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Nobles and Clones

A World of Decadence and Snuff

(snuff, casual, young, more to come)

The story will be written from the perspective of both Clones and Nobles. I don’t do scat or brainplay or babies, but feedback is GREATLY appreciated and I can probably work most requests into future chapters. I write when I get the time and when the muse strikes, but I plan to keep it going for a while. I have no interest in men, straight sex, or male victims, so if I include a male character, they will be in passing, or a platonic friend in almost all cases. The first entry will establish the world and goes into a lot more exposition. Future posts won’t be quite as long.

If being the Noble girl is an idea that appeals to you, PLEASE ask for my yahoo/skype. I really love the thought of playing the Clone. The first victim is very much modeled on myself. <3


It was the year 3000. Mankind had brought itself to the edge of extinction some centuries earlier, by way of nuclear war. In the wake of the devastation, most of the surviving population was left unable to produce offspring, with only a few hundred bloodlines left able to procreate. These families had inherited all of the wealth of planet Earth, and when the war had ended, they had made changes. Society was divided into two groups, aristocrats, those of the stable bloodlines, and slaves, those grown in cloning facilities to cater to the every whim and want of the nobles. Cloning had been perfected in the wake of the wars, it was cheap and easy, and with the cheapness of cloning came the cheapness of cloned life. Clones were grown of past celebrities or designed from scratch, on the whim of the creator. The nobles grew hundreds or thousands of slaves for each of them, then had to deal with overpopulation. The result was that clones were killed as a regular part of life.

Schools were established for the Clones, and those who proved themselves more intelligent could rise through the ranks and hold respectable positions, although they would always be subservient to even the lowest noble, but they comprised less than five percent at high school graduation. College graduates were perhaps ten percent of these. The staggering numbers of clones meant that every day at school, any infraction, any failing, would be answered with immediate termination, with their meat being used to feed the rest of the world. And that was just the ones who got to attend school, the majority of clones were created not by the communal government, but by slaughterhouses growing them only for their meat, or by individual families. These families would use them for food, entertainment, even love. It was the requirement of nobles to produce offspring, but they didn’t marry, they didn’t often commit to each other, children were raised by clones, and it was a cold society for the highest of the elite, living only to indulge every craving over a lifespan that with new science would last centuries. It was not uncommon for lower or younger nobles to take a clone as a short-term romantic interest, or for them to take some career, it was not needed by society, but a decade in any profession would provide a fun distraction for any noble who had grown bored. Such was the case for Luna.


‘Morning Luna!’ called Fred cheerfully. Luna smiled and waved back. The people at the termination facility were so friendly, that was, she decided, one of the best perks of the new society. All of the workers here were Nobles, not employees. They came to work here when it suited them, and as a result everyone was happy to be here and around each other. Walking away and doing something else meant nothing to them, and the result was a very pleasant and cheerful work environment…for them. The same could not be said for some of the Clones brought to the facility. This was a government facility, not enough girls failed in school to feed the remainder, and although the Nobles would kill a girl or two for food as needed (or for any other reason or whim), the rest of the Clones had to eat. This facility was the slaughterhouse to accompany a massive cloning facility, one of more than a dozen in this city alone, the cloners produced a huge number of Clones, and these slaughterhouses were equipped for Nobles to kill them however they pleased.

Luna patted the sliver of midriff she left exposed in this outfit while they waited for the first clones to arrive. She was, like everyone else in a society where cloning and cosmetic surgery had reached a level where it was art instead of science, objectively pretty. Tall, with large breasts, jet black hair and pale skin, she closely resembled the old Earth actress Kat Dennings. This was not an accident, even though she was not a clone, cosmetic science before and after birth allowed any Noble to look how they liked. Her parents had arranged before birth for her to have her remarkable figure, and Luna had had her facial structure tweaked to more closely resemble the woman she found so funny and engaging in old Earth videos. As Luna admired her body, she heard the beeping of trucks outside, the first group of Clones had arrived.

