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Intro and Chapter 1

Introduction and Explanations

In my story group “Bad Magic: Petrification, Transformation, Immortality” or BMPTI, some stories followed a wizards’ realm with the concept of ‘simple sealing’. And then one day, while brushing my doorknob to Nico and Maki, I thought of a Japanese company for that type of stories. A company that would buy girls, embed a microchip in their brains to have full control over their behavior, and use them for entertainment, abuse, and in the end turn them into statues. Of course, the best thing about ‘simple sealing’ statues is that the victims are still conscious and feel the last thing they felt. So I thought I would dedicate a whole story group just to that. Now, I don’t know if I’ll only write 1, 2 or 20 stories on this subject, but they will be here.

‘Simple sealing’ directly traps or turns a person into nonliving material, trapping their soul. As soul is inside a non-biological matter, it unfortunately mends with it and becomes forever trapped in material itself, even if broken and changed with nuclear fission. Worst thing is, however, that all senses, except for hearing and sight, become locked the way there were moment before, and the person’s thoughts and emotions run free. There is no doubt those people are practically in silent black hell.

Our girls are turned into stone, silicone, plastic, rubber or stuff like that. That is the type of simple sealing they get. Unfortunately for them, microchips can no longer control their feelings and behavior once they’re sealed, so there is no comfort for them.

But most of the people are getting hooked on it. And why would it be? Because it gives possibility of controlling someone’s eternity. People have murdered, executed, tortured and… Done violent things in the past. Mostly because they had to, although some enjoyed them. But when a person, through magic, witnesses capability of giving someone literally endless prison, it creates confusion in their brains and souls. For most people, the more they see it, the more they are addicted to it. Some of those people create limits, making sure that the victim doesn’t suffer and they even have their own movement throughout the world. But most of the sealing addicts don’t care. After all, literally none of the victims end up NOT suffering, even those who feel pleasure or nothing, because they can’t move or even breathe – it’s driving them crazy. But pain makes it completely different type of suffering and is especially evil. Most of the sealing addicts like doing and watching it all, whether it’s sexy, supposed-to-be pleasurable, neutral, torturous…

People even play with it. Back in the day you had extreme sports, Russian roulette, death matches… Some people love to take deadly risks, especially for a reward. Despite sealing being way worse than dying, for some reason people take that form of extreme sport more than others. I just thought it’d be worth mentioning.

People used to believe in Hell. Later they found out that the soul can be created, transferred and killed, and that most of them just inhabit a new body. But now people are finally capable of creating any type of everlasting Hell – using simple sealing and similar methods.


Chapter 1: Donation

Back at the highschool Academy of Magic, first years have begun to learn about sealing and transformation. In first year, they can only do simple sealing, and the teacher demonstrates it on them. Although it makes his classes super scary and unpredictable, they had been starting to like watching it. Besides, if they leave now, they will be, that’s right, sealed, and probably in a horrible way. They had been sealed different ways, turned in different materials, some of them would feel nothing, and others would have very painful eternal life.

You can read about the introductory class in “Introduction to Sealing” from story group BMPTI or “Bad Magic: Petrification, Transformation, Immortality”.

For lecture we are talking about today, their crazy teacher was planning to present a company called “Statue and Hell Department”. So they all went in, had their seat and seen a girl dressed in blue sport shorts and blue sleeveless t-shirt that almost revealed her bellybutton. The material seemed to be soft. She was standing straight in front of the blackboard, her hands behind her back. Her hair was blonde, wavy and neck-length. She was smiling, as if trying to show positivity and optimism. There was also a guy holding a device with four knobs in the back.

“This is Akane from SHD company that we were going to present today.” Teacher introduced her. Akane waved her hand and put it back behind her back. “She is SHD property, which they donated to our high school. She is same age as you. As you already know, there is a chip in her brain controlling her behavior and emotions. That’s why she’s so friendly right now. Say hi, Akane.”

“Hi!” Akane waved her hand again. “I am Akane, stripped off my last name, number 1094. I was sold by my parents because they thought it was a child labor company and they were poor, and had 2 more children and a baby on the way. If only they knew hehe.”

“Now let’s hear from the person in the back, SHD employee, currently controlling Akane.” Teacher proposed.

“Yeah, I prefer to stay unnamed because… It’s that type of a job. I have a right to be unnamed. Just call me Saito. Our company’s name ends with ‘Department’ as in ‘girls department’. The controller I’m holding is the simplest one, having 4 suppressors: behavior, fear, melancholy and pain. She currently has fear and sadness suppressed to maximum, which makes her so calm. We have some behavior suppression, but no pain suppression or she could suffer unintended damage. We don’t suppress pain before sealing because it takes away the whole point of it. Suppressors turn off once she’s sealed. Microchip becomes completely useless.”

“Thank you for telling us, Saito. Now, class, does anyone have any question for this girl or Saito?”

After several seconds, a cute brunette dared to raise their hand.

“Umm… Akane-chan. Having all bad emotions suppressed right now, how do you feel about the… You know… Fact that you would be sealed forever? Or even suffering forever? I mean, what does thinking about it make you think…? Or feel?”

“Well,” she answered with a smile on her face, looking to the ceiling a bit “It is going to happen in like 15 minutes. I’m thinking about it all the time. I don’t want it. I know I will despair for eternity no matter how they do it, so it’s fascinating for me to not be bothered by it right now. I mean, thanks to their devices I feel best I ever felt in my life. I only wish it would not have to stop afterwards. But somewhere I heard that sun or something might purge us so hard that all of the mass or part of the mass containing my soul could be turned into photons. That gives me hope that someday, after millions or billions of years, I could be saved. I hope someone can explain it better.”

“I can say something about it.” Said teacher. “They had turned a part of a ‘living statue’ to electromagnetic radiation. The other part seemed to behave as if nothing happened. Chakrogram showed that vibrations happened as if something was still there on the missing part. Now, there is a possibility that part of a soul died, and there is a possibility it was trapped in those photons. The former is more likely because vibrations showed sign of psychological activity. Anyway, you’re highly unlikely to spiritually disappear even after billions of years.”

“Oh…” She replied. “That’s not comforting. I hope you’re wrong.”

“Well, we don’t know everything, and we never did. I could be wrong, but that is highly unlikely.”

Somebody else had a request. Another blonde with wavy hair, but unlike Akane, her hair was long and her face was bright.

“What do you normally do, Akane?”

“Normally we do pornography, usually lesbian. And we are programmed to physically enjoy people, so we make love in our free time too.”

“So cool… Can you show me how you kiss?”

“Only if they let me.”

The teacher and Saito let her. The blonde went to Akane and leaned her face forward, shutting her eyes in embarrassment. Akane made out with her for 30 seconds. It was various, juicy and looked amazing. The blonde then had to let her go and go back to her seat. She whispered to herself: “Wow…”

“Can I just ask” continued the blonde “How much these cost?”

