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Hello. I'm Poguemahone.

So it's been a while since I posted here. This may lead some of you to assume that I've not been writing anything. But in truth, I have been. Like, a lot.

The bad news, for some of you at least, is that I've went super ultra mega-indulgent on my urge to write MLP stories, which is why I've not posted anything here and chosen other, perhaps more receptive sites for it. It was just what I wanted to write. It's what I still want to write, actually. Some of it has fetish's that you will probably hate. Some of it isn't even porn for christ sake. I'll get back to "normal" stuff eventually, even if I'm grossly misusing the term. But for gotta write what your heart wants, right?

My stuff can be found on Furaffinity under the name Pozzo if you're curious. But given that this is a sequel to a story that I've posted here before, I thought I'd post it here while informing those curious where I've been as to what The Deal is. Sorry again for the silence. I hope you can get some form of enjoyment out of my stuff at least.

So without further ado: If you've not read the original, read this first!



It was early morning; way earlier than Rainbow Dash liked to be up at normally. If she had to get up at the crack of dawn, it was usually for a damn good reason. Today met the bill. She stood outside the entrance to the Apple family home. She hadn’t been here in a while. Not since a fateful bet made over hard cider a solid two or three weeks ago. A bet involving apples. Lots of them. Shoved into places apples had no business being, even if it was Applejack doing the storing. It had been a wild time, all right. But at the end of it, Applejack had been in pieces. Her skin had been stretched out to an impossible degree, and then left empty on the grass like a flesh-coloured tarp. Her bones and various insides detached and spread over the ground. Rainbow had held her skull in her hands, unsure if her friend was dead or alive, and yet undeniably turned on by what she had witnessed.

Weeks had passed. Twilight had helped her friend heal, but AJ had gone into seclusion, refusing to be seen. From what Twilight had told her, AJ had made a remarkable physical recovery-not perfect, but very much alive and able bodied. And Twi had been told to instruct Dash, specifically, that Applejack was not angry, but that she had won the bet, and that Dash was to report to Sweet Apple Acres at the designated time and place. Dash had agreed, in the event that said bet had been lost, to be the official maid of the farmhouse for a week. So here she was, standing in the morning sun, feeling on edge and yet excited all at the same time for what lay in store.

Deciding to get right to it, Rainbow walked up the porch stairs and knocked on the door. There was the patter of feet on floorboards, and then the door opened, revealing Applebloom, AJ’s younger, teen aged sister. She was looking well these days, with the same healthy complexion and figure as all the Apples. Perhaps not quite as...jiggly as Applejack was, though. Or had been. She was wearing her usual combination of a yellow shirt under denim dungarees, and seemed in good cheer.

“Morning, Rainbow Dash! Sis is waiting in the living room, and she’s excited as all hay to see you.”

“Really? I mean, heh,of course…uh, she’s ok now, right?” asked Dash, who still felt a little guilty about the whole apple affair. Applebloom put on a thoughtful face.

“Well…she’s happy, and she’s ok. You might be a little…surprised at some of the stuff she can do now, though.” She said. Dash snorted, wondering exactly what she was implying by that. She wondered if AJ had told her much about what had really happened. Sisters or not, that would be one awkward conversation to have, even if it did have some valuable morals to teach. Like “Drink on moderation” and “Be careful what you stick up your butt.”

Dash was led into the living room. There she was, lounging on the sofa with a big goofy grin. She looked in one piece at least, from this angle. She was wearing an orange and white shirt, and a pair of jeans; both looked fresh, as if newly bought. In fact, they looked a size or so too small for the farmer, clinging to her frame, emphasizing her form. Dash wondered if she was trying to tease or entice her. Fine by her.

“Well, if it ain’t my new maid.” Drawled Applejack, standing up. “I’ve been looking forward to this.”

Dash wasn’t really sure what to say, other than a simple, nervous “Hey.” AJ seemed ok after all, which was a relief. It now dawned on her that she would be working here for a full week now. AJ went over to behind the sofa and produced what was going to be her uniform for the next seven days, a classic black and white maid outfit. Applejack pushed it into her arms. Something about her face seemed ever so slightly off to Rainbow, but she couldn’t quite place it.

“Well, might as well get started, girl. Get yourself changed.”

“Yeah, fine. One week of this, huh?” said Dash, taking the dress. AJ chuckled ominously.

“Oh it’s going to be a week to remember alright. And don’t bother leaving the room, just get changed in here and get it over with.”

“Uh…sure, ok.” Said Rainbow. Well, she wasn’t shy, and after what she had done to AJ, a little stripping was pretty mild. She quickly peeled her t-shirt over her head, revealing her white sports bra, before ditching her pants in short order. Acutely aware of two sets of eyes staring at her, Rainbow quickly donned the maid costume. The skirt reached just down between her knees and her hips, and there was a window meant for cleavage that wasn’t much of an issue for a girl like Dash. There was no hole for her wings, which meant they had to stay inside and out of use-probably deliberate on her new boss’s part. She felt more silly than anything, really. Well, whatever AJ wanted.

“Ok, there, I’m your maid. Hurray. So what, is there an apple that needs polished somewhere?”

“Now hold your horses there, Dash. We’re not done here just yet. Applebloom?”


Applebloom walked over and produced two small bottles filled with a bubbling something or other. It looked like a potion. Dash took them and gave AJ an inquiring look.

“Well, go ahead. Drink them.”


Applejack shook her head and laughed.

“What, you don’t trust me? You’re the maid, I’m the employer, I say drink up, you drink up.”

“Fine, fine, ok!” said Dash. She downed the two mystery liquids swiftly, and felt the warmth travel down her throat and into her core. She made a face at the taste, which was like a very strong cough syrup.

“Urgh…ok, I drank it. What was it?”

“Well,” said Applebloom, “I think the idea is to stop you bleeding out or from feeling much pain”

Rainbow Dash blinked, then turned around to see Applejack holding a very large, very sharp looking axe. Her eyes went wide as saucers and she put her hands up over her face.

“Aaaah! Ok, I’m sorry, Jack, I’m sorry for the bet, I’m sorry for the whole stupid thing, just don’t hurt me!”

She closed her eyes, only to hear yet more gentle laughter from the both of the Apple sisters.

“Dash, did you hear a word Applebloom said? We specifically don’t want to hurt you! We ain’t monsters. But uh, after, you know, how things went with me, I think I’m owed a little more than just the pleasure of seeing you in that cute outfit.”

“What do you mean?” said Rainbow, opening her eyes and rounding on her “employer.” Again, there was something off about Applejack’s grin. Her smile looked a little too wide for her face, somehow. And her skin seemed to ripple on occasion…

“Well, I’m thinking I make things interesting. You’re here seven days. If you mess up, you get punished. And as a starter, I’m taking those arms of yours.”

“…You’re taking my what? My arms?”

“Yup. So arms out,sugar.”


“Oh quit bellyaching, you’ll get ‘em back. Consider this part of your terms of employment. You ain’t gonna back outta the bet, are ya?”

“This was never part of the bet!” said Rainbow. Applejack stayed silent for a moment, and nodded, as if to herself.

“Suppose that’s true…” she said, quietly. She put her hands to her lips, and to Rainbow’s amazement, she began to pull them upwards. Her upper lip went up past her face and past the top of her head, the hole yawning wide.Aj pulled the skin of her head down her skull like it was a hoodie, and let it hang around her neck. Rainbow looked at her friends skull for the second time in her life. Only this time it was staring back at her.

“…but then again, neither was this.” Said Appleack, finishing her thought. “Yeah, Twilight put me back together, but some things don’t fix so well. Having your skin stretched out like mines was is one of ‘em.”