Meeting the Meat

Luna and the other Nobles smiled in anticipation as the doors opened and the Clones to be killed that day were ushered in. Ranging in physical appearance from 10 to 25 years old, the clones were all actually only a few weeks out of the growth tanks. Each was programmed with any knowledge that they might need in various duties, then as they were designed, computers randomly assigned each one a personality. As a result, not every Clone would have the same reaction to their circumstances. Some were scared of course, but others were bored, curious, or in a few cases excited or even highly aroused. Some of the Nobles held back, while the majority went over to the group of girls and started lining them up, rubbing, squeezing, kissing, and talking to the Clones. Most Nobles were perfectly happy just picking a few girls to play with and kill over the course of the day, selecting the ones who caught their eye. Of course, this was food production, the Nobles were outnumbered dozens to one by the Clone girls, any who didn’t get picked by the first group of Nobles would go to the second, those who wanted to work off anger or other bad emotions, those who wanted exercise, or those who just wanted to watch girls die, they would take the remaining Clones and simply massacre them.

Luna joined the first group, feeling up a few of the Clones. She only liked to take two or three per day, and she really enjoyed finding fun ‘playmates’. Her choices depended on her mood, but Luna had been feeling under the weather and wanted just one quiet cuddle buddy today. She moved into the group, greeting a few of the Clones, feeling some up and seeing how they reacted. She saw one who immediately drew her attention. The girl was a clone of the 21st century actress Ellen Page, five feet tall, small breasts, baby face…..and since it was Ellen, Luna couldn’t tell if she was supposed to be aged to 13 or 30. The small girl was standing at the very edge of the crowd, looking down and trying not to be noticed, even though she knew that it couldn’t possibly save her. Luna smiled fondly at the cute girl and adjusted her top as she started over. Clones were grown to be sexually and romantically attracted to any Noble, it might take a bit of effort to crack the shell of an especially shy or feisty one, but Ellen WOULD want her, even if Luna hadn’t been stunning. Luna’s smile grew, she had her prey, now came the fun bit.


She strolled over and rested a hand on the munchkin’s shoulder ‘hello honey. I’m Luna. Let me guess…they named you Ellen, right? Those cloners aren’t real creative naming girls.’ The tiny young lady looked at Luna, eyes wide with nervousness and open excitement ‘yes ma’am, I’m Ellen…’s nice to meet you ma’am’ Luna laughed ‘oh sweetheart, just call me Luna. Here, let’s sit on one of these couches.’ She pulled the girl into a gentle hug as they sat. ‘so we both know it’s not real, but tell me a bit about yourself? About the memories and such that they gave you, what makes you…you honey?’

Ellen took a moment to consider the question, subconsciously snuggling up closer to Luna, bringing her back in contact with the Noble’s large breasts. She hadn’t been thinking about the movement, but Luna couldn’t help noticing that Ellen’s nipples had visibly stiffened, poking against her thin t-shirt. Luna smirked, then her attention was drawn back when Ellen started talking ‘Well, the memories they gave me don’t really matter, but I like reading and snuggling, and…..’ the two chatted for a while, Ellen was as cute as she looked, she loved puppies and candy, and all things fluffy. She was afraid of death, but more than that she was afraid of not being loved. She wanted more than anything to feel loved and protected, even when she was being killed, and she wanted the people around her to be happy. Like most Clones, she was a pleaser at heart. Luna could work with that. She was going to watch Ellen die and she would enjoy it immensely, but Luna enjoyed forming bonds with the girls, Ellen would believe that Luna cared because the Noble would ACTUALLY care about her.

As they talked, Luna caught Ellen looking at her breasts several times, envious and a little hungry, Ellen wanted to play with those tits and she wore her heart on her sleeve about it. Luna pushed her chest forward a bit, in her hugs she made sure Ellen came in contact with them, she teased the kid while they talked. After about half an hour, Ellen could hardly contain herself, she was breathing fast, she had gotten a bit sweaty, and she was fidgeting with the effort to not start touching herself or the brunette bombshell. She rubbed her arm and looked almost panicked. Luna burst out laughing ‘Alright kiddo, you did good, I’ll stop teasing you’ She pulled her top off, slowly, seductively. Not that Ellen needed seduction, sedation would have been more appropriate. As Luna’s shirt went up and was pulled over her head, her 34DD breasts popped free, bouncing into place. Ellen forgot how to breathe or blink for several moments, then looked Luna in the eyes, pulling her gaze up with difficulty. She raised one tentative hand and Luna chuckled, ‘Not yet sweetie, your turn’.

