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A new chapter of Maruo's current series, from the April 2017 issue of Comic Beam.

16 pages, in English

By the way, am I the only one surprised by Maruo's current pace? Used to be you had to wait 3-4 months between chapters but he's been putting out new TOMINO monthly for a good while now.


Wicked! Thanks again!

With the amount of detail he puts in I'm surprised how fast these are coming out. I love Berserk and wish he could pump out chapters just as fast as Maruo has been.


Thank you so much!


Shit, Nyaa might be dead for good now. I uploaded Caterpillar's last few releases to BakaBT just a few days ago, so I would've suggested it for future uploads too, except it went private a few weeks ago, so it's probably not the perfect option.


Can someone please provide an alternative host/link/torrent.


Here's a backup folder of Caterpillar's releases on New Zealand's cloud server. Get it before it's dead and rotting.




Oh nice, you translated Maruo's Storm Boy. I saw the ebook for that when it was released and got excited.

I need to check here more often, I keep missing your releases because I'm used to checking Batoto now.



I'm guessing you're scanning this yourself. If you want to save yourself the trouble of scanning and cleaning when you start to catch up, I also buy Comic Beam every month. Comic Beam's been removing their back issues, so I'm making sure that I grab them every month. I don't know what chapter the serialization is on, but v03 came out in April.


No more new chapters?

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