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I've been a long time lurker of gurochan,, deviantart and pixiv (the last 2 a bit more recently) and this is all that I've gathered ( ~900 files)
I've sorted everything and theres a folder for animations, a movie scene collage (which I'm kind of disappointed of) and image folders: 3d, drawn & tits(mixed).

The tits folder: mainly breast mutilations(cuts and tears, no branding or flattening)

3d folder: from a few "normal pics" to peril to executions & comics

Drawn: again, from a few perilous ones to plain ol' guro

I know the source for most of them so you can ask in this thread for source if anything catches the eye.

note: uploaded picture is kinda non-representative of my collection in it's entirety but it shows my love for this community xD!QxdW2AoL!ByLnvaEKuMnFkF0w9cwz_jCAAnAzewO6b8E-Rn8UjpU


Nice collection! Thanks for uploading.


I've made a great find recently while browsing dolcettish
A huge collection of movie clips. Most of them are garbage quality, but there are a few diamonds in there.


This is great share, anon!
I found a lot of gems in it. Such as Entrails of Virgin scene, where the killer messing up inside a nude Japanese girl belly with his bare hand, then pulled out her guts from her vaginal opening.


Hello Gurochan community.
After months of collecting stuff from the web, I feel like I've finally scoured every corner of the web in search of content to my liking and saved it. I have spent over 80 hours downloading and sorting everything. Now, I realize that the internet is ever spouting out beautiful new content, but alas I am sick of harvesting. My collection contains: 1)General drawn or rendered pictures 2)Photomanips 3)Movie death scenes 4)Vanilla (normal) porn pics and gifs/short vids.
The content is 100% about chicks getting mutilated or killed(except ofc for the vanilla archive). I'd say ~10% is hangings (some manips and 3d stuff), 20% of it is peril(again, some manips, drawings and renders) and the rest is decapitations by weapon or guillotine, stabbings, bissections, shootings with bullets and arrows and general mayhem & mutilation.
The 3d stuff that comes in a few pics *not large sets* is labeled in ascending brutality. 0 is vanilla, 1 is peril but no death, 2 is peril and death, 3 is strictly death, 4 are comic-style images, 5 are my favorite peril images that stick to the 'perilous game' theme (unfortunately, they're only a few).

Without further ado, here's the link to the folder:!Qh8iXA4B!PkTQi1C6AcqhYktMxIUjmg

The password for any and all archives is: tgdm

If you can't download the archives, please reply or p.m. me.


Well, I didn't realize putting * signs was going to do that....but alas, I think the message is understood.



what the source on the Slvsh videos of your general file in the animated folder?
i cant find anything online.
are there more videos of this artist?


TheDarkSpot forum. I found them posted there



Anyone have this one?


File: 1477241856664.jpg (204.55 KB, 1200x1695, !One-Three014.jpg)

New, slightly updated collection (quite a few new manips I picked up at TDS/Dolcettish and some movie clips):

General (drawn and 3dcg images)!p0klWDqY!Vj_V67vsxU_RNUeVfAywujcBxxGZ40Ql8r_qZuJ_YV0

Manips+Unsorted pics+Vanilla pics!Nh8izbBZ!djXRV8Ye_X5lQJMO6jR_N6VylLmBmiDmjOGccVk9K4Y

Movie Death Scenes!8tUn1IiT!itd-reJTGPxrC87Z3ZiIEHg-LCD5CYzZchCnKjCE2wM



On movie death scenes. Are they videoclips or still pictures?


BTW, all the links are dead now :(


Clips, from princes-horror-central mostly, but also a few decaps and other scenes from thedarkspot. I don't plan on leaving the links available forever, because I'm also using mega for other stuff. I might make another upload sometime


Greetings Gurochan.
I've decided to quit fapping for 30 days so I've deleted all my stash of acquired and collected guro and uploaded it to mega under just one 9 gig file. Most of this filesize as I've said previously is clips from movies, collected from TDS, princes-horror-central etc.

I'd make a more comprehensive list of what's inside, but time ain't on my side. Well, in any case... have fun with my stuff.!Y01WgZia!5yV5ivUWDJrzRc_7j_Bzh_kLX48dPRMODA_4OC--mFg


Unfortunately, it seems that half assing my commitment doesn't work. I'll permanently delete all I have gathered, including the online backup by tomorrow.


Well... this sucks. Wasn't able to download it yesterday because mega kept complaining how files this large can't be handled by memory so yeah... anybody got backup?


why do you want to quit fapping for 30 days? that would seem impossible to me.


I'm trying to do this because of what I've found online about the effects of porn on the brain...and so far it's pretty hard, I relapsed once. This just prove that it has become an addiction...

