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This is the 24 page manga that Hino based one of his two contributions to the infamous GUINEA PIG series of films on. The manga is quite a bit different, though.

PS: If anybody knows which story MERMAID IN A MANHOLE was based on, I'd love to translate that one as well.


That's it, it's official...I love you!! Thank you so much!


Forgot to add and I may be wrong since all my DH Publishing Hino Horror books were stolen from me, but I think Mermaid in a Manhole was translated in The Collection book 2. (or maybe book 1)


You are indeed correct. It's in The Collection 2. The story is titled Mr. Manhole. I can live with one thing less to work on.



Glad to see my memory hasn't completely left me. Do you know if that Volume was ever scanned? If not gonna have to track down a copy.


You'll probably have to track down a copy... Of the officially translated Hino books I am only aware of Hell Baby, The Bug Boy, Red Snake, Lullabies From Hell, Panorama of Hell and Skin and Bone getting scanned.



Thanks for the info.

Do you by any chance have a copy of Red Snake? Looked everywhere for years for the scan, but always lead to dead links, except for the RAW book, which I can post if anyone wants it.


I got a physical copy so I didn't bother to download it at the time. Hopefully somebody else here still has it and can share it for you.



Gonna try and find a hard copy, would love to replace all them Hino Horror books. And in the meantime, here's the RAW of Red Snake if anyone would like it.!K8RxnDjI!_gyuCXH0bYMFBFENxOxtOVvmd6AClRI2QpvMauAKjHw


Can anyone please reupload this?

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