“Seven figures in US Dollars.” Teacher replied.

“Oh… That’s too bad.”

“If you want money, you gotta make some honey. Any more questions?”

A black straight hair rose her hand.

“Teacher. Could you show us what she’s like when you turn off the… knobs?”

“Suppressors.” Teacher corrected her. “Can we, Saito?”

“Yes, but… You’ll need to hold her.”

“I handle resistance with my students all the time. You’d think wizard’s honor is persistent, but as soon as I skewer a nipple before sealing, chosen examples resist best they can. Let’s do it!”

‘Skewer a nipple?’ The students thought. ‘You did much worse things to our colleagues and now they have to feel it forever…’

Saito then put behavior to maximum, commanded her to not move or speak, and then reduced fear and melancholy suppressors to the minimum. Poor Akane started shaking and crying, but she couldn’t move. Her posture wasn’t that straight anymore. She craved to speak.

And only then did Saito put behavior suppressor to 0. Akane immediately ran to the window. But teacher was ready for it as it happened many times before with his students. There was an unknown force preventing her from approaching the windows. She saw height was enough to kill her, so she struggled and punched with all her might, screaming in panic. After realizing windows were unapproachable, she quickly looked around, grabbed teacher’s pen and, without pause, ran it toward her own neck. But it never reached her neck as teacher took hold of her arm. Worse yet, she couldn’t move.

“HEEELP STOP IT PLEASE IT IS PLEASE FOREVER PLEASE DON’T DO THAT TO ME PLEE-EE-EEEAASE…” She screamed with a gruesome face of panic and tears. Then the paralysis spread and she went silent. Students could finally uncover their ears as she was no longer screaming.

“Put it all back as it was.” Asked teacher.

Saito then increased behavior, fear and sadness suppression to max, gave her adequate commands and reduced behavior suppressor back to 30%. Teacher let go of her arm, which made her paralysis disappear. She went back in front of the blackboard.

“I’m sorry for that. But I would really love to kill or unborn myself.” She apologized while smiling.

“Time to get to it. We will turn you into an extension cord.” Decided teacher. “You will have three output sockets.”

Teacher took 3 AC sockets with sharp pointy sticks on their backs. Sticks showed that those outlets were made especially for drilling into something. He commanded Akane to stay as silent as possible, and to remove her sleeveless T-shit. She did it. He started pushing the sticks deep into Akane’s nipples. Blood started dripping down her belly as she would quietly squawk. She was shivering and her face became distorted with pain a little. She didn’t seem afraid or sad, because of the suppressors.

“Saito-san, can you fix this face?” Asked teacher.

“Sure. I’ll just suppress behavior to max. And you, Akane, stay smiling and bright.”

He did it, and Akane’s reaction to pain ceased. She was smiling. Her breathing would give away her excruciating state, as the teacher was drilling her breasts and bellybutton with metal stakes of those outlets. Soon they were all inside her body. Electric sockets were successfully hiding most of her breasts and her bellybutton.

He then threw an extension cord with lose and naked ends below her. He raised his hand and they started rising up, into the bottom of her body. The chord got in deeper and deeper, until blood started pouring. She was impaled and the chord had apparently been going up her body, causing excruciating pain, but her behavior couldn’t show it. Although it was all happening inside her body, the teacher knew how to connect the cable to the back of the sockets.

“OK, we are done with that.” Said teacher. “Now it is time for me to turn you to stone. Any last words, you can in a polite voice speak them now.”

“Argh… Ah… hurts stop it… Ah…” She squawked with a smiling face.

“OK, that’s enough.”

He then put his hand above her head, and she stopped breathing. She started going gray. When she was fully gray, the teacher removed his hand.

“That’s it! We have turned her into a statue, thus sealing her for all eternity. Also, the microchip is now non-functional as there is no brain, so she can, besides pain, also feel fear and sadness. Her mind is now free, but her soul isn’t. We can use her as an extension cord. Now, before I plug it into the wall jack, answer me this. When I do it, what will she feel?”

Someone raised their hand and spoke.

“Whatever she felt last.”

“And what about current going through her if, for example, I plug something into her breast?”

“She will feel nothing new.”

“That’s right. She will be fully unaware of everything new happening to her.”

Teacher tested Akane’s efficiency with a reflector. But it didn’t work. Apparently, the teacher connected something wrong inside Akane. Probably because he was doing it blind. So now this innocent girl will be suffering forever, and nobody will have use of it. She is basically a censored statue now. He was disappointed in himself. Luckily, he let everyone go without taking it out on them.


Miku Like Nico

(For explanations, read Intro chapter. This has nothing to do with Hatsune Miku.)

A brunette with long wavy hair and big eyes, named Naomi. First year high schooler from Academy of Magic – that’s who she was just a day ago. Now she is a property of Statue and Hell Department. They drove her to the dormitory in the back seat of a black SUV. There were no bars or precautions or anything. She had a chip in her brain. It made her obey and not run away. It took away a lot of her fear and negative emotions. It prevented her from hurting someone or herself. Her face had color, but the expression was neutral, as if she had no soul. That was because she was in a state of confusion.

Herself being magically paralyzed, strapped on a chair, her head fixed. The sound of the drill drilling into her skull. Weird sound as they were embedding the chip… And fear. Fear, panic and disgust all the way. She knew her only fate was to be trapped forever as she would be turned into a statue or silicone or something. Trapped in the tiniest particles of it so breaking and fission doesn’t affect her. Eternity. Would not stop even when Sun swallows Earth in millions of years. She saw that in some of her sealing classes. Her own fellow colleagues condemned to solitude and inability to move or breathe. Some of them horribly tortured beforehand, thus condemned to the same type of torture forever. Her fellow classmates slowly getting to like it. She never got to like it. Perhaps she would eventually, but… There was something beautiful about it, but so cruel it just made you want to cry.

Yet right after they started testing the chip inside her, panic and expected psychological reaction stopped. She didn’t want to have such a horrible fate. She would do anything, or suffer anything just to be safe from being sealed away. Yet in the same time, from that moment, she couldn’t get nervous about it. Despite it going through her head the whole time – while she was sitting in that back seat, while she walked through the parking lot, while she was walking to her room being given the room number. All the time she thought about her cruel fate, but not for a moment could she cry, despair or disobey.

In the dormitory, girls were all dressed in blue as it was a symbol of the company. Most of them wore sport shorts and sleeveless T-shirts with simply drawn cat face on it. Naomi did too. Halls had girls talking, drawing, dancing, singing… so much activity. Almost as if it was a happy place with a positive, ambitious atmosphere. On the stairway there was a small brunette with a tiny pony tail who singed so beautifully, so precisely, for the passersby. Naomi had to stop and listen. She first sang a slow emotional song, and then started singing something happy and fast. Naomi thought ‘Why? Why is she singing?’ Girls that currently had nothing to do wore the same neutral or smiling face like Naomi did, seemingly thinking of the same thing. Some girls even discussed sealings of the past.

