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Five Gold Coins

(m/f, non-con, snuff, necrophilia)

Strolling down the forest lane, Osgood found himself absently humming a happy tune. It was uncharacteristic for him to appear so jolly but he couldn’t help himself--the day was simply perfect. A light breeze shook the leaves of the trees overhead, spaced far enough apart to let occasional beams of sunlight warm the path. He didn’t even mind not having a horse--his belongings were few and, to seem unassuming, he dressed in a simple brown robe. His pace was leisurely and he would easily arrive at the next town before sundown. More carefree days were likely to follow.

Money was the least of his concerns. He and a few friends, some might call them “mercenaries” although he preferred “business associates”, had just concluded one hell of a “business deal”. A nearby city had put forward a king’s ransom in gold for the eradication of a dragon that had been terrorizing their countryside. The dragon had turned out to be a whelp of a thing but he and his group had no compunctions about accepting the full reward. He might see them again in the future but they had all parted ways to seek out their respective ways of enjoying their fortune.

All of which lead Osgood to his current happy mood. Blissful, but inattentive. He was therefore more surprised than normal when a voice shouted at him from further down the lane:

“Hands up, traveller!”

Snapping to attention, Osgood immediately assumed a defensive stance. He complied with the order and raised his hands but didn’t panic. He knew that he had some tricks up his sleeve.

“Foolish to travel these parts alone,” the voice continued. Although it had sounded a bit gruff at first, it was now decidedly female. Interesting.

Scanning the forest around him, Osgood easily noticed the hiding place of his assailant, behind some bushes not far from where he was standing. He couldn’t make out her features but definitely noticed the glint of sunlight off of an arrowhead pointed at him. On any other day, he would have noticed her much earlier. He cursed his absentmindedness but, at the same time, noted that the bandit appeared to be alone.

“Foolish to set an ambush alone,” he retorted confidently. Criminals like this need to feel like they are in control of the situation and he hoped that this show of brazenness would draw her out more clearly.

His plan worked perfectly. The bandit stepped out from her cover, clearly displaying her short bow and arrow aimed directly at the traveller.

“I don’t think that you’re in any position to be giving out insults,” she replied savagely. Her verbal show of force was obviously compensating for something. A lack of confidence? Or lack of skill?

Now in plain sight, Osgood was able to get a complete look at her. She was a young adult, like many common bandits--in that profession, few survived long enough to reach middle age. She was clad in a practical outfit of cloth and leather that concealed her curves. Even so, from what he could see of her, she was actually quite attractive. Her skin was a little dirty but smooth and the forest breeze blew against her head of long, wavy light-brown hair.


She must have thought that he had been checking out her weaponry instead of her body. “I may be alone, but I still have the upper hand, traveler,” she taunted, bowstring held taut. “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll throw down your gold and I might spare your life.”

Since he was in such a cheerful mood, Osgood was willing to make her a deal. Once upon a time, he too had been a petty criminal, holding up passerbys.

“I’ll tell you what,” he explained calmly, lowering his hands and bringing them to his belt pouch. “I’m feeling generous.” He hefted a heavy pouch, stuffed with the reward from his most recent adventure, and slowly counted out a very small portion of the coins. “I’ll give you five gold coins if you let me pass by unharmed.” He held the coins in one hand but purposefully kept the large purse in his other. He smiled to himself. This was a test.

The bandit hesitated at the offer. Osgood could see the indecision on her face as her eyes took in the contents of each hand.

“And why not simply kill you and take all of your coins?” she asked, the fierceness in her voice now fading.

“Why not, indeed,” Osgood replied cryptically.

Their standoff persisted.

Greed eventually won over reason and the bandit let loose her arrow, aimed squarely at the traveller’s chest.

It was a well-aimed shot, Osgood admitted, as he dropped the handful of coins and snatched the arrow from the air, mere inches from his chest. Tossing the arrow to the ground, he began to slowly advance upon the bandit.