Rainbow stood there, feeling guilty as sin for what she had inadvertently done. She went to apologize, but AJ waved her off.

“Aww don’t sweat it. I’m still alive, and I’m getting used to it. Point is, you owe me. So, like I said, arms out. If you’re a good little maid, you’ll get out of this fine.”

Rainbow felt compelled to obey at least for now, thankful that she at least might get off lighter than that. She held her arms out straight as Applejack hefted the axe and swung, taking off the pegasus’s arm at the right shoulder. Dash felt the impact but no pain-just a numbness where her arm had been as it fell to the floor. Oddly, she caught herself thinking how fortunate it was that her outfit was sleeveless. Rainbow’s left arm soon joined it, and Applebloom quickly scooped them up before promptly leaving the room.

“She says she knows how to keep em from going bad, or whatever.” Said Applejack, seeing her now armless maid’s look. “That girl’s good with this kind of stuff. She’s had some fun with me, I’ll tell you that. Now…”

The farmer walked over to a desk and produced a duster as Dash tried to get a feel for her new body, shifting from foot to foot and testing her sense of balance. AJ walked back over to Rainbow and, without much ceremony, shoved the handle into her mouth.

“Get to it.”

Dash spent the rest of the daylight hours figuring out how to clean without using her arms. It was, shockingly, not that difficult. Rainbow Dash was a world class athelete, and she found that her body adapted intuitively to the new challenge present to her. Which was just as well, because the feather duster really didn’t taste all that great. No, it was much better to grasp it with her toes and clean using her legs as surrogate arms. It wasn’t as easy to clean as it would have been had she still been in possession of her arms, of course. But it was amazing what you could accomplish f you had a sense of balance, flexibility, core strength and the threat of having more limbs amputated.

Applejack was an intermittent presence, alternating between going out into the farm and coming to check on her new maid. Apparently, Mac insisted on taking on most of AJ’s responsibilities for the time being, having chosen to consider this as sick leave of sorts. Applejack wasn’t one for just lying on the couch all day though, and would still go and check up on him and do some work herself.

But she would always show up again, usually just as Dash was standing on her tiptoes on one foot and stretching for a hard to reach spot with the foot holding the duster. Dash was keenly aware of the farm girls stare, and the skirt in her outfit was far too short to protect her modesty, exposing her white panties to the blonde. Applejack wasn’t shy in voicing her approval of the view, either. She wouldn’t touch her physically-she was content to catcall on the sidelines before disappearing again, compliment her maid on her work.

Applebloom’s sister would come and go, asking the occasional question to Applejack about being armless, which helped pass the time at least. She was sweet and all, but Rainbow couldn’t help but find it strange how she seemed to be taking all of this in her stride. Not only that, but she appeared to be an active participant in Applejack’s revenge. Oh. Maybe that was it-revenge, for what had happened to her sister? If it was, she was an amazing actor, for she seemed to treat Rainbow with the same sunny manner that she had always used.

As for the other Apples, well, she didn’t get to see them until dinner time. Rainbow had wondered how Applejack was going to explain this to Granny Smith, and as it turned out, the answer was to just be completely up front about it. “Taken her arms off and made her yer maid over a drunken bet? Eh, whatever, I don’t understand you young folks .” was as much fuss as she had made over the whole thing. AJ had at least put her face back on for family dinner. Now that Dash knew the truth,she couldn’t help but notice the looseness of her skin, and the way it would occasionally move an inch or two away from where it should be, before Applejack would correct it.

Rainbow herself stood by the side, not eating with the family (a maid eats separately, after all). Wrapped around her neck was a tray bearing a large jug of apple juice, which she would bring to whoever asked for it. Applejack would also give her the odd request, such as to pass the applesauce. Which Rainbow would of course pass by using her feet, in silence. She wasn’t going to complain though, in case AJ asked her to make dinner next time. Rainbow’s cooking skills were virtually non-existent, and she really hoped AJ didn’t find this out.

The rest of the day was fairly easy-she helped clean the dishes and had to fetch another drink or so using her tray, but soon most of the family were away to bed. Dash was asked to have the house looking clean before going to her room, which was an old guestroom just across from AJ’s own. Rainbow did the rounds as efficiently as she could, wary of Applejack failing her on it and getting that axe out again. When she was absolutely sure she was done, she retired to the guest room, stripping herself out of the maid’s uniform and sinking into the bed.

Dash must have fallen asleep, because she soon felt herself being woken by the sound of walking in the hallway outside. She tried to ignore it, but whoever was out there seemed to be going back and forth aimlessly, and it was driving her mad. Groaning, she got up, still in her bra and panties, before opening the door. There was a naked figure wandering the halls, lit by the moonlight pouring in from the windows. She had her back turned to the sleepy Pegasus, standing pensively by the stairs like it was lost. At first glance she wanted to say Applejack, from the shape of her body. But then she noticed that this figure was all body. As in, she had no head.

Rainbow rubbed her eyes, then looked again. Yup, it was definitely Applejack, she even had her cutie mark on her thigh. But there was empty space where the head should be. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. Rainbow could see a mess of long blonde hair trailing down her back, still attached to the skin of her head, which was hanging down like a hoodie again. But her skull was entirely missing. As Rainbow tried to figure out what was going on, Applejack turned around again. Rainbow flinched and ducked behind the door again, before realising that she surely couldn’t be seen. So she peeked round again.

Applejack slowly walked towards her, hands occasionally jerking out and feeling the walls, as if for support. She did seem to sense someone’s presence, somehow, as the headless body would pause and, for lack of a better word, stare at Rainbow. To be fair, Rainbow was doing plenty of staring herself. Head or no head, Applejack was one hot girl. In fact, the lack of a head only seemed to enhance how sexy her body was, with its generously sized breasts swaying in the dark. And Rainbow did at least confirm that the apple incident had taken a toll on Applejack further south. Her pussy , even at rest and without prompting, lay open in a permanent gape, at least a few inches across. It brought back pleasant memories alright. Made her wish she still had fingers.

Rainbow let Applejack bump into her, feeling the warm flesh hit hers and then recoil in apparent surprise. Then the farm girls hands came up, as if to explore. Dash smiled as they encompassed her bra, grasping and groping. She wondered if she knew it was her. If this was some big act. Or maybe…it was part of her ongoing assessment. Her smile disappeared. Would she be judged on how she acted here? Was she being watched? She turned her head around, and saw no one, as AJ continued to feel her up, tracing her hands over the skin of her back and stomach.

Thinking it over, Rainbow decided that she should be a good girl and at least find out if Applejack was fully ok. She walked over to the farm girls room and quietly opened the door. Straight away she saw the sight of Applejack’s skull sitting on her bed. There was a sleeping mask over her eyes. She really had changed. Rainbow walked over and pulled the mask off. It wasn’t long before the unblinking green eyes that lay underneath slid into focus.

“Who…wha…Rainbow Dash? What in tarnation are you-“

“Shh! Everyone else is asleep. Look-“

She pointed at the naked body walking the halls. Applejack stared at it, although given that she had no eye-lids, this didn’t mean much. Then she chuckled.

“Heh. That rascal’s getting real smart. Musta figured out how to open the doors.”

“What’s going on? Did you do this?”

“Well, funny thing.” Said AJ bashfully, still whispering. “When Twi was putting me back together she put my body back together first, and it was like this. Even Twi doesn’t know how it works, or if it’s just a thing I can do or what. It’s like mah body works just fine without me, like its own person.”

“So you just…take your head off for fun?”

“It’s relaxing as anything I know. Like all my aches and pains just pop off, and I can just sit here and chill….”

As she spoke, her body walked back into the room. Dash shut the door behind them.

“Well, maybe lock your door or something next time.” She said.

“Yeah…hey, thanks, Dash. That was generous of you.”