When Naomi got to her room, there she found a small girl with long black hair tied in twintails. She looked like Nico from Love Live. She was sitting on the bed, her knees hugged by her arms. Her face was cold and neutral, like she felt the same way as Naomi. There was only one big bed.

“Welcome.” The girls said in a high horase voice. “I am your roommate Miku, identification 1132. I hope we get along.”

“Naomi. I’m Naomi. 1177.”

Naomi sat on the other side of the bed, staring at the wall. With the same confusion on her face.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Asked Miku.

“No. I just wish I found a stepfather sooner.”

“So you are an orphan?”

“I…” Naomi stopped talking for a while. She drifted away in depressing confusion. “What was I saying?”

“I asked you if you were an orphan.”


“You said you should have found your stepfather soon.”

“I wanted to do things on my own. Like I always did. But only in middle school I found out my orphanage could sell me… They sell few children, for the sake of not selling many children when things go bad.” Then she started talking without stopping. “I also heard many stepdads wish daughters to have sex with. It was too confusing to me back in the day. I thought my chances of becoming property were too low to humiliate myself like that. Then I realized there are loving parents out there. But it was quite late. Right when I found my future parents… They needed a few more days. I didn’t know that annual child selling roulette would be taking place the next day. I was chosen to be sold before they could start adopting me. They sold me to a merchant who said he wouldn’t sell me here… But he did. And so I am here. I don’t wish somebody else was picked, but… why did it have to be me? And why did he sell me, of all places, here? He promised he would not sell me somewhere where they would eternally trap me or torture me. It is over now, isn’t it?”

“Not necessarily.” Miku said.

“What?” Attention suddenly came back to Naomi’s face as she turned towards Miku.

“If you have a talent, you can practice it here. If you are good enough, they may advertise to sell you to someone else.”

“So…” It finally came to Naomi’s mind. “So that’s why everybody is doing something. I thought they were enjoying their last days. And that girl who was singing… She sang beautifully.”

“It’s worth a try.”

“But I don’t have any talent… I used to be good in school. I wanted to do healing magic. But now I can’t do magic anymore.”

“Girls like you usually go into sex hobbies.”


“I have no talent either.” Spoke Miku. “I was sold because I was the useless child. Family wanted to invest into their up and coming daughter. That is why I do porn. I mean… All of us have to do porn, that’s how they make money of us before sealing us. But people like me perfect themselves. Because an elite porn company could buy me.”

“That’s… Creepy. Isn’t it?”

“Not right now. The thing in your brain makes you not mind any physical contact with a human.”

“I don’t know if I can do it. Is it really the only way?”

“You will have to do it. For their videos. The other option is doing what those painlessly sealed did. Eternal loneliness is better than eternal pain anyway. Sex goes both ways. You are less likely to be painfully sealed, and there is a small chance you will be bought by a high class porn company.”

“No…” Quietly complained Naomi. “I can’t do it… I don’t know…”

“Can I touch you right now? Please?”

“Why? I… I think I still have my honor. Can’t I at least have some honor?”

“You might be our only way out. I look like Nico. Except for my naturally hoarse voice. You look like Maki. Shorten your hair, color it red and we can give it a shot at entertaining the world with the best female couple from the best anime ever.”

“I don’t know anymore… How do I sleep?”

“They will get you to sleep at 12 PM. You will wake up at 8 AM. It’s precise.”

Then Miku started going out of the room.

“Where are you going?” Asked Naomi.

“I’m going to practice sex with a girl. What do you think, that I always dreamed of having sex every day with different people? I was just a calm solitary kid and I didn’t plan to change it any time soon. Besides, I’m a year younger than you. And this thing in my head makes me enjoy it. Please, consider my proposal.”

“Could you please stay?” Said Naomi. She felt safer with Miku, or anyone compassionate, around.

Miku laid next to her.

“I will do whatever you want if you stay…” Said Naomi.

“I want someone to keep me safe too. I had someone like that. She’s a professional illustrator now. Please, if I need to make you feel safe, try and make me feel safe too.”

“I will try however I can…”

Miku hugged Naomi, putting their foreheads together. As they were breathing the same warmed air for a minute, Miku put pressure behind Naomi’s neck to take her chin forward, and started kissing her. Then she started gently grabbing her all over her body.

“Do you mind this?” Miku asked.

“No… I don’t think so.”

“I told you.”

For the first time in her life, Naomi had kissed. She felt a naked girl’s body on her own naked body. She had been caressed, rubbed, fingered and licked by her cute roommate. And tasted herself when Miku came back up to kiss her. Besides, Miku was extremely well trained. But not for one second did she forget about her cruel fate. Without the microchip, she would probably not enjoy such a sudden full sexual contact. Naomi came twice to Miku’s slow edging game before she fell asleep 2 hours before midnight. She didn’t wake up until the morning, 8 AM precisely. Miku enjoyed hugging Naomi, smelling her skin, until midnight.


Next morning, as Naomi and Miku were going to the cafeteria, they saw the singing girl on her knees, naked, with a simple plastic seal around her neck. Some other girls were watching. The scene was intimidating, but it was impossible for them to freak out. There were SHD employees around her, and a guy with a console containing at least 10 knobs – a console that was supposed to control the poor girl’s microchip.

“Naomi, are you sure you want to see this?” asked Miku.

“I don’t know…” She replied. She literally didn’t know. It scared her, but not much, and she felt like she should watch it. Besides, it was that extraordinary girl who sang.

“Girl 1099. This is just a training. You cannot break the plastic by any means available. You cannot run away. You stay on your knees and beg for us to let you breathe. In that case we will let you go. Otherwise you will be turned into a statue. When people are turned to statues, they usually freak out as they can’t breathe. But they get used to it. You, on the other hand, should experience the effect of prolonged choking sensation, which feels horrible. It’s a group of strong physical feelings, so you cannot ignore it.”

The girl nodded. Then they put something in front of her throat and tightened the plastic seal until she could no longer breathe at all. The thing on her throat would make sure only her throat is shut, and that her veins and arteries are intact. The console guy turned some knobs, freeing the girl’s mind, so the poor girl 1099 went into deadly panic. She did as she was instructed – put her hands together, intervened her fingers and started begging. Her face was deformed from panic as she shook. Her mouth moved, forming words of begging, but nothing came out. She seemed to be saying a lot of “please” and “forever”.

After two full minutes, as her tear-soaked face went blue, she stopped moving her saliva-uttered mouth and hands, and only shook. Because, due to lack of oxygen, muscles that she moved became painful. She had already pissed herself. She was conscious and crying with panic-deformed face. That’s when a guy on the console got thumbs up, so he pressed something, and the poor girl froze in place. She was getting whiter and whiter, until she became a white, smooth solid. Completely static solid. Even plastic seal and the thing on her neck turned to stone. She had the same face and posture of begging.