Ellen was more of a timid girl, but she was so worked up that she would have done ANYTHING Luna asked of her, and her shirt was off in half a heartbeat. Her perky A-cup breasts were high and firm and her nipples were almost painfully erect, but almost as soon as she removed her shirt, Ellen was hit with a wave of paranoia and inadequacy, her breasts were tiny like the rest of her, but next to Luna the difference became comical. Her cheeks turned bright red, and she looked down, praying that Luna wouldn’t be disappointed. Luna was silent for a moment….and then burst into fresh laughter, pulling the smaller girl close ‘Oh my goodness, you little tits, the look on your face…you are SO CUTE!’ She kissed the little girl full on the lips. Ellen eagerly returned the kiss, moaning as Luna bit her lip, then squeaking in surprise and delight when Luna reached to Ellen’s little breast and gave her nipple a solid pinch. Luna smiled as she took advantage of Ellen’s surprise, leaning the smaller girl back to be flat on her back, with Luna straddling her. Ellen squealed with joy and reached out to finally lay hands on those magnificent breasts, rubbing and squeezing the soft mounds, sitting up to kiss them, then she pulled Luna down for the main event.


The Killing Floor

Three hours later, the two young women were still on the couch. They were completely naked, drenched in sweat, utterly exhausted, and both basking in the glow of countless orgasms. They simply lay there, spooning, Luna behind with her hands on Ellen’s cute tummy and Ellen with her head between Luna’s tits, better natural pillows than anything all of the technology in the world could ever create. Her face was streaked from tears of joy and utter bliss, and she was pleasantly sleepy. Ellen knew that her fun and her life were nearly over, but she was at peace. She had enjoyed almost an entire day of Heaven with the woman that she had come to love and she was loved in return. It almost felt like a mercy that she was going to die, because she would be going out on the highest of notes, if she lived for centuries like the Nobles, there would never be a day as perfect as this.

It was good that Ellen was not worried about her short future, because the crowd of girls to be dispatched had thinned considerably, and the facility would close for the day before too long. “You ready?’ asked Luna. Ellen nodded with a sleepy half smile as she stood up, Luna gave her little bottom a pat before standing as well. They went to the back of the room where the ‘terminal toys’ were located. There were only two Nobles left. A pretty blonde Luna didn’t know, looking at the body of a 2016 Miley Cyrus Clone, suspended by a noose, her usually pale face a lovely shade of purple, and her tongue pushed out. Conforming to facility policies, she was wearing a pull-up, the front a light blue and swelled, showing that she had not gone to her death with an empty bladder. The Clones were given a drink before being brought to the slaughterhouse, some Nobles liked for them to piss at the point of no return. If the Noble didn’t want that or didn’t want the Clone to have to wear the pull-up, they would simply be instructed to use the bathroom before termination.

The other Noble present was Fred, the friendly guy who had greeted Luna that morning. As with everyone else, he had shed his clothing over the course of the day. He had been playing with a young Asian girl Clone. She was not a Clone of any celebrity Luna recognized, but that was not unusual. Any technician in any cloning facility could design a new one in just a handful of minutes of boredom, then send the new design to be grown in a tank. This particular girl was aged to maybe 12 years. She had bright eyes and short hair that was basically a pixie cut, and she was just cute as a button. She was locked in a Lopper, the device resembled a large paper cutter, the girl would be put on her back, so her breasts were accessible and her face could be seen, then her hands were cuffed at her sides, and a strap went across her torso, just below the little girl’s cute budding breasts.

