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War had been raging between rival kingdoms for years now. The dungeons were positively overflowing with prisoners, and word had just arrived from the frontlines that a rival city had fallen, and the troops were marching back with another large group of prisoners.

Generally when the city falls all the fighting age men would be slaughtered, and the troops would take the women, and rape a few for entertainment. The kings policy for decades had been to take in the remaining people, mostly farmers, and their families, and move them into the dungeons, and then dispatch them to other districts to fill jobs, and farm fields. By dispersing all the people randomly, they wouldn't have a chance to organize against the kingdom. They called him the kind King, because most others would just slaughter all the villagers. The problem was that with war on all sides, those who he sent out to farm would be slaughtered immediately, or captured by rival factions.

The problem was coming to a head since he was needing to feed these full dungeons, and his people, Resources were becoming scarce. People were surviving on rationed gruel. No one besides the bourgeois, had eaten any meat in months, and there was beginning to be discontent amongst the people. Now with another 1,000 families marching his way he needed to make some tough decisions.

He and his men took a trip to see the state of the dungeons, and ask the dungeon master if it was even possible to accommodate another 3-4,000 people.

The dungeons were built into a natural cave below the kingdom. All the people were held in a series of giant pens. Here the lived, and died like animals, fighting over scraps, and taking advantage of each other. The place smelled of waste sweat and misery. In years past when people were here for brief times it was no problem, a transition to a new, and often better life. At this point some people had been here for years.

On the top floor of the complex was the dungeon masters office. Here he had every matter of torture implement from racks, to chopping blocks. He had whole walls of neatly arranged iron implements like a black smith. Only difference being each one served a different purpose to bend someone to his will.

The dungeon master was probably the happiest man in all the kingdoms. He was actually highborn, but had been tapped by the King's father to be a investigator, and root out spies. As time went by he got a reputation for being able to get information out of people that no one else could through his brutality. Eventually he was promoted to running the entire complex. People would be sentenced to see him mostly for heinous, and treasonous crimes, no one ever came back out the door. He loved his work.

The King walked into the complex unannounced, and under the cover of night since the prison was such a contested issue. He had foregone his usual royal procession. He left his men to stand guard at the entrance to the caves, and make sure no one saw him there. As he came down the stairs he heard some blood curdling screams.

There in the middle of room was the dungeon master. He had a large table set up for dinner. A few loaves of the local bread, some fruits in a basket, and a pitcher of wine that was currently sloshing all over as he thrust his penis brutally in and out of a young girl. On both sides of the table with perfect view were two adults both chained naked standing to elaborate articulated posts. Their feet were secured at a wide stance, and their arms were out stretched forming a x. They were both screaming at the master to stop, but he kept on feeding his cock into the sore vagina of the young girl.

The King stopped in his tracks, he had every right to be here, but he felt like he should wait until the master got his rocks off before intruding. He silently stood on the landing looking on. As time went by he gleaned that the two captives were the girls parents.

The mother began losing all control, and had now just been reduced to high pitched shrieking. The dungeon master continued to brutally pound away, but the shrieking was beginning to annoy him. Finally he had enough. He threw the girl down on the table, and walked over to address the parents.

"So you scream for your daughter having a little fun, but how do you think that woman felt when you ate her children?" The pair fell silent. "Today you are going to find out" he said. The woman began to open her mouth to scream, and with no warning the dungeon master grabbed a axe, and with practiced moves lopped her head off with one motion. He then grabbed her by the leg of the rack and pulled. The rack was hinged in a way to let her still twitching body to spin upside down where her blood began to drain into a bucket.

The male went white in the face, and just looked on bewildered.

The dungeon master walked over to the table, and pushed the semi conscious girl onto the floor. He then began to gather up a handful of fresh herbs, spices and root vegetables. He gingerly walked over to the womans body, and began filling up her vagina with the provisions. Then he walked over to the raging fire, and pulled off a large kettle of boiling water. Walking back he parted the womans lower lips, and poured the water in to mix with the herbs.

He walked out of view for a moment, and came back into the frame holding a bundle of blankets. Peeling back the top layer revealed a baby which he carefully removed from the blanket, and dropped into a waiting bowl of some sort of thick cream. The baby gooed, and gaad as he soaked in the warm cream. The dungeon master then stated preparing a bowl of bread crumbs, and sat it down next to the baby. He then slid a cauldron of oil to heat up over the fire.

