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I was wondering if anyone had a good female child model that has genitals that they would be willing to share.

I want to make more images but I am tired of the generic models that I have. I am using Daz Studio 4.10. Alternatively, if you could provide me a link to where to get one or more models that would be awesome.

Here is a picture of what I would like from Onix. The picture is his excellent work.

Thanks to anyone who can be of help to me.


You must be very new on Daz or how you still don't know this basic stuff.
You do not need a model with genitalia you add genitalia separately.
You can either use golden place" or "new genitalia for Victoria"
then find Zexpansion morphs and other related stuff.
You may want to squeeze it to make look more adequate for a child

I would recommend you to go here to find more models for all purposes.
To know what to look for, go here for a list of good looking child models
they are all available online.
Later you can combine shapes and skins from different models to get desired results

you can also adjust eye angle a bit to make a character look more naive/innocent, neutral or dominant/evil

Unfortunately, it is problematic to find good boy models


I have been messing around in Daz for a while but still don't know a lot about it.

I appreciate the advice and the information.


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