I recommend this video if you want to see the full extent of porn's effects

There's nothing in my collection that can't be found if you search all over
-e-hentai: mostly image sets from here
-thedarkspot: mostly photomanips and a few misc guro pics
-dolcettish: from here mostly photomanips
-princes-horror-central:movie death clips
Also, pro tip for collecters...try saucenao, it embeds a lot of image search engines for better result (if an image is from pixiv, it WILL find it)


I found this movie... Piranha 2010 and it had quite a few hotties that got slaughtered, so I made this compilation of the main two sluts and a side scene.
Took me about 5 hours to edit, but this is my first time in Sony Vegas


Aaand it's back. I've remade my collection!

There is an issue, however, with my's big (~5400 files) so it's not super organized... I've mostly created folders and downloadumped stuff there. That being said, I present:

The Right Stuff!AoFHnLAT!7zPXbnrgBHLw_MtGNeM6CQ

1. 3D (880MB)- a folder with 3D images, organized by the criterion of standalone or series, with 3 dedicated folders to MrHyde, Cheremosh aka LCFRVSJSS and Enhjorning
(I plan on getting GGeorgeL, Garethan's and other artists from sexyamazons a separate folder)
2. Animated (4.41GB) - a folder with animated stuff, from popular guro hentais and also from resident gurochan artists (EVMC, OP, Pestilence)
3. Captions and Manips (60.6MB) - a folder with captioned real life pictures collected mostly from Dolcettish (shout out to Regis, Glamis) and TheDarkSpot
4. Drawn (687.1MB) - a folder with drawn guro, with subfolders for Beaver, Carl (I don't have an extensive, full collection of his work, just my favorites), deadDino and others.
5. Other & Unsorted (683.1MB) - a folder with a partially sifted through archive from an older rendition of gurochan (2008-9 maybe)
6. Vanilla (144MB) - a folder with vanilla porn gifs - it was kinda small so I included it in the folder
7. Vids (4.69GB) - a folder with videos from movies, usually featuring naked hot ladies dying in horrible ways. They are mostly from, but I've made a few vids myself from other movies, not featured there.

What I want to add in a future update: 3d stuff from Bhael, DoomedAngels, GGeorgeL; maybe do a sweep of the 5 pages of pixiv artist subscriptions to see what's to my liking, but I think that'd take at least 20 hours.


i cant watch this movies :( i dont want to download them.. is there any way to watch them without download?


If you can find a place where to watch these movies online, here's the list of stuff that's included:

SWFS from DeviantArt by kanvotsir: arrowings

Arabian Nights(1974)
GameOfThrones - Ross arrowed
Orgies of Edo(1969)
Simbad e il califfo di Bagdhad(1973)
The Lustful Amazons (1974)
The Naked Seven(1972)
The Perverse Countess(1974)
Trophy Heads(2014)

Movies from which the archive has scenes

All through the house
Another XX Red Murderer (?)
Bunnyman Massacre
Cold Sweat/Sudor Frio(2010)
Playing with Dolls(2015)
Death Pool
Death Scort Service
Deep Sleep
Del Playa
Exitus interruptus
Freddy vs Jason
Game Over
Giallo a Venezia
Halloween XXX parody
Hazard Jack
Hysterical Psycho
I was a Teenage Strangler
Jason Goes to Hell
Jersey Shore Massacre
Kids Get Dead
Kill That Bitch
La rebelion de las muertas
La Petite Mort
Lumberjack Man
My Bloody Valentine
Oasis of the Lost Girls
Obscene Desire
Pool Party Massacre
Psychic Killer
Sex Crimes
Showdown in Little Tokyo
Silent Night
Strange Things Happen At Night
Super Vixens
Undercover Sex
Violent Shit the Movie
Werewolf in a Women's Prison
Women's Prison Massacre
Wrong Turn

wew, that's a load of copyrightet shit that might make mega terminate my account, lol.


Reupload the file maybe ?


Wow, even Mega can "Omaewa mou shindeiru" to account. I have to be wise next time and distrust MEGA for if sharing pirate content.


good luck to hope that not happen. Or we'll say "Nani?!"


nvm, that Omaw wa mou shindeiru was a speculation.


They only "Omaewa mou shindeiru" to share link. You can proof it by clicking earlier link as of now. you see, most of them died. not found.


Neaaa... Mega can't one punch ban archived content.
I killed the links because I keep trying to quit my porn addiction and having all that fap material at my disposal makes that hard.


it's over now, it's time for Destroy Deek December!


I'm rebuilding... I want to do a full parsing of gurochan, pixiv, deviantart, dolcettish, thedarkspot, sexyamazon, e-hentai and princes-horror-central;


How is the expansion going agent 47


Slowly... It would take at least 50 more hours (I'm barely done with what I like on dolcettish, thedarkspot and princeshorrorcentral)

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