“…No problem, boss.” Replied the maid. Applejack laughed again, her eyes twinkling.

“Heh, I like that. Boss. Hey, actually…could you do me a favour? Could you…well…polish me a little?”


“Oh, it makes me feel a little better. Go on, this isn’t even a maid thing, Applebloom even does it sometimes. Should be a cloth for you on the bedside.”

Rainbow retrieved the polish with her foot, not believing that she was spending her night doing this. She put it on the bed and sat on it, next to her employer’s skull.

“Here, let me get you into a good position…”

Rainbow managed to use her knees to hoist Applejack onto her lap. Then she began her work, using one foot to wipe at the bone and the other to keep it in position. She had to admit, it was somewhat therapeutic. Intimate almost. She just had to avoid sticking her toes into Applejacks eyes. At one point she turned her over so she was upside down so she could better clean the jaw and underside. Soon the bone was positively shining in the dark, helpfully illuminating Aj’s naked body as it wandered in circles around the room.

“Thank ya kindly” said AJ, when it was done. “I’m glad that, no matter what’s happened, or what…may happen…we’re still friends. That means a lot, ya know.”

“Hey, don’t get all mush, you’re embarrassing me.” Said Dash. But she was heartened by the tone, and it made her feel a lot better about all of this. Perhaps things wouldn’t be so bad here, after all…


The next day, Dash was charged with making breakfast. As she had feared, this proved to be a fairly major disaster. If she was a bad cook with her arms, Rainbow was an even worse cook without them. She gave it her all, she really did, breaking several plates in the process. But if you make toast and jam using only your feet, people are probably going to notice.

“Rainbow, I ‘preciate the breakfast and all,” said Applebloom, through a very forced looking smile. “But it…uh…its…”

“It tastes like feet.” Said Applejack, grimacing.

“Yyyyup” agreed Big Mac, looking a bit queasy.

“Well, what did you expect?” said Dash, annoyed.

“Hey now, no back chat now. You’re a maid, ya hear?” replied Applejack. “Sorry Dash, but this is going to need punishment. Come to my room after you help clear up this mess.”


After cleaning away the dishes again, Rainbow reported to her bosses room, where the Apple sisters were both waiting. AJ was casually twirling a saw in her hands as Rainbow entered.

“Guess you can tell how this is gonna go.” said Applejack, smug expression on her face.

“Yeah, yeah. Uh, don’t you think this’ll make the whole maid thing a bit…tricky?”

“That’s your problem sugarcube, not mine. Now lay down.”

Well, this was all just part of the deal, thought Rainbow, as she got down on the floor. Applebloom held her shoulders as AJ got down on her knees, making a point of hitching Dash’s skirt up over her stomach to fully expose her legs. She began to saw through Rainbow’s well-toned thighs, just short of halfway down between the hips and knees. It wasn’t a short job, and Rainbow was thankful that the potion was still working so that she didn’t feel much pain. The saw caught a little when it hit the bone, and Applejack was visibly exerting herself to cut through it. She sighed with relief when she finally got the left leg off.

“Struggling there, boss?” asked Dash. “I’d lend a hand, but, you know…”

“Best hold that tongue there, ‘fore I take that out as well. Would be a real shame, too.” Hmm, good point actually. Dash kept quiet as her right leg joined her left on the floor, leaving her limbless save for her wings, which remained constricted inside the maid costume. She watched from the floor, helpless, as Applebloom gathered up her discarded legs like logs for the fire.

“Thanks Rainbow, I’ll take real good care of these!” she said, as if Rainbow had given her a gift for her birthday. “See y’all!”

“What is she doing with those anyway?” asked Rainbow, as she disappeared from view. “Seems kind of weird.”

“Aww let her have her fun, Dash, she’s taken a real interest in the body since my, ahem, incident. Think she has a shed set up somewhere on the ground for it.”

“Right…” said Dash, who hadn’t exactly been set at ease with this information. “Well…hey, can I use my wings at least to get around, or something?” AJ rubbed her face thoughtfully, moving it up and down along her skull, the eyeholes resting on her forehead for a second or so before she casually fixed it.

“Well…ok, sure. And even if you’re off cooking duties, I still expect quality service, ok?”

She bent down and quickly ripped the back of the maid dress off to free Dash’s wings. This unfortunately caused the rest of the top half to fall down, exposing the pegasus’s bra, which became apparent as the quad amputee maid started to float in mid-air with her wings.


“You wanted your wings free, right? Hmm…how’d you even get that thing on in the morning without arms?” asked Applejack, poking at Rainbow’s breasts with her finger.

“Very carefully.”


Dash had to get used to the taste of the feather dusters handle pretty quickly, as her mouth was the only thing she could use to hold it. Well, Applejack did suggest alternative methods, but Rainbow declined to take her up on that offer. Besides, she hadn’t done enough kegel exercises to make that work. Her wings being freed up was a blessing though, and if anything she was even more mobile now than what she was yesterday. She felt very light without her arms and legs weighing her down. So the day went past rather pain-free, at first. Even Applejack couldn’t fault her work when she came in to check on her, holding a glass of water in one hand and sweating visibly.

“Well colour me surprised, Rainbow Dash, we might just make a maid out of you yet!” she said with a smile. She wiped a trail of sweat from her forehead, the frowned.

“Hoo-ee, I’m out of shape after all that time off. I’m sweating up a storm. Let me just take care of that…”

Applejack put the glass down on a nearby shelf before repeating her trick from the day before, pulling the skin of her head down over her skull like a hood. This time, however, she kept going. With some stretching she managed to pull her arms out through her skins mouth hole, and proceeded to pull it downwards like pajamas, pulling her feet out and leaving the whole thing on the ground, still with its clothes on, the mouth gaping as wide as her body was.

“Ah, much better.” Said Applejack. “No more sweat, nice cool breeze…”

Rainbow stared at her, mouth also wide open. Applejack’s muscles were well formed, but Dash never thought she’d see them in this level of detail. It occurred to her that AJ was technically naked as well, but if anything this seemed less explicit than if she had just taken off her clothes, with no nipples or labia-just two mounds of yellow fat on her chest, and a hole between her legs. Rainbow watched, stupefied, as AJ folded up first her discarded clothes and then her skin into two neat piles.

“There. I expect these to be clean in due time. See you around, Dash.”

And there she went again, pausing only to shake her now ultra-exposed rear as she left.

Dash slowly dragged the folded clothes other to the kitchen with her mouth and dumped them into the washing machine, which she managed to get working with clever use of her wings. Then she turned back to the pelt on the floor. She didn’t think putting that in a washing machine was a great idea. So she decided to give it a bath. Dash took a big mouthful of it and bit down to keep it in its folded state before going upstairs to the bathroom, where she ran some water into the tub. As it ran, she spread the skin out on the floor and had a look.

It really was much larger than it should have been. Standing on her stumps and then bending over so she was lying on her stomach, Rainbow manipulated AJ’s skin with her wingtips. The first thing she checked was obviously the holes at the bottom. Sure enough, Rainbow could stretch any of them wide enough that she could have easily crawled inside and used it as a sleeping bag. Which wasn’t the worst idea, come to think of it. She shifted on her stumps. Her wings were dexterous, but due to their position on her back, they couldn’t quiet scratch the particular itch she was having, as she thought back to her encounter with AJ’s headless body the other night. A few more days without fingers and she might get a little distracted-

There was a loud noise from outside, jolting Dash back to her senses. She shot up into the air and turned around, trying to make sense of it. It was like a very loud sort of thud, mixed with something else. Curious, she opened the door and hovered by a window. There was a small shed just in view. Some sort of green vapor was floating out of it. As she wondered about this, there was another, louder bang, and a hole suddenly appeared in the roof as something seemed to shoot out of it. Rainbow yelped and shot back from the window, and in the process collided with a painting behind her. It fell to the ground, the frame breaking.