So, they tricked her. Well of course they did. It was no practice. She was locked in one state, with all the pains and extreme discomforts of being choked. Who knows if and when the statue would break – that would not affect her. She is doomed to feel deadly torment of being choked forever and ever, constantly begging inside her mind for air, or at least for any contact to soothe her, for nobody ever in the universe to hear.

Naomi was intimidated, but completely calm. After all, she’s seen worse on her sealing class. Or has she? How does it really feel to be choked for 2 minutes? The statue, however, was beautiful, still and cold, as if it was a detailed, grossly artistic, but in the same time just statue. They said they would take it to coloring. Where or to whom would girl 1099 go? Nobody knows.

“It didn’t work for her…” Said Naomi to Miku.

“It doesn’t always work. But it’s worth a try. You see, there are two ways to enjoy beauty. One is to enjoy it, and the other one is to destroy it. Out beautiful bird was worse than destroyed.”


Fire of Love

(Sequel of “Miku Like Nico”. Read that chapter and Intro chapter to fully understand.)

Naomi shortened her hair and had it painted red. They were now a proper Nico x Maki cosplay couple. As Naomi was showering with Miku, a female SHD worker recorded them with an 8K camera. It was time for “Nico” to teach “Maki” how to satisfy a girl. Being Naomi’s first “giver” experience, and so played like “Maki’s” first experience, if done correctly, it would be a potent tape, and a little bit helpful in saving Naomi and Miku from the cruel fate of eternal prison.

First they would wash each other with soap. During that, Naomi rubbed Miku’s crotch, or “Nico’s” crotch, as she was soaping her up. She washed her off thoroughly. Then Miku hung the shower up and reduced the water so it would pour mostly down her back, and just a little over her breasts, belly and crotch. It looked artistic and hot on Miku’s smooth feminine body. Naomi, or “Maki”, had for the first time licked a girl’s bare breasts. Or licked anyone in general. Miku would give her just little advice, and would praise her. She called her a “good girl”, and Naomi actually liked being called that way.

Then Naomi went carefully to her knees, licking Miku’s tummy, going lower to her pussy. Naomi, on her third day, in the morning, had licked a girl’s most sensitive part for the first time, right after licking her breasts. It was, however, hard to separate Miku’s pussy lips as she was standing, and Naomi had to push her head through her thighs to get to the “right part”. Naomi did her best to enjoy and show calmness. Miku kept giving her compliments and calling her a “good girl”, and in a while she came, even though she had help from those who were supervising them with the security cameras (they have the consoles, so they gave her the right parameters for easy orgasm).

“You’ve done well, Naomi.” Said the camera lady. “Appearance can be a problem in first-time videos, but you’ve done it great.”

Miku and Naomi went to the cafeteria. They were hungry so they ate.

“You know…” Said Miku. “In order to become a porn actress free from this establishment, you should have sex with other people too.”

“Uhh… I don’t know if I want to do it.”

“It will increase your chances. We are cute together, but cute couples are those who get petrified.”

“We are unlikely to get anything else.”

“It’s worth trying. Do it for me. Please. We can be a couple, but we need to be porn actresses too.”

Later, Miku took Naomi to the SHD lesbian atelier. They were there alone. There were beautiful, smooth statues of former SHD girls in lesbian acts. It was all deep, romantic and artistic. There were kissing statues, cunnilingus statues, breast and body licking statues, and also orgasming statues… Simply artistic sex statues. There were also despair statues – lesbian girls in torment.

“These girls” spoke Miku while looking at the painless ones, “are blessed. Not only do they not feel pain, but they feel someone else’s warmth. They feel someone’s skin and lips on them. They cannot interact in any way, but at least they have some comfort. They can be physically separated or crushed in any way, but their souls will have human contact feeling for eternity. Some are even orgasming.”

“I… still don’t want that…”

“There is an earphone.” Said Miku, as she took an earphone that was in front of one of the kissing statues. “There is a software that uses Chakrogram to generate moans and screams of sealed people. It doesn’t know what they think exactly, but it detects their senses and psychological state. It uses their own voice, which has to be sampled before sealing.”

Miku put it in Naomi’s ear. There was crying and shaking in the generated voice. There were no words as the device couldn’t read her mind, but it seemed like she was thinking “Help me! I’m going crazy! Please! I don’t deserve this!”

“Warmth doesn’t seem to soothe them.” Noticed Naomi.

“They are actually like that for a while, then calmer for a while… They try to enjoy sometimes, unlike those who feel literally nothing. I don’t know. It still must be very frustrating when you feel only one moment and only one posture. Worst thing is, they know it will literally never stop. I guess human contact does help a bit. If only it would ease the suffering. If I ever end up like that, I will try to see it in a good light.”

“By the way, Miku… Chips in our heads no longer work when we are sealed, right?”

“I know. I wish they worked. My chip makes me feel the best I’ve ever felt in my life.”

Then they walked to two girls with a chain through them. Chain would go from one girl’s anus out through her mouth, then into the mouth of the other girl and out of her anus, into the anus of the first one. Their feet were nailed down and it seemed as if someone was holding their shoulders back, so the chain in between them was completely straight. Their hands were tied behind their backs. They wore faces of intensive suffering and extreme begging. Piece was called “Bad Couples”, symbolizing relationships that are bad, but fear of solitude makes you cling onto them. But interpretation aside, in reality they were just an innocent pair, tortured.

“This looks… horrible.” Said Naomi.

“This is one of the things that can happen to cute couples. You’re more likely to end up like the lucky couple. But that’s what it is – more likely, not highly likely. Instead, you could end up like these 2.”

“Can we hear them too?”

“No. There is no earphone. You know, my ex partner’s teacher told them that it’s way more merciful to petrify people after they have been in pain for a while. It still hurts the same, but the brain has more thought capacity. If you’re petrified only 5 seconds after the pain starts, you will be able to think about things only a little, too little to distract yourself. You’ll only concentrate on pain.”

Then they went to a statue on a pedestal. There were 2 similarly looking girls, turned back to back to each other, forming a shape of a heart. On their knees, but in an alternative way. One’s knee was between the other one’s knees forming the pointy bottom of a heart. Their backs were bent back, and their hands connected over their heads with fingers intervened in a way that they formed the top of a heart. There was no way they could have had enough strength in their legs and arms to hold that posture, so they were probably assisted at the time. Anyway, they formed a nice, perfect heart from their small nude bodies. But if you looked into their faces, they were faces distorted by excruciating torment. You could almost feel it. Piece was called “Fire of Love”.

“What’s happening to them?” Asked Naomi, seeing their suffering faces.

