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File: 1486422362474.jpg (406.62 KB, 990x1157, 004.jpg)


Artist/Author: Seikofo
Website: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=3845102

*Archive include all available Japanese, no text, and English versions up to Seikofo's latest work (セレナさんのと畜プロフィールです) that was released on March 18, 2016.


English version for The Mother Who Volunteered to be Niku Chiku is missing. Could you please re-upload it?

File: 1527696542397.jpeg (74.95 KB, 474x661, 31EAC383-DC69-4065-B422-5….jpeg)


Princess daisy ?

File: 1440178426560.jpg (262.07 KB, 472x577, 00001.jpg)


Here's the complete Dementia 21 volumes from Comicloud. cbr/cbz format.



Forgot also includes 2 shorts from volume 1...Seperate and Detective Sumo King.


Great stuff, this is good Kago.

Lovely starring.

Thanks for sharing


This is one of his tame, "mainstream" works. Not a masterpiece, but still worth a read for Kago fans


Any hope for a reupload of this?


It's on Madokami and Bakabt. Anyway, there's an official English release coming in August from Fantagraphics, so you'll be better off waiting for that than reading the terrible, 10 Mb per volume, Comic Sans-using web version.

File: 1422854080479.jpg (67.55 KB, 560x420, 1219011086548.jpg)


3d animation swfs of a limbless girl and her lover having sex. A must-have for quadruple amputee fans!

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link not work!



Hope someone can provide a new link, this one is really old and dead


The 4shared link should be working again. Just in case it goes down and I'm not around, can someone else make a mirror for me?



File: 1493471068598.jpg (288.54 KB, 550x800, 01.jpg)


A new chapter of Maruo's current series, from the April 2017 issue of Comic Beam.

16 pages, in English


By the way, am I the only one surprised by Maruo's current pace? Used to be you had to wait 3-4 months between chapters but he's been putting out new TOMINO monthly for a good while now.
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Can someone please provide an alternative host/link/torrent.


Here's a backup folder of Caterpillar's releases on New Zealand's cloud server. Get it before it's dead and rotting.




Oh nice, you translated Maruo's Storm Boy. I saw the ebook for that when it was released and got excited.

I need to check here more often, I keep missing your releases because I'm used to checking Batoto now.



I'm guessing you're scanning this yourself. If you want to save yourself the trouble of scanning and cleaning when you start to catch up, I also buy Comic Beam every month. Comic Beam's been removing their back issues, so I'm making sure that I grab them every month. I don't know what chapter the serialization is on, but v03 came out in April.



No more new chapters?

File: 1464029321434.jpg (590.22 KB, 676x961, 000.jpg)


Just bought this one after accidentally finding it on some web manga store. 13 really interesting looking horror stories by Shintaro Kago!! Japanese only ):, but fingers crossed maybe one day it'll get a translation.

Not sure what the title is, but google translates it into Ripping the Throat in a Hurry (急いで喉を裂け)



Wow, thank you so much :)





reup? please and thankyous

File: 1487787692765.jpg (20.39 KB, 205x255, 4c96e5ab8f941d738325e77848….jpg)


Free Hentai Stream and Download Online With Fastest Server Google Drive,Youtube. High Quality HD Hentai.
visite ;http://3dhentaii.blogspot.com/


Sorry, the website is down. Google killed it due to an obvious reason.
>:( fak!


go visit this
website: hentai.animeholics.org


Last time I tried, it doesn't work. Not even a single cache from the web hosting company.


Here's the one I use. Works great for me, and has TONS of vids.

Website: hentaimama.com/


Looking for a necrophilia collection


Anyone have a collection of the Dolcett girls art stories or Beavers Angel Corps? I can't seem to find a lot of the Dolcett stories and all of Beavers Angels Corps were removed from his website long before I even knew about them.


For a full collection of Dolcett try h##p://necrobabes.darkfetishnet.com/dolcett. As for Beavers Angel Corps do a search on E-Hentai Galleries.


Are they hosted anywhere else? The resolution of a lot of these is fairly small and makes it a little hard to read the text.


These are supposed to be from Karen's old site so they're probably the best available. Is there a story in particular you're looking for?

File: 1464369772278.jpg (219.51 KB, 1200x1007, !One-Three001.jpg)


I've been a long time lurker of gurochan, g.e-hentai.org, deviantart and pixiv (the last 2 a bit more recently) and this is all that I've gathered ( ~900 files)
I've sorted everything and theres a folder for animations, a movie scene collage (which I'm kind of disappointed of) and image folders: 3d, drawn & tits(mixed).

The tits folder: mainly breast mutilations(cuts and tears, no branding or flattening)

3d folder: from a few "normal pics" to peril to executions & comics

Drawn: again, from a few perilous ones to plain ol' guro

I know the source for most of them so you can ask in this thread for source if anything catches the eye.

note: uploaded picture is kinda non-representative of my collection in it's entirety but it shows my love for this community xD
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Neaaa... Mega can't one punch ban archived content.
I killed the links because I keep trying to quit my porn addiction and having all that fap material at my disposal makes that hard.


it's over now, it's time for Destroy Deek December!


I'm rebuilding... I want to do a full parsing of gurochan, pixiv, deviantart, dolcettish, thedarkspot, sexyamazon, e-hentai and princes-horror-central;


How is the expansion going agent 47


Slowly... It would take at least 50 more hours (I'm barely done with what I like on dolcettish, thedarkspot and princeshorrorcentral)

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