“Rainbow, what was that?” came Applejack’s voice. Rainbow cursed; what where the odds that she would have heard that?! Sure enough, the skinless farmer’s head poked around the hallway corner.

“Rainbow, you klutz! That was a family heirloom!”

“Yeah yeah, sorry, but did you not hear that explosion?!” cried Rainbow. Applejack looked at her-it was hard to tell what expression she was trying to convey,given that she didn’t have a face.

“Explosion? What explo-ooh, you mean outside? Oh that’s just Bloom playing around. She’s just having fun.”

“Having…AJ, look! Something weird’s going on!” said Rainbow, nodding her head towards the window. AJ just crossed her arms.

“Looked at me lately, Rainbow? Or yourself? Now quit making excuses, you done good big time with that…wait, what’s that sound?”

“Huh? What sound…wait. Oh, shoot!”

Rainbow flew back to the bathroom to find it already in the process of flooding, with AJ’s pelt partially soaked. She looked back to see Applejack standing in the doorway, staring her down. Rainbow laughed nervously.

“Hehe…heh..I’ll just go get the saw then.”

“You do that.”


Now being completely devoid of limbs had left Dash somewhat compromised as a maid. But that didn’t stop Dash from doing her best with the tools that she had. She could still walk around on what remained of her legs, albeit slowly. Therefore she could still perform her duties to some degree, although anything over a normal person’s waist height was essentially off limits to her. Still, Dash made the most out of it, pottering around like a kid learning to walk in half of a maid outfit and a duster between her teeth. Big Mac at one point offered to help her out with the higher shelves and surfaces, but Dash was determined to do this on her own.

“You cleaned all this by yerself?” Applejack had asked, after coming in from the fields.

“Yup! There’s no stopping the Dash!”

Applejack looked down at the triumphant looking amputee, looking slightly annoyed.

“Hmm…we’ll see about that.”

As the day had progressed, Applejack had found new uses for her, ones with perhaps less dignity than a maid. For example, as a pillow. While the farmer had complained, noisily and often, about the lack of cushion in certain parts of Dash, she had nevertheless taken to resting her head against Dash’s rear while lying either on the sofa or in bed. She would rub her loose scalp up and down the nearly helpless pegasus’s cheeks, occasionally sharing her thoughts on her friends, what she had done today, ect ect. Dash, lacking any real mobility whenever she was lying on her back or stomach, had no real choice but to listen, and occasionally chime in with her own thoughts. In a way it was kind of relaxing, especially after two days of cleaning and serving. She didn’t even protest much when Applebloom had started playing with her hair like a doll, brushing it and tying a little ribbon into her coloured locks. Even Dash sometimes just felt like being pampered sometimes.

The rest of the apple family had apparently taken to her new form as well. Granny Smith would come in and sneak her the odd treat from the kitchen, rustling her hair affectionately before disappearing again. Big Mac was in the house the least out of all of them, and he wasn’t exactly known for his conversational prowess. But while he refused the invitation to use Dash as a pillow, perhaps conscious of his massive size, he didn’t protest when Applejack sat next to her brother and propped Dash against his side, so that they were both leaning into her as they reclined.

This was how most of the next day was spent-literally lying around. If she was stood up on her stumps she could waddle around a little, but Applejack enjoyed carrying her around under her arm, commenting on how light she was now. Towards the end of the third day, Applejack had made a point of taking Dash for a bath. Dash was stripped and carefully placed into a partially filled tub, as AJ had scrubbed and washed at her body. The delimbed Pegasus as acutely aware of the way that her nipples stood to attention as Applejack worked, and she had felt her hands linger over sensitive spots for a few seconds, teasingly. But that was as far as it went, and Dash wasn’t going to give her employer (or perhaps owner was a better word now) the satisfaction of hearing her beg for release.

She had perhaps thought that release was finally coming at night when AJ placed her on her bed and got undressed. Applejack had stood in front of the mirror, turning around to see herself, spreading her cheeks and staring at the cavernous hole of her ass, stretching herself with two hands and muttering something, as if she was measuring the progress of her holes, all while Dash watched from the bed. Then she pulled her head skin back, placed a sleeping mask over her eyes, and with a series of careful twists and turns, she lifted her skull off of her body, which then deposited her onto Dash’s stomach The headless body promptly climbed into bed at the beckoning of her head, cuddling Dash with one arm as the three of them drifted off to sleep.

Around the afternoon of the fourth day, after being put back together again, Applejack sprung a surprise on her.

“Hey sugarcube. We’re a little low on a few things for tonight’s dinner. You don’t mind going into town for me, do you?”

“W-What? Like this?”

“Oh, I’ve seen you get about like that just fine.”

“But people will see!” whined Rainbow. Applejack was unsympathetic to this.

“Don’t forget, you’re still working for me, limbs or no limbs. If you think ah can’t take anything else away from you, you’re in for a surprise. Now get to it. If you’re back in time I’ll fix you up something nice.”

With that, Applejack picked up Rainbow and set her on her stumps just outside the entrance to the farm. Grumbling, Rainbow began the long, long, looooong walk back to town, still wearing her torn maids dress. She had maybe gotten about halfway, after an hour or so, before getting sick of the way that her skirt trailed along the ground. If she tripped on it she would potentially be stuck, which was a risk not worth taking. No longer caring about how she would be seen, Dash shimmied out of the damn thing and left it in a ditch, continuing on in just her underwear.

Of course, she attracted lot of stares as she ever so slowly waddled to the market. And it wasn’t long before some random stranger had offered to carry her over. Dash had refused, more out of the remnants of her pride than anything else. But she did eventually let a nice mare hold her up so that she could actually see the stuff for sale in the stalls. She had a pouch of bits slung over her neck but the merchant flat out refused to receive payment, simply letting her have them and telling her to come back whenever she want “until she got better”. Which should be next week really, but Dash didn’t let anyone know this, for reasons she couldn’t quite get straight in her head. Grabbing her back of shopping in her teeth, Rainbow began her trek back to the farm. By sheer luck she managed to get in and out without any of her friends seeing her, at least.

As she made her way back, Rainbow reflected on being out in public like this. Part of her had expected people to be weirded out, or to make fun of her. But everyone had been pretty nice about it-offering to hold her shopping, petting her hair, giving her little hugs as she tried to get back. Sure it was patronising, and a little annoying to be held up when she was trying to stay relatively incognito. But it hadn’t been…bad. Much like her week so far, the experience had been alien and yet somehow rewarding. Dash had always been a very proud girl, yet also somewhat insecure and anxious about how she was perceived. For people to just…not care about her condition, and to actually act really nice? She had a strange feeling in her chest as she finally got back to the farm, around evening time

The door was, thankfully, already opened for her as she waddled back into the farmhouse.

“Hey, AJ, I’m back with your stuff!” she said, after letting go of the bag with her mouth. Then something odd happened, and suddenly her vision was doing barrel rolls, and she felt a strange falling sensation as her head hit against something. Rainbow shut her eyes and waited for this off sensation to pass. But while the rolling did stop, she did not quite feel herself. Or, in fact, feel anything south of her jaw. She opened her eyes, and found that the world had flipped 90 degrees to the right. This was obviously a concern, but Dash had spotted something that was perhaps even more concerning: her own body, now headless as well as limbless, still standing on its stumps before slowly falling backwards.

“Yer late,Rainbow.”

Applejack walked into Rainbow’s view, crouching down holding her axe and smiling down smugly.

“I asked you to get me those ingredients for dinner, and ya couldn’t even manage that.”