“They were encased in flames for a few seconds before they were turned.”

“Why is everything so cruel? As if life in general is supposed to be a curse…”

After a small pause, Miku said:

“You know… this heart was supposed to be me and my former roommate…”


“Yes… Do you want to hear the story?”

Miku then started telling the story.


She had a straight, neck length, blonde hair. She was my size. Her name was Aoi, her number 1101. She loved to draw, had a beautiful handwriting and… Had many handwritings. She was a genius. She was doing illustrations, hoping to be bought away from here. In the same time, for just in case, she decided to perfect herself in porn. She loved me, I loved her. We were a cute couple, just like you and me. And we didn’t have sex with many other people. We wanted to be bought as a couple, which took my golden Aoi’s priority. I assume because she was actually in love with me. Or felt obligation towards me. I didn’t wear twin tails back then.

One afternoon, SHD wanted to have a practice. They instructed us to form a heart pose, just like those two, and they assisted us. They had a camera. We thought we were done. Worse yet, the pose was exhausting and painful. But then they told us to let go of each other. They were pleased. I didn’t dare to ask, but Aoi did.

“Does this mean it’s our time soon?”

“Yes. Do you want to know more?” A guy asked.

“Tell me.” She said. She looked towards me as if asking if I want to hear it. I didn’t. I walked away.

Later, I asked Aoi what he told her. He told her we would be injected across our whole body by something holding our position, except for our necks and heads and faces. That we would be smeared with something preventing out skin and hair from fire damage. And that we would be encased in fire for a few seconds before we would be sealed.

Once again I felt like I just got into SHD. There was no hope. Not anymore. Eternal torment in hot fire. It was decided, thus inevitable. I was speechless, yet I couldn’t get nervous about it. It confused me. I asked Aoi what the pain should be like. She told me it would be unbearable. That’s right. Our fate was one of the worst. I asked why they would do something so cruel to a cute couple like us. She said we wouldn’t be the first ones. And that there are two ways to enjoy beauty: enjoyment and destruction, just like I told you yesterday. Confused, I asked into the security camera to let me cry. 15 minutes before midnight, they did. I had privilege to be truly sad and afraid for the first time in so long. I cried so deeply…

But my Aoi was very smart. She had already worked out a way to send letters. She said it was so easy, it would be chaos if everyone found out. But she didn’t send one out. It wouldn’t help. Instead, she looked for the girls who were not supposed to be sold here, like yourself. They were Rin and Ren. The two blonde fraternal twins, 12 years old. Also a cute couple. She became friends with them, and they took good care of us as it was supposed to be our last few days. They really cared.

But she still didn’t send anything out. She found a blind spot and wrote a letter in Rin’s name, with Rin’s handwriting, asking her parents to save her, and describing how she smuggled out the letter. She folded it and slipped it into Rin’s pocket. As Rin was walking the halls, she found the note and opened it. The note took her attention, but then she remembered – cameras were everywhere. She cramped the paper, but lost her ability to speak or write. Staff came and took the letter. They were instructed back into their beds. Everything was just like Aoi planned.

My Aoi knew that the letter would take attention of SHD, and that they would dispose of them as soon as possible. There was good chance that they would go in the heart thing in our stead. We felt sorry we had to doom those two good girls, but it was either us or them. Nobody wants to burn forever.

And they were taken the next day. In our stead, they were taken to the big laboratory. We went there because we were bizarrely interested. With neutral faces, knowing what would happen to them and under the influence of their microchips, they were confused, but obedient. Staff put them in the right pose, naked, onto the place with many holes – a huge gas stove. They started injecting that thing into their muscles. 15 minutes later they couldn’t move anything but their heads and faces. They could still breathe. And they could be in that unforgiving position on their own. Heart shape formed of bodies was stunning.

Then the tech guy did something with the console that made them go back to their senses. Let’s assume he turned off their chips. They went completely nuts. Started screaming, begging, crying…




But mum and dad were far away, and thought their daughters were working. Just like in your case, the merchant promised he would sell them into labor, and definitely not to a sealing company. All the time they hoped their parents would find them and save them, but that moment was a sign that it was false hope.

They constantly screamed and begged and moved their heads maniacally. Looking at staff and even us while begging. Calling out the staff, their parents, God who doesn’t seem to exist or care… Their faces were red, soaking, snotty, salivated, but the staff needed to wait a bit to see if their struggle would break the compound that’s fixing them in place. It didn’t. Then they smeared them with a substance that would protect their hair and skin from heat damage for at least 5 seconds of fire. They had protective headphones because the poor sisters were screaming horribly and it would hurt the staff’s ears.

Then the tech guy asked everyone to back off as he made the glass lower between the staff and the “oven”. Rin and Ren panicked even more as eternal torment was imminent. He pulled up some small switch, which made a deep boom, and 5 seconds later orange flames filled the whole area behind the glass. Those girls screamed in the loudest unstable voices, their heads forward. Screams went without interruption for a few seconds. Then they stopped. Then after a few more seconds, flames were turned off. Their bodies had already been halfway gray. They soon turned into a perfect, beautiful statue of a heart formed by their bodies, except that their faces were screaming.


“And that’s it.” Continued Miku. “We saved ourselves from endless, unimaginable torment, by having 2 naïve girls go instead of us. They were good girls. Younger than us by 2 years. Innocent girls. Girls who were trying to soothe us, and Aoi used it to see Rin’s handwriting. And now they are forever screaming prisoners of fiery hell. Just when imagining it should have been me… how can something so bad happen to anyone?”

There were 2 earphones, one for each sister. They were connected to that device that concluded people’s screams. Naomi took one in her hand. She could hear the full-lungs screaming of agony and terror from her hand. She listened to it from that distance for a while. It did not stop or reduce for a moment, except to simulate quick breathing in. She just put it back and literally moved away.

“They are still screaming.” Naomi said. “All the time since they were sealed, they are in unbearable… There is really nothing changing for them. This could be us.”

“And it has only been a month. They are maybe begging and forming words in their heads too. But these screams are how they feel physically and psychically. That’s why it’s good to have sex with different people. You’re less likely to be the chosen cute couple for petrification. And possibly this type of torment. Please keep in mind – this is forever. Immune even to astronomical disasters. Don’t mess with it. Regulate our chances even if it’s hopeless.”

When they went back to their rooms, they took their clothes off and started kissing. Naomi forced Miku on her back. That intimidating sight made her want to take it out with sex. She started dominating Miku.

“It’s nice.” Miku said as Naomi was licking her pussy. “You’re hurting me a little, but I like being the uke…”

After they were done, they spent more time together. Despite knowing they shouldn’t. Right before midnight, when they were ready to be thrown into sleep, Miku whispered:

“Naomi… Why are you doing this to me?”

