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I'm looking for anything from Matt Nicholson's "Beat 'em or Bite 'em" series under the "Darker Pleasures" label, especially the big collection: "Ultimate Beat 'em or Bite 'em".

Additionally, I'm looking for an old story from the Dolcettgirls Forum called "The Curse". It's about a man cursed by a druid to consume breasts in return for giving him preternatural tracking capabilities. A sexy elven wizard lends her assistance.

As for what I can offer, I've got a rather good collection of ndofline pics, and several things gathered off DeviantArt and various other places.


Really, if anyone's got a copy of that DGF story, that's what I'm most looking for. Used to be a member, but closed my account for a while. They're not accepting new memberships anymore, and I kinda miss the place.


Two months is enough time to find the request board, Jim.


Fair enough. Figured that this fit better here, but I can handle being wrong. Off to /req/ I go.


It'd be awesome if you could post that ndofline collection, though. This is the right board for it, after all.

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