Oh yeah. Dinner. Dash blinked a few times, unsure if she could even speak, before remembering Applejack ‘s trick with her own head.

“S-sorry…” was all she said. Applejack put the axe down and picked up her prize by the hair, dangling her in front of her face.

“Face it, Dash, you’re hopeless as a maid. I thought I’d give you one last chance…and ya blew it. So…” Applejack brought Rainbow as close as possible to her own face. “Yer just gonna spend the remainder of our time together like this. Don’t fret though. I’m sure we can find a use for you.”

If Dash had still been able to gulp, she would have.



Life as a head was certainly much less work on Dash’s part. She could see why AJ liked to relax this way, especially after the best part of a week spent cleaning and using muscles she didn’t normally have to use. Now she was pretty much helpless. Not that AJ wasn’t keeping true to her word and putting her to use. She had loaned her to Big Mac for when he needed a paperweights when doing the accounts. Dash had tried her best to make small talk but given that the big guy was tired, trying to concentrate, and not really much for conversation, she had spent most of it just…being there. Not talking, not moving. Like a real, genuine object. She had spaced out for an hour or so thinking about that. Was she human like this? Or just a tool? She didn’t even get put to bed that night-she was simply left on the desk as everyone else went to sleep.

The following day didn’t get any more dignified. She had been sitting on her desk, bored as all hell, when in walked Applejack holding a broomstick and some tape.

“Good new, Rainbow Head! I just thought of a new job for ya!”

Rainbow didn’t even have to ask; her intentions were fairly obvious. Applejack picked up Rainbow and placed the tip of the broomstick up what was left of her neckstrump-Dash felt the hard wood pressing up against the roof of her mouth. Then Applejack taped her in place, and held her new broomstick proudly.

“Yup, you’ll be cleaning again in no time! And you’ll have company, too!”

“You’re gonna use me?” asked Rainbow, who then blushed at how she had phrased that. Applejack smiled.

“Not exactly.”


A few hours later, Rainbow thought back fondly to her time spent as a paperweight. Good times. Or even back when she was just limbless and wingless. Yup, those were the days. She sighed, then cringed as her head bumped against a corner for the umpteenth time.

“Hey, watch it, you’re giving me brain damage!” she said, her words muffled slightly by the wood in her mouth. “Not that you’d understand that.”

Applejack’s body remained silent, as always. She was almost as bad as Big Mac for that. Why did no one want to talk to her anymore? Well, at least this one had an excuse. Still, headless or not, she was clumsy as hell. Rainbow wondered if AJ had been training her. She certainly seemed more confident and assured than that time in the hallway-she walked down the hallways mostly like a normal person, and seemed able to both understand and carry out simple tasks. Like, for example, brushing up dirt on the floorboards. Rainbow had cleaned them often enough, and yet there was still a surprising amount of dirt lying around-she wondered if Applejack had been sneaking dirt in from the fields just to keep her busy.

Rainbow had just about gotten used to having her hair dragged along the floor by the time her user finally stopped. She felt herself being lifted up so that she was face to face, as it were, with AJ’s body, although the face in front of her was deflated and had a permanent look of surprise on it. Rainbow felt her hands stroking her dusty hair with a tenderness that surprised her. She wondered what was going through its head, metaphorically speaking. Was it lonely? Did she know what she was? What happened when AJ reattached her skull-did she simply stop existing, or was it like a deep sleep?

“Oh, hey y’all!”

Applebloom made her way into the farmhouse, having been out with her friends. Headless AJ turned her “head”, apparently sensing the newcomer, who seemed rather unperturbed by the sight before her. She slowly lowered Dash and leaned the broomstick against a wall, with Rainbow’s head upside down on the floor, before suddenly leaving, as if embarrassed by something. Applebloom watched her go with her hands on her hips.

“Huh. You know, I’m gonna find out what’s going on with her one day. Twilight’ll be so impressed if I figured out what the deal is…”

She looked down at Rainbow for a second, looked away again, paused, and then looked back down, smiling brightly.

“Hey Dash, you don’t look like you’re having much fun down there.” She said. Dash just rolled her eyes and mumbled something inaudible. Applebloom squatted down next to her.

“Say…how’d you like to help me out with something real quick? I think you’d have more fun with me than with her. What’d you say?”

Rainbow thought the offer. Applebloom had been up to something, alright, and she had a worried feeling about it. But after the day she’d had, she’d do anything to escape being a broom, and so managed to mumble out a “yes.”

“Great! I’ll uh, go run you out of the tap first though….”


After a quick wash in the bathroom, Applebloom carried Rainbow towards the little shed outside, which now had a hastily repaired roof. Applebloom held Dash close to her chest, which at least gave Dash something soft to rest against for a change. She was sure that a girl as sweet and helpful as Applelboom, who had just saved her from who knows what Applejack had planned, couldn’t be doing anything THAT weird. She relaxed a little, wondering what it was that she would be helping out with.

Applebloom opened the wooden door with one hand and stepped inside. Dash couldn’t quite see what was inside from her angle, but the place seemed to glow in a faint green colour, and could hear the sound of something bubbling. There was also another, louder, familiar sound. Something she’d not actually heard, come to think of it, for a little while. It was the sound of a dog barking.

“Hey girl, easy now! Lemme just set you down on something real quick, Rainbow Dash. Lesse,uh..”

Applebloom lowered Dash onto something soft and warm in the corner of the shed-Dash felt herself sink a little into it, and the back of her head was resting against a larger, harder surface that was equally as warm. It was comfy at least, though. Whatever enjoyment she got out of it was somewhat ruined by what she seen in the centre of the room. Or rather, who she seen. It was Winona. Or rather, her head. And it was attatched to what was most certainly her own naked body, on all fours and barking like…well, a dog.

“How ya doing, girl? Moving around ok?” asked Appebloom. Winona responded by going up onto her “hind legs” as it were, hands over Applebloom’s shoulders, and started to lick her face as the young farmer laughed and giggled, as though she was simply playing around with her beloved pet as always. This sweet moment was interrupted by the sound of Rainbow Dash spluttering in the corner, feeling somewhere between indignant and bewildered.

“Oh, sorry, I shoulda said I was trying out some stuff in here.” Said Appelbloom. “Don’t worry, I’m just seeing if I could do it is all. Been reading all about body magic, biology, all that stuff. It’s neat as hay, I say.”

“But…that’s…that’s me! My body! Mine!” cried Rainbow. Applebloom just shrugged.

“Well, y’aint using it now anyway. You’ll get it back, don’t worry. Oh hey, speaking of bodies, lemme get your new one! Hey girl, catch!”

Applebloom gave her pet a rubber ball to chase, then ducked out of view for a moment, looking for something. Winona went back down on all fours and chewed on her toy, giving Rainbow a view of her own ass in the process. Tearing her eyes away from the sight, Rainbow looked around the shed from her vantage point on the…well, whatever it was that she was sitting on. There were many bottles and jars filled with all sorts of mysterious liquids. Some of them had things inside them. For example, the jar directly across from it seemed to have a brain floating inside of it, turning in a very slow circle, bubbling occasionally. As she studied it, a drop of something warm and sticky splashed onto Rainbow’s head. There was a strange smell in the room…

“Found it!”

Applebloom reemerged from the depths of the shed. She was holding Winona’s body in her arms, which to be honest, was exactly what Rainbow Dash was expecting. She set it down on a workbench on the other side of the bench and walked over, before spotting what Dash was staring at.

“Oh, uh, how bout you just pretend you didn’t see that, hehe!” said Applebloom, throwing a sheet over the brain in the jar and hiding it from view. “Uh…now, let’s get you fixed up!” Picking her up, she carried her over to the workbench and plonked her down, before staring at her suddenly sticky hands

“Hmm?” she said to herself, licking her fingers.

