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File: 1575158220991.png (6.29 MB, 2096x2854, 82_3.png)

Contains mostly loli guro. Also has .clip files (similar to .psd files but for clip paint studio) for many of the sets.


Wow! thanks!!
I was really waiting for this :)


THANK YOU! So long has this cockteasing artist spammed his samples on Pixiv, pisses me off. Imagine if that site was nothing but ads? Not what it's for.

Also thanks for using, they are awesome.

But I really, really wish you had separated those .clip files into their own folders. Now you either have to manually go through the folders and only download the images or you have to download 118 MB .clip files for the 16 MB .png images when you download folders as zip files. Wasted time and bandwidth. I don't even know what .clip files are so they are just deleted.

If you had excluded the .clip files your entire collections of folders could have been downloaded by just a single click in the browser but thanks to the .clip files making the size too big you would need to download the mega client exe to do that (which most people wont do).


Can anyone please re-upload? Link looks dead


It looks totally fine for me.

although when i attempted to download all that folder it consumed all mega allocated daily bandwidth and I had to wait for a next day to finish it.


…which is another side effect of the organisational issue mentioned by >>1595

Though really 16MB of PNGs doesn't really sound like something that justifies a Megaupload, unless there's stuff in there that you think would get either yourself and/or GC V& (if they're hawking it via Pixiv it can't be *super* illegal everywhere…) then it seems rather more that it could just be dumped in a single thread on here…


>it seems rather more that it could just be dumped in a single thread on here…

I'm gonna guess that dumping the entire paywalled catalogue of an artist who is very familiar with gurochan isn't going to go over well with the mods. Remember the drama with forbiddenfeast?


Hey thanks. MEGA not friendly to me but I managed and got it to work.


Downloading it from mega is still way easier then getting it from gurochan (and also risking that mods can delete it.)


bless you


This guy has great art and really speaks to my fantasies. That's why I pay him for the stuff he's decided to put behind a paywall.


Thank you, that's a fantastic gift!

BTW, although has off, I have found its content here:

Not all is guro, but still a good deal.

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