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Hey guys. Found this author recently. Hope U enjoy it.


And here is full set of his works, including little bonus!)

password: 1234567890


Annnnd... Bump!


These seem really hot, but depositfiles is just a fucking nightmare to download from. You might want to try megaupload or dropbox in the future.


Prime N Choice makes incredible stuff, really good.

The first link worked fine with 7-zip, but the other 4 don't. Are they all just the same?


I used a file merger app to unite all parts into a single archive, otherwise it wouldn't have worked for me.


this hits every single button i have oh my god bless you op

The depositfiles archive just has the one [cooking] folder, right? I'm not sure if I extracted it right!


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Because you made my day op, I made a throwaway dropbox and uploaded the archive there. The password is the same as before - 1234567890. It's a lot easier to get to than depositfiles Enjoy! If you find any more do let me know!


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Hm?.. Where did you find the last picture? I dont find it in the archive!


A random tumblr blog - bloodnbeauty.tumblr. That was the only one there, though.


Does anyone have more of this artist? His pictures really do it for me and I'd love to see more. Thanks!


Aaaand he is back! With new goodies!!!


This is the best christmas ever aaaaaa

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