“Yeah something kinda leaked onto me. It’s not anything gross is it?” asked Rainbow. Applebloom thought for a moment before smiling and shaking her head.

“Nope, definitely not! Now this won’t take a moment…”

After more than a moment’s worth of awkward stitching, Rainbow suddenly started to feel sensation in arms and legs for the first time in days. The feeling was alien, yet welcome for someone as active as her. She walked around awkwardly in her new body, feeling rather top heavy, but she managed a few steps as Applebloom watched.

“It worked! Ah knew it would!” cried Applebloom, ecstatic. “Come on Dash, how about I take you for a workout!”

“Yeah! I mean…sure” said Rainbow, embarrassed at sounding so eager to basically be her pet.

“Ok, let’s go! You too Winona, come on girl!”

Winona barked her approval and bounded out of the shed.

“You couldn’t have put clothes on her or something?” asked Rainbow.

“Don’t be silly Rainbow, you don’t put clothes on a dog! Now come on, get a run while you still can.”

Dash quickly got up and carefully trotted out, rather glad to be out of the shed. Applebloom went to join her outside before pausing for a moment. She walked over to the corner where she had placed Dash and ran a loving hand down the warm hand surface of the monster she had been growing in here. It rose and shifted to her attentions, leaking some more.

“Easy now. Wow, I can't believe how much bigger you are since I first took you from Big Mac. He won't believe it!" said Applebloom, shaking her head in disbleief. "Don't worry, ’ll get you outta this shed soon. Be a good boy until then, ok?”

With that, she walked out of the shed to join Dash, leaving her creation to steam away in silence.


Getting to actually run around for a change was a much needed change in pace for Dash, as she chased after the rubber ball alongside Winona. The only problem was trying to get used to her new limbs-more than once she would go for a spring only to face plant into the dirt, which would send Applebloom into laughing fits. A part of her was worried that her head would fall off and roll away, which added to her unease in this body.

Watching her own body run around was…conflicting. Ok, so the whole having a dog’s head thing was weird. But thinking of her body being controlled by someone else-seeing it as well, right there in front of her-was pretty neat. Like an out of body experience, almost. Plus, it let her admire herself at angles previously thought to be impossible, which was always a bonus. Winona herself seemed to be having fun, even if she hadn’t quite figured out that moving around on two feet would probably be easier for her.

Of course, all good things had to come to an end.

“Applebloom, Rainbow! What in Equestria is going on out here?”

Applejack had appeared from the farmhouse. Applebloom waved at her sister, and went over and picked a tired out Rainbow up, cradling her dog body in her arms.

“Look, Applejack! Isn’t it cool?” she asked. Applejack sighed and put on her “Big Sister” voice.

“Applebloom, you can’t do something like that without permission.” She said. Rainbow perked up.

“Hey, I don’t mind.”

“No, silly, ah mean MY permission. And I specifically recall telling you that you’d stay as a head for the rest of the week. This is going against that, ain’t it? Sides, seems a little unfair to bring Winona into this, dontcha think?"

Applebloom sagged a little, head down.

“Sorry, sis.”

“It’s ok Applebloom. Just put poor Winona back together in that shed of yours. As for you, Rainbow…I think it’s time we take the next step.”

“Oh, really? Sure, leave it to me!”

Rainbow looked up, brow furrowed.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Oh you’ll see. Go ahead now Bloom, you know what to do. Then come meet me in yer room.”

Applebloom seemed to recover some of her pep. She found a loose thread in Rainbow’s neck and unthreaded it with one big yank. Dash felt her world spin in a horrible, familiar way, before her head rolled off her little dog body. Applejack caught her in mid air by the hair, and started to walk back to the farmhouse. Rainbow watched Applebloom shepherd Winona into the shed, still holding her body.

She was taken up to Applebloom’s room. Aj dumped her onto the bed and opened up the cupboard. From inside, she produced what looked very much like the same sort of jar she had seen in the shed. In fact, it was very much like the jar that had contained the floating brain. It was a little bigger, and had some mechanical looking stuff on the bottom of it. This did not comfort Rainbow, who was able to put two and two together even before Applejack produced the saw.

“Hey now, isn’t this going kind of far?” she protested.

“Rainbow, I dunno if you’ve noticed, but lately we don’t really know the meaning of the phrase “too far”. We had rules, and you broke em. Now simmer down and quit your complaining. Ain’t like you can stop me.”

She did have a point there. Rainbow was completely powerless. She felt the cold steel press against her temple, a centre metre or so above her brow, and then it felt it start to cut into the bone. AJ held her down with one hand, turning her head around as she went. After five or so long minutes, Applejack stopped. With one hand she yanked Rainbow’s skullcap off, exposing Dash’s brain. Setting the top of her head down on the bed, AJ savoured the strange sight, trailing a finger along the edge of Dash’s skull and rubbing her finger along the surface, watching the expression of panic on Dash’s face.

“Ah, I’ve waited a long time for this moment of payback. I spent 3 whole days as just a skull on a shelf when Twilight was fixing me up, you know that? No eyeballs, no ears, no tongue, no nothing.”

She jabbed her finger into the pink-grey mass to add emphasis to her words, causing Rainbow’s eyes to twitch.

“So pucker up, sugurcube, and take some well-earned medicine. See ya.”


But then, for Dash, everything went black. Well, almost everything, She was still aware of being aware, which was something at least. And she could feel a pair of hands grasping at her, squeezing her tightly. Or at least it felt tight. It was as thought she were weightless and formless, a being of pure thought alone. It was peaceful and quiet.

And then with a rude jolt, her senses started to return. She could see dim, blurry shapes, as though in a very dirty fun house mirror. Then she heard voices.

“…right about…nnnnow. Yeah, she should hear us fine.”

“How will we know?”

“Oh, you can tell. When Diamond gets mad she kinda bubbles a whole lot.”

“Smart girl. Ok,let me test it out.”

Rainbow’s vision blurred into a tolerable range, and she made out Applejack’s loose face staring right at her.

“I sure do love the way my new toy looks. Good thing this is permanent.”

What? Permanent? But she said…Rainbow watched as her captors face changed as much as it could given its condition.

“Hah, look at that, you’re right Applebloom! That’s hilarious.” She chuckled before turning back to Rainbow. “Nah I’m just fooling. But uh, you’re definitely staying like that for the rest of the week. Cause we got ourselves a new maid. Come on in, sugurcube.”

“Yes, Applejack!” came a distant voice. Wait a minute. It sounded rather familiar. The door opened, and in walked Rainbow Dash, still missing the top of her head and wearing a new maid uniform. This one looked much saucier than the previous one-the chest window was much larger, and the skirt now only just went past her crotch. It seemed like she wasn’t wearing any underwear, either.

“Say hello to Rainbow Dash! Say hi to the brain, girl”

“Hello,brain!” said Rainbow Dash, sounding like she always did, but in a slower, slightly slurred tone. “I’m a maid!”

“Yup, we know dear” said AJ. She went to ruffle her hair, then stopped when her hand ended up inside the girl’s empty head. She retracted her hand, wiping it on her sleeve. “And I’m sure you’ll be a mighty fine one. Better than this one managed. Lessee, what do we call you now…ah yes. Brainbow Dash!”

Applebloom and Rainbow giggled at the name. “Brainbow Dash” watched on in helpless silence. It was as if her own body had betrayed her and sided with the Apples over her, showing pretty much zero concern about her own brain floating in a jar. Applejack handed her a duster and led her off to attend to her new role.

“See ya later, Brianbow”

Applejack left, leaving Dash in the room with Applebloom, who had whipped out a book and started to read on the bed beside her. All Rainbow could do was watch.


