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So I have a good chunk of stuff from FPZ3D, PCToons, and one or two things from Sexy Sluggers in general.
There's a few things I'd love someone to share from FPZ3D or PCToons if they have but I really hate the whole 'let's trade' stuff but will if I have to. In general I aim to share all I have here in this thread, eventually, and would strongly urge anyone else who has to do the same.
Anyway! I'll probably dump one full set/story a week. If anyone has any requests, please let me know and I'll share if I have. My FPZ3D stuff is mislabeled although I can connect the pictures to the title, it's just I'm too lazy to bother listing them all. If you have something in particular you want, ask and I'll see if I have it.
I'm not sure what a good file hosting service is that doesn't require registration on my part, so until a better suggestion comes along I'll just slap these galleries on Imgur.

I'll start us off with a random FPZ3D offering. After this I'll do one or two dumps a week either taking requests or just dumping from my own collection at random or more likely alphabetically.

FPZ - Parking: http://imgur.com/a/gWy01#0

As for PCToons/Sexy Sluggers here's a list of what I got; http://pastebin.com/gJxNDY46

As for what I want - from PCtoons I'd love Deadline Foxy Boxing, Good Girls, or to a lesser extent Cheerleader Showdown. From FPZ3D I'd love Big, Red Room 1, or either of the Li-Mei fights or the first School fight. But, again, really, anything aynone wants to share here would be just awesome.

Hope you all enjoy.
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I got temis vs Marlene and super champs


get me Bernie and Neptune bar



hey got some pc toons comic to trade


I know this is a thread for fpz3d and pctoons, but does anyone know who afcombat is or have any of his stuff?


Deviantart/Patreon artist


Do you have anything from him to trade or share?


yes I afc combat


contact me kkblade30@gmail.com for afc combat


does anybody have byron boxing girl comic. I know this pctoons and fpz3d but does anyone have byron


Byron is in the same sexysluggers/foxybrawlers sphere as PCTons. I have some of his stuff. Give me an em-ail and we can talk.


Does anybody have any Patreon exclusives from pugilismx?


anyone wanna trade fpz3d or A.F. Combat stuff?

email: potatopealor@yahoo.com.sg

i have a fair bit from both...




yeah motherfucker faustino is an artist too have a motherfucker good day


Does anybody have pctoon stuff to trade?


i have fpz3d.do u wanna trade?


what's your email? I wanna trade.


Does anybody know who boxdog is?


I have a decent amount of PCToons. If you have any FPZ or other stuff comics we can talk. Just give me your e-mail.


My email is Jokejj4@gmail.com


i have fpz3d.my email pain01634100258@gmail.com


File: 1520704526887.jpeg (91.34 KB, 247x320, image.jpeg)

Does anybody have mansion brawlers fight 1?



i do

email me at: potatopealor@yahoo.com.sg


Does anyone have htmwrestling stuff?



i do

email me at: potatopealor@yahoo.com.sg


File: 1521041718615.jpeg (105.63 KB, 560x420, image.jpeg)

Does anyone have this, it's called boxer remaker.


Does anyone have cpunch's stuff?


File: 1521397494603.jpg (38.66 KB, 400x300, junfox03.jpg)

does anybody have this


have some cpunch >>1303


have some cpunch >>1303


File: 1521779132285.jpeg (44.39 KB, 320x180, image.jpeg)

Does anyone have this?


anybody have foxybrawlers


I've got some stuff from them. What's your email?


Looking for Security soldiers (Fpz3d)

email: potatopealor@yahoo.com.sg




Does anyone have PCToons stuff that they would share for free? Sadly I don't have anything to trade...


I want fpz3d .. who send me?? Plz


I want fpz3d .. who send me?? Plz




try box60man at deviantart.com


Anyone have Byrons Gorgeous Boxing Girls (BGBG) or SexySluggers stuff that they would share? Great stuff... My favorite was "A Mother's Gloves" if anyone has that for download anywhere


try this link



This is a damn good thread. Thanks to everyone who has shared! Anyone else have something they are willing to offer up?

Keep up the good work everyone


Gaudalupe vs Natsuko


Does anyone have anything they would share for free? I don't have a collection yet but would luv 2 start one


Does anyone have anything they would share for free? I don't have a collection yet but would luv 2 start one


Can some one give me jessi vs erica from fpz3d..
My email is kurahashi82@gmail.com
Thank youuu


what are you looking for?


i have fpz3d stuff if anyone wants to trade rjzxtv@gmail.com


Who have FPZ3D comics? Trade with me? molyanov93@mail.ru


Can someone give me death fight 2, my email is kurahashi90@gmail.com. thanks in advance

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