Naomi knew what she was talking about. She made it all about the 2 of them. They were cutely coupling, so their positive chances were lowering. They fell asleep, hoping their next day wouldn’t be their last.



(This is a continuation of a sub-story.)
(Chapters of sub-story: Miku Like Nico, Fire of love, Escape. Read from beginning to understand. It is recommended to read intro chapter too.)
(Also, if there will be a next SHD story, it will be unrelated to this story chain.)

For Naomi, being new to sex was a positive thing as it enabled her to document her first-time experiences. You can guess why those types of tapes were rare, and they actually increased her popularity and chance to be bought by a large porn company and thus saved for what was waiting for her.

She listened to Miku and started having sex with other girls too. She actually liked kissing a lot. Even though it was regulated by the chip in her brain, seeing how Miku kissed other girls and how hot and creative she was gave her motivation to practice it. Besides, Miku had wonderfully looking lips. So Naomi kissed brunettes, blondes, and girls with colored hairs, black hairs, younger girls and older girls. She even kissed in 3 or 4, in front of SHD cameras and in private. Until one day Miku talked her into licking other girls – their bodies, breasts, pussies. Naomi did it with motivation because of how amazing it looked when Miku did it. She did her best to enjoy girl’s meaty lips and bodies and treating them well.

She enjoyed seeing girls doing the same things with each other. Although majority of girls did not only do lesbian sex, but also sex with men that volunteered or were paid to be there, Naomi and Miku decided to do only lesbian porn in order to increase strength of their lesbian porn.

But Miku wasn’t that lucky. Just one day, she was instructed to do a porn video of her first blowjob ever. Not only did it reduce her purity of a lesbian porn actress, but Miku, unlike Naomi, never liked men to begin with, even before she was sold to SHD. Naomi was sorry to watch her cute small-in-size roommate, the person that made her feel safe in that cruel place, desecrated by a seemingly large greasy dick.

It started with Miku on her knees, a hard dick in front of her face, recording staff and Naomi watching. The director told her what to do.

“Treat his head like it were a girl’s pussy or body or something.”

“Toe.” Naomi suggested. She didn’t know why she wanted to help, but she felt a need to say it. “She likes to lick feet and she is amazing.”

“OK, then imagine the tip as a big toe or a finger of a girl. Don’t use your teeth, except sometimes maybe a little.”

First few “licks” and “kisses” were a bit sloppy as Miku’s discomfort was visible.

“It’s one smelly finger you’ve got over there.” She said with a smile while looking at the guy’s face. She had to act like she enjoyed it.

And then she started licking it just the way she knows. Just like she was treating a lady’s lips, pussy or any part of a cute girl’s body. Naomi watched practically her girlfriend licking and sucking an ugly sausage as if she was licking her, or any other girl in general. She could lose herself in Miku’s amazingly looking lip-job and tongue-job, and the way she looked at the guy and his dick and smiled at him, if only it was not the thing that did not belong in and on her mouth.

Then they told her how to take the dick in her mouth and throat. She wasn’t able to push in even half, but she was good, and those breaks where she would take it out of her mouth make out with his dick looked so good it was basically in his mind all the time. He had nothing but praise while caressing her head. As he came, she had to let a little bit flow down her chin just to show the public that she tasted his semen, which she then swallowed.

“Naomi-chan…” Miku said later as they were lying in each other’s arms in their room. “I’m scared. I don’t think they are planning to sell me to a porn company anymore.”

“I hope you’re wrong. I love you, Miku-chan. I don’t want you to go.”

“You don’t love me. You are just scared, and I give you comfort.”

“I… Hate when you say things like that, Miku-chan. I really hate it.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. It’s just that, all I’ve ever worked for will be ruined by a blowjob video called ‘lesbian sucks cock for the first time’ or something.”

“If that’s how it’s going to be called,” Naomi noticed, “then it will not take away your credibility as a lesbian. Because it says you’re a lesbian.”

“I still have a dick in my mouth… It would be horrible to turn me to statue while sucking someone’s dick. The surface is pretty interesting, but the smell… And things coming out from the tip… Without a microchip to soothe me, it will feel horrible. You know, if you’re breathing in as they turn you, you feel the last smell you inhaled.”

“Don’t say that, Miku-chan. I wish I could make you feel better.”

“I’m fine. This thing in my brain… It’s making me feel fine. I’m just a bit scared.”

But then some people came in their room. Situation was the same as it is when they come to practice for a petrification pose.

“Girl 1132, Miku. You have wonderful lips, so we are going to turn you into a sex toy. You will not be a subject of ‘simple sealing’. You will be a subject of ‘sensational sealing’, which turns you into an object with human sensations. We will turn you to a silicone blowjob doll, and then color you. You will serve as an expensive sex toy for as many years as possible until you are broken or corrode enough for ‘sensational sealing’ to be broken, which automatically results in eternal ‘simple sealing’. Now it is time that we find your best blowjob face.”

So, the thing that those 2 girls were afraid of should finally come true, but in a bit different form. She, a real lesbian who dislikes men, should be fucked in her mouth for 10 years or 1000 years, until that special sealing can no longer sustain itself, when her soul will become simply sealed inside the sex doll. Afterwards, her sight and hearing should disappear and the last thing she felt will be her eternal fate.

Miku was instructed to get on her knees as another guy she never saw pulled out his normal sized dick. He put it in her mouth and the staff instructed her how to channel her experience and what type of face to make. They were taking a video so they could discuss it further. First there were faces of joy, one with closed eyes, one of a happy blowjob, one of carelessness, one of anger, one of disgust… and so on. The last faces were crying faces as in case of mouth rape.

“This is good.” Said a member of the staff. “You will originally have your mouth closed, and your mouth will open as the person is entering. We are doing this because you have wonderful lips, and lips that licked so many female bodies have a nostalgic influence on the dick.”

Then they left the room, and told the guy whose dick she just tasted to have fun with them if he wants to. He stayed, but he didn’t seem to have that in mind. Naomi saw it as the opportunity to talk to an outsider. Although she was instructed not to say she wasn’t supposed to be sold there, she could try to ask for help.

“Why do you think they do this to us? I mean… Is it really worth it?”

“I don’t know…” Said the guy. “I’m just doing what I’m supposed to. I have a family now and… It kinda sucks, but it’s be hard for me to find any other job to support them.”

“They enjoy it so much… But this is not like a snuff video or anything. It’s the eternal inability to move, and possibly pain.”

“Yeah… I don’t want to talk about it, so I’ll just go now.”

The guy then left, and Naomi apparently failed to get him in a long conversation to get his sympathy. It was confusing for Naomi and Miku – if he didn’t want to “have fun” with them, and he didn’t want to help them, then why did he not leave right away? Perhaps he was confused too.

“Naomi-chan…” Said Miku. “I’m… I think I’m scared. Or I should be. Does this mean it’s over for me?”