Dash's brain, suspended in her jar, looked out straight ahead. This was essentially what the next twenty four hours or so entailed. Watching. Endless, helpless watching. This would have been bad enough on its own, but her tormentors had decided to tease their new toy relentlessly. Dash had first started to suspect this when Applebloom took her time getting changed in the morning, stealing a glance at Dash every now and then as she got herself ready. It was the first time Dash had seen her naked-her body was like her sisters in many ways, with the same farmers tan, freckles and well-formed muscles. Her breasts were perky rather than full, and obviously she had the luxury of having a skin that was her size.

This was only the beginning. In the rare moments where Dash was able to actually see anyone from her sitting position on a desk, the girls would make sure to give her something interesting to look at. AJ came in a good half dozen times to chat-or more accurately, gloat. She’d open the lid to the jar and stir her hand around in there as she talked, her fingers brushing against the grey matter within. It felt kind of ticklish to Dash, but she found that any sort of physical contact was very welcome on her end after hours spent floating in whatever liquid this was.

One time, AJ scooped the little brain out entirely. The loss of vision and hearing was sudden, but as a result, her sense of touch became hyper-focused. She could feel the warmth ofAJ as she caressed her between her fingers for a minute or so. Dash imagined she was still talking about her day, or about how much she was enjoying this, but she was, it was falling on deaf lobes, so she just relaxed and enjoyed the massage.

The most interesting of all, though, was whenever her former body would bumble into the room, in the style of a certain other wall-eyed pegasus Dash new. As her body worked, she’d talk and sing to herself, lacking any sort of self-consciousness about herself. Which was just as well; whenever she bent forward Dash could study the inside of her head in detail, from the indents where her eyes were to the hole where the brainstem would normally go down. And whenever she would bend down the other way, her ass would be on full display, wiggling from side to side with in a cheery sort of way as Rainbow hummed a tune to herself. Rainbow would casually reach back and play with her folds from time to time, even when dusting with the other hand. Apparently, a complete lack of shame was a feature of her personality.

Still, Dash took a certain pleasure in watching herself go. Perhaps it was the novelty of watching herself move around. Or that it somehow reinforced her own position as a mere object, with no agency of her own. Or maybe it was just the sexy maid outfit, and the way that her body seemed to be at once blissfully unaware of her own sexiness and yet very comfortable rubbing herself off in full view of her own brain. It was probably a combination of all of this. Either way, Dash found herself looking forward to seeing her body every time it came in.

One time, as Rainbow was tidying the bed, Applejack sauntered in. Seeing the brainless maid, she had walked forward and given her rump a good squeeze with her hands, followed by a heft pat. Rainbow had looked back with her usual, vaguely empty grin, before returning the favour by reaching her hand down the farmer’s ass and giving it a squeeze of her own.

“Thought you’d like that, Rainbow” murmured Applejack, caressing the maid’s cheek with her hand. “I should have done this a week ago…”

Her head darted forward and planted a quick kiss on Rainbow’s lips. AJ looked back at the brain jar, smiled, and then leaned in again. This time she took her time, her tongue moving into Rainbow’s mouth while the latter girl moved closer, closing her eyes and moaning, legs parting. Eventually they parted, a trail of saliva between their lips, before Applejack left the room again, taking the time to wave goodbye to Dash in her jar, who was bubbling like crazy at the sight.

Dash wasn’t sure how much longer she could take all of this. Her body was now openly making out with Applejack. And it was hot as well. Even without a body, her brain was still more than capable of craving physical relief, even if she knew that it was impossible. The endless teasing was driving her mad as she stewed in her jar all day and night. This was not helped by Applebloom blatantly indulging in a little bit of stress relief under the covers when everyone else had gone to sleep. She could have at least let Dash watch...


The next day was the seventh and final day of her unofficial contract. Applebloom rose from her bed around , having slept in the nude for the night. She went to leave like that before stopping, turning around, and staring thoughtfully at the jar on her desk.

“Say, Brainbow. How bout we go take a nice, relaxing shower together? Nice, huh?”

She fished the sleepy brain out of the jar, sending her into darkness once more, with only a sense of touch. Dash could sense that she was being taken somewhere, but that was all she knew outside of the constant, gentle grip of Applebloom’s hands. Eventually, after what felt like an eternity, she felt what must have been water splashing onto her. Her sense of temperature was still alive and well it seemed, but the warmth of the water was fairly pleasant. As was the feeling of smooth skin, as Applebloom revealed Dash’s real reason for being there: To be used as her personal sponge.

With her heightened sense of touch, Dash could feel every little thing as she was rubbed over the farm girl’s flesh. She felt the goosebumps rising in her wake, and the muscles ripple and flex underneath the skin. She felt what must have been her taut little nipples atop her soft breasts, and her firm backside as she was rubbed in slow circles across the flesh. And she certainly felt the inside of her thighs, and the velvety folds that lay in between, for only split seconds before being taken away, and then repeating this for a good few minutes. Dash wondered how worked up her shower buddy was getting-she could only guess, but she was hopeful that she was doing a good job.

Then, suddenly, it stopped. Dash wondered if Bloom had simply finished with her shower. Then, unexpectedly, she felt a second pair of hands on her. These ones felt…bonier. They must belong to Applejack, a thought that was confirmed when she felt hard muscle without any skin against her lobes. Applejack must shower without her skin on-interesting. It was a bizarre, alien feeling, as Dash’s imagination ran wild. She felt the texture of Applejack’s tits, fatty and even softer than Blooms. The feeling of hard bone was more prominent all across her body, but especially on her head, where it was as smooth as marble. Her legs and thighs were thick with muscle, but the fertile land between was essentially barren of anything interesting, noted the brain with a tinge of disappointment.

Finally, the water subsided, and was soon replaced by the feeling of a towel rubbing her grey matter dry. Then she felt Applejack’s bony hands on herself again, and suddenly she was sinking into something wet and soft. It felt very crowded, and for a moment Dash felt a bizarre sense of claustrophobia, and almost panicked. But then she felt a heavy, constant thudding sensation, like a bass note vibrating through her core. It beat a constant rhythm that soothed her, and she soon had the thought that AJ had placed Dash inside herself somehow-perhaps slipped her between her muscles and into her torso. It was like she was in utero.

Time lost all meaning as she found herself drifting in and out of peaceful sleep from inside her host. She would occasionally feel AJ move around sharply and suddenly, as if doing something physical, but for the most part she was aware only of the warmth all around her and the ever present beating of the heart, not so much heard as simply felt. As she lay there, Dash suddenly realised that this was going to end soon. Applejack would put her back in her body, stitch her up, and then away she would go. All this comfort, pampering, and frankly incredibly hot teasing, over and done with. And she couldn’t even get “even” in return, because after today, they were even. She couldn’t believe it, but she was actually kind of sad about it. She meditated on this for a while, wondering how or even if she would explain this to Applejack, before eventually drifting off to sleep.


At some point-it was impossible to put a time on it from her perspective-Dash was snapped out of her thoughts by the feeling of bony fingers grasping her, and then the feeling of being pulled away from her resting place. Then she felt wet again, and her senses returned. Applejack was standing before her, skinless and flanked by her sister and by Rainbow Dash-they were in AJ’s room, and all three were completely naked. AJ was looking down at the hole she had made in her abdomen, where a stray loop of intestine was peeking out.

“Hmm, might have to be careful with that…”

“I’ll stitch it up if you want!” offered Applebloom.

“Hmmm…let’s leave it for now. I can cover it up.” Said Applejack. She had her skin on hand and began to slip back into it via what could be called the “back exit.” When she was done, with a little help from her sister, she turned her attentions to the brain in the jar.

