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New Shintaro Kago scan! Sorry a RAW only, maybe one day it'll get translated. Don't have much bandwidth so if anyone could be kind enough to provide people with mirrors (if they have a problem downloading) that'd be great.!3xZi0BaL!GfuWVB8cBOMsjorbVu23tQK8WfzD6TW5hhal1P8BDTQ


Has there been any other releases after Anamorhposis?

Also, english Kago publication when? France gets all the fun...


As far as I know there are two others. Harems End...which you can download here and it's in English!

And one other called "Any Chance of a Kiss on the Road to School?".

Also several small books of illustrations, Art of Shintaro Kago 1 and 2, Candy Filled Girl's Head, Japanese Ghosts

And some mini books

Erotic Game, Four Part Manga, Torture Play,


unfappable guro :(


Since Caterpillar disappeared, new Kago scans and translations have been scarce.


Good in my books...I want weird and wonderful, horrifying and strange. Not everyone pulls one of to these books. Some of us just want to read and look at fucked up pictures.




Has anyone got the other raw books for Kago?

I remember they used to be up on the old site.



This should have pretty much all the RAWS for you!U95SkJqZ!YLgyCDABkkpou1ZDta656A

link thanks to the who ever runs


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>"Any Chance of a Kiss on the Road to School?"

Really?!? cant find this one anywhere..can onlky find single pages like this one. looks fun!



thanks to the person scanning and the person or persons translating, this one I hope/believe is being's the new thread that popped up after the last one disappeared.



I love you so much right now.

And thanks to the deadscanlations person too :)


Did you guys see that Caterpillar resurfaced on Deadfrog?


He's posting on this very imageboard, you silly goose.


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Published in Spanish courtesy ECC (God bless the surviving Catalan publishing industry :D)

I bought it the other day. After a first read, not the best of Kago, but hey! I don't complain. It's a good edition.


Any chance of scans?

Spain has a decent amount of Kago published: Kasutoro Shiki, Korokoro Soushi, Kigeki Ekimae Gyakusatsu, Fraction and now this. Hopefully it continues.



Do you realize that asking for scans (instead of supporting the publisher by buying your own copy) and hoping that more Kago will get published in Spanish translations is a contradiction?



Sharing is never a contradiction...this is p2p board after all.


French version to be published in January 2016! Kind of makes you wonder why none of his works get published in the US...


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Could be, I don't know, I'd lead you to CRG (google it, it's famous)

The volume was quite cheap, like 10 €?

Because both of our industries are more brutal than the American one. That's what I think.

Spain: Psychopathia Sexualis banned in Italy ("gooooaaall!!!")
France: "Hitler=SS" banned in Spain ("gooooooaaaall!!")

1 - 1


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Oh Damn!!! Thank you Caterpillar!!! Having a lonely Christmas and you made my day (again)!


Awesome translation! Do that Adolf Hitler Suicide-thing next!


I can't find "torture play" anywhere, please help someone its driving me crazy!


"Adold Hitler suicide thing"? Do tell.



He's probably talking about Kago's "Thrilling History" manga that's being published online in monthly intervals:



Thanks man.


One does not simply fap to Kago. That's not the point of it.
...though if you manage it, you can consider yourself the grandmaster of all fapgauntlet challenges.


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