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Anna hovered over her seemingly lifeless wife, her long dark brown hair hanging down and into her wife's face.

"I love you, Aurora." She whispered as she leaned down to deliver a soft and gentle kiss to her wife's blue lips, which did not return the affection.

Aurora's long strawberry blonde hair laid spread out over the bed, except her bangs that were a mess across her face, which Anna gently moved aside.

Anna proceeded to kiss Aurora's neck, biting and nibbling as she went, slowly making her way down Aurora's chest. As she twisted Aurora's nipples, she could feel they were rock solid and knew her wife was incredibly horny. She moved on
and continued to go down Aurora's body, giving affection every second.

Finally, she arrived down where Aurora was wet and yearning for her. Anna massaged Aurora's clit, then gave it a quick peck, and started to finger her precious, lifeless-like wife.

Aurora didn't pull or invite Anna inside of her in the slightest. She just laid there, unmoving.

After awhile, Aurora couldn't hold it back any longer and let out an adorable and quiet moan, biting her lips and feeling embarassed.

Anna came back up, and gave her wife a passionate kiss. As they parted their lips and she smiled and said, "I love how excited and turned on you get when you play dead. It's so adrorable." She then wiped the blue away from Aurora's lips, which was just eye shadow that they had put on to make her look a little more cold and lifeless.

Aurora gave Anna another kiss, as her green eyes meet Anna's grey-ish blue eyes, both staring in awe and both sleepy and in pure ecstascy. The two of them cuddled together as they slowly started to fall asleep.

Anna whisperied right before they passed out, "I don't want you to ever actually die though... You make an adorable corpse, but I'd be heartbroken if you ever died... as much as I know you love it. Don't ever die for real, okay?"

Aurora responded with a kiss and said, "Never. I love you too much to die. You know that." Aurora gave Anna another kiss, and they both passed out in each other's arms, both happier than ever.

Anna woke up and hopped in the shower, then started to get dressed for work. She put on black tights, an adorable pastel purple dress that just went just barely below her hips, and then put on matching pastel purple rubber boots. She was a little nervous for today, as it was her first day at her new job.

She woke Aurora up, giving her a kiss to start the day, and then reminded her "You have that wedding to go to today, don't you? You need to interview the owners of the new chapel or else your editor is going to be pissed."

Aurora slowly got up, "I don't want to...I want to stay here with you."

"I know... but we can't. It's important. And I start my new job today anyway. We can spend tonight together. It'll seem like no time at all." Anna said as she put on her makeup.

Aurora had a gleam leave her eyes, "why are you working as a mortician anyway? You loved your old job so much, and don't you hate the idea of working on dead bodies?"

Anna let out a small sigh, "Because it pays so much better than my old job. And I'm not just a mortician, I'm a medical examiner too. I do have my Ph.D afterall, I'm not going to waste it just dressing corpses and doing their makeup and making them look all pretty. That just comes with it after I've determined their cause of death and done any required autopsies."

Aurora tilted her head in bewilderment, "don't they usually hire two different people for that?"

"Yes, they do." Anna said as she did the finishing touches to her make up, "but this way they only have to pay one person, and since I can do both it works out better. It also means I get paid more. Not enough people have been dying around here anyway to warrant the extra people working. It sounds like it'll be rare for me to have to do more than a few bodies a day. Now go get ready for the wedding."

Anna gave Aurora a kiss as she started to leave for work, "have a good day! And don't forget to shower! Are you going to wear the new outfit I got you? I think it'd be perfect."

"I am! I'll make sure to stay in it too for when you get home ?" Aurora said with a slight mischievous smile. "I love you! I can't wait to hear all about your day!"

Aurora hopped in the shower and started to get ready as Anna left through the door to her first day of work. After she dried herself off she put on her silky white panties and a cute white bra that had a flower design on it. She then put on a short, tight, white skirt and her white stockings going right up to her thighs, which she adorned them with a silver ribbon on the top of the left one. The skirt was just to help her feel more secure, as she put on a gorgeous dress which covered it, although just barely as the dress was also rather short.