“Now then, Brainbow, you’ve been a good girl recently. Ah think just being a cute little brain brings out the best in you. So we thought we might show our appreciation. Ain’t that right, Rainbow Dash?”

The maid to her right looked over, smiling and nodding.

“Yeah, you’re gonna have the sex with me!”

“Aw come on, you can’t just say it, you gotta be sly!”

“Oh…sorry…” said Rainbow, her face falling. Applejack relented immediately at the sight.

“Aww nevermind Rainbow, I ain’t mad. Here, let me prove it…”

Applejack walked over and planted a passionate kiss onto Rainbow’s lips. The maid cheered up considerably and returned the kiss, as her hands began to hungrily grope at AJ. As the two girls went at it, Applebloom took the jar off the shelf and sat down with it, placing the jar right between her legs and turning Dash towards the action. One hand slid inside the jar and slowly traced circles across the very top of the brain inside.

Applejack began to kiss her way down Rainbow’s body, taking time to address each of Rainbow’s hardened nipples directly, showing plenty of love, before trailing her way down the toned stomach before heading inevitably towards the prize below. Dash could hear soft pants close by as Applebloom began rubbing her sex against the glass, humping the jar in short,sharp movements. Rainbow Dash, tongue lolling and eyes rolling back into her empty head, moaned loud at the attention she was receiving, saying Applejack’s name as her tongue worked, and her hands rubbed the loose scalp of Applejack’s hair. A little too hard, as it turned out-she had soon uncovered AJ’s skull, causing AJ to retreat and stand up.

“Hey now, let’s not get too rough, lover girl. Anyway, I think I’m done giving. Time I did some receiving…”

Applejack walked backwards and sat on the bed next to Applebloom and Rainbow. She slid her hands down her splayed open legs and spread herself as wide as she could, which was a fairly considerable distance. Before anything could happen, Applebloom swiftly plucked her sisters skull from her shoulders. Her body slumped briefly, letting go of herself, before sitting back up just in time for Rainbow to dive beween her legs.

“Hey, what’s the big idea, Bloom?” protested Applejack, as Bloom pushed Brainbow away from her.

“Well, why should I miss out on the fun, huh?” said the younger sister, with an authority and confidence that Dash had never heard from her. “You can get some later. Besides, I wanna see what happens. Oh wow, they’re really going for it!"

“What, really? Lemme see!” cried Applejack. But Bloom simply pushed the skull face first into her own crotch as she stood up to watch the two in front of her work each other over. AJ’s body seemed to be screaming silently as her back arched and her neck went back and forth, the skin of her head flapping back and forth behind her. Rainbow stuck to her task with ruthless efficiency, and no lack of skill. Applebloom egged them on in between her own cries, as Applejack’s own protests slowly died away and were replaced by a tongue flicking out from between her teeth, lapping at her sister’s clit.

And all the while, Brainbow watched, never sure what to keep her eyes on, so to speak. She was bubbling away nicely-not the angry fizz of before, but in a steady stream, like a gentle froth. The week had taken its toll on her. Her thoughts were taken up entirely with the lewdness in front of her, and how she wanted it to never end. She’d stay like this forever if this was what she was in for-she would only request for a bit of relief, to soothe the burning feeling she somehow still felt. She wanted her body-no, she wanted Rainbow Dash to keep on being the sexiest little thing in town, proudly and happily serving Applejack, or whoever she had to serve.

Applebloom suddenly pulled AJ away from herself, letting the skull fall onto the bed and roll onto its side. Then she grabbed the jar containing Rainbow and placed it on the floor.

“Ok Rainbow, as we practiced! Go,go,go!”

The three girls, through a combination of careful coordination and plenty of arm pulling (especially on behalf of AJ’s body, who was clearly not clued in to this maneuver) managed to stand in a triangle formation around the open jar. Fingers flew down south and began to work, with Bloom even bringing in her sisters skull, both to hurry things along and to give her a view of the action. Applebloom was the first to come, crying out and making sure to stand over Brainbow, juices splashing into the liquid below and onto the brain inside. The other two soon followed suit, basting Brainbow in their juices, before all three collapsed onto the floor, exhausted. If Brainbow was capable of cumming, she would have too. Heck, she should have long ago. As it was, she could only simmer in her jar, slowly going insane.

It was AJ that eventually broke the silence.

“Well…I’m sure that felt just dandy. Thanks, Applebloom”

“S…sorry…” managed Bloom, smiling regardless. Applejack sighed, then continued.

“Well, Brainbow, call me a psychic…but I get the feeling that you enjoyed that. I know I did. Or was-“

“Ok, ok, sorry!”

-“and I know for damn sure Rainbow here loved it, ain’t that right?”

“Oh, yes, Miss Applejack. You’re the best…I wanna stay here forever. Pleeeeease?”

“Oh, shucks. Well, since you asked nicely…sure. How bout we keep you around for a little bit longer. You won’t mind, will you, Brainbow?”

The brain in the now rather cloudy jar sat in silence. There were only a few, gentle bubbles rising o the surface in response to this proposal.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. Heh…good to know.

Brainbow Dash sighed internally. This was the best bet ever.


Hoooot daaaaamn maaaaan, this is so sexy.


Hallelujah! Another story! This one was definitely different, even when compared to your normal stories. It seemed to deal less with the actual action and instead with how it affected Rainbow Dash mentally. Though, this also seemed to be its weak point in my opinion as it got a little dull midway through the story, most likely because once Rainbow's brain was removed, she essentially just became a spectator for the rest of the story, and even the action at the end of the story between Applejack, Applebloom, and Rainbow's body was VERY tame when set next to your usual standards.

None the less, I enjoyed the story immensely, especially seeing as there's been a bit of a dry spell with non-lethal guro lately. I didn't even mind the MLP basis for this story. Doubly so as I've been reading MLP fanfiction like crazy since sometime in February for reasons I can't be bothered to figure out.

Can't wait for your next story. =)


Also, could you place a link to your account on FurAffinity. For some reason, I can't find it.


I have to agree with astro that the pacing is a little off because removing Rainbow Dash's brain isn't followed by something more extreme, resulting in a story that climaxes too soon (no pun intended) and a finale that feels a little uneventful. The first half is fun though, and well-written as usual.

Had a read through some of your other stories as well. 'Time Heals All Wounds, Sort Of' was quite enjoyable and 'Anatomy Lessons' was even better. Rarity's scene with the Diamond Dog was hilarious and I especially loved the sentence "She wiggles in your direction like an angry, sentient flan." I'll probably make my way through 'Modular Merchant' tomorrow.

While registering for furaffinity I also noticed the message you left me on hentai-foundry. As I mentioned in my reply, just let me know what communication method works best for you.

For astro: the link is
Note that you'll need to make an account and adjust your maturity filter to see all of the stories.


Cheers for the feedback everyone. Glad you enjoyed it Narra

It's definitely different, won't deny that, and the ending "climax" will probably seem tame compared to my usual stuff, which I think was probably because I was writing it for a non gurochan audience-probably thought while I wanted people into non-lethal gore to read it, maybe I'd tone down the prolapse/mad insertion stuff

The pacing I will offer a slight defence of: I think being helpless and reduced to a mere spectator is kinda hot on it's own, and I still like those scenes. At least that's my thinking going into it.

Mod Merch is I think 100% sfw and an example of me writing something that is on the surface not kinky, but actually very kinky if you're like me and think in a certain way. It's very very tame, but fun to write. And don't even bother with the wonderquads story; you'll be in for a rather nasty surprise I think. I've added a fair few fetishes to my already far too elaborate arsenal of kinks, but those will not be appearing on gurochan. I know my audience here!

JIP:If you're registered to FA you can PM me there.

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