The father began to snap out of his trance. He looked over at his wifes headless body. Small wisps of steam escaping her vagina. He looked over at the table, his daughter laying there catatonic with a drop of blood leaving her still gaping vagina. His baby son was swimming around in cream totally oblivious to his fate.

Finally he worked up the courage to lightly exclaim "please"

With that the Dungeon master snapped around incredulously from his preparations, and said "that is rich coming from you ya cunt! Didn't you think I would find out you were eating kids? Look at how healthy you are, rosy cheeked, and fat. How many kids did you lot eat"?

The man looked down, and away averting the gaze of the DM.

The DM said, "at least I am going to prepare a meal fit for a king out of you, you didn't have fire so you had to eat those kids soft parts raw"

With that the DM went over and grabbed the baby by his leg, dunked him headfirst into the bowl of cream, and held him there. He reached with the other hand for the basket, and grabbed out the biggest carrot of the bunch. With no warning, and with only the slippery cream as lube he drove the carrot all the way up the childs ass. He then grabbed the child by his hips raising him out of the cream for a brief moment. With that he walked the wailing infant up to the father, and asked "is this how you do it"? With that he clamped his mouth around the boys tender penis.

the little morsel was no bigger then a few walnuts. He locked eyes with the father savoring the moment, as he relished slurping on the soft little prize in his mouth. Knowing that the fate of the fathers entire bloodline rested between his lips. He rolled the little testicles around his mouth, and lavished the shaft with tender laps of his tongue. The cream, and the taste of fresh flesh mixing in his mouth.

After a pregnant pause, of enjoying the moment he moved over a sturdy chair facing the father directly. He pivoted the upside down infant so that he was facing his father. All this time he was wailing from the carrot, and the nibbles at his boy parts. However, for both the men the room was completely silent, and their eyes met again.

The DM stated tilting the baby's face down, at a unnatural angle facing directly down at his cock. He took advantage of the wailing mouth to slip his meaty man penis first into the mouth then into the throat of the boy. All the while locking eyes with the father.

With no further ado he leaned down, and took a few more laps at the hairless penis, and then bit down, opting to go for just the shaft at first. Clampening his sharpened teeth into the boys flesh, and then after a few short nibbles and chews the shaft was free, and rolling around his mouth. At the same time he began sliding the tyke further down onto his cock. His toothless mouth becoming a articulating boycunt milking his penis, as the DM took his away on the other end.

While the DM considered himself a chef, and a gourmand, much preferring cooked meat his real passion in life was to meter out justice. This family had been bullying all the single mothers into letting them eating their children. Sometimes even cutting open preganat women for the soft genitalia they craved. Without fire the soft sexy bits are the easiest to eat, and as a man who eats people he agreed that the younger children were more succulent.

He chewed on the babies penis shaft until it totally masticated down to nothing. He licked his lips, and let out a burp relishing the look in the fathers eyes, as the entire bloodline, of House Jonson rolled down his captors throat. Meanwhile the baby was turning blue as the visible bulge of the DM thick cock creeped closer to his chest in his throat.

Blood was pooling around the bit off shaft, but the DM learned that if you are going the bite of someones penis alive then do it upside down so most of the blood is in the head.

It was a nice snack but he was still hungry so he came back for the balls. Without as much ceremony he clamped his teeth down on the defenseless testicles, and chewed. Even with his sharpened teeth the skin here is thicker, and he really had to work at gnawing them free. At the same time the baby was going into his death throws, and he had a massive orgasm brewing, as the convulsions in the throat milked on his cock.

Totally serendipitously things happened fast, and in perfect order. With one last savage bite the boys testicles finally ripped free, This triggering a violent seizure in the boy, as his body gave up, and clamping his cock like a vice, milking out cum from corners of his balls that hadn't been emptied in ages. It shot up into the gurgling throat, and then poured back down onto his heaving testicles from the boys distended lips.

The DM sat there in the chair not moving for a few moments, luxuriating, in the two testicles in his mouth, and the contents of his testicles leaking out of a still warm baby's mouth.

Then he dropped the body with a "shloomp" sound off his cock, and a cruel "thud" sound as he hit the floor.

Without opening his eyes, and muffled through the testes in his mouth he gruffly said "wench clean me up" as he rested his head back. Within moments he felt a small tounge lapping his sensitive testicles, and then working the shaft into her mouth desperate for some left over seed. He had abducted the family a week ago, but he took the girl a month earlier. She was forced to survive only on the products of the DM, and his men's penises. One month in she was drinking their piss with aplomb, and nursing their flacid penises every waking moment for a few more drops of nutritious cum.