Fred smiled ‘Hello ladies! Seems like you’ve been having a nice time, I was just about to see Lily here off. I know you’re probably pretty much set for today Luna, but if your little friend has any interest in playing with Lily for a moment, I wouldn’t object.’ Ellen looked to Luna, who nodded encouragingly, then she stepped to stand next to the little Asian, who was watching her with wide eyes. Ellen stroked Lily’s hair, then leaned down to kiss her gently. The younger girl eagerly accepted the distraction, whimpering into Ellen’s lips. Ellen stepped aside so she would be out of the path of the blade, then looked at Fred and indicated the sharp metal with her eyes. Fred grinned and placing his hand on Lily’s little chest and budding tits, took the handle, pulling it toward the child’s soft, pale throat. Ellen pulled her tongue in just before the blade made contact, but didn’t break the kiss, just using her lips. Lily jumped as she felt the cold touch, but kept kissing until Ellen stepped back to avoid getting bloody. The Lopper was pushed down manually, combined with the fact that face-up meant that the spine wasn’t hit first, beheading with this device could go more slowly and the victim would feel more of it. Lily kicked feebly, but didn’t give into darkness until the blade was nearly halfway through her neck. Fred pushed the blade through and added her head to his little pile as her body twitched and bled. Fred grinned ‘Well that was fun! Ellen, it’s been a pleasure meeting you, I hope you have a nice death, and Luna, until next time’ he walks away whistling, stopping only to grab and slip on pants before heading home.
Luna turns to little Ellen, who is still shaky tired from their afternoon of indulgence. Luna smiles ‘So, the blonde lady left, it’s just you and me and Miley’ she smirks and looks at the cold body in the air, rope still around her neck. ‘Ready for lights out?’ Ellen nods, stifling a yawn. She really is worn right out, an endless rest doesn’t sound bad at all. Luna passes Ellen a pull-up ‘alright then honey, how about you just slip that right on. I was thinking I might hang you. Smaller girls are so cute in a soft noose. It takes a couple minutes, but it really doesn’t hurt too bad. It’s uncomfortable, but the nooses here just slowly move and tighten to cut off blood to your brain, you’ll get dizzy and dance a bit looking for the ground, but it’s not a bad way to go. Do you have any strong objections?’ Ellen’s face lit up a little bit as she was adjusting the pull-up, she kind of liked how it felt, ‘No, that actually sounds beautiful!’

Luna smiled and took the little sweetheart over to the row of nooses hanging on winches. Ellen went over to one of the sinfully soft reinforced crushed velvet nooses and rubbed it against her cheek. Luna couldn’t hold it in, the munchkin was just too cute ‘Aww! You like that one honey?’ Ellen nodded, still stroking the luxurious material. Smiling, Luna got up behind the little girl and put the noose around her soft throat like a pretty black necklace. She stepped around to Ellen’s front again, adjusting and getting the noose just right. “Okay baby, how’s that? Are you all set?’ without a word, Ellen just wrapped her arms around Luna, hugging her and resting her head on those squishy bits of heaven. She looked up at Luna, her eyes brimming with tears and full of love ‘I’m ready, thank you for making today so wonderful Luna…..I love you.’ Luna returned the hug, rubbing Ellen’s little back, and she kissed her before stepping back to the control panel ‘I love you too Ellen, see you on the other side in a few hundred years’. Then she pressed the button.

Ellen heard the whirring of the winch, and a moment later the noose began to rise. She stood on her toes, but it was not going to stop until she could not find the ground. The velvet tightened on her pretty throat, and the next thing Ellen knew, she was airborne, she couldn’t see it, but Luna had adjusted her winch to put the two girls at a height where Ellen could look her in the eye, meaning that the smaller girl was several inches off the ground. Ellen instinctively kicked and stretched, her body looking for the ground that her brain knew she would never feel again. Her cute, soft feet arced, her toes pointed, but it was no use. The started kicking, not a wild dance, more of a slow walk, but her tiny breasts wiggled with each movement. The noose was growing tighter, the pressure on her throat forced her tongue out. Worse than the relatively minor pain in her neck and jaw, worse than the difficult but not impossible task of breathing, Ellen was getting dizzy, blood was not reaching her head nearly as well as she needed, and it was like the worst vertigo ever…or not unlike some trippy drug, Ellen decided that she actually didn’t mind the interesting feeling. She didn’t mind much….she didn’t FEEL much of anything, she realized. So this was what dying felt like, this wasn’t bad at all. Ellen felt her diaper get warm, then there was a growing light that filled her vision, a rushing sound…then silence.

