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Mar 29 09:51 shintaro kago - complete works tlamaki
Mar 29 09:48 Shintaro Kago - Raws and Silent books
Mar 26 06:18 Clark Flierl
Mar 25 11:12 gurochan image dump
Mar 12 21:48 Feast Day Chapter 8 - Razor Anonymous
Mar 04 18:01 mad.aye collection Anonymous
Feb 27 22:05 PC Toons and FPZ3D FPZToons3DFan
Feb 25 12:40 My Collection 47
Feb 16 20:38 Shintaro Kago - Foreign Bodies (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Feb 16 20:32 David Genchi - Bestiarium artbook (2019) [ITALIAN GURO] Vermocane
Feb 15 09:06 StudioS Voice Actresses StudioS Voice Actresses
Feb 01 19:01 comic cherche llooping
Jan 24 18:59 Search old anime with suggestive cannibalism Anonymous
Jan 21 14:26 Suehiro Maruo - Tomino the Damned 1-2 (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Dec 31 22:53 Tomino the Damned - Volume 4 (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Dec 01 12:11 Tomino the Damned - Volume 3 (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Nov 15 22:48 Shintaro Kago - The Art of Murder Throughout the Centuries (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Oct 30 22:22 Kobayashi Shounenmaru - Eccentricities Vol. 1-6
Oct 16 03:02 [PDF] 7301pgs from /lit/ as far back as 2006 Neuro Guro
Oct 15 22:02 Shintaro Kago - More Than Human I-III (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Oct 04 06:06 model request bondagegames
Aug 20 04:21 huge guro collection, mostly boys StraitJackit
Jul 28 01:04 [Silky's] Shitai o Arau / 肢体を洗う Anonymous
Jul 10 20:35 Carey - The queen of escapes
Jun 13 23:35 In need of GMOD child models StraitJackit
May 13 15:22 Necrophilia collection
Mar 07 10:58 A
Jan 16 05:20 protonstar
Sep 25 09:19 Afcombat Gorg60
Aug 18 14:47 fpz3d The Ram
Jul 19 11:28 Fairy tail (anime) Sonicboom
Jul 09 17:23 Seikofo's Complete Collection
May 30 16:09 Diggity dog Sonicboom
Apr 17 10:19 Shintaro Kago - Dementia 21 (complete)
Mar 31 10:59 Quad Animation Yuyu
Mar 19 15:01 Suehiro Maruo - Tomino the Damned - Chapter 13 (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Mar 17 08:52 Shintaro Kago - 急いで喉を裂け
Mar 11 06:52 Free Hentai Stream and Download
Jan 23 11:34 Does anyone have a Dolcett girls/Angel Corps collection?
Dec 05 11:09 Facebook and guro Anigav Sinep
Nov 04 16:15 Shintaro Kago - Brain Damage 2
Oct 27 15:29 Anyone have capedmanlloyd's recent patreon animations?
Oct 20 21:41 Flygirl Throwdown
Sep 07 18:09 Made a Gurochan wallpaper StraitJackit
Sep 07 15:04 Super Powered Mongolia Invasion
Aug 26 22:37 Shintaro Kago - Kijin Gahou (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Aug 05 18:40 More like this and from this Artist?
Jul 17 21:37 Hideshi Hino - Flower of Flesh and Blood (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Jun 17 05:22 Shintaro Kago - Hannya Haramita (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Jun 15 08:34 Shintaro Kago - Super Dimensional Love Gun
Jun 07 09:00 Violence Jack: Evil Town - Brutal rape scene grgr444
Jun 07 08:37 Tokyo Tribe 2 ep01 - Brutal rape scene. grgr444
Jun 05 14:23 Dante's inferno - Succubus battle scene. grgr444
May 12 09:25 Shintaro Kago - Greater East-Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere (2016 Reprint) (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
May 12 09:23 Suehiro Maruo - Weird Storm Boy (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
May 12 09:23 Shintaro Kago - Bride in Front of the Station (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
May 12 09:23 Shintaro Kago - Kasutoru Shiki (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
May 09 00:21 Looking for some Darker Pleasures ebooks, and an old DGF story JimTheMonster
May 04 21:27 Doll ningyou - Hideshi Hino
Apr 18 12:37 Shintaro Kago - Panda Go Panda (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Apr 14 00:55 Kazuichi Hanawa - Early Works (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Mar 26 20:51 Suehiro Maruo - Tomino the Damned - Chapter 12 (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Feb 26 16:34 Tomino the Damned - Chapter 11 (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Feb 17 15:11 Suehiro Maruo - Tomino the Damned - Chapter 10 (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Feb 14 18:56 fightingarena Badtransletor
Dec 20 16:37 [PRIME n CHOICE] 3d pictures AAZ2405
Nov 19 07:22 [xxxx52] works AAZ2405
Oct 21 01:28 Shintaro Kago - Industrial Revolution and World War
Oct 09 09:46 [demontroll]'s Works AAZ2405
Sep 11 17:03 [@ばくし]'s Works AAZ2405
Aug 16 19:21 Shintaro Kago Thrilling History
Jul 18 22:00 Hideshi Hino
Jul 18 11:59 kuso Manga
Jul 18 11:59 Koutarou Ohkoshi - The Love that Binds Us to Heaven (ENGLISH)
Jul 18 11:59 An anime short (slight gore / cannibalism / nudity / weird stuff)
Jul 18 11:59 [Horihone Saizo] Naisho-Yoo
Jul 18 11:59 couple more new translated Kago's
Jul 18 11:58 Hope jensen tokei
Jul 18 11:58 Suehiro Maruo - The Inferno in Bottles (ENGLISH)
Jul 18 11:58 Suehiro Maruo - The Dancing Dwarf (ENGLISH)
Jul 18 11:58 sailor moon ryona game
Jul 18 11:57 Shintaro Kago - Angel
Jul 18 11:57 Shampoo from Ranma 1/2
Jul 18 11:57 Waita Uziga - Sae and Yuki
Jul 18 11:57 Shintaro Kago - Paranoia Street 1 - Chapter 9 (ENGLISH)
Jul 18 11:57 found this comic dump
Jul 18 11:56 Guro games? share it here! BloodyRaccoon
Jul 18 11:56 Living Dead! Vol 02 partial translation, + Full RAWs
Jul 18 11:56 Kago Shintaro raws
Jul 18 11:56 Mukade Melibe - Kono Sekai niwa Yuuki Ningyou ga Iru
Jul 18 11:55 Shintaro Kago - The 'Can an Accidental Collision on the Way to School Result in a Kiss' Experiment
Jul 18 11:55 There's Something About Dullahan-Chan
Jul 18 11:54 Bought some Kisirian comics
Aug 30 13:35 Waita Uziga - Shoujo Kaibou Gakkai

