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May 15 13:22 [PDF] 7301pgs from /lit/ as far back as 2006 Neuro Guro
May 13 15:22 Necrophilia collection
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Apr 17 10:19 Shintaro Kago - Dementia 21 (complete)
Mar 31 10:59 Quad Animation Yuyu
Mar 19 15:01 Suehiro Maruo - Tomino the Damned - Chapter 13 (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Mar 17 08:52 Shintaro Kago - 急いで喉を裂け
Mar 11 06:52 Free Hentai Stream and Download
Jan 23 11:34 Does anyone have a Dolcett girls/Angel Corps collection?
Jan 12 09:23 My Collection 47
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Sep 07 15:04 Super Powered Mongolia Invasion
Aug 26 22:37 Shintaro Kago - Kijin Gahou (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Aug 05 18:40 More like this and from this Artist?
Jul 17 21:37 Hideshi Hino - Flower of Flesh and Blood (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Jun 17 05:22 Shintaro Kago - Hannya Haramita (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Jun 15 08:34 Shintaro Kago - Super Dimensional Love Gun
Jun 07 09:00 Violence Jack: Evil Town - Brutal rape scene grgr444
Jun 07 08:37 Tokyo Tribe 2 ep01 - Brutal rape scene. grgr444
Jun 05 14:23 Dante's inferno - Succubus battle scene. grgr444
May 12 09:25 Shintaro Kago - Greater East-Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere (2016 Reprint) (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
May 12 09:23 Suehiro Maruo - Weird Storm Boy (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
May 12 09:23 Shintaro Kago - Bride in Front of the Station (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
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May 09 00:21 Looking for some Darker Pleasures ebooks, and an old DGF story JimTheMonster
May 04 21:27 Doll ningyou - Hideshi Hino
May 04 04:21 huge guro collection, mostly boys StraitJackit
Apr 18 12:37 Shintaro Kago - Panda Go Panda (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Apr 14 00:55 Kazuichi Hanawa - Early Works (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Mar 26 20:51 Suehiro Maruo - Tomino the Damned - Chapter 12 (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Mar 10 13:52 Shintaro Kago - Raws and Silent books
Feb 26 16:34 Tomino the Damned - Chapter 11 (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Feb 17 15:11 Suehiro Maruo - Tomino the Damned - Chapter 10 (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Feb 16 23:07 Suehiro Maruo - Tomino the Damned 1-2 (ENGLISH) Caterpillar
Feb 14 18:56 fightingarena Badtransletor
Dec 20 16:37 [PRIME n CHOICE] 3d pictures AAZ2405
Nov 19 07:22 [xxxx52] works AAZ2405
Oct 21 01:28 Shintaro Kago - Industrial Revolution and World War
Oct 09 09:46 [demontroll]'s Works AAZ2405
Sep 11 17:03 [@ばくし]'s Works AAZ2405
Aug 16 19:21 Shintaro Kago Thrilling History
Jul 18 22:00 Hideshi Hino
Jul 18 11:59 Kobayashi Shounenmaru - Eccentricities Vol. 1-6
Jul 18 11:59 kuso Manga
Jul 18 11:59 Koutarou Ohkoshi - The Love that Binds Us to Heaven (ENGLISH)
Jul 18 11:59 An anime short (slight gore / cannibalism / nudity / weird stuff)
Jul 18 11:59 [Horihone Saizo] Naisho-Yoo
Jul 18 11:59 couple more new translated Kago's
Jul 18 11:58 Hope jensen tokei
Jul 18 11:58 Suehiro Maruo - The Inferno in Bottles (ENGLISH)
Jul 18 11:58 Suehiro Maruo - The Dancing Dwarf (ENGLISH)
Jul 18 11:58 sailor moon ryona game
Jul 18 11:57 Shintaro Kago - Angel
Jul 18 11:57 Shampoo from Ranma 1/2
Jul 18 11:57 Waita Uziga - Sae and Yuki
Jul 18 11:57 Shintaro Kago - Paranoia Street 1 - Chapter 9 (ENGLISH)
Jul 18 11:57 found this comic dump
Jul 18 11:56 Guro games? share it here! BloodyRaccoon
Jul 18 11:56 Living Dead! Vol 02 partial translation, + Full RAWs
Jul 18 11:56 Kago Shintaro raws
Jul 18 11:56 Mukade Melibe - Kono Sekai niwa Yuuki Ningyou ga Iru
Jul 18 11:55 Shintaro Kago - The 'Can an Accidental Collision on the Way to School Result in a Kiss' Experiment
Jul 18 11:55 There's Something About Dullahan-Chan
Jul 18 11:54 Bought some Kisirian comics
Aug 30 13:35 Waita Uziga - Shoujo Kaibou Gakkai
Aug 20 18:23 comic cherche llooping

File: 1493933252230.jpg (76.96 KB, 500x704, tumblr_inline_oo8rfq2VoO1t….jpg)


For any Hideshi Hino fans, a magazine-only Garo oneshot was scanned. Apparently it might've been reworked into another story, but I don't recognize it.

