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File: 1478284130504.jpg (638.94 KB, 1200x2031, cover.jpg)


Formidable 3D series about the escape artist (actress, magician, ...) Carey Carter (and some other girls).

Offers gory bad endings :D

Here an example. Can upload more if anyone is interested.!etsx3Tbb!U6VRbiGLiVZRldekO5Sw1OmOARo2dmkbvja4Pi0N_Zc

pw: behe4dthequeen


holy crrap yes please!


holy crrap yes please!


File: 1478286302246.jpg (632.36 KB, 2028x2331, altupurass40.jpg)

ok, tomorrow, I'll upload the rest overnight


Yeah these are awesome.


File: 1478329718572.jpg (654.6 KB, 2028x2331, base938alt-ending.jpg)


nice shares. Thanks m8


Great stuff! I have found few missed and re-edited pages here. Do you have other comics by ad41?


second link dead


File: 1478619804449.jpg (338.5 KB, 1300x816, WWcom4.jpg)

Up Up not way ^^!m9EgkBQT!ikHIuhBv_iT4fZ7ndXWks5gCAUBHvGscFGusGUP8fDo

Have other ad41 stuff too, but have to reload and sort them. Interested in a certain story?


File: 1478620128427.jpg (612.06 KB, 1907x1200, bv-35.jpg)

Or maye batsi


File: 1478646282866.jpg (570.22 KB, 1400x878, Nightmare_PerilousPredicam….jpg)


I have a batgirl vore comic, but have never seen that Wonder Woman thing. That would be great if you decide to upload it!

Also I'm looking for "Nightmare in Horror House" and Zahara comic, I have only 2 parts of it... and every commissioned one shot pic or comic done by ad41.


File: 1478720706275.jpg (620.82 KB, 995x667, sup16.jpg)

Have finished the set, will upload the file with all the stuff overnight. Tomorrow I will post the link, working for about 2 or 3 days!


Can you tell me what the passwords for these links are please : )


NOOOoooo!!! The link is dead. :-(

Any chance that you could re-upload? Pretty please?


NOOOoooo!!! The link is dead. :-(

Any chance that you could re-upload? Pretty please?


File: 1478789629975.jpg (792.38 KB, 1921x993, Render-12.jpg)

Here an example. Can upload more if anyone is interested.!etsx3Tbb!U6VRbiGLiVZRldekO5Sw1OmOARo2dmkbvja4Pi0N_Zc

pw: behe4dthequeen

Status: works
(Copy of 2nd link)

pw: TheBartThe!

Status: works


3rd file with main content of artist (including the already postet and zahara stories) is still uploading (crashed overnight).

Part 4 and 5 with the two other sections (including some bad old stuff and some really good newer work) will follow


File: 1478802545180.jpg (1.84 MB, 2100x3150, aku17.jpg)

the big cake, two smaller will follow!ew8z1Zpa!t8VoZwTfnuupxBoGObZWWJpAEuezigQ49064OK_dPOk




File: 1478805579376.jpg (590.72 KB, 1895x1200, hgr41.jpg)

And the last part, some good, some not so good stories!X1UnDY5C!k1AJtlEiVhWOOJRz__EbIZGyeXiiyfGo-CvgB__iGHM


Like I said. The last last 3 links will work for some days only.


All dead now. Any chance of a re-load? love these


I second this



what are the passwords?


Quite a few are not working, mega says the file does not exist
The ones that work are these files:
CtQoE - 28.7z

And please post the missing password

Thank you for sharing this awessome series


Same op told before





The one file over 5GB is almost impossible to download in one piece from MEGA - they always state that my transfer volume is used up after 95% of the file downloaded. Would somebody be a very kind soul and split this file so that it can be downloaded in parts? I would really appreciate this.


Hello good sir. To download of mega use a program called mega downloadeR. Don't forget the R in the end. With it you copy the url, all of it, and the program will do the rest.


Thank you very much, this worked like a charm :)


Cannot download anything. Too big without mega account.
Also all links are missing the last 3 Artdude comix :
Carey Carter issue 21 : The Rival Inoue 2
Carey Carter Origins issue 1
Carella the Sorceress issue 1

If one could post one or all of theose 3...


File: 1489325776811.png (83.27 KB, 320x320, asww.png)

Touched GU3LT03M



Does anybody have Carey Carter issue 21 : The Rival Inoue part 2 or Carey Carter Origins issue 1???


All of the links to are dead.


Mega Links dead, please reupload.


Links dead :(


He just released a new work on Carey, Tournament of Death. Does anyone have it?




