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Here's the magnet URI: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:E6609DEFEA401DEB7343762B770F058718BD9D40&dn=GUROchan%20image%20dump&

I havent fully downloaded it yet, but its being only seeded by one guy so yeah. Im pretty sure its legit, but it'll be several hours before its done. 7 gigs apparently.

Oh, and picture unrelated.


Yea it's legit but there are safer links.


Seems to be running well. I'm at 88% with two complete seeds showing. I'll seed it for a few days.



>37,000+ images posted to the Gurochan Website between January 6, 2006 and February 26, 2010.
Nightmare fuel


Thanks anon. The torrent still working fine.
Now sorting +37000 pictures. Filtering those annoying little green creature pictures.


Oh my GOD you're so fucking right dude. I just spent a week going through it and if I see anymore Silent Hill hentai, dude-on-dude guro and Jissou (or whatever the fuck those things are called) I'm going to strangle something small and fur....

Shit, I guess sifting through fucking thousands of those pictures left an impression on me.


I just finished tidying up those 37k + pics, got rid of all the Jissou, gay guro, low quality pics, anything drawn with the ass, separated jap guro and western guro and renamed what's left, anyone want the link ? Ended up with 3419 pics in total (for the jap stuff).


That would be fantastic


If you already have it uploaded somewhere, I'd be mighty grateful in case you provide us with a link.


I finally figured out how to make all this a torrent, here we go.
Sorry for the wait guys.


Dude,i think you should need a tracker, try uploaded it in Nyaa torrent since it's has been taken down use or



My man.


The golden days of gurochan, we have talented artists now also but only a few can provide the feeling the old gurochan gave us, it was like exploring a world of beautifull nightmares!



Because it felt something new, fresh, a world we have yet to explore back then.



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