Luna watched the beautiful dance; she watched Ellen’s face turn red, then purple. She watched the pull-up turn yellow and swell a little, and she watched as all traces of life left her. And when it was over, she saw that Ellen still had a smile on her face. She got up, brushed Ellen’s cheek, already cooling in the chilly room. She kissed those soft lips one more time, then got dressed and left for home. Ellen had been exactly what she needed to break out of her depression, and Luna was grateful, but Ellen was one Clone, there would be more and Luna looked forward to playing with them.


also, since i can't edit posts, special thanks to my friends who read through it for me and gave feedback, and to the authors of the stories that motivated me. School Selections in particular was a HUGE influence <3


would LOVE feedback! <3


I love the premise, but I'm more into the noncon/violent side of things, so I'd like to see what happens yo the clones left for the second group


Thank you, I'm so glad you like the premise! I'm no good at combat/murder type things, and my default is at least semicon, but I am definitely going to have some different degrees of non-con in the next update or two <3


Love it, but would be better without diapers. Thanks for Posting. Please continue with it.


This is great stuff. I like the reluctant/consensual snuff most, even if asphyxiation isn't really my thing. Looking forward to more.


thank you all! Really loving that people love it. I like diapers in small doses, so they will pop up from time to time, not a constant thing, mostly for what I call 'soft' hangings, like what Ellen got, quick and not overly painful, the gentle kind. I'm going to play with methods of killing and how they take it. basically if it's not in the intro as something that I don't want to do, assume it will be in at some point. The next chapter in underway :) <3


So what happens to Nobles who decide they're tired of endless life? Are there any who would like to reverse the scenario with a Clone? :>


I think they went well with the soft cuddly snuff, but would be pretty out of place if theres harder stuff


I think they went well with the soft cuddly snuff, but would be pretty out of place if theres harder stuff


I'm personally attracted to stories where the person dying wants it and enjoys it, preferably intermixed with sex. More attention to the experience of dying would be appreciated. Love the world concept.


I could see a Noble choosing to get snuffed, only way out when you could otherwise be stuff living almost forever. I'll give it some thought :)

There will be harder deaths, those who don't want it, those who even resist, and Nobles who enjoy inflicting pain, but with Nobles just being allowed to do ANYTHING to a Clone, it does limit that, I don't go for more murder vibes, but I definitely don't want all to be happy

Most of the deaths will be about the killing just because it is so casual to the Nobles, but I do have one that I think you will love planned at some point

Thank you all SO much for the feedback! I'm well underway with the next section, and I have gotten ideas for a lot more <3


Next section, hopefully it tickles a few fancies that the last one didn't. Brainstorming to continue where it leaves off, but it may be a while due to life :) Enjoy! <3

Luna got back to her home, following a gym detour to work off her arousal from the hanging, and she was exhausted, every muscle in her body was sore, most were knotted. With a deep sigh, she pulled off her top, went to the fridge for a beer, and sat on the couch, mentally kicking herself for not stretching before her workout, especially after an already long and physically intense day. She downed the beer in moments, then heard soft footsteps behind her. Luna smiled as petite hands found her shoulders, working them with a gentle and talented touch of someone who had worked sore muscles many time, and knew exactly what her patient and lover enjoyed.

Luna leaned back, and Emma kissed her upside down. The slender girl was a Clone of Emma Watson, physically aged 25. She wasn’t a Noble, but Emma had been able to graduate from university, and had met Luna shortly after. She had been looking for employment as the personal assistant of a Noble, as this was a highly sought-after job, with benefits like a reliable home, and that no Noble would be so rude as to kill the household employee of another, at least without permission. Luna had agreed to give Emma a shot, warning her that if she wasn’t satisfied, Emma would wish she had never knocked on the door. As it happened, Emma was an exceptionally talented assistant, and Luna wasn’t very demanding at all as far as Nobles went. Luna just wanted Emma to have dinner ready when she got home every night, and to plan small dinner parties Luna hosted from time to time for other Nobles. This arrangement left Emma with a lot of time, so she had also taken up a position teaching math at a local school.

