). Most of the people here look to make new content anyway. That would be your best bet.>:)


Thank you for your advice, I hope in the end we can get some SP guro and such


Does anyone have a translation for this?
It's not really guro but where exactly do you draw the line is it blood?
[Kaikijin] SWIMSUIT GIRL HAVE AN EXTREME DOMINATION - School Mizugi no Onnanoko ga Tottemo Hidoi Koto o Saremasu



File: 1537929619001.jpg (445.49 KB, 1240x1754, a.jpg)


Any Clash Royal based porn, scat or murder pics?

File: 1537470806632.jpeg (94.02 KB, 720x405, E4D99FE5-78F7-4BD9-A8D7-A….jpeg)


Would anyone be able to link me the episode where me marvel falls in love with modok in the. Superhero squad show , can’t find it lol , would be appreciated




Who here has a background in site creation, site running, etc and would like to co-create a sister website to Gurochan dedicated to movie (IRL but not real) guro? Who is for and who is against this idea?

I was thinking there would be alot more people who would appreciate it, but need to know whos down and some of the cons of this. They website (if approved by you all) would have to have a completely different name than Gurochan and a similar, yet different set up.

I would really like to know your ideas >:D [and I would especially like to here from the moderators aswell (as they would likely be the backbone in this idea)]

Also, First Post >:D
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yes social standards are pretty strange, I have seen a video of a teenager being chopped into pieces alive all on the open internet and children being beaten by their mothers but putting nipples of the toddler on display will be considered deadly crime so be sure that when child is being chopped into pieces no accidental nudity will show up LOL


Afaik, such a site already exists:


It doesn't really have any view online support though. The site is kind of clunky but it does the job if you ask me.

If you still want to make this site, here's my 2 cents:
As far as hosting such a site, it wouldn't really require more than a PC with a decent CPU and 10TB of storage. Bandwidth would be the bigger issue here... and also the upcoming EU copyright shit.
If I were you I'd probably look for a more professional (but costlier) option in Romania (best internet for the price and usually unlimited bandwidth - I get over 950 Mbits download and 450Mbits upload for under $10) , Hungary or Russia.


I've looked a bit at professional hosting options in my country...

A professional hosting solution would average around 45 euros in my country it seems.

A ghetto setup would still cost you:
-a good enough server with plenty of storage: ~$600
-a domain name: $?
-$30/month for internet, electricity and maintenance


Thank You bro, need to think about the overhead.>:)


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