He just took the moment to enjoy life, and began to chew the most precious fruit, in his mouth. Knowing that the father was watching his daughter vacuum the bile, and cum leftover from the death of his son, while this cruel portly man savored his tender penis as a hors devours, his headless wife a few yards away no longer even dripping blood, and her vagina looking red from thigh to thigh.

The King had been standing at the landing watching this scene unfold for the past hour. His penis as hard as steel. There were rough tribes out in far away lands, who were rumored to eat each other, but even in the ravages of war it was generally a unwritten rule, that aside from taking some maidens for a roll in the hay, and putting inconvenient people to death, you generally had honor against things like this. He was beyond intrigued, especially for the poetic justice of eating this cannibal mans family as retribution.

Total silence had fallen on the wide open room, besides the insistent slurping of the young girl, hopeful for some dinner, and the quiet sobbing of the broken father, all was quiet.

The DM swatted the young girl, away from his penis, and swallowed the treat. A devious thought crossed his mind, and he hauled her by her hair up to her fathers sobbing unwashed body. There didn't need to be any words spoken, just a glance, and she understood. Tentatively she came over, and began to lightly nurse his flaccid cock. It took him, a moment to realize what was happening, and suddenly, he snapped out of it and screamed, trying in vain to wiggle his penis free. Undeterred his daughter honed in, and despite his protests, began to lick, and suckle the member, hoping for another load for her achingly hungry stomach.

The DM got up grabbing the baby, and just muttered "Keep fighting, and she dies slower". He then made his way to the table to finish dinner preparations.

It was at this point that the bannister to the stairs the King had been standing on decided to creak, echoing off of the stone walls. The DM glanced up, and saw the king, dropping the baby back into the cream, and moving quickly to stand in front of the table. His eyes darted to the headless woman, with the delightfully fragrant soup steeping in her vagina, and the 7 year old girl, dutifully slurping her tied up fathers penis, as if there was candy inside.

His mind raced for a explanation, but in the end he just slumped his shoulders.

The King new the jig was up, he had been watching for quite some time now. He slowly walked down the stairs. Creaking each step as he drew closer. He walked up to the table, and looked behind the DM, He saw a bowl of cream with the totally still silhouette of a baby, mostly white, but with red streaks near the groin.

He walked up to the man quietly sobbing, trying to resist the insistent sucking of his daughter, His buttox visibly tensing, as he tried to deny her dinner, one last shred of pride still hanging on.

He walked in the direction of the wife. The DM looking on, and then looking down again. Sexual violence is a perK of being a DM. Perk of the job is that you can indulge yourself, but eating your captives is a bridge too far. There will be no denying once he walks up, and smells the wafts of soup emanating from her vagina, what he was up to.

It was with great surprise that the DM looked up from the floor, and saw the King selecting a ladle from his wall of tools, and pans. Even greater surprise when he walked up to the woman and intending to just get a taste of the broth, and put the DM at ease, he dipped the ladle in and one half of her labia broke off with the spoon. Now perfectly cooked.

The king looked down at the spoon in his hand. A nice chunk of fat outer pussy lips still attached to one of the inner lips floated in the fragrant broth. Dotted with oil, spices, and in his dirty mind some of the womans vaginal secretions.

The DM perked up, thick penis slightly bobbing, as he left the table. He said "Wait!" then fumbling around he produced a large pepper mill, and cracked a light dusting of pepper over the disembodied labia.

The King gave a light nod, and brought the spoon to his lips. First giving a tentative sip of the broth. As prisoners arrived in the dungeon all of their belongings are stripped from them, many chose to bring spices from around the world, as their currency, not knowing that they were to be stripped naked on arrival, and forced into rags, and squalor.

Not only was this a new experience for the king eating a woman’s vagina, he had never tasted a broth so fragrant and well spiced. A light sip lead to a slurp, and soon it was only the vagina sitting on the spoon. He looked to the DM, who just nodded enthusiastically. He brought the spoon to his mouth and let the tender pussy lip slide in.

Never in his life had he tasted anything like it, combined with the spices his head was spinning. He rolled it around his mouth enjoying it. Eyes closed enjoying the fat of the puffy cunt lip, ad the slight gristle texture of the labia.

The DM breathes a sigh of relief, and assesses the situation. From thinking he is going to the gallows, to realizing he just made a friend in a very high place the king of all the land. He decides to take a slight liberty, as the king is enjoying his first bite. Scanning the kings trousers, he spots a impressive erection straining, giant wet spot at the tip.