Do you know how to buy his works?


Not really


no new links? would appreciate


If you know how to buy his work please tell me. I'd like to buy the new one and share it here.


He does sell his comics on .

Would probably buy some myself, but I am not even sure if there is any guro in the newer ones, since he sucks at writing product description about as much as he is amazing when it comes to rendering :/


Thank you for sharing the address.

No description is pity. However the new one's name is Tournament of Death, I guess there will be some guro stuff in it lol.


Didn't find his work on renderotica, do I need to register so I can see the R-18G stuff?


i believe this is the direct link
www renderotica com/content-artists/Studio_AD/389

(sorry about the spaces. Gurochan was blocking due spam)


Thank you very much mate D


mind share with us if you buy them?


Thank you very much for sharing, but do you know if there are any other websites that he's selling his work on? I noticed the renderotica lacks some "secret" chapters of his work——the chapters which contain most pure guro, such as Dolcett, Dolcett Spit Roast, No escape No surrender, Planet Voregos, etc(which you can find on exhentai). And I doubt there are more amazing stuff like those. It will be so nice if you know the source.
Thanks again for sharing.


Most of his stuff is available via subscription at


does anyone have the lastest to share? i'd buy it, but i really cant afford the $12


anyone can share the most recent ones?


File: 1537710591604.jpg (314.95 KB, 800x1200, StudioAD_PerilsofCarey21pr….jpg)

Does anyone have The Rival Inoue part 2?


Well. The Tournament of Death is a 3 part serie and it is said to be the best by far.
3 comics means 36$ on renderotica. :(
Issue 24, 25, 26
There is other stuff around it, if one could subscribe to eroticillusions website.


... and share


I believe, for older stuff, you can get everything and more on artdude41



I'm so eager for the new stuff too.
Waiting for some kind people to share it.


Lookee at what I found!!CJJG0QhQ!iKHuKvltvGd7j-qvNuAweyL2kgl0P74Xd-P9H7vzydM

It's a 3.3 GB download.


Carey - Queen of Escapology 00-36
Carey - Queen of Escapology 39
Carey - Queen of Escapology - Hostile Takeover
Carey - Queen of Escapology - Picture Collection
Carey & Cate - Kinky Adventures 1-3
Carey Carter - Kellerman Show
Carey Carter - No Escape, No Surrender
Carey Carter - Origins
Carey Carter - Videogames Night
+ Some other pics.

All at full resolution.

Found it via this board here (need an account, but is free and easy to set up):

So that's pretty much everything I guess, except parts 37 and 38.
Also I didn't see Trial of the Champions, part of which is here:

So guys, get your monitors in portrait mode, get your microscopes out (to read the text), and enjoy.



Ok, putting 2+2 together, it seems Trial of the Champions in No. 37

And Hostile Takeover is No. 38


So my plan is, I'm gonna add some other Carey stuff that isn't in that big download, re-organize it a bit, then upload it to Mega and put it on a torrent. Hopefully it'll be a pretty complete collection of stuff that's in the public domain.

Then I'll go thru it all, extract all the guro bits (alternative endings etc), and make a compilation of those, cropped and resized for easy viewing. It'll probably take a while (and really I should be writing my story but hey.)


The best! Wow!
Is it a new series different from Carey's? I'm looking forward to seeing this!
Thanks man!! You're my hero!


Tournament of Death is part of the Carey series, and yes it's really good! TBH the later stories generally better than the earlier ones IMHO, lots of action, better renderings and even more gore.


File: 1554778480188.jpg (931.95 KB, 2648x1200, StudioAD_Carter24promo1.jpg)

Oops, my mistake.
Just found the cover. It looks really nice!!


ok, I don't seem to have that. 24, 25 , 26 are something different in my catalog (Shark Attack, Acid Burn, and The Gauntlet). I've heard before that there are some confusing issue numberings. I'll look out for it though.


im looking forward this series so long.


this new series


wow, going to his renderotica website shows even more new comics… I hate being that unnamed user, but if anybody has those and was willing to share, that would be both awesome and appreciated.


Honestly, best guro I've ever seen. Please share!


Someone's posted parts 44 and 45 over at exhentai. Just search for 'Carey'.

Also, sorry for not completing my little Carey project I outlined earlier, I've had some technical problems getting all the materials together. I might come back to it at a later date.


File: 1562790904301.jpg (194.96 KB, 1280x1656, Page_134.jpg)

Yes, she is very cute in this :)

Also there are a lot more deaths in this episodes then before

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