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Jan 22 22:33 comic cherche llooping
Jan 22 09:53 StudioS Voice Actresses StudioS Voice Actresses
Jan 21 14:26 Suehiro Maruo - Tomino the Damned 1-2 (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Jan 20 23:40 Search old anime with suggestive cannibalism Anonymous
Jan 16 01:11 mad.aye collection Anonymous
Jan 02 17:23 Feast Day Chapter 8 - Razor Anonymous
Dec 31 22:53 Tomino the Damned - Volume 4 (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Dec 25 21:47 PC Toons and FPZ3D FPZToons3DFan
Dec 25 17:28 shintaro kago - complete works tlamaki
Dec 01 12:11 Tomino the Damned - Volume 3 (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Nov 15 22:48 Shintaro Kago - The Art of Murder Throughout the Centuries (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Oct 30 22:22 Kobayashi Shounenmaru - Eccentricities Vol. 1-6
Oct 16 03:02 [PDF] 7301pgs from /lit/ as far back as 2006 Neuro Guro
Oct 15 22:02 Shintaro Kago - More Than Human I-III (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Oct 04 06:06 model request bondagegames
Sep 19 03:44 gurochan image dump
Aug 20 04:21 huge guro collection, mostly boys StraitJackit
Jul 28 01:04 [Silky's] Shitai o Arau / 肢体を洗う Anonymous
Jul 10 20:35 Carey - The queen of escapes
Jun 13 23:35 In need of GMOD child models StraitJackit
May 13 15:22 Necrophilia collection
Mar 07 10:58 A
Jan 16 05:20 protonstar
Sep 25 09:19 Afcombat Gorg60
Aug 18 14:47 fpz3d The Ram
Jul 19 11:28 Fairy tail (anime) Sonicboom
Jul 09 17:23 Seikofo's Complete Collection
May 30 16:09 Diggity dog Sonicboom
Apr 17 10:19 Shintaro Kago - Dementia 21 (complete)
Mar 31 10:59 Quad Animation Yuyu
Mar 19 15:01 Suehiro Maruo - Tomino the Damned - Chapter 13 (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Mar 17 08:52 Shintaro Kago - 急いで喉を裂け
Mar 11 06:52 Free Hentai Stream and Download
Jan 23 11:34 Does anyone have a Dolcett girls/Angel Corps collection?
Jan 12 09:23 My Collection 47
Dec 05 11:09 Facebook and guro Anigav Sinep
Nov 04 16:15 Shintaro Kago - Brain Damage 2
Oct 27 15:29 Anyone have capedmanlloyd's recent patreon animations?
Oct 20 21:41 Flygirl Throwdown
Sep 07 18:09 Made a Gurochan wallpaper StraitJackit
Sep 07 15:04 Super Powered Mongolia Invasion
Aug 26 22:37 Shintaro Kago - Kijin Gahou (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Aug 05 18:40 More like this and from this Artist?
Jul 17 21:37 Hideshi Hino - Flower of Flesh and Blood (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Jun 17 05:22 Shintaro Kago - Hannya Haramita (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Jun 15 08:34 Shintaro Kago - Super Dimensional Love Gun
Jun 07 09:00 Violence Jack: Evil Town - Brutal rape scene grgr444
Jun 07 08:37 Tokyo Tribe 2 ep01 - Brutal rape scene. grgr444
Jun 05 14:23 Dante's inferno - Succubus battle scene. grgr444
May 12 09:25 Shintaro Kago - Greater East-Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere (2016 Reprint) (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
May 12 09:23 Suehiro Maruo - Weird Storm Boy (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
May 12 09:23 Shintaro Kago - Bride in Front of the Station (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
May 12 09:23 Shintaro Kago - Kasutoru Shiki (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
May 09 00:21 Looking for some Darker Pleasures ebooks, and an old DGF story JimTheMonster
May 04 21:27 Doll ningyou - Hideshi Hino
Apr 18 12:37 Shintaro Kago - Panda Go Panda (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Apr 14 00:55 Kazuichi Hanawa - Early Works (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Mar 26 20:51 Suehiro Maruo - Tomino the Damned - Chapter 12 (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Mar 10 13:52 Shintaro Kago - Raws and Silent books
Feb 26 16:34 Tomino the Damned - Chapter 11 (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Feb 17 15:11 Suehiro Maruo - Tomino the Damned - Chapter 10 (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Feb 14 18:56 fightingarena Badtransletor
Dec 20 16:37 [PRIME n CHOICE] 3d pictures AAZ2405
Nov 19 07:22 [xxxx52] works AAZ2405
Oct 21 01:28 Shintaro Kago - Industrial Revolution and World War
Oct 09 09:46 [demontroll]'s Works AAZ2405
Sep 11 17:03 [@ばくし]'s Works AAZ2405
Aug 16 19:21 Shintaro Kago Thrilling History
Jul 18 22:00 Hideshi Hino
Jul 18 11:59 kuso Manga
Jul 18 11:59 Koutarou Ohkoshi - The Love that Binds Us to Heaven (ENGLISH)
Jul 18 11:59 An anime short (slight gore / cannibalism / nudity / weird stuff)
Jul 18 11:59 [Horihone Saizo] Naisho-Yoo
Jul 18 11:59 couple more new translated Kago's
Jul 18 11:58 Hope jensen tokei
Jul 18 11:58 Suehiro Maruo - The Inferno in Bottles (ENGLISH)
Jul 18 11:58 Suehiro Maruo - The Dancing Dwarf (ENGLISH)
Jul 18 11:58 sailor moon ryona game
Jul 18 11:57 Shintaro Kago - Angel
Jul 18 11:57 Shampoo from Ranma 1/2
Jul 18 11:57 Waita Uziga - Sae and Yuki
Jul 18 11:57 Shintaro Kago - Paranoia Street 1 - Chapter 9 (ENGLISH)
Jul 18 11:57 found this comic dump
Jul 18 11:56 Guro games? share it here! BloodyRaccoon
Jul 18 11:56 Living Dead! Vol 02 partial translation, + Full RAWs
Jul 18 11:56 Kago Shintaro raws
Jul 18 11:56 Mukade Melibe - Kono Sekai niwa Yuuki Ningyou ga Iru
Jul 18 11:55 Shintaro Kago - The 'Can an Accidental Collision on the Way to School Result in a Kiss' Experiment
Jul 18 11:55 There's Something About Dullahan-Chan
Jul 18 11:54 Bought some Kisirian comics
Aug 30 13:35 Waita Uziga - Shoujo Kaibou Gakkai