They had gradually fallen in love, Emma in a more submissive and devoted sense, and Luna in a protective ‘you won’t last forever, but for now, you are mine and you are dear to me’ sort of way. Luna would have Emma killed at some point, but the Noble had grown fond of her and was in no hurry. Emma had lived with Luna for nearly five years, and in that time she had made only one request that she had felt REALLY strongly about. As a Clone, Emma had no right to demand anything, and Luna had absolute power, but her death mattered to her. When her time came, Emma had asked that Luna do it herself, with her own hands. But for now, none of these things mattered. Emma was here, the lights were off, and Luna just wanted the quiet, unconditional love that the younger girl provided.

Emma came around to the front of the couch, and Luna tugged her hand, pulling the smiling girl onto the couch and into her arms. They kissed, and Luna squeezed Emma’s smallish, incredibly perky breasts a little bit, but she was too tired to be horny. Her muscles were unwinding nicely, Emma had that effect, it was hard to be tense when she was there. Luna pulled off Emma’s shirt so their bare torsos could touch, then she wrapped the two of them in in a blanket and just held her lover in her arms until sleep claimed her.

Emma was gone when Luna woke the next morning, she had left a bowl of freshly cut fruit on the table, Luna’s favorite breakfast, she felt that it was better to leave meat for the later meals, it didn’t sit well in her stomach first thing in the morning. Luna smiled as she read the note next to the bowl

I’m off to work, you looked to peaceful there on the couch, I didn’t want to wake you up to say goodbye.
Don’t forget, you have that lunch with the Robertson’s at 3. Their daughter Susan failed her Full Citizenship exam and lost her Noble status, so they are hanging and grilling her, so don’t be late! I’ll see you when that is over.
Love you!

Luna sighed, she had forgotten. Nobles were usually safe from culling, but at 16, each was required to take a test, pass and you were a Noble in full, fail and you were an Omega, a former Noble with basically the status of a Clone. Most families opted to kill Omegas soon after the test, as punishment and to remove the stain from the family reputation. Luna wanted nothing more than to watch a mindless action movie, but she did like Ira and Glen Robertson. She went to get cleaned up, idly wondering if they would give Susan a quick death or cut her one bite sized slice at a time.

Across town, Emma was teaching her class. They were 4th year students, all female, all Clones. The growth tank meant that they could be aged to any point before they were ‘born’, so while the students were all in their fourth year of education, they varied in physical age from 11 to 24 years old, some Clones of celebrities, some designed, and some randomly generated. Emma had just finished teaching them about Ellen, Gimli, and Nixon, the woman who had perfected cloning, and the first two presidents of the reformed society, more than 600 years previously. As she wrapped up the lesson, Emma took a stack of papers from her desk, and the room grew quiet. Every Friday, the students took a test on the lessons of the week, Emma graded them over the weekend, and on Monday, the students with the three lowest scores on the Friday quiz were culled.

Around the room, there were a spit, a guillotine, which the school felt presented a better image than Loppers, and a spit. Emma would announce the three condemned students from highest failing score to lowest, and the students would choose the method of their deaths in that order. The spit was slow, and exceptionally painful, the girl who was subjected to it would often need to be almost fully impaled, dying from internal bleeding before her heart gave out. Unsurprisingly, Emma in three years at the school had only seen a girl who did not have the absolute lowest score choose the spit twice, once because it was the student’s greatest fetish, and once by the #2, who knew her best friend was #3 and wanted to spare her from that.

Emma looked at her gradebook, girls who frequently had failing grades were very tense. Only the three lowest would be terminated today, having a failing grade wasn’t an automatic death sentence, they had until the end of the quarter to be passing overall, but it wasn’t a good sign. Emma consulted her grade book, then informed the class ‘The student with the 3rd lowest score, the lowest who will be killed today is…..Brianna H, with a score of 52%, stand on up Brianna. You know the drill, come up to the front of the room, strip down, fold you uniform neatly and put them in the box to be assigned to another girl next year, if you didn’t use the bathroom before class, put on one of the pull-ups on my desk, then go stand by the device you choose to die at.’