Panic filled her mind. She let loose another arrow, which the traveller grabbed as easily as the first. Now, completely shaken, her third arrow was shot wide and missed completely. At this point she turned and broke into a run through the forest.

She made a course toward a nearby river that ran parallel to the dirt path. Even from a distance, she had noticed that the traveler looked tall and she doubted that she could outrun him. She hoped that, in the river, his heavy robes would weigh him down, allowing her to outswim him.

She crashed through the underbrush, scratching herself in the parts of her body not covered by clothing. She didn’t dare look behind her but could hear the noises of pursuit. Despite his robes, the traveler was deftly navigating the wilderness and gaining on her.

She finally cleared the forest and, with a burst of speed, made a mad dash for the riverbank. Her feet had just begun to touch water when she felt a force slam into her back. She collapsed into the shallows, the wind knocked completely out of her. The traveler had tackled her and was now pinning her to the ground, face down.

“You should have taken my offer,” he growled at her.

She started to reply but her assailant slammed her head into the riverbank, sending up a splash of water. As she was reeling from this, he grabbed one of her arms and wrenched it behind her back. She wanted to cry out with pain but all she could manage was a whimper. She tried to stand but he was sitting on her lower back and his body weight made this impossible. Her legs kicked fruitlessly in the shallows.


He then grabbed her other arm and brought it to her back as well. Her struggles were useless--his grip on her wrists was like a vice.

He pushed his full body weight down on her, once again knocking her breath away. He took this opportunity to shift his position over her. He scooted down, now pinning her legs to the ground at the knee with his shins. His hands dwarfed hers and he was able to change his grip, holding both of her wrists behind her with a single hand.

This freed his other arm to begin its work. Although he had to stretch awkwardly to reach, he was able to grab the waist of her pants and pull down. Her outfit was very tight-fitting and so he ripped the cloth more than anything else. At any rate, he had succeeded in exposing the pinned bandit’s womanhood.

As she realized what was about to happen to her, the bandit strained and struggled even harder but, as before, to no avail. Her screams of desperation were muffled by the shallow water that she could just barely keep her head above.

With his free arm, the traveler pulled up his robe, exposing his erection. A pouch in his belt produced a vial of blue liquid. He pulled the cork from the vial with his teeth and poured the substance over both his penis and the bandit’s vagina and ass. Although this was not its intended purpose, he had long ago discovered that potions of Endure Elements worked wonderfully as lubricant.

He tossed the empty vial aside and adjusted himself to the task at hand. He entered her slowly, relishing her futile struggles and shouts. Achieving deep penetration, he then began to quicken his pace. His free hand grabbed a cheek of her ass and parted it to the side so he could look down and watch himself pump into and out of the bandit’s vagina.

At one point, his weight shifted enough such that she was able to move her lower body a few inches. Unfortunately, she did this right before an inward thrust and her movement caused his penis to slip out of her vagina, only to thrust into her anus instead. The lubrication allowed it to slide in fully but did nothing to dull the pain of sudden, forceful anal entry.

The traveler howled in laughter at this and did not slow his rhythm at all. The bandit’s struggles began to subside.

Although he felt that he might soon approach climax this way, the traveler longed for a different position before he was done with her. However, he wasn’t sure how to go about it. Based on her earlier stupid decision, he knew that he couldn’t trust her with any amount of freedom. Which left him with only one option.

He shifted his weight slightly and with his next thrust, scooted the two an inch deeper into the river. Another thrust, another inch. She was now straining her neck and back as far as she could to barely keep her nose and mouth above the waterline.

The traveler then brought his free hand to the back of her head and pushed it to the riverbed. Because he was over a foot taller than her, he was able to do this without compromising his control over the rest of her body.

Her panic renewed as she struggled against the force of his arm. Bubbles rose to the surface, just inches below her mouth, as she screamed in total desperation.


Before long, the bubbles began to lessen. The struggles of the rest of her body also slackened. The traveler waited patiently until all movement had stopped. And then waited even longer, just to be sure.