It was sleeveless and tight from the waist up, white and with a gold trim, and a long silver ribbon laced around her neck which fell to both sides of her inner chest. The bottom was not quite as tight, as it flared out quite noticeably and had a line of silver ribbon near the bottom, trimmed by white frills. Two very large white ribbons flowed behind her, going just beyond her knees.

After doing her makeup, she then slipped into her white ankle boots and put on her gloves, also white, and with a bow on each wrist, and frilly cuffs that flared out.

She felt awkward wearing so much white to a wedding, but the bride had specifically requested that everyone was to wear only pink, blue, or white, and Aurora did feel beautiful in this outfit, so she wasn't going to complain. She put a white rose in her hair and left through the door, off to the wedding.

She had arrived at the sanctum, this was the first wedding being held in it, and it was magnificent and huge. The walls and floor were all pure white marble, and there was clear sky blue water everywhere. Where you may normally expect halls, there were instead rows of water lining the paths to guide you along.

Aurora was to interview the owner of it as soon as the wedding came to a close, who had promised her that he would be there. When she entered the sanctum, one of the bridesmaids came up to her and asked, "Do you think you could come to the restroom with me real fast...? I need some help with my dress."

"Yeah, no problem!" Aurora replied, with an innocent smile on her face. She knew today was going to be a good day. She could feel it. The bridesmaid's chestnut hair was about the same length as Anna's, which made Aurora start to think of all of the cuddling the two of them were going to do when she got back, and hopefully all of the sex as well. She could feel her panties getting wet at the thought, and quickly came back to reality to get her mind off of it. "Lead the way! I'm not exactly sure where the restroom is" she giggled excitedly, still thinking of her time with Anna tonight.

Aurora followed the bridesmaid to the restroom, "what can I do to help? Is everything okay?"

"I just need help unzipping my dress is all."

Aurora unzipped the back of the bridesmaid's sky blue dress, which was long enough to fall just beyond the girl's knees.

"Why do you need to take off your dress anyway?" Aurora asked as she looked at the bridesmaid's beautiful sky blue heels.

"I need to take off my corset... It's too tight, and I just found out I'm going to be having to bend down a lot and probably go through a bit of struggle soon..." the bridesmaid replied, with a bit of anxiety in her voice.

Aurora had thought this was a weird statement and wondered for a brief moment what kind of work a bridesmaid could possibly have to do that involved struggling or bending down, but she didn't question it. Her mind quickly moved away from the topic and back to the anticipation for being with Anna tonight. The sanctum bell rang as the bridesmaid was removing her corset, which snapped Aurora into reality once more.

"The ceremony's starting! We're going to be late!" she squeeled.

Aurora started to run towards the ceremony room before she heard the bridesmaid cry out for her to wait.

"Can we go together, please?" The bridesmaid asked as she managed to catch up to Aurora.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry! Of course!"

"I can't run my heels very well though..." replied the bridesmaid. "Is it okay if we walk?"

"Yeah, of course! Let's try to hurry though."

Shortly after though, the bridesmaid stopped and said "I know we're in a hurry,
but you need to see this really fast." pointing down at the water in a fountain they had just passed.

Aurora looked down, "I don't see anything."

The bridesmaid came closer to her and leaned down, "here, if you get on your knees and look down you can see it. Like this."

Aurora did as she was instructed, but her eyes widened in horror and surprise as
she felt a huge amount of pressure behind her head and neck, and before she knew it her face was in the water.

The bridesmaid was holding Aurora's hair back to make sure it didn't get wet, as she used all of her force to keep Aurora in the water.

Aurora struggled and flailed about, her heart racing in fear. She had never been so terrified in her entire life. She had no idea what was going on. She felt her chest burning as she continually gasped water into her lungs.

She kicked in her brand new white boots that Anna had gotten for her, but the longer she stayed in there the weaker her kicking got.

As Aurora's legs grew too tired to kick with any effectiveness, her instincts switched over to her hands. She grasped aimlessly at the air; hoping for something to grab on to - anything.

Her hands finally managed to find the rim of the fountain, which she used to try
and push herself up. It was no use though. The bridesmaid was already stronger than her, and Aurora's strength was fleeting rapidly.

As she continued to struggle, it became hard to gather even the strength to clench her fists. Her hands slowly gave up and fell to her side.