File: 1440941016381.jpg (10.6 KB, 153x200, 1248769163015s.jpg)


am looking for the comic sexuelle mutilation from artiste preston, thx
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no hope to have it?


All I have:


I believe i had that comic but now just can't find it.

If I am not mistaken in the beginning there is a picture of woman asking to be tortured and saying "that "survival is not necessary"

I cant remember if she came to some torture agency or it was private party but i think it was agency


I too have been looking for the Preston collection.

What you have is pretty extensive.

Thanks for sharing, it will take quite a while to go through it all.


This masterpiece got posted on imagefap recently:
You guys might wanna download it before it's gone since imagefap apparently doesn't allow gore and violence.
Also if someone has any other Preston comics please share, "Preston chop shop" was also amazing and it was posted on DarkFetishNet couple of years ago but now it's gone and i can't find it.

File: 1579686802375.jpg (76.35 KB, 560x420, RJ065472_img_main.jpg)


would someone please guide me to where StudioS get their voice actresses? have any of you got any idea how erotic and well done the ryona voices are from this studio?

i have extracted most of the voices i wanted, but i'd love to know who's actually doing it and download their works ! any help will be massively appreciated.

also /req/ was down so i thought about sharing it here.

File: 1486067440675.jpg (1.28 MB, 1131x800, 001a.jpg)


The first two volumes of Suehiro Maruo's current (and still ongoing) series. It's a story of twins being forced to join a travelling freak show.


Damn!! What a great day today is turning out to be! Thank you again Caterpillar!




Has anyone got a copy of volume 2 please?
I can't find it anywhere, the links aren't on the new that was set up.




File: 1579491261353.jpg (11.11 KB, 612x612, istockphoto-931844494-612x….jpg)


Few year ago i find a clip from an old anime with suggestive cannibalism. A girl offer her body for sacrifice to sort of minotaure people, in order to eat her.
I can't remember the name of this anime. Anybody Can help me ?


I could.

File: 1575158220991.png (6.29 MB, 2096x2854, 82_3.png)

Contains mostly loli guro. Also has .clip files (similar to .psd files but for clip paint studio) for many of the sets.
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It looks totally fine for me.

although when i attempted to download all that folder it consumed all mega allocated daily bandwidth and I had to wait for a next day to finish it.