Once assured of the bandit’s departure, he removed his penis from her ass and stood up. He stretched his arms and legs, sore from maintaining their hold on her for so long. He now had all the time in the world. He removed his heavy woolen robe and draped over a nearby rock. It had gotten fairly wet in the struggle but would dry nicely in the sun.

His attention finally turned to the body of the bandit, motionless save for the pull of the river’s current, which tugged at her hair. He stared at her flowing mane for a moment before finally dragging her unceremoniously to the shore.

Knife in hand, he carefully cut off her soggy shirt and what remained of her pants. He didn’t want to get any blood on himself and so was careful as he went about his task. A leather chestpiece of armor had effectively concealed her bust but her pale, smooth breasts were now exposed. The traveler had seen bigger but didn’t complain as he idly squeezed at the soft mounds.

Carrying her limp body in his powerful arms, he found a relatively smooth patch of grass near the shoreline. He laid her down on her back and positioned himself over her. Although the lubricating potion had dried somewhat, he entered her easily and began humping leisurely, letting the warmth of the sun dry his body. All the time in the world.

To get a different angle, he rose to his knees and lifted her ass up from the ground with both hands. Her head lolled to the side and her arms rested loosely on the ground. Taking in the smells of the nearby river and the soft babbling sounds of its current, he thrust this way until his arms became tired. He then laid her back down.

To achieve the deepest penetration, he bent her legs back, toward her head. Few women were capable of bending their legs all the way back to their heads and the bandit was no exception. But with a little force, her joints creaked as her ankles were bent back to her ears.

Resting his body weight completely on her, the traveler thrust as deeply as he could, his balls slapping against the outside of her vagina. He now stared down at her face. There was a slight trickle of blood running from her nose but she was otherwise undamaged. Her lips were beginning to turn purple and his powerful thrusts began to bring a small trickle of river water from her mouth. Her gazed into her hazel eyes that stared back at him blankly.

Approaching climax, he arched his back and grabbed at her breasts, his thrusting becoming more erratic and intense. He released inside of her and collapsed onto her body to catch his breath.

He pulled his softening penis from her and squatted over the river to wash himself. His robe was now mostly dry and he turned his attention to the belongings in the bandit’s belt pockets. Eight copper coins, a small knife and a few moldy bits of cheese. He pocketed the coins and remembered the gold that he had dropped back in the middle of the road. They hadn’t gone far and he was confident that he could relocate the spot and resume his journey from there. Her other belongings, as well as the shredded remains of her clothing, were tossed into the river.

He walked back to the bandit herself. Her body lay limp in the grass, eyes still open and staring at nothing. The traveler did her one courtesy and closed her eyes before dragging her body to the river and pushing it it, allowing the current to carry it downstream.

“Should have taken my offer,” he muttered to himself, shaking his head.


And that's it. This is my first time writing a story like this so I'd appreciate any feedback you all may have.


Wow, great story! I quite enjoyed it. My only nitpick would probably be that I feel you could go a tiny bit more in depth regarding the drowning scene itself, but other than that I think it was perfect, both in terms of story content and actual writing. ^^


Reminds me of hxxtp://


It was brilliant, well done


Excellent story. Well written! I love the necrophilia, there's way too few stories here that contain it. Would definitely read more stories from you with pleasure


That was wonderful if you intend to do more necor or stories like this you have fans


This make me think of one of the 3D animation from the 3DCG section except reversed this time the girl was the robber. I loved both


Loved the story hope you do more necro is my fetish


Thanks for the feedback, everyone. You'd probably see it soon anyway but I just wanted to let anyone still monitoring this thread know that I'm about to post something new (in its own thread). A little more gore in this next story but still some good necrophilia, for those who like that.

It's no coincidence--that particular animation was a pretty solid inspiration for this story. That anonymous SFM artist is my favorite thing on this site at the moment and I recommend his work to anyone here. Current thread is "SFM Animations and Scraps: The Fourth" on the 3DCGI board.


This is one of my favorite stories

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