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Rural Laws

When I stop the Jeep, Tanya’s wet little mouth slowly slides off my cock and she looks up at me with a grin.

“That’s just a preview, you know. Just make sure I can show you the rest.”

Her perky little tits have been on display since we left the ranch, but as she climbs out onto the low grass her bikini bottoms follow, dropped on the passenger seat. Her slit is hairless as she turns to let me see, and glistening slightly with her excitement.

“So now I’m a trespasser.. Five minutes, we said that, OK?”

And then she is off, running lightly over the firm surface like the young athlete she is. Not quite twelve, and getting off on being hunted by grown men. It’s a strange world, but I can do nothing but shrug and start my preparations. It’s taken me almost four hours this morning to locate the kinky little thing on the net and pick her up. I hope it won't be a waste of time.

By the time I have started the vehicle and reduced the distance a bit, she is almost a kilometer out on the prairie. A bit closer and I see her looking back at me, finding a bit of extra speed, but she is clearly nearing the end of her endurance, hair lank with sweat, drops glinting in the sun as they fall. Just as I like it.

Time to engage cruise control before I stand up to get a better view. Forty meters now, one hand on the steering wheel as I take aim. A neat line on her tanned skin, from her perky bubble butt up along her side, eight red spots blossoming in less than half a second as I let the .22 sub drift up.

Tanya drops without a sound, slowly rolling onto her back with her legs spread as I stop the Jeep beside her. I used squirrel rounds, of course, to avoid an instant kill, and her wet cunt squeezes me nicely as I lift her hips and press in my cock, still slick from the blowjob.

I hear a bubbling breath when I lean forward to squeeze her tit. Her lips are flecked with blood and saliva as she looks at me, frowning.

“Idiot, I liked you,” she manages.

I shrug, of course, and press the gun up under her chin.

“Love you too, baby!”

The twitch and clench of her cunt as a single shot blows out the top of her head almost makes me cum, but I let her body grow limp before I fill her up.

Pictures for Instagram then, face up, face down, and tied to the hood of the Jeep before I drive back to the smokehouse. Worth the effort, this one.


This is good. Short and tightly written, self-contained, and sexy.


You're a really good writer and I enjoyed this tantalising taste. Hope to see more. :)


A shame it's so short. I would have liked a little more detail, but still not too bad.


Loved it. Short, to the point.
Specifically I loved the age of the girl, the direct way in which you snuffed her, and how the setting worked perfectly with the story. You are an excellent writer and I look forward to more from you.

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