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In the heart of Africa lies a huge swath of land still inhabited by primitive tribes. These tribesmen live off the land, and live as hunter gatherers. Passing down the traditions of how to stalk prey, and field dress animals. These people live much different lives then the western world, where most shop for meat in the Super market.

The Nagowee tribe is one of the fiercest of the region. For the past 100 years the tribe has been fighting for it’s very existence. On one side the western world has been encroaching on their resource rich homeland, and on the other a extremely bloody war had broken out with another indigenous tribe.

In this section of Africa the old rituals are still very much in place. It is the belief of all the tribes people that consuming your enemies, allows you to absorb their energy. A Chinese mining company bought the mineral rights for the native lands. They had sent out 10 expeditionary units, of engineers, and African fixers. All bringing, money and boxes of new technology to hope to bribe the Nagowee to allow the mining to proceed. Only one group ever made it back.

That evening the Nagowee feasted. Much laughter and dancing ensued, as the tribes people danced around in the clothing of the African fixers, and Chinese engineers. Stacks of crates containing smartphones, Apple laptops, reams of cash were stacked up. Mostly useless to this previously uncontacted tribe.

The children couldn’t stop popping by the pens where the surviving members of the expedition were being held. None of them had ever seen, a asian person before. They peeked around the corner, and giggled at the yellow skin, and small penises on the men. The biggest prize however was a white south African woman, who had organized the entire expedition.

Not ones to waste any time, the tribesmen herded the bound prisoners down to the river. Stripped off any remaining clothing and washed them all down thoroughly. Taking extra time on the genitals, and forcing digits plus cold river water up their anuses.

It is a Nagowee tradition to follow certain rituals before a feast. First the chief comes out and does his blessing, the women beat drums, and chant as the warriors all come in. Depending on the captive being man, woman, or child there are different protocols. Men are to be absolutely humiliated, women are to be defiled, and children are the biggest prize because you are eating your enemies future.

All the cleaned prisoners are brought into the main circle. Each one is laid down next to a raging fire pit.There is a pecking order to what happens next. The head of each family gets to oversee the preparation, and depending on your standing in the tribe you may get a less desirable prisoner. Some of the low families were standing around looking at the small Chinese packages looking a little jealous.

From here it is really up to the family to decide what happens. One of the families with a chinese engineers had the father cut right to the chase. Without any preperation he kneeled down taking the entire boyish penis, and scrotum into his mouth, and clamped down with his teeth, blood leaking from his mouth. The powerful young man braced his arms on the asian mans thighs, and demonstrated his virility by ripping the penis free in just 3 savage tugs. He satisfiedly met eyes with the asian engineer as he chewed and swallowed the mans penis raw. His family cauterize the ruined penis with a coal, and the man was flipped over, a long line of men lined up for a chance to bugger his asshole.

Some families like to use a bit more tact, and to share their prize amongst more then the father. One of the chiefs deputies got a higher pick from the prisoners. He opted to choose the African fixer, who was along to help negotiate with the tribe. He had picked up a few words in their dialect, and had been non stop pleading to cut a deal all day. The father was becoming annoyed, but he selected the man strictly for how endowed he was. Flaccid his penis was a minimum 10 inches long. The young women of the family had spent the day tormenting him. Suckling on his penis just to the edge of orgasm, laughing as they dipped his penis into their vaginas, and seeing how much they could take.

At this point he was delirious from the constant stimulus. The women new that this technique would produce more sperm in the testes, and lead to a juicer snack when they ate his manhood. The time had come so they tied a reed, around the base of his impressive member. They took dried grass, and built a huge pile over his penis. Grabbing a flaming log from the fire, they lit a huge raging inferno on the mans penis, the screams and begging became a bit unbearable as the mans penis roasted while still attached. The matriarch of the family, a quite rotund grandmother solved this problem by lowering her unwashed vagina onto the mans blubbering face. From beneath her thick thighs you could only hear his muffled screams. In a bid to hopefully help his fate, he extended his tongue into the smelly pussy, unwiped piss crystals greeted his probing.

