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I've already paid for part of a comic that will be at least 4 pages by a talented 2D artist, but I just can't come up with a script or outline that I am happy with. I have some ideas which I'll list below, but if anyone wants to write one, or even part of one, or if there are parts I want to use, it'll be made into a comic which I'll be posting back here.

What I'm having done in general terms is a story about girls who appear around 9-13 years old being hurt and killed by strong male characters via beating, blunt weapons, knives, swords, guns, and/or any combination. The lolis are possibly raped or seduced as well. I like to have many victims, not lingering on any one of them, just getting plowed under by the "heroes." Ideally, the girls start out either unaware of what's going to happen, or very overconfident in their ability to fight and/or get their way via seduction. Their unexpected and violent death has a humiliating factor. Bonus points if the male characters are either virtuous and justified in their horrific behavior, or at least sarcastically so, like raping and killing some sexy bratty lolis for littering.

I have all kinds of basic ideas for a setting that would lead to this kind of action but I can't come up with details I like. Here are some ideas you can use, or come up with something else, or combine them! If I like it, I'll use it, and you'll see it. I have 4 pages coming but I might do way more.

Here are some rough concepts I have, which you are free to use or ignore:

-One or two heavily armed male characters facing down a horde of lolis in a Smash-TV style televised tournament, or in an arena
-Sexy loli cops raiding the criminal hideout, which doesn't go well for the girls
-Infiltration of the school/training center for the evil loli schoolgirl terrorist organization which must be systematically cleaned out, for justice
-Invasion of the loli aliens, who look like regular 9-13 year old human girls except for extremely skimpy outfits, high heels, and cute little antennae so we know they are weird aliens. They're here for our purses and makeup, and must be stopped before any more damage is done!
-Sworn to protect and serve, a police man must patrol the streets and dish out harsh justice to the evil criminal girls who jaywalk, loiter, chew bubble gum, and solicit prostitution probably

If anyone has anything they can come up with, I'll really appreciate it and I'll put it to use! Thank you!


The idea is intriguing, I'll give you that. I might see if I can come up with a few rough draft proposals if you want. I can't promise much, but if you are interested, you can contact me via my writing e-mail. XPAuthor(at)Gmail(dot)com. Maybe flesh out a few more ideas, style of kills, style of girls, so on.


I'm open to giving this a shot, drop an email I can send the script to. I actually have some ideas formulating now that seem really fun.


How about a group of sadistic pedos raiding an all-girl school. Keep all the hotties and rape them for several months and need to get rid of the surplus of girls. Getting rid of them in gruesome torturous ways. I have plenty of ideas for that


Maybe something along the lines of:

A uniformed girl (like a girlscout or something) is selling treats on a popular corner.
Another rival troop comes along and beats her up and takes over her spot.
She runs home to get her big brother, takes him back to the corner. The arrogant bullies attack him with knives, which he takes from them; and kills them all, after holding down and "properly disciplining" their naughty little cunts.
In the end, the smitten little sister's on her knees worshiping her big brother's cock like a whore and still covered in the bruises she got earlier; while a "faceless" crowd cheers for the "hero" brother.
Maybe in the last panel add among the faceless crowd, on of the dead girl's mothers; crying from losing her daughter, but smiling and clapping for the hero anyway. As kind of a ironic, meta-level, "fuck you" to the dead girls.

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