Emma smiled throughout her instructions, she wasn’t upset with her student, someone had to be the lowest. Death came meaninglessly for most Clones, this was just practical, hardly even considered a punishment by society. Only the spit was a punishment, it was deliberately more painful than the other methods to motivate students to not be THE lowest, it discouraged laziness. Society taught them that they had plenty of resources, the world would always improve as long as people tried, even if there were setbacks. Failure was another chance to learn, or have your death teach others, it was only an unwillingness to try that was considered unacceptable. If a student left a question blank on a test, they would not be one of the three, they would be thrown into a cell and left to starve. They made no effort for society, and society made no effort for them…….it very rarely happened, Emma had never had a student leave a question blank.

Price of Failure

Upon hearing her name, Brianna started to tremble. A Clone of Brianna Hildebrand from the 21st century Deadpool movie, Brianna was 5’2, 110 pounds, with 34B tits and dark brown hair that she kept just barely longer than a buzz cut. She had tried to act tough and cool throughout school, but right at that moment, she was just another scared little girl. She stood on shaky legs, biting her lip, her mind racing

‘oh shit, oh shit, oh shit….pull yourself together Brianna! Ok, deep breath. You knew that graduation wasn’t going to happen, you barely passed last year. Besides, it could be so much worse, Miss Emma is nice. She’s letting you pick how you die, and she usually gives the girls at least a kiss before termination. Never seen her torment anyone…..ok, just gotta keep it together for a couple minutes and nobody will ever have seen you cry.’

Brianna made her way to the front of the room, fighting to control her trembling…and feeling a bit tingly. She realized as she unbuttoned her school shirt that once she had accepted her fate, the idea on her class seeing her die naked had really started to turn her on. She removed the white shirt, standing there in a red sport bra. The school uniform was the top layer of clothing, underneath was up to the girls. Being a runner without much interest in getting attention, and with precious little cleavage for drawing attention no matter WHAT she wore, Brianna had opted for the soft and breathable sports bra, it felt good for her. She folded the shirt and placed it in the box Miss Emma had provided. She pulled the bra over her head and placed it in the box as well, only then realizing that she was now topless in front of her class, with VERY hard nipples. A moment ago, the idea of being nude here had aroused her, now she was terrified. If a classmate laughed at her, Brianna didn’t know what it would do to her composure.
Seeing the distress of her student, Emma cleared her throat

‘Brianna is clearly highly aroused and conflicted right now. I have seen more girls die than I could possibly count, and I assure you Brianna, and the rest of you when your time comes, whatever you find yourself feeling in this position is COMPLETELY natural, no matter what you felt about death before or how it matches who you think you are, and if anyone feels the urge to shame Brianna, go right ahead….it’s really very easy to set up the spitting machine for multiple consecutive impalings. Please continue Brianna, we have some time right now, but there ARE at least 2 other girls who will be terminated after yourself’

Brianna nodded, still scared to die, but less concerned about her other worries ‘thank you Miss’ she said softly as she shed and folded the rest of her clothes. Her pussy was wet with arousal, and she blushed crimson, but none of her classmates commented. None of them knew who had the lowest grade, and even if the other girls who were going to die had a decent idea who they were, none of even those were willing to needlessly go to the chair. Brianna considered slipping on the pull-up, it offered some shred of covering, if not dignity, but she really didn’t care for how it had looked on other girls, so she opted not to, she HAD used the restroom. She went to stand by the guillotine.

Emma came on over, grabbing the plank from its spot leaning on the wall. She set it in position and motioned for Brianna to lie on it, face up. Brianna looked at the plank and started to cry, she couldn’t help it, but she didn’t resist. She turned around, quiet tears running down her cheeks, and she allowed Emma to position her on the plank and get her strapped in. The heavy leather straps and steel buckles over her ankles and just below her breasts carried an awful weight and finality to them. Emma produced a pair of handcuffs, locking them on the little girl before sliding her into place, closing the lunette. Brianna’s chest was heaving at this point, she was quiet except for her heavy breathing, but she was definitely quietly sobbing.

Emma knelt down, rubbing Brianna’s toned belly, speaking softly ‘shh, honey just relax. You don’t need to worry, maybe you should have worried while you studied for the quiz, but it’s simple now. One quick click, the blade comes down, and your life is just over. It hurts for less than a minute.’

