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If I was a dictator, my country would be isolationist, and very censoring, a bit like the DPRK. On the surface, we would claim to not want to get involved in world affairs, hoping to instead focus on the "best interests of our own people". We would absolutely not start any wars against enemy countries, nor would we act aggressively or vie for revenge if a country has wronged us. There would be no tourism, no immigration, no emigration, and no international embassies allowed. We would be the "mysterious country which forbids outsiders". I wouldn't even meet other world leaders in person, instead preferring to speak through advisors or via webcam, claiming to be for "security's sake."

The country's society would be divided into three parts: The Government, The Enforcement, The People. The Government is made of the people who run the country's politics, myself include. The Enforcement would be the armed forces, which would also act as the police force. The Enforcement would also include teachers. The People would make up the average citizens: manual labors and such.

The Government is the absolute highest caste of society, consisting of people hand-picked by me for the job. The Enforcement, as the iron fist of my rule, would have to be conditioned severely. Training would be absolutely brutal, to make sure no shirkers of duty slipped through the cracks. There wouldn't be mandatory conscription, as only those who are willing to escape the life of The People are necessary. Any dissent or disobedience is punished with immediate execution of said person, with their immediate family being put into a labor camp. Every 2 months, the least obedient person of a battalion shall be executed, either by person vote or the commanders choice. The quality of life in The Enforcement would have to be better than The People, no matter how much money it costs the government, or how bad the life gets for The People, as there would need to be a reason to join. The People are your average citizens, working mostly manual labor jobs like farming, sometimes working at more prestigious civil jobs, such as doctors. Every male 16 or older that can pass some sort of loyalty test can apply for a weekly People's Care Package, which would consist of a box full of basic foodstuffs like bread, water, meat, and some incredibly addictive drug to keep the people dependent and stupid, probably meth or heroin. Enough would be included for about three people. The People would live in incredibly cramped barrack like areas while The Enforcement might get to have more private rooms.

Education in my country at age 10 and below would consist of the basics mixed in with brainwashing propaganda and severe punishment for disobedience. The three social casts would be a main part of education and society to the people, with The Government caste practically being worshiped as gods among men. Swearing loyalty to the country would be of utmost importance. When the children reach age 11, the rest of their education days will be split between genders. The men would continue their education until age 16, learning things you'd normally expect, with added in propaganda and manual labor education to prepare them for their future lives. The women, however, would only continue their education until age 13, learning things such as beauty, housekeeping, being obedient to men, and whole lot of sexual education. The women in this country would be taught to act submissive and procreative.

Now here comes the fun part, what we get to do with the human cattle. Basic laws would be created (with the exception of age of consent and rape, which would be suspiciously absent), but there would be two golden laws: being a traitor to the state shall sentence you and your family to execution; you must obey any command given to you by people of a higher social rank. Women could be made into sex-slaves by people of The Enforcement. High-skilled and well-behaved commanders would be given the most beautiful harems as a reward. Members of The Government, could do whatever they pleased to anyone. The men and ugly women of the society who disobey laws would either be put into forced labor camps, tortured (usually in front of the others), or ground up into food. Where do you think the meat from the People's Care Package comes from? ;-)

Personally, I would find the most beautiful women I could and bring them to my slave den, where I would force them to be my personal pets. I would beat them, ass-rape them, force them to choke on my dick, and make them fight each other whenever I wanted. I would cut the limbs off of a few, just to have some fuckdolls at my leisure. Each one would be selected from the most obedient, and would worship me as a god among them, being thankful for the opportunity to please me. When I do tours of my country, I would force the attractive women to disrobe and expose their tits and ass for me, and fuck them in public to humiliate them as they thanked me. It would be heaven for me and those who are loyal to me, being able to play with our human cattle as much as we wanted, for the rest of our lives.

What would you do if you were a dictator?


I'd probably rape some babies styl


I'd kill you.



And you'll die in a pretty short notice. Propaganda would usually include loyalty programs, you know.

Too bad being a dictator is meaningless when your society is a post-scarcity one. Why obey when you could just leave and pick off the land in peace?


I wonder how are you going to sustain all that police state if your citizens are dumb like chicken and even if they work all day they barely do tiny fraction of the work which is done in western society.
You will not collect enuogh funds to pay to police. unless you probably have huge oil or other stuff deposits and sell that
Hand picking people does not work in practice neither there can be any loyalty tests.

If I was dictator I wold do exact opposite I woud give nearly total freedom for everyone but also I woud maintain total surveillance so while you can do pretty much anything you want if you do some harm you get what you deserve

Amount of freedom to break the law woud be dependent on the status where smart people who can do innovations and discoveries woud be almost totally untouchable by police unless they do some severe damage and they woud get priority over simple citizens.

This would start from the school where smart kids would be immediately awarded by various privileges up to the ability to control whole class and decide rewards and punishments of stupid kids or even make them do whatever they want.
Of course this woud continue as they grow where smartest people woud get to control everything.

This system would ensure that my state woud stay on the top with newest technology and science.

Unlike most other societies that are built on lies and delusions I would teach my citizens truth about society politic and government along with the usual lies and propaganda.
demanding to live them if half virtual reality where you say one thing while you believe something else.
I woud bring that to the level of sarcasm where everyone woud be required to praise and worship government all time in same way like in north Korea.

To make life more interesting I would all lots of stupid laws with very tiny penalties just to give people opportunity to break them.

People who oppose me woud be given chance to take my place as dictator until they find out that they cant do anything better.



lol. This is in reference to the sister-threads of similar theme. It seems there's a thing for nation states going on. I meant that if I was also a dictator, I'd war with his and oust him.

I might decide to use my own propaganda to do him in, though. Use spy drones to learn the language and nuances of his people. Drop letters everywhere informing them of what's going on. Eventually, pamphlets with information on how to build and train. Drop 3d printers, numbering enough for every man, woman, and child.

I'd probably ally with Onix, despite some minor differences elsewhere in theoretical sciences, because his goal is similar.v

It would be a rather easy task. If anything, having a trustworthy population that's trusting for your actions can be better trained and equipped. You'll need not fear being damned by them at all, and even fear losing power to them in the first place is relatively minor and unlikely compared to torturing them.

This isn't to say that I'd be a saint. Anyone caught consistently torturing innocents for fun would be executed, perhaps pained in various ways beforehand. I'd be very vindictive towards many sorts. All the same, it would be a clearly sensible place.


I'd make a law saying all firstborn daughters gotta reach my palace
and Then i'd fuck their eyesockets. just one eye.
Then I'd say "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind" and just get rid of the other with an ice cream scoop as I chuckle very slightly


This scenario has long been one of my fantasies.

I would resemble Khadaffi. I would have a large rape/torture basement where I have guards bring me girls that I target. They could be anywhere in the age range between 8-18.

I would rape the girls for weeks, torturing them occasionally, but only without leaving any marks. I would not want them to lose their beauty yet. I would put them through many degrading and humiliating situations. I would only urinate in their mouths, have one sleeping in my bed for when I need a piss at night and the occasional midnight blow-job to help me get back to sleep.

Then when I have girls to replace the ones I already have, I would throw some of them naked before my guards as a reward so they could rape young pussy too before I torture them to death in all kinds of painful ways of destroying their pussies before anything else.


I will use taxes money to commission all artists I like in the world to draw more guro stuff!! lol
If they don't do it, I will send secret agent to threaten them until they do it.

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