Naomi took Miku in her arms and said:

“Maybe not… Maybe someone or something saves you. I don’t want you to go.”

“I just hope that they don’t break my ‘sensational seal’ while there’s someone fucking my mouth. I don’t want to feel a dick forever.”

“Don’t say it, Miku…”

“But if that would be the case, at least I would feel another human being, even though they wouldn’t be around anymore.”

“Miku-chan, please! I love you! We will find a way. We must think.”

“What way? Nothing can stop them. Unless I’m going to throw somebody else under the bus again. But I can’t. I’m not smart like Aoi. Neither are you.”

“Perhaps we can make the best lesbian porn ever and make them change their minds!”

“But this is because I did lesbian porn!” Said Miku. “Didn’t you hear them? Knowing how many girls this beautiful mouth kissed and licked, fucking them will be somewhat of a special satisfaction… I did it all to save myself, and now it’s over. And… I knew I didn’t have much chance. Nobody does. Aoi was lucky enough with her drawing talent, and I’m just one of the many who took porn because they sucked at everything else.”

Miku threw herself on the bed, and pulled Naomi with her.

“Naomi-chan… I want my last moments as a moving human to be with you. Please, hold me until I fall asleep. Hold me all the time. Don’t stop. Please. It will become very scary once I’m turned into that dirty thing.”

Being the only thing she could do, Naomi held her. From 8PM to 12PM, they didn’t have sex. Only hugged and occasionally kissed. They didn’t feel as bad as they were supposed to, but that’s how they wanted to spend their last day together, because they knew that the rest of eternity would be a horror for Miku.


At 8AM they woke up holding each other. At 12, Miku was supposed to be turned. They ate, showered and hugged. At 10AM, the guy from yesterday came by.

“Hi. I am here to prepare you. Come with me. Both of you.”

They followed him through the hallway. He was going to an area they aren’t supposed to access.

“You are supposed to obey me for today. Follow me through the corridor.”

Normally, they literally couldn’t go there because they were instructed not to. But the microchip does not automatically identify who gives commands, and as they believed his words, they obeyed and followed him through the hallway. It was a bit dark and there were no cameras. As they came down the stairs, they saw a door.

“Hold still.” He said. The girls took a few steps back. It seemed to them they were not supposed to be doing that, so the microchip was on the verge of telling them to go back. “Your masters told me to wait for them here for some reason. Unfortunately, Naomi, you will be a part of this too. Now, I have to straighten your hair with this hair iron.”

He put the supposed hair iron device, that didn’t look like a hair iron, against the top of her head, as Naomi released a short scream. Immediately, she fell into panic, barely able to control herself.

“It’s…” She stuttered. “Is it off? It’s OFF!!!!”

Yes, the mysterious device turned Naomi’s chip off. Unfortunately, she said it out loud, which made Miku’s chip command her to run back. Naomi and the guy caught her and pinned her against the floor as the guy yelled:

“Cover her mouth!”

Naomi covered Miku’s mouth as she tried to scream. But it only lasted a few seconds as the guy put the device on Miku’s head.

“Is it off, Miku?” Asked Naomi.

“Wh… WHAT??? What is going on??? Why was I doing all that???”

Apparently, Miku’s chip was off too. Then the guy said.

“You know, I hate doing it. I thought, if I don’t assist them in making those statues, then somebody else will, so if I give up, there is no difference. But I still hate myself. And after I talked to you yesterday… I just broke. I have decided to help you with this electromagnetic cockroach-away device which burned your chips. I will have to pay a monetary fine for this… You just go. There’s the door. Here on the table are normal clothes. Wear them and get the fuck out of here.”

Finally, Naomi and Miku were able to feel real fear and worry. And they didn’t have to obey anyone anymore. Except that they couldn’t leave either.

“Miku-chan…” Said Naomi with a face transitioning to crying. “I don’t think I can do it. My body doesn’t listen to me.”


“I… I can’t wear these. I can’t even approach them. I mean, I try. I’m trying and trying and trying,” Then she fell down and broke down crying. “And trying and trying and trying and trying and trying and trying and trying and trying and trying and trying…”

Miku held her. “Naomi-chan. Listen to me. Just calm down and listen.” Naomi calmed down. “This happens to some people like yourself. Brain learns. The microchip taught you that you can’t disobey. You need to snap out of it!”


“Miku-san…” The guy said. “I’m sorry to intervene, I truly am, but security cameras saw me taking you here, and it’s taking too long, they will be here and find you. You have to go, at least on your own.”

“But… Naomi… I don’t want to leave Naomi…” She said while holding the crying beauty in her hands.

“Naomi still has a chance! You… You are going to be trapped forever. Please, go.”


And that… That was the best idea they had. Even better than running, because they might have been caught. They could now kill themselves. Or if they can’t do it, kill each other. Or…

“Please, good guy…” Said Miku. “Kill us. Hurry.”

“Uhh… No. Something will happen to me or my family if I do. For now, this is nothing, but… I can’t kill you.”

But he gave them a knife. He ran away. Miku put the knife on Naomi’s throat.

“Please, kill me, Miku! My wonderful Miku! I love you!”

Miku pushed the knife against Naomi’s throat with all her might, but it wasn’t easy. Throat was much stiffer than it seemed, the knife wasn’t sharp, and Miku was weak. Miku decided to cut her throat like she’s cutting bread, which successfully slit Naomi’s skin, although she was reflexively pushing Miku away. But then she heard people running over, and she was tasered.

They were both ran to the operation room. Naomi’s wound was sewn and smeared with something that would make her regenerate in 1 day. Then they were both back at the terrifying process of embedding microchips into their brains, except that this time they first had to remove the broken microchips. And then Miku and Naomi were back at their former relaxed obedient state. All the running away was for nothing.


Naomi was back to their room. Alone. They didn’t bring Miku back. She didn’t know why. Miku was already replaced with a girl who had a similar situation, as Miku was unavailable for her transformation due to microchip embedding. So they were supposed to have no reason to keep Miku. Then a staff member entered the room, and Naomi was on full alert to find out what happened to Miku.

“Naomi-san. There was a different pair. A girl there had similar situation as Miku – dedicated lesbian actress, small for her age, beautiful lips. She was turned into a sex toy in her stead. But their petrification was scheduled for today. You 2 will go in their stead. I’m sorry to say, but it will be especially cruel.”

“We…” Said Naomi. “Are we being punished? Because… We are really sorry for what we did and…”

“No, you are not being punished. You are not considered responsible for your actions, being our mere possessions. It just played like that. Sometimes, it’s better to accept a bad thing before a worse thing coincidentally replaces it. Now, come with me to the laboratory.”

The employee took her to some laboratory with some sort of a machine on it. The machine looked like a stage. On the machine there was Miku, naked, with the same neutral confused face, black twintails, but WITHOUT arms and legs. There were only short stubs in their place, and they were moving around. She was suspended upwards and half a meter above. Naomi had to get naked too.