…which is another side effect of the organisational issue mentioned by >>1595

Though really 16MB of PNGs doesn't really sound like something that justifies a Megaupload, unless there's stuff in there that you think would get either yourself and/or GC V& (if they're hawking it via Pixiv it can't be *super* illegal everywhere…) then it seems rather more that it could just be dumped in a single thread on here…


>it seems rather more that it could just be dumped in a single thread on here…

I'm gonna guess that dumping the entire paywalled catalogue of an artist who is very familiar with gurochan isn't going to go over well with the mods. Remember the drama with forbiddenfeast?


Hey thanks. MEGA not friendly to me but I managed and got it to work.


Downloading it from mega is still way easier then getting it from gurochan (and also risking that mods can delete it.)

File: 1577977612319.jpg (327.62 KB, 800x1137, cover.jpg)


Anyone still have the animated version of this comic?


Does anyone know where the request board is? I can't seem to be able to find it.

File: 1576442718149.jpg (1.37 MB, 840x1200, 000a.jpg)


Told you this one would get done pretty quickly. Hope you enjoy the end to Maruo's longest work to date.
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Wow, amazing, thank you, Caterpillar!


Thank you! Hopefully more Kago next.


Thank you.


Thank you, Caterpillar


Thank you so much. You’re awesome :)

File: 1413032763129.jpg (259.7 KB, 1920x1080, pd006.jpg)

 No.7[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

So I have a good chunk of stuff from FPZ3D, PCToons, and one or two things from Sexy Sluggers in general.
There's a few things I'd love someone to share from FPZ3D or PCToons if they have but I really hate the whole 'let's trade' stuff but will if I have to. In general I aim to share all I have here in this thread, eventually, and would strongly urge anyone else who has to do the same.
Anyway! I'll probably dump one full set/story a week. If anyone has any requests, please let me know and I'll share if I have. My FPZ3D stuff is mislabeled although I can connect the pictures to the title, it's just I'm too lazy to bother listing them all. If you have something in particular you want, ask and I'll see if I have it.
I'm not sure what a good file hosting service is that doesn't require registration on my part, so until a better suggestion comes along I'll just slap these galleries on Imgur.

I'll start us off with a random FPZ3D offering. After this I'll do one or two dumps a week either taking requests or just dumping from my own collection at random or more likely alphabetically.

FPZ - Parking:

As for PCToons/Sexy Sluggers here's a list of what I got;

As for what I want - from PCtoons I'd love Deadline Foxy Boxing, Good Girls, or to a lesser extent Cheerleader Showdown. From FPZ3D I'd love Big, Red Room 1, or either of the Li-Mei fights or the first School fight. But, again, really, anything aynone wants to share here would be just awesome.

Hope you all enjoy.
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this my email


If anybody has FPZ3D videos please email me. I’m willing to trade other FPZ3d videos and HitTheMat videos for them.

My email:


New video fpz


File: 1571680915975.jpg (89.3 KB, 1024x768, 75 - vE6X6b9.jpg)


hey does anybody got some boxing comic for trade

File: 1562772339062.jpeg (23.42 KB, 300x329, 2r8F9rTBenJR3iqPxDrevHK3v….jpeg)


I’m not sure if I’m missing something, but I’ve been collecting all shintaro’s mangas in both EN and JAP.!qJQF0AwD

Pass: 21zeC1F_L7G_xQFB_LtWbQ
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Angel, added under ENG


added Dementia 21 (Fantagraphics)


added under ENG:
- The Art of Murder Throughout the Centuries (すべての時代を通じての殺人術)

-More Than Human (人間以上) I-III

thanks to caterpillar, without him I wouldn’t even know about shintaro.


What is the file type???? Never seen it before.


File: 1574731745726.jpg (2.32 MB, 1149x1600, 000a.jpg)


About time I got back to this series, I think. Here's the complete volume 3, which contains chapters 10-14. The series is now finished, so I hope to get the 4th and final volumne out a lot quicker than this.


Holy Shit!!! You fucking rock! Thanks for getting back on this one really appreciate it.


Thank you so much, Caterpillar, you made my day! Also, can't wait to reread this series once Volume 4 is out! You are a beacon of light, Caterpillar!

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