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Here's a bunch of RAWS of Hideshi Hino stuff for those interested (some may be Chinese and one is in Spanish). Have a few English ones I'll upload asap. And please if anyone has more Hino share it, especially English translation, though I'm more then happy just to look at the pictures.

Folder contains: Boy From Hell, Buta no Machi, Chikashitsu no Mushi Jigoku, Intestine of Horror (not sure about title on this one), Kyoufu Ressha, M Collection volume 1, Madara no Tamago, Rei Shoujo Mako, Zouroku No Kibyou and Historias de la Máscara!HxIxEDLQ!wAKbDbuppCs_QqJkidIOhg


>>Intestine of Horror (not sure about title on this one)

Original title is 怪奇のはらわた which literally means Bizarre Guts. So the title you got isn't too far off.



Thank you!

And here's the English ones...same old, same old that's been going around for a bit, but who knows maybe someone don't have 'em.

Contains: Bug Boy, Hell Baby, Panorama of Hell, Skin and Bone, Lullabies From Hell and the short Laughing Ball!q4YW3QRI!HSphY5DWZMI7cZ9K9ZlZqQ

If anyone has Red Snake please share it!


File: 1416012322078.jpg (1.1 MB, 1590x2128, 000.jpg)

Circo de monstruos

This is the Spanish version of サーカス綺譚 (Circus Kitan)


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Two more untranslated Japanese RAWs:

- Island of Colors
- Horror of the Monster



Awesome thank you both of you!

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