Soon, it became nothing more than her delicate feet twitching as she used the last of her strength to cry into the water, realizing she would never feel Anna's warm embrace again.

She gasped for air, but got no more than another mouthful of water and exhaled her final breath.

Her body came to a halt, twitching only occasionally as her muscles spasmed. Her green eyes wide open and glazing over as the last of their light drift away into the water as it washed away her tears and her lips gently parting just enough to show her pure white front teeth.

Aurora's head jerked back as the bridesmaid pulled her limp, lifeless body out of the water and set her down on the pathway as every one of her limbs moved without cause.

Aurora's makeup must have been very high quality, as the only thing that had
smeared even a little bit was her eyeliner, which was just slightly smudged enough to make it look like black tears.

"What did she see in you?" The bridesmaid asked Aurora's corpse, which was now staring lifelessly at the ceiling to the sanctum. "She told me she didn't even
like women... yet she got with you? What in the world's so special about you of all people? The only thing you're good for is that pathetic expression on your
face and the laugh you gave me for your hilariously pitiful attempt at survival."

The bridesmaid suddenly realized how long she had been missing and how late she must be for the ceremony. The bride was sure to be livid, and if the bridesmaid didn't get there soon she knew she would be the prime suspect in Aurora's murder.

She quickly debated if she should find a way to dispose of the corpse, as she looked at the strawberry blonde hair that lay across the floor. However, she soon came to the conclusion that any way of hiding the dumb bitch's body would not be fruitful enough to clear her name, and that the best course of action was to get back to the ceremony as soon as possible and hope that someone else would be blamed for the deceased reporter.

She rushed back as fast as she could, but tripped on her heel and fell off the edge of the walkway and in to the water, giving out a terrified gasp as she hit her head on the side of the canal. She passed out and floated aimlessly in her sky blue dress and matching heels, until she drowned while still unconscious. Her entire body was carried by the gentle tide of the water, and her lips turned blue and slowly parted as the life left her body, although her eyes remained closed. Her brown hair covered a large amount of her upper body, as it spread in the water. She drifted with the stream until well after the ceremony was over, and the crowd started to disperse.

Suddenly there was a scream that everyone could hear throughout the sanctum. The flower girl had discovered the dead bridesmaid and soon there wasn't a soul in the building who didn't know about it.

A man jumped into the water, and fished out her corpse, placing her on the ground. He could easily tell she had been dead for awhile now, but he checked for a pulse anyway - not surprised as he felt nothing.

It wasn't long after that an ambulance had arrived. A few paramedics arrived, checked the bridesmaids vitals, and pronounced her dead on the scene. They lifted her body into a white body bag. As she lie lifelessly in the bag, one of the paramedics slowly started to zip her up. He stared at her lifeless expression and wondered how this happened to her as he heard the sound of the zipper covering her from her feet up. She was placed on a metal gurney and put in the ambulance.

Right as they were about to leave and take her to the morgue, they heard another scream and quickly discovered the deceased Aurora's cold, and lifeless corpse.

The paramedics were greeted this time with a slightly more gruesome image, as Aurora's eyes lay open and filled with horror; glazed and barren of any emotion other than the obvious fear she had faced as she met her demise. Unlike the bridesmaid, she had evident signs of struggle.

The paramedics pronounced her dead, just as they had done with the bridesmaid, and placed a body bag next to her corpse.

"Hey, we're going to get the ambulance ready so you can take care of this one alright?" One of the paramedics said to his colleague.

"Yeah, no problem."

Since he had to load Aurora's lifeless body into the bag by himself, he went about the process a bit differently than with the bridesmaid. Rather than just lifting up her corpse and placing her inside, he grasped a hold of both of her ankles and slightly lifted her feet into the air as he placed them into the bag first; leaving her corpse slightly askew and bent at the hip. He then placed her hands on her chest and lifted up her head, as he straightened her corpse out into the body bag; her body not resisting in even the slightest amount.

As he was supposed to be zipping her up, he got lost in daydreams as he looked at her teeth poking out of her mouth and found himself suddenly rock solid. He had never been so turned on in his life, and he wasn't sure why. He never had a thing for dead girls, but something about this sight just turned him on so much. But, there were people around and he knew he couldn't get away with much. He managed to grope her pussy, which quivered and bounced with more life than any other part of Aurora, but he had wasn't able to do anything else.