“Miku-chan…” Said Naomi. “What have they done to you?”

“It hurts…” Said Miku. “I wish that guy never tried to save us. I wish I was a blowjob doll. Because it will hurt a lot more now.”

Naomi was confused by her own and Miku’s emotions. They were suppressed, so there was only some intimidation.

“Naomi.” Said a guy on the console. “I will now free some of your emotions, but you are not allowed to run away or scream.”

He turned some knobs as Naomi felt more and more scared.

“Look at Miku. Don’t take your eyes off her, don’t cover your ears.”

Then, under the device, two metal stakes rose. They made a cross as they entered Miku’s pussy and continued piercing her insides from bottom to up. Miku quietly squealed as her face showed pain and her stubs moved like crazy. But it was obvious they forbid her from showing pain. Otherwise, she would look far worse.

“Miku-chan… No…” Naomi said as she covered her mouth and started crying.

The stakes exited from both sides next to Miku’s neck. Then the console guy turned off Miku’s chip and her act completely changed. Her squeals became louder, chaotic and her face completely squeezed from pain. Her eyes were shut and she wasn’t able to move her head or her stubs at all, nor was she able to speak from the pain. She shivered. She was in unbearable torment.

“Miku, no… No! Miku Miku Miku Miku Miku…”

“Naomi, go to her.”

“No… Don’t do that to me please…” She said as she climbed the stage-like device. “Don’t you see how much we suffer? Why do you…”

“Shut up.” Console guy said. She had to obey. “Get on your knees, lead Miku’s face to face you and start looking for pleasure in the whole situation. I configured you for that. Then start masturbating.”

She pulled squealing Miku’s shivering chin up, but her muscles were so stiff she couldn’t move it up.

“Naomi, tell her we will let her go if she cooperates.”

“Miku-chan… They say they will let you go if you cooperate.”

Miku’s distorted face moved up, her eyes opened and her stubs started moving again. She was squealing in Naomi’s direction, which was her begging for help.

Naomi, as instructed, started masturbating while trying to get aroused at her cute beloved friend being in torment. She could feel fear and sadness, but she could not disobey.

“Miku… I’m sorry… I can’t do anything… I should have ran away with you…”

“HAALP!!!” Miku begged. “HEEP!!! AHHHH!!! AHHHHH!!! STOOB!!! PIIIIIZ!!! A-A-A-A-AHHHH!!!”

“Miku-chan…” Naomi whispered while getting aroused. “Does it hurt?”


But it only got Naomi more aroused. It was not under her control. Console guy made her feel that way. That normally happens with people who gain a fetish for tortured people, but Naomi’s state was supported by the device.

“Miku-chan… It hurts you… A lot…”


“I can’t, Miku-chan… They are making me enjoy this… You are so cute when you’re in pain…”

“PWIIIIZZZ!!! PWIIIZZZZ!!! PWIIIIIIII!!! PWIIIIIIII!!! PWIIIYAYAYAYARGH!!!” Miku unstoppably begged as Naomi licked her lips and her tears.

Naomi was very wet, and her pussy felt more aroused than ever. It was mixed with sadness as her eyes spilled tears. With every scream and every beg, there was that pleasant sensation that filled her bottom body, nearing her to the orgasm. She never let go of Miku’s chin as she kept her face close to her.

“Miku-chan… They will turn you to stone and… It will hurt you forever. Eternally, Miku-chan, you will be eternally in pain!”


“Miku-chan… My eternally suffering Miku-chan… Beg me more!”


And then Miku’s shivers suddenly stopped. She froze in place with that squeezed, begging face of hers. She started getting gray.

“Miku-chan…” Naomi realized she had reached a point of no return. “No… No… No… No… Feels so good… Miku-chan, it’s over… Hurting forever… Miku-chan…”

Naomi’s orgasm finally started, and it was the strongest one she ever had. She faced her own tear-soaked face upwards, bent her back, relaxed her tongue while chanting Miku’s name inside her head: “Miku-chan, Miku-chan, Miku-chan…”

At the first orgasmic sensation a lightning of mental shock struck Naomi. Her vision went black. All sounds stopped. And she couldn’t move.

‘AHHH!! WHAT???’ Naomi finally came back to her senses. Fully. ‘AAHHHH I CAN’T BREATHE! I CAN’T MOVE… AAAAHHHH IS THIS ORGASM??? IT FROZE!’

Naomi was more confused than ever in her life. She couldn’t move anything at all. And the sensation of orgasm stayed. In fact, an orgasm is supposed to have contractions and progress, but feeling only one infinitely small moment of it was as frustrating as it was pleasurable. Naomi screamed inside her mind from the sudden change.

Naomi was turned to stone too.

In front of the petrification staff there was a naked sculpture of 2 small girls. A cute smaller girl with twintails, double-pierced with stakes begging another girl to save her. And the other girl, with wavy hair, on her knees, her back bent back, her face with tears, her mouth open, her tongue emerging just a little, her eyes closed, in trance and ecstasy – orgasming. It was a girl in torment begging, and the other girl experiencing ultimate pleasure from it. It was an accurate representation of what the world had turned into.

But for their minds there was a different story. Naomi was first shocked as she couldn’t move or breathe, tortured by the orgasm. Later she got used to not breathing and begged inside her mind for it all to stop. The pleasure of the orgasm only increased her mental suffering. She felt extremely sorry for her dear Miku. Feeling of stone chin under her hand only gave her regret she didn’t do anything to stop it. But she couldn’t. There was a microchip controlling her brain. But regardless, Naomi didn’t know what felt worse, knowing of the fate of her own eternal prison, or the guilt and worry for Miku’s thousand times worse fate. She begged and begged and begged for both of them to be set free, killed, or erased from existence, although she knew it will never be possible.

For Miku, obviously, the story was entirely different. She barely had capacity to think. She could only beg and scream and squeal inside her mind from all the pain. The pain stayed the same, it was unbearable, and no matter how much time would pass, she couldn’t ignore it or get used to it even a little. In her mind, she was constantly screaming for help, calling out to Naomi, calling out to her horrible mum and dad who sold her to a literal Hell institution. She begged God to make it so that she was never born. She knew her statue could be destroyed in any way, but it would not free her at all. The more years passed, the more she acknowledged that there is no rescue and the worse her suffering felt. Just like Rin and Ren, she was in endless torment, only that her pain was different.

And there you got a stunning macabre statue, put in SHD lesbian atelier, with that device that approximates souls’ screams and moans. Looking at the statue, you wouldn’t even say those beautiful girls were alive. But knowing they are, the experience of looking at them becomes way more emotional. The statue shouldn’t last forever, but their despair will.





For some reason, this line stuck in my head. Having the victims anticipating their fate helps make it so much hotter.

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