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A collection of SF stories by Kago from 2005.

178 pages, in English


Holy shit!! You are fantastic! Thank you for all these amazing Kago treats!


Oh my god, man, thank you so much!


Thank you. Does anyone know if Kago have any "graphic novels" (like Fraction, Anamorphosis, Harem End) left untranslated?


Paranoia Street still has two volumes that haven't been translated.


I wouldn't call paranoia street a graphic novel. it's pretty episodic. detective and friends hit a new weird town each chapter, solve a murder and move on to the next.

sixth dimension consciousness ataraxia is the only one with a continuous storyline that remains untranslated. girl can hack into 6th dimension and uses her skill to fuck with the people who treat her like shit irl.


Is there a Baka Updates entry for that one? Can't seem to find it.



mirror please!


Now available at Bakabt.


Thank you so much for your work caterpillar but I need a mirror for this, please! The won't load and I can't access baka-bt. ;_;


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