The paramedic knew he had to take her to the morgue, so he started to zip up the body bag. However, he couldn't bare to tear his eyes away from her cute, adorable, motionless, and defeated body. He zipped her up as slowly as he could possibly get away with, watching as her feet disappeared into the bag... and then her knees, followed by her thighs and the pussy he had just groped...all slowly disappearing into this bag that would be her new home for a short while. He knew he would never see her again. He'd load her into the morgue, not get to open the bag, and just wait for the coroner or medical examiner to finish the job. He continued to zip her up, watching as her belly and breasts disappeared into the void. As he got to her neck, he stopped. He gazed down at Aurora's cold face and made sure to savor and remember exactly what she looked like so that he could please himself as soon as he got home.

Finally, he had no choice but to zip up the bag entirely, and put her in the ambulance. The only times Aurora would ever be able to move again would be with each bump in the pavement, causing her cold, limp body to respond with absolutely no resistance. Especially her feet, which were still pointing upwards just enough to give some extra movement at each bump, although her face also had a little bit of fun as her fearful dead eyes and parted blue lips were forced to move with each and every jerk of her head.

Other than these slight movements, the only other time she would be able to move would be when whoever was at the morgue did her autopsy and laid her to rest. Her life had already come to an end, and soon so would her corpse, after which she would inevitably become forgotten.

As the ambulance made it's way to the morgue, the two corpses swayed and jerked in their body bags with each bump in the road, and each turn that the driver made. Finally, they had arrived and were both unloaded into the morgue.

Anna came to receive the bodies, still in her pastel purple dress, black tights, and matching pastel boots as the paramedics told her "You have two females who appear to have been in their early 20s."

Immediately, Anna's interested peaked and she was incredibly excited to get to work on these two. She had just worked on two different males, and wanted a change of pace.

"Alright, I'll get them all taken care of!" Anna responded as the paramedics and ambulance left.

Anna went and unzipped the body bag that held the bridesmaid inside. "Ooohh, you're pretty cute!" Anna said to the lifeless body, completely unaware that it she had actually at one point known this lady. The bridesmaid had been so immemorable to Anna that her face didn't look even the slightest bit familiar. "Your dress is pretty cute too! And your heels! Aurora is sure to love this."

Anna quickly rushed to get her camera to take a picture of the dead bridesmaid.
"Aurora is going to be so wet when I show her these pictures." Anna thought to herself as she snapped several pictures of the dead woman she had rejected in the past.

Anna undressed the bridesmaid and started gathering information on her, which she then wrote down on a toe tag. She included approximate age, hair color, weight, height, and sex. She left cause of death blank for the time being and started to conduct the autopsy. Anna continued to take pictures of the dead bridesmaid as she performed the autopsy, making sure to have a nice assortment ready to show Aurora tonight. She concluded that the cause of death was drowning, and wrote that onto the girl's toe tag. She took a few more pictures, and then placed the bridesmaid into one of the empty freezers for preservation.

Anna only had one more body to take care of before she was able to go home, which she could not wait for. She was already quite exhausted, and wanted nothing more than to hold Aurora close and see her reaction as she showed her the pictures. She only hoped that whoever was in the final body bag was at least as cute as the bridesmaid was.

She made sure she had her camera ready as she started to unzip and open the bag. Anna remembered how much Aurora liked seeing the corpses still in the body bag, and decided since she had forgotten with the bridesmaid, that she would make sure to take a picture of this person's head sticking out of the bag, and continuously take more as she would start to unzip. However, as soon as the head was visible, Anna dropped the camera and let out a sound that could only be described as a mixture of both a gasp and a hiccup. Her eyes widened in horror as she saw Aurora's pale face and glazed eyes stare into nothingness, standing in shock for well over a minute; trying to process what she was looking at. Still in shock, Anna's body started to unzip the bag further. She was still processing everything, and her body's reaction was to just keep working while it all processed. She very slowly unzipped the body bag until Aurora's corpse was fully visible. Still unable to think, Anna reached for her camera and took a few pictures of her beloved's dead body - not being able to register yet that she would never be able to show these pictures to her now dead wife.