A group of disabled children living in the shadows of some factory smokestacks create a statue out of mud and then beat it down with sticks as a symbolic retribution against the adults that built the factories that spew out the black ash that has stolen away their eyes, mouths and ears. Unfortunately, the ritual fails to work this time too, as the factories remain standing. At the end, they watch the beautiful sunset through the smog.

File: 1432926650094.jpg (64.68 KB, 589x694, 1234928156987.jpg)


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I don't have any girls


File: 1492974969480.jpg (1 MB, 768x1280, 1429068858054.jpg)

This is really great, but does anyone have any information about the pictures in it like this?


File: 1493055800136.jpg (883.19 KB, 768x1280, 1429068885249.jpg)


File: 1493871604080.jpg (1.61 MB, 1690x951, prettymelt9en.jpg)

Those are by Uru. He does giant woman/tiny man snuff porn. Also has an ongoing comic about a magical futa giantess who spurts acidic semen to melt the bad guys. He's currently working on an rpg-maker game called Size Matters through patreon, supposedly to be released for free whenever it's finished.



File: 1493871669699.jpg (1.56 MB, 1690x951, prettymelt10en.jpg)

File: 1488105755786.jpg (562.87 KB, 830x1200, 047.jpg)


A really short short story by Kago from a 2015 collection (Kago Shintaro Kono Tanpenshu Ibutsu Konnyu) of his more recent work.

4 pages, in English


Awesome! Thank you! More Kago makes my life better!


Thanks, looking forward to full collection

File: 1452543084186.jpg (1.34 MB, 2435x1200, 000a.jpg)


This is a collection of some of Hanawa's early ero-guro work, mainly from the 70ies.
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Link is dead, please reupload



Thank you so much, this is amazing stuff!


File: 1490355324534.jpg (473.78 KB, 800x1161, 01.jpg)


A new chapter of Maruo's current series, from the March 2017 issue of Comic Beam.

30 pages, in English


AWESOME!!! Thank you so much!!


I'm so darn surprised that something as amazing as this gets one comment. Meanwhile some of the most retarded threads for fapping morons gets shit tons. So thank you Caterpillar! You are one of the only reasons to check out this board.

File: 1487610770809.jpg (263.75 KB, 1011x289, Clipboard.jpg)


Here's a small pile of Kago books, some of these I promised months and months ago...what can I say I'm fucking lazy...

Folder contains:

Brain Damage, short 35 page in Japanese only
Thrilling History Chapter 1-19, pretty sure it is done now. Japanese only
How To Suicide. Not the best scan, but cleaned it up best I could.
Tract. Again not the best. Some of the pages come from photos and not scans.
And Industrial Revolution and World War, that I reupped again.
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File: 1488996392941.jpg (519.64 KB, 758x1077, 160.jpg)


File: 1488996409161.jpg (776.1 KB, 764x1158, 161.jpg)


File: 1488996422584.jpg (509.25 KB, 766x1067, 162.jpg)


File: 1489136906366.jpg (79.54 KB, 292x410, th.jpg)

Yes, that's the final chapter. The text on the left side of the last page (162) also states that the completed volume will become available as a print tankoubon on March 16th. Kago himself promised "reworked manuscripts and artwork" on his twitter.



Thank you for the info!

File: 1488106530480.jpg (521.41 KB, 819x1200, 01.jpg)


A new chapter of Maruo's current series, from the February 2017 issue of Comic Beam.

24 pages, in English


Awesome x2! Thanks for this one too!

File: 1487339282881.jpg (840.6 KB, 1107x802, 000a.jpg)


A new chapter from Maruo's current series. This follows the first two volumes, which contained chapters 1-9.

22 pages, in English


Thank you so much!!!

File: 1486067440675.jpg (1.28 MB, 1131x800, 001a.jpg)


The first two volumes of Suehiro Maruo's current (and still ongoing) series. It's a story of twins being forced to join a travelling freak show.


Damn!! What a great day today is turning out to be! Thank you again Caterpillar!



File: 1486078293126.jpg (343.04 KB, 375x2125, alexandra_vs_olivia_by_yac….jpg)


Hello to all. I do not know if it's the right section, however I would like to bring to your attention this deviant art page.

where you vote for the clash between two ledy for those who will come out the winner in a fight to the last blood.

I ask if you can and want to sign up and put a vote

Wei Li and Kirate.

Thanks in advance.


Not bad... not bad at all

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