Moving fast he rushes to the side of the room, and grabs a wheeled platform. It is designed to perfectly notch into the board holding the woman. Up three stairs is a chair with a tray integrated into one side like a school desk. The middle of the tray has a large cut out, that slides perfectly around the groin of whomever is in the cross giving you unfettered access to eat their genitals in a more cultured way.

The King finshed his bite just as the platform was in place. Bowing the DM says "I told this man I would cook his family in a meal suitable for a king. Would you please join me for dinner Me Lord"?

Without words the king took his seat on the chair. Suddenly a crisp white table cloth is produced. Wine, water, and beer, are all placed for the kings pleasure. A fruit basket for garnish, and some gorgeous quality plates, and silverware were artfully placed, all pilfered from unsuspecting prisoners.

"For our appetizer today we have a herb soup served in a mother. Would you prefer it carved, or would you like to cut it yourself Me lord?" The king flummoxed just said "I will do it"

"Very well me lord, please enjoy” said the DM, and producing slices of bread to dunk into the vagina to absorb the delicious broth

He turned to the father still valiantly withholding his load from his succubous daughter. Since everything was basically handled non verbally between the king and the DM, the father didn’t even realize that they had company. 100% of his attention was to not release his seed into his daughters hungry mouth, and he was beet red fighting it. The DM was a bit annoyed, but at least he wasn’t going to have to get him hard again. Before his unexpected visitor he had planned to suck the man back to hardness before eating his penis, but plans change.

With a swift motion he rips the mans young daughter away from his penis, and clamped a vicious cock ring right at the base of his cock. Loose enough not to break anything, and still preserve feeling, but tight enough to survive a penectomy. The daughter glaring back at him denied her meal.

“Oh don’t worry I have some more for you” he said lowly to the scamp. quietly he picked up her naked frame and placed her under the kings table. The DM, and the girl made eye contact, and then he gestured with his eyes to the kings raging erection.

“Pardon me sir” said the DM, as he unbuttoned the fly. Out popped a nice thick regal looking penis, the DM thinking one day he would like to taste the seed, and the snapping out of it.

“This me lord is our soup’s daughter, she will help you with that problem sir… Or Die trying” He nervoursly laughed as her eyes lit up, and she began sucking on the king’s cock. “Un canny resemblance huh” said the DM as he combed the hair, and then placed the woman’s head on a silver dish garnished with lettuce on the table.

The King began wondering if this was all a dream, as a girl younger then his granddaughter latched onto his penis like a leach, and began to suck. Looking up she was the spitting image of her mother, who’s head is resting on the table.

“Please enjoy. Bon appetite “ Said the DM

The king began soaking a slice of country bread in the vagina determined to get every morsel of that sauce, and looking down at the little girl desperately, trying to get her milk.

The DM busied himself to get the other 2 courses ready. First step was to check on the baby. All the time in the cream had made him wrinkly, and soft with all the cream soaking in. A few quick chops, and he was completely gutted, a few quick stitches, and he was full of stuffing. Then his carcass was rolled in the bread crumbs. Quick glance at the oil on the fire, and it was now hot enough. In the little guy goes last bath is a deep fryer.

Several minutes later the DM, checked on the king all the bread was gone and he was gingerly carving out the woman’s cunt down to her pubic bone, and devouring every morsel.

“For our next course me lord, we have suckling baby. I usually only eat the soft parts on people, but babies are tender all over” The baby was a perfect crispy brown, a nice crust of breadcrumbs coated him head to toe. The DM pulled out a cleaver, and lopped off all the limbs, the king grabbed a leg, biting into heaven on earth. Baby fat rolling down his cheeks he savored the exotic delicacy. The DM ever the showman, and missing his calling as a chef decided to plate the rest in a interesting way, stuffing all the appendages back into its mothers vagina where it just resided a few months earlier.

“Please save some room Me Lord, for our next course, and the entertainment tonight” Said the DM, as he rotated the whole platform to look at the father, who still wasn’t quite cognizant of what was going on. He knew the love of his life was dead, and that bad man forced him to watch as he slowly bit his only sons penis off.

He was just trying to feed his family in the dungeons. It was either eat those kids, or everyone would starve to death.They had cut the rations to nothing. What the bad DM, had neglected to bring up, was that he was just the man who did the deed, it was often the mothers who got to eat the soft genitals of their children, as they got first pick. In many cases the mother would bring him the child, and he would snap its neck, so that the mother didn’t have to. They were jut trying to stay alive, he took no pleasure in eating the kids. But this man was luxuriating in cannibalism.

