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File: 1419531245903.jpg (1.66 MB, 1688x2469, Paranoia_Street_V1_169.jpg)


Chapters 1-5 were translated by Kotonoha in 2010 and 2011. Chapters 6-8 were translated by KRA Scans in 2013.

Just wanted to get at least the first volume completed, so here's chapter 9:


And for those who may not yet have the previous chapters, here's the complete volume 1:

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Thank you! Hey, why not do the other two volumes while you are at it? That would make me very happy!



Personally, I think there are many works by Kago more interesting than Paranoia Street so consider it highly unlikely. Maybe if it gets published in France or Spain as that'd make it significantly easier...




Thank you!


Dead links, reupload please?




File: 1453909499354.jpg (98.86 KB, 799x435, Re Looking for some comics….jpg)


This really old site does have some awesome old stuff and rare comics but one has to hunt around. Id someone can help uncover, it will be worth it
See sample.


you can up your collection as a comic by creating a sub.


This is a separate picture of comic riverstouna


I had all of his comics, draws beautifully, but then removed almost all though if you left something

File: 1456284478061.jpg (566.19 KB, 1000x1414, 2015-06-01-splatoon.jpg)


Put here some of flash or 3d games for pc!


Since you requested in a non-request board here you go...


File: 1455130869060.jpg (796.11 KB, 1264x2022, 002.jpg)


A while back, I was the typesetter for this cute manga about a zombie girl who falls to pieces all the time, but I guess it became too much of a burden for the translator and the project has been discontinued. However, I still have the raws which I scanned myself, as well as translations of extra chapters of vol. 2 that I never got around to uploading anywhere.

Translation of part of volume 2:

RAW volume 2

RAW volume 3

RAW volume 4


thank you!


Cool, thanks for sharing this :)


Maybe we should get the people that translate Monster Musume to do this? Surely they'd enjoy more monster girl antics!


Ah, I remember this. I uploaded it to Batoto a while ago, then forgot all about it. Thanks.

File: 1457902978787.jpg (177.6 KB, 687x1024, cover.jpg)


Got some raws that may or may not exist already. The ones in English are public raws (there might be more, haven't checked). The ones in JP are ebooks that have been ripped, so you might find something new there.


I'm uploading the ebooks now. ebooks are as follows:

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File: 1457903490892.jpg (288.17 KB, 805x1200, cover.jpg)

Doesn't have an MU link.

殺殺草紙 大江戸奇想天外


File: 1457903547647.jpg (213.29 KB, 696x1024, cover.jpg)


殺殺草紙 大江戸無残十三苦


File: 1457903663371.jpg (264.22 KB, 703x1024, cover.jpg)



>Doesn't have an MU link.
Isn't that cover from Korokoro Soushi?


Actually, now that I've checked, >>733 is the second volume of Korokoro Soushi too.

File: 1422286834701.jpg (1.05 MB, 3725x1600, 000a.jpg)


Latest tankoubon from the author. The highlight of this book is a girl who got turned into a saxophone.



More like SEXophone, amirite? xD

...sorry, the pun was begging to be made as soon as I saw this post.


Ah, this book is a blessing to people who love limbless ladies! Let us hope it gets an English translation in the future.


I jazzed in my pants



File: 1424113013304.png (1.36 MB, 1182x800, Cover.png)



161 pages, in English.

The 19 full-color, one-page shorts and "The Stretcher Rally" were translated with the kind of help of two Anons from /req/.
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This is the Japanese title, I believe: 達磨女の悦服


i love caterpillar!


Thanks, as always. You really need to drop it on Mediafire or something as well, torrents are tough when there's only one seeder.


Shintaro Kago - The 'Can an Accidental Collision on the Way to School Result in a Kiss' Experiment (ENGLISH)


Looks like a JAV, not a guro manga, but I'd still like to see it.

File: 1457318201291.jpg (174.32 KB, 590x873, There's Something About Du….jpg)


So for any of you /f/ fans out there know, there is a comic on NicoNico called "デュラハンちゃんは首ったけ" or "There's Something About Dullahan-Chan". I managed to save up to twelve chapters, but as I slowly forgot about it, I returned to find out that I was too late in saving a couple of chapters and now I can't find them anywhere as the NicoNico site currently has the older chapters now.

If anybody has chapters 13 and 14 of this series, please lend a hand!


Can you post chapter 6 - 12?

File: 1458192863809.jpg (437.99 KB, 900x637, âeâLâWâçé¦âXâXâüö èOò--00.jpg)


Couldn't get new Kisirian comics for a long time from where he was selling it from, didn't take my card, but recently found out that the site had an option to purchase it through Pixiv which takes Cards from America, so cheers.



Thanks, much appreciated.


You're a pretty awesome guy bud!


File: 1459166274541.jpg (62.55 KB, 378x524, 36631936_p0.jpg)

you have this?


Thanks for sharing! Are these all the ones not on exhentai? If you have more that aren't there could you share those too?


Thanks dude, you are the best

File: 1419461834977.png (2.34 MB, 988x1400, 001-002.png)


This is advertised as Uziga's first guro collection in 7 years.

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Watched it yesterday and let's just say keep those expectations low. It's certainly no complete filmed version of the manga. And Mai doesn't get pregnant in this, let alone aww-righted.

Uziga is all over the making of documentary. He's an odd looking dude.

The DVD has the serial number MAI01 so maybe if they turn a profit they will make more episodes and we'll get to the infamous stuff.


Does anybody know of a torrent for this movie or You After the Rain?
I can't seem to find them anywhere.



Can you leave an email that I can send the link to? I ripped and upped this and shared it awhile back on mega, but the link was deleted I assume because it is live-action.


I would appreciate it.




Message sent. If anyone else ever wants the link to the movie just email me at guroforu@gmail.com

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