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Here's a small pile of Kago books, some of these I promised months and months ago...what can I say I'm fucking lazy...

Folder contains:

Brain Damage, short 35 page in Japanese only
Thrilling History Chapter 1-19, pretty sure it is done now. Japanese only
How To Suicide. Not the best scan, but cleaned it up best I could.
Tract. Again not the best. Some of the pages come from photos and not scans.
And Industrial Revolution and World War, that I reupped again.


Thanks, especially for the complete Thrilling History!


Mediafire's saying Tract & Brain Damage are currently set to private. Thanks for the others.



Fixed now, sorry about that.


Thanks again!


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Thought Thrilling History was done, but here's chapter 20. Maybe now that is says The End it is over. Will post the pics in here if it turns out to still continue.

Pages 155-162 to follow...


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Yes, that's the final chapter. The text on the left side of the last page (162) also states that the completed volume will become available as a print tankoubon on March 16th. Kago himself promised "reworked manuscripts and artwork" on his twitter.



Thank you for the info!

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