“Hey buddy!” screamed the DM. “The whole sullen thing is no way to treat our royal guest!” The man looked up for the first time in forever, and took in the scene. He saw the royal robes, and the chiseled features of the king first. For a fleeting moment endorphins, and hope rushed through his body. This man was known as the kind king, and he must be here to stop this madness.

Then he spotted his daughter milking his cock, his wifes splayed legs with hey vagina carved out, and his youngest’s arm and leg sticking out. Then the king bit into the crunchy crust on the infants leg and took a big bite. He looked at the man like he knew what he had done, and had not a glint of sympathy.

The DM Walked over to the fire, and started tending to the pokers. Then walked up to the man with a jar of sauce. Looking him straight in the eyes he dunked the mans still hard penis in the sauce. He then undid a few connections on the boards binding the man, so he was now, at a 45 degree angle. His cock slowly dripped a mixture of precum, and sauce on the floor. The DM went back to the fire, and pulled out a red hot poker with a small oval pan on the end of it. Stopping by the table he grabbed some oil, and chopped up onions, threw in some spices and mixed them up in the steaming pan.

Flavorful stream shot everywhere, as the onions sauteed with the spices. “Dinner time” said the DM as he approached the shaking and broken man. The DM took one last look, at the sauce covered cock in its current, state, and wished he would be the one to bite into it. “Oh well” he thought as he brought the raging hot pan into contact with his penis. The man let out a ear splitting yell, as the DM continued his assault, varying the angle so as to toast his cock equally on all sides. The sauce from the mans cock combined with the juices being released permeated the air. This could be a 30 second process but the DM stretched it out for 10 long minutes teasing the man, and adding more sauce.

A look back at the king, and he had stopped eating the baby. The arm with bite marks laid discarded at the foot of the platform, and he never even touched the torso. The girl was getting to him, and his face was bright red. Until today, he didn’t know that there was nothing more erotic in the world, the to see a man’s penis cooked while he is still alive. To think that he will be sinking his teeth into the cock soon, had him close.

The DM sensing this decides to get on with it. A few saws later with his dullest knife and the penis is free. The cock rings he uses seal the victim, and the member equally so even off his body, the penis is erect. He flips it over to cook the top, and hits it with another round of spices.

“Main course is sauteed penis, of a pedarst, and cannibal me lord” said the DM Serving it wit a bow.

The king with shaking hand reaches for his fork, then just decides to forego it, and grab the cock out of the pan, bringing it to his lips, looking the man directly in his eyes, then gazing down at the clamp holding the butt of his cock together so he won’t bleed out. As he goes to take his first bite, he sees the DM come up behind the man totally unawares, and looking at his cock in the hand of the king.

The DM with no lube or ceremony Slips into the mans asshole, and starts to violently bugger his new lady boy. The king stops pussy footing and takes a man sized bite out of the cock, and then the daughter sensing she is finally gonna get some seed increases her assault on the kings penis, a blur as she sucks. The kings life changes the moment he gets his first bite of cock, he knows he should savor it, but he is chomping into the perfectly grilled genital, like he hasn’t eaten in days.

Suddenly everything goes white, the king almost bites his fingers shoving the remnants of the cock into his mouth, and comes deep into the mouth of the child. The DM plants his seed in the Fathers colon, and releases the clip, allowing the blood to flow from his ruined penis. For a moment everyone still alive is panting, and sated.

Then the out of nowhere kings flacid penis starts shooting piss. Well trained and thirsty the girl puts her mouth around the peeing member, causing the two men to break out laughing. Ice officially broken

“What is for dessert the king jokingly says?”

“We could make some cocoa blood pudding from the little one’s tasty bits me lord”

“No way I’m keeping this one, she will be appointed to the royal latrine”

“No problem me lord” said the DM. “Perhaps we can pick something more to your liking downstairs”

The two men Grab torches and walk down to the dungeons. The door opens, up to a vast open space bigger then the grounds of the castle, there in pens are tens, of thousands of people, as far as they eye can see. The old don’t survive the death much, so it is mostly nubile young women and children, and teenaged boys with their succulent penises flopping.

As the king moves down the rows of pens he no longer sees the people that the good king will save, ho looks between their legs at their soft bits, and his mouth begins to water.

“I think we solved our meat problem, he says to no one in particular”

Then he points at a toddler boy, and says I would like to try one raw for desert.

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