Finally, Anna snapped and she collapsed on top of Aurora in tears. Just crying into Aurora's chest, lost on how to proceed. After crying for what felt like an eternity, Anna got up, wiped away her tears, and pulled herself together the best she could. She remembered how much Aurora loved the thought of dying, and how Aurora had been waiting for this moment all her life. Anna was never able to understand why Aurora wanted this so much, especially since the fact of her being dead meant she was unable to enjoy anything done to her. Still, she knew that this moment meant a lot to Aurora - even if she would never know what happened.

Anna kissed Aurora's unmoving cold lips for what seemed like an eternity. She caressed Aurora's hair while staring at her, and deciding she had to get to work. She knew Aurora had been looking forward to this, and wanted to make sure it was better than she could have ever imagined. Anna wanted to give her the best postmortem experience any corpse ever had. Anna played with Aurora's body a little bit - only due to knowing she would have wanted it. Anna watched as Aurora's head swayed from side to side with only the slightest of touches, how her hands immediately fell back to the cold steel table every time Anna would pick up her hands just to drop them.

Anna wanted to close Aurora's eyes to let her rest peacefully, but also couldn't bear the thought of not seeing those green eyes again. She decided to leave them open while she began to strip Aurora's lifeless body - even though they were filled with the obvious fear that Aurora had experienced during her last moments. Anna first removed the gloves from her limp wife's hands, then slowly slipped off Aurora's boots, and watched as her feet jiggled a bit as an after effect. She then slipped off Aurora's tights, which she knew she was supposed to cut off instead. However, Anna wanted to keep this outfit. Aurora loved it so much, and Anna could not bear the thought of losing it, and she felt Aurora would prefer to have them slipped off anyway - as more of a sensual experience than being cut off. After the tights came off, Aurora's bare feet and legs were exposed to the steel table as Anna proceeded to work Aurora's body out of her dress. With a bit of effort, Anna finally managed to slip the dress off. She took the flower out of her deceased wife's hair and took a moment to look at Aurora's body which was now only wearing her bra and panties. Although, there was a bit of a stain on her panties. Anna immediately knew that it was from the body defecating since her muscles had stopped working. She wondered if Aurora would have been embarrassed by this or not, but decided that since it was a very natural and common occurrence in death, that Aurora would probably have been okay with it. Anna removed Aurora's bra gently and then decided to very carefully strip her of her stained panties. Anna then wiped Aurora clean of any remaining fecal matter and urine, leaving her bare vagina exposed.

This hit Anna hard, as it reminded her how turned on Aurora would be if she knew all of this was happening to her. How wet her vagina would be.
Anna knew that Aurora would have loved to have been violated and taken advantage of following her demise, and while it was far from what Anna was in the mood for at the moment, she did want to honor Aurora's memory and do what would have her happy. It was Anna's way of coping with the situation that had befallen them.

She spread Aurora's legs out, bending them at the knee in order to expose her vagina as much as possible, and got on top of the table with her. Anna began to finger Aurora very gently, staring at her wife's cold face and lifeless gaze as Aurora's body rocked back and fourth. Anna leaned forward, massaging one of Aurora's perky breasts and pinching the nipple as she leaned in to give Aurora's unresponsive lips another kiss. As she did this, Anna stared into Aurora's eyes one last time before the pain became too much to bear. Anna knew she'd never get to see Aurora's eyes again, but seeing the fear and lifelessness in them was causing too much pain. Anna kissed each green eye and then slowly closed Aurora's eyes for the last time.

Now that Aurora's eyes weren't there to haunt her, Anna got to work on pleasuring her wife's corpse. She licked Aurora's vagina and ate her out, licking Aurora's clit and sucking inside of her unresponsive and dry vagina. She went back to fingering Aurora and got a lot more into it than she had thought, which she realized as she came. She knew Aurora wouldn't orgasm since she was only a lifeless vessel now, but it never occurred to her that doing this would make herself orgasm. Anna let out a moan and moved up towards Aurora's face, laying her soaking pussy all over Aurora's lips, rubbing it against them and getting turned on by her unresponsive wife. Anna's sadness was starting to drift away from the pleasure and she decided to use Aurora's limp fingers to pleasure herself. She kissed two of Aurora's fingers before shoving them into her own vagina, which was now soaking wet from cumming. Anna always loved being fingered, but never imagined how amazing it would feel with lifeless and cold fingers. Finally, after cumming more times than she was able to keep track of, Anna decided it was time to start Aurora's autopsy and find out what had caused her wife to meet her demise.