10 minutes later the fire on the mans crotch had died down, and what was left was a perfectly red cock with crackly skin, still standing proud at 10 inches. The father went for first bite sucking the member into his mouth, and bitting the head, and first 2 inches off, he marveled in the taste of the thick member, as he savored his bite. The Grandmother went next, knowing that the men always go for the shaft, and miss the best part. With her now sopping wet vagina still grinding the mans face she leaned her head down, and took a testicle into her mouth. As she bit down, she felt the mans face tense with her vagina. confirming he still had some feeling in his cooked cock.

The chief had first dibs, and he chose the white woman. When cooking a woman there are obviously steps you need to take, since the good bits are on the inside. First step is always to gang rape her. This one was a firecracker and started the day kicking and biting. Now that it was evening the chiefs 20th son was just finishing pumping his load into the exotic white woman. Even with the black eyes, and busted lip she was the picture of beauty. The tribesmen delighted in the contrast of their dark black penises disappearing into the white waxed vagina. It was a special treat indeed.

As his penis slipped out so did a torrent of cum. The boys proud grandmother sucked his penis into her mouth tasting the seed of all of her grand sons, and then took a little taste of the gooey vagina slurping out just a ounce or two, of the cum pouring out.

The woman was on her hands and knees so that the cum would seep down lower into her, and season her vagina. The chief poked around the fire until he found just the right branch. This one was glowing with coals on the last 12 inches or so, and was about the right diameter, at 3 inches thick. The chief got into position. One of his sons held down each of her appendages, and he lined the hot stick up with her creamy pussy. The chief knew that this was a art. It is quit easy to burn a vagina so it is inedible. Cooking it still attached to the woman is quite hard with primitive implements. He started by branding her puffy outer lips. Making them sizzle until they were just slightly singed. If you want to save the lips the next part was the most important in his experience. You need to act fast and decisive because if the coals linger to long on the lips they burn off.

With one large swing back, he bared down, on the goey vagina. Burying all the coals and a extra inch up her cunt. The woman screamed bloody murder, adapting to the largest penetration of her life that happened to be on fire. The cruel women of the tribe continued to dump water, and slap her face to be sure she didn’t pass out. With that the king began to move the stick around inside her toasting her walls, and boiling the creamy cum into a tasty sauce. After 5 minutes she was ready.

The chief marveled at his work. From the exterior her vagina hardly looked cooked, it was just enough heat that her skin will easily tear away, but not enough to look burnt. Steam poured out of her pussy hole, and a tasty smell filled the air. The woman was moved over to a rock that slopes down, and presents her vagina at perfect chest level. 5 of the sons rushed up furiously pulling their puds, and one by one empty their loads into her cooked pussy.

The proud chief goes first, and with his strong fingers digs into her pudenda from the side, and breaks off a nice healthy size piece of cunt. Strings of the melted and fresh seed follow it away from her body and he places to tasty morsel into his mouth. This white cunt is the best thing he has ever tasted in his life. Just a explosion of flavor. Other family mebers begin to cue to get a taste. With authority the chief brushes them aside. He bears down, on the still pretty pussy with his teeth. Eyes rolling back with the flavor. He is a man possessed. He slurps bites and nibbles the cunt wanting to completely consume the delicious flavor. In the corner of his eye he sees his 7 year old grand daughter. His eyes move down to her pouty lower lips.

Without warning he grabs her, and forces her down below him. With no lube besides her excitement his penis busts into her body. His mouth is almost to the white womans cervix, and his long black cock is brushing his grand daughters. Moments later he exploded filling the young girl with seed, and collapse face covered in grease, and bits of cunt. A gaping hole where the woman cunt once was.

He slides out of his grand daughter, and his concerned doting mother comes to lap the cum seeping out of her sore vagina.

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