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A older collection by Kago from the year 2000.

208 pages, in English


Holy shiiiiiiiit!!! You are the best! Thank you again!


Amazing, thank you! I hope we can see every book by Kago translated one day. I am a huge fan.


Why do so many of his stories have "in front of the station" in the title? What does it mean?



There's was a long-running series of comedy movies in Japan that all had "駅前" (ekimae) "in front of the station" as part of their titles. There were 24 such films made between 1958 and 1969.

They are virtually unknown in the West so it's understandable that Kago riffing on them can cause some confusion. In my earliest translations I actually left the "in front of the station" part out of the titles but these days I prefer to keep it.


Cool, thanks. I don't think I completely get the joke still, though.


Now available at Bakabt.

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