File: 1455833955093.png (63.26 KB, 255x255, 1411748261862.png)


Im starting a facebook page guro themed (and other sexual things) if anyone is eager to help


That's...a bad idea tbh.
Please read this shit, then decide if it would be good for facebook to know about your fetishes...

File: 1494718941138.jpg (759.69 KB, 768x1078, 001.jpg)


Here's the second issue of Kago's Brain Damage (Japanese only). Part 3 is almost finished and once it is I'll post it in here.

I posted part 1 here awhile ago




Thanks! I wasn't impressed with the first part but this was excellent. Very much looking forward to part 3 now!


Here's part 3...part 4 is two chapters in and will post it here as soon as it is ready.


Cool, hoping for a scanlation


The tankoubon comes out on Nov. 25th.

File: 1507584906075.png (1013.19 KB, 1920x1080, 1338177979.thecapedmanlloy….png)


There should be an Umbreon shitting one.




Can you upload them?


Isn't p2p a trade only board now? The only active threads in here are people saying they will only upload if a trade is involved. So no I won't upload them for free.

If the mods here want to keep p2p a place that is only gonna be those kinds of threads, then no one will get anything unless the trade me for stuff I want.



Posts like >>1211 usually mean they don't have it OP, don't fall for bait, don't give him what he wants.


Can approve of this, happened to me once. That day, I realized I was an idiot.

