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Sorry there's no bookmarks, was doing some heavy commenting/annotations and they got wiped after I was sanitizing it in Adobe. But you can add em yourself, or just do a straight read through. I suggest using foxitreader since it has text to speech and isn't bad on windows 7 or later as there are better built in microsoft voices than microsoft sam, I prefer the female one in 7.

I should note that these also include the entirety of the comments that were in the threads as they were at the time I saved the pages. I just saved what ever titles sounded interesting. Also, of note, both of the original Jissouseki threads. I should mention that T'Sade's Puppy Mill is not in it's entirety, but the full version is on his site, as that was one of my favorites in there and I'm glad that wasn't the whole thing. Enjoy!

Dunno if anyone wants to split these or something, but I mean hey I hope this helps out the archives, can also be useful for doing reposts.


Does anyone still have it? Link seems to be broken...


Please repost


Please repost the file


Can you please repost




Please repost


2006!??! No way! Does anyone have this? That link is dead.






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OP is not coming back, its been 4 fucking years. Give it up, jackass.






I take it, nobody has this anymore?


no bro

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