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Requesting Garry's Mod child models, i use the starchild from ME3, and have been using it for way too long.
ANYTHING is allowed, as long as it's a kid, so come and GIVE ME YOUR CHILDREN!


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Hey StraitJackit, the only loli releaser i know of is Croix, all credits go to him for these.

mega dot co dot nz/#!NltEjBAa!iB8TLjx3Y6-cogz-0ln6j8BS5q8RLivo0YdIY5EH6YQ - little sisters from Bioshock 2

mega dot co dot nz/#!xxMARS6B!1rc-GfAlTAKOrWk4vr5nE2pObZo1H-qUEfUeP5zkNKA - Sunny from MGS 4

mega dot co dot nz/#!EsklRSxB!adkSZlDg5DErPVb9LcJT2E3gr3NWEaxnoyLXgMKkTtc - Rachel from Wolf among Us

mega dot co dot nz/#!Z8FmCB5I!UK4bRitsvB6nx7BfSUUUyVHhBSdHD4JSP2gE4XevsK8 - Season 2 Clementine

(damn spam filters)

The guy singlehandedly made loli SFM scene what it is. Hope he will return some day, seems to be on a break now. I think too much attention\possible bullying by people because he was advertising his work on tumblr got to him.

In general, go to and look up model_release (need to make an account to see past loli filter) for updates. Lolicon SFM community hangs there. There is a good starchild model too.



How do I use the sunny in GmoD? Is it possible? I tried making a folder but it only spawns a green circle ingame.


I don't know anything about how to use these things, these models are for Source Filmmaker


Open source software MakeHuman can generate human models of all kinds.

You would 'just' need to import the generated mesh into blender and export it to whatever gmod needs.


Are SFM models specifically locked to SFM, or can they be used in Blender, DAZ, etc somehow?


there are addons for blender to be able to import sfm models. and there are a lot of mesh conversion tools to find.




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