File: 1413231929074.jpg (220.37 KB, 551x629, 1266527371027.jpg)


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Any one going to post more PC Toons images like this one here from Flygirl Throwdown?

I would like to see pics from Squared Circle Lounge, Blonde vs. Blonde, and Bunny's Tale!


Anyone seeing my posts here?


Can anyone post more pictures here from PC Toons?


Still trying to get someone to post some more PC Toons and Sexy Sluggers pics here!


im have all the pc toons but not gonna post here for free i only trade if you interested

File: 1431904378190.jpg (36.57 KB, 1920x1080, 2015-05-17_00015eee.jpg)


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File: 1435166032441.png (1.5 MB, 1920x1080, gurochan__wall_01_1920x108….png)

So.... Wallpaper thread? I made this one...


File: 1435839165289.png (652.73 KB, 1800x1080, 143539412ee5963.png)




For when you absolutely, positively know for certain no-one else is ever going to look at your desktop background... or at least won't know kana or be bothered to learn what those two characters are and mean, in the first two cases.


It would be awkward when your friend visits you and then he know what it is. lol

File: 1410910303185.jpg (918.84 KB, 780x1094, Clipboard01.jpg)


New Shintaro Kago scan! Sorry a RAW only, maybe one day it'll get translated. Don't have much bandwidth so if anyone could be kind enough to provide people with mirrors (if they have a problem downloading) that'd be great.!3xZi0BaL!GfuWVB8cBOMsjorbVu23tQK8WfzD6TW5hhal1P8BDTQ
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"Adold Hitler suicide thing"? Do tell.



He's probably talking about Kago's "Thrilling History" manga that's being published online in monthly intervals:



Thanks man.


One does not simply fap to Kago. That's not the point of it.
...though if you manage it, you can consider yourself the grandmaster of all fapgauntlet challenges.


File: 1504796669361.jpg (4.12 MB, 1846x2288, 001zzc.jpg)


File: 1491640520987.jpg (312.63 KB, 600x464, 000b.jpg)


A collection by Kago from 2004. Several stories have been translated for many years but now finally the whole volume is available in English. A few of the older translations were also completely redone to fix mistakes and inaccuracies.

184 pages.
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Thank you, looking forward to more Kago please


Nice. Could you possibly finish the translation of Paranoia Street next?


does anyone have mirror? (since Nyaa is gone -_-)


Now available at Bakabt.


Released in Spanish through this publishing house:

Good stuff, good house, I bought it the other day.

File: 1501915629467.jpg (1.06 MB, 866x1280, 2048262 - DearEditor Hinat….jpg)


More like this and from this artist?


6 posts in one day and not even in the request board. Plus your question is answered if you'd look at the fucking file name like I did.

File: 1492953822345.jpg (288 KB, 796x1200, 01.jpg)


This is the 24 page manga that Hino based one of his two contributions to the infamous GUINEA PIG series of films on. The manga is quite a bit different, though.

PS: If anybody knows which story MERMAID IN A MANHOLE was based on, I'd love to translate that one as well.
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You'll probably have to track down a copy... Of the officially translated Hino books I am only aware of Hell Baby, The Bug Boy, Red Snake, Lullabies From Hell, Panorama of Hell and Skin and Bone getting scanned.



Thanks for the info.

Do you by any chance have a copy of Red Snake? Looked everywhere for years for the scan, but always lead to dead links, except for the RAW book, which I can post if anyone wants it.


I got a physical copy so I didn't bother to download it at the time. Hopefully somebody else here still has it and can share it for you.



Gonna try and find a hard copy, would love to replace all them Hino Horror books. And in the meantime, here's the RAW of Red Snake if anyone would like it.!K8RxnDjI!_gyuCXH0bYMFBFENxOxtOVvmd6AClRI2QpvMauAKjHw


Can anyone please reupload this?

File: 1492465657646.jpg (1.76 MB, 1200x878, hanya.jpg)


A collection of SF stories by Kago from 2005.

178 pages, in English
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mirror please!


Now available at Bakabt.


Thank you so much for your work caterpillar but I need a mirror for this, please! The won't load and I can't access baka-bt. ;_;


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