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The Boy Who Lied Thrice

1 - The First Lie

"Miss Myers, Jacob is masturbating!" Alice proclaimed.

The slim girl was standing at her desk, her hand up and waving back and forth for attention. Her face was scrunched up in disgust as she glared at the student sitting directly to her right.

Said student started violently at the sound of his classmate's voice, looking up and around guiltily. His hands, which had been hidden behind his desk, jerked up and away from his crotch.

Miss Myers, her lesson interrupted, sighed and turned from her whiteboard to look back at Alice and Jacob.

"Thank you, Alice. You may sit down." she said, nodding to the girl. "Jacob, come up to my desk, please."

Jacob returned Alice's glare briefly, before turning his attention back to his crotch, apparently trying to quickly button his fly back up. Miss Myers didn't give him the chance.

"Now, Jacob." she told the boy.

Jacob's hands froze. He then got up, shame faced and blushing, and walked to the front of the classroom. His jeans and underwear, already riding lower than they should have been and completely unbuttoned, slid further down his legs with each step he took, despite his best efforts to prevent it.

By the time he stood in front of his teacher, his pants were pooled around his ankles and his face was as red as a fire hydrant. His penis poked out stiffly from his groin, pointing directly up at his teacher's face. He wouldn't meet her eye.

"Jacob, were you masturbating in class?" Miss Myers asked, disappointment coloring her voice.

The boy hesitated for a moment, his hands clasped on the hem of his shirts, twisting at it in worry.

"N-no, Miss Myers." He finally stammered. "I just had an.. an itch."

"An itch." Miss Myers repeated, flatly.

"Yes, an itch. And I was just scratching it, that's all." Jacob said, finally looking up at his teacher, despite his obvious embarrassment.

"And to scratch this itch, you needed to completely unbutton your trousers and pull down your underwear?" Miss Myers asked, her voice sardonic. "Really, Jacob?"

"Yes." Jacob said, firmly.

"Miss Myers!" Alice said, waving her hand above her head again. "He's lying! I saw him doing it! And he was staring at your backside the whole time while he was doing it, too!"

"Thank you again, Alice, but I already know that Jacob, here, is lying." Miss Myers said evenly, looking at her student. "That much is quite obvious."

"I.. I'm not lying!" Jacob said, turning back to glare at Alice again. "I was just a little.. itchy.."

Miss Myers simply looked at her student, her gaze flat and expression unamused.

"I.. I.." Jacob continued, slowly deflating under his teacher's scrutiny.

"Oh, alright. I.. guess I was masturbating." He finally admitted, hanging his head.

"Jacob, can you tell me what the last rule on the classroom's list of rules is, please?" Miss Myers said, turning to look at the list in question, which was quite long and pinned to one wall, in plain view.

"It says "No Masturbating During Class", Miss Myers." Jacob said, without bothering to look at the list.

"And what does it say below that?"

"It says "Violators Of Any Rule Will Be Punished Appropriately", Miss Myers." Jacob answered.

"And below that?"

Jacob sighed, his shoulders slumping, as he recited the last line on Miss Myers' list of class rules.

"Liars Will Be Punished Even More." he said, dejected.

"So, you not only masturbated in class, disrupting my lesson and taking up everyone's valuable learning time, you also lied to me about it." Miss Myers said, her voice becoming more cold with her disappointment.

"Just what am I going to do with you?" she said, shaking her head.

Normally, when one of the boys (and it was always one of the boys) broke the last class rule, Miss Myers simply had them stand up in front of everyone, like Jacob was, with their pants down, like Jacob's were, their hands held behind their backs and their hips thrust out. Then she would give their stiff penises several stern wacks with the broad side of her ruler. Usually by the forth or fifth wack, the boy's erection would have melted back down into quiescent flaccidity, at which point she would have them pull their pants up and retake their seats, stinging and embarrassed, and then continue on with her lesson.

This method of discipline almost always worked well, with only rare exceptions. The exceptions being that some of the boys didn't react in quite the manner one would expect to such treatment. There had been a few unfortunate Incidents because of this in the past. Still, nothing was ever perfect, and Miss Myers would have been fine with giving Jacob the usual punishment, if only the boy hadn't lied about his actions. His lying merited a sterner response, something more severe than usual.

Unfortunately, she couldn't think of anything appropriate at the moment, so she simply sent the boy to stand in the corner until she felt like dealing with him. His request that he be allowed to pull up his pants and underwear was summarily denied.


It was about a half an hour later, after Miss Myers' lecture ended and during the students' individual study time, that the opportunity arose.

"Miss Myers." Alice said, into the quiet of the classroom. "My bookmark tore."

Miss Myers glanced over at Alice, to see the girl holding up one of the fanciful, decorative bookmarks she had given each of her students at the beginning of the school year. It was torn into two halves.

"I'm sorry." Alice said, looking a bit sheepish. "It was an accident."

"That's not a problem, Alice. These things happen." Miss Myers replied, reassuringly. "Let me just get you a new one."

Unfortunately, as Miss Myers quickly discovered, there were no spare bookmarks to be had. Apparently she had run out sometime in the past and not realized it.

"Well, I suppose I could just use a piece of paper." Alice said, looking a bit disappointed.

"No, no, dear. We'll find you something more appropriate." Miss Myers replied, patting her on the hand.

Miss Myers, who was trying her best to instill good reading habits into her students, believed that a good bookmark was an essential accessory in this endeavor. She thought that a nice, colorful, cheerful bookmark helped students get into the correct frame of mind for reading, helping them enjoy it more.

Miss Myers frowned, looking around the classroom for something that Alice could use as a bookmark. Preferably something sturdy, since the girl had torn her previous one. Unfortunately, nothing sprang out at her as being suitable, until, that is, her eyes came to rest on Jacob, who was still standing and facing the corner of the room.

"Alice, I think I've found something for you to use, at least for the rest of today." Miss Myers said.

"Jacob! Come over here, please." she called.

The boy, penis still erect and bobbing awkwardly as he walked over to his teacher