Brianna cried out in horror ‘a MINUTE????? I thought it would just be immediate, what do you mean a….swishh!!’

As the child was having her panic attack, Emma triggered the device. The heavy blade was unlocked and slid quickly down the track. Brianna’s tender neck provided no obstacle at all. There was a heavy thunk as the blade came to rest, then a softer thump as Brianna’s head landed in the basket. Her now roughly 4’6 corpse jerked hard. The plank slid back and tilted down automatically, allowing the blood to flow out the stump of her neck and down the grate under the guillotine. Her body continued to shiver and twitch for several seconds, fingers and toes wiggling, the movement intensified my pills schoolgirls were given to improve the show during terminations.

In the basket, Brianna’s head was still alert. The pain in her neck was intense, but it paled to her panic. Brianna blinked, tried to scream, but she couldn’t work her mouth, and she no longer had her lungs or vocal cords. Without lungs….one thought flooded her mind ‘OH GOD, I CAN’T BREATHE! OH GOD, MOMMY!’ Brianna was so consumed with the horror of realizing that she might asphyxiate, that she hardly noticed the darkness at the edge of her vision. Her thoughts became unfocused, which was itself deeply unsettling and scary, and if Brianna had noticed, her death nearly a minute after her head came off, and the oblivion it brought would have come as salvation.
Emma looked through her gradebook.

‘Okay, who is up next?’


It's an interesting premise, but like others here, I have difficulty with the pull-up/diaper concept. If you continue with it, great. Many people seem to like it. I will not follow, however. It kind of turns me off.

That aside, the technical aspect of your writing is good. There are some grammatical errors, but the story is solid. Good job.


I'm liking it so far.


I loved the panic attack and the fear at the end, more like that please :)


Oh great, another writer with a fucking diaper fetish.


Hi, welcome to GuroChan, where we cater to a WIDE variety of fucked up fetishes. If you don't like a few of them, that's fine, but shut the FUCK up with complaining about it. Just move on to a different story.

Full disclosure: I'm not a fan of diapers either. I'm also not a fan of asphyxiation, as I think it's a bit too... mundane. But I won't go bitching about it on every story that crops up. That's asinine and sophomoric.

We're all berated and attacked for these sorts of fetishes. This is a place we go to actually enjoy them. Let people have their fetish and move on to find your own. Don't be a part of the problem.


>Around the room, there were a spit, a guillotine, which the school felt presented a better image than Loppers, and a spit. >Unsurprisingly, Emma in three years at the school had only seen a girl who did not have the absolute lowest score choose the spit twice, once because it was the student’s greatest fetish, and once by the #2, who knew her best friend was #3 and wanted to spare her from that.
Did you mean to write another method of death, because the latter quote suggests that only one student is killed via impalement.




Well, that was fantastic. I like the casual attitude, the details, but also the acceptance of allowing loving relationships. It was sweet. Thank you.


I hope in more sex and more sex related violence...


What if we get a chapter set on Luna's birthday in which she decides she wants to experience a mosh pit?

Except of course this is a different time, and her idea of a mosh pit winds up being an orgy with clones of her favorite singers/pop stars who, after a good while of fucking, willingly slit their torsos and leave her with a hot tub full of blood and guts.

She and "Emma" then wind down the night making love in the mess and when Luna notices the blood and guts starting to cool down, Emma offers one more supply of warm innards...


To those of you who left positive or constructive comments, THANK YOU!! They are greatly appreciated and will be taken into account moving forward (yes, I am trying to motivate to write more)

To those of you who can read a story that ran a full 6 pages, with world building, relationships and emotions, and come away with 'boo! diapers, boo!!' kindly bug right off *big friendly smile*. I find them a little bit cute, only for certain types of death, quite aside from the practical use. They are not part of every section I plan to write, but I WILL include them as I please.

To the friend who pointed out the second spit, whoops! one of those was meant to be a noose.

To the friend who had the mosh pit idea....I am not really a fan of guts or significant gore....but the birthday premise and a fairly similar tone to what you suggested is actually one of the things i have half written :)

I hope to have the next bit written and up by the end of the week. love you all! *blows little kisses* <3




this is fun! is the author still writing?




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