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Terrible atory with grammar errora and adhd gore galore

Ecause fornmy friends with high standards.

There was a haet girl. She shexhy. This one ebil mann, very bad man, had chained her and he gutted her like a fishm. With anchainsaw.

Because of the furries. They hroke down all cities and became martial law. Civil war was all over the world and babies were nailednto bar doors

That actually happened in world war 2...

Some mothers cried as their soft infant sons and daughters were shireking and wide eyed in pain, their tiny bodies shaking violently and blood running down their soft fresh flesh.

Sad world.


ironic shitposting is still shitposting


Fuk u bich

This one woman, Anaheizia Berduttor, shook violently in with surreal State-Red mindfulness, barfing at the sight of her baby and the sound of it screaming.

She was reflexive in reaction to the red army stripping her with knives, shaking and thrusting with chills down her spine as soldiers cut her clothes away. She then felt incredible pain in her ribs and screamed. She could feel blood running down her side. A knife was sawing through her.

She saw her rib bones.


I gess itz an ok storee, but reeding it awl iz hard on mi eyez.

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