Anna cleaned up Aurora's body, and her own body as well, and got to work. First she examined Aurora's pussy to see if there were any signs of rape or fowl play when she had realized all of what she had done may have erased any evidence. Still, she checked and managed to find no semen or anything else.

Anna placed a wooden block under her wife's back then proceeded to make a Y shaped incision on Aurora's chest, creating a new cavity in her body and exposing her organs. She had a feeling that her wife had drowned, judging by her lips and and a little bit of foam at the mouth, as well as her eye makeup being smeared. So right away Anna checked Aurora's lungs.

Sure enough, as Anna cut into her deceased love's lungs they were filled with water. It was obvious that Aurora had been drowned. Anna kissed Aurora on the lips again, and then started to fill out a toe tag.

Date: May 12, 2017 Case # 0004
Name: Aurora
Race: White Sex: Female
Cause of Death: Asphyxiation by Drowning

Anna placed the tag on Aurora, and gave her another kiss before closing up and covering Aurora's body and placing her in a freezer for storage. There was nothing else Anna could do for the time being other than embalm her beloved's corpse, but she was not up for that and knew the freezer would preserve her fine for now. She decided to go home and find what outfit she would be dressing her wife's body in for the funeral.

Anna searched through all of Aurora's clothes, in tears the entire time as each outfit brought back memories of their time together. She finally came upon an adorable blue satin dress that Aurora always loved to wear when she wanted to feel exceptionally cute, which fell just beyond her knees, and she even had matching flats with ribbons that laced up the top of the feet and all the way to just above the ankle.

Anna thought about how well the color would match Aurora's now blue lips, which she had decided not to cover with makeup for the funeral since Aurora always loved the idea of having very lifeless lips. Anna knew that usually for funeral preparation the goal was to make the deceased look as alive as possible, but also knew that is not what she would be doing for her wife since her wife had always wanted to be a corpse. She knew she would be making Aurora look as dead as possible while also looking as adorable as possible.

Anna set the outfit aside for tomorrow and attempted to go to sleep. However, she was haunted with thoughts of her wife. Anna was very nice and warm and cozy, but she knew Aurora was stuck in a stainless steel freezer which made her very uneasy. She missed the warmth of Aurora's body next to hers, and finally decided since Aurora was in a cold freezer, the only way she would be able to sleep that night would be by having all the windows open and making the house as cold as possible. Finally, after several hours of struggling, Anna managed to cry herself to sleep.

Anna woke up that morning and pulled herself together just enough to get to the morgue and finish off her wife's preparations. She pulled Aurora's corpse out of the freezer, and started to embalm her. She was too exhausted and emotionally drained at this point to do anything other than get the job done. Anna had thought of this moment in the past, never thinking it'd be a reality, and always imagined giving Aurora's body at least a kiss before embalming her. However, she just wanted the moment to be over with now. She did everything halfheartedly, but finally managed to drain all of Aurora's fluids and replaced them with embalming solutions.

Anna then began to dress Aurora in the outfit that she picked out last night. First she slipped the dress over Aurora's unresisting body, then placed the flats on her cold feet. Anna laced the ribbons up Aurora's ankle. She decided to skip putting makeup on Aurora, as she felt the best way to portray the lifelessness that her wife loved so much, while still maintaining her beauty, was to just leave her as is. Anna lifted her deceased wife's body into a coffin and buried her almost immediately. She held a funeral, but no one was invited, especially on such short notice, so it was just her there. Still, she had the casket open so that Aurora could be viewed, and she just stared for awhile at her wife, while taking everything in and still trying to process it. Finally, she gave Aurora a peck on the lips, closed the casket, and lowered the coffin into the ground - watching her love fade away forever.


This story's perfect. Loved the description of Aurora's dress and the drowning.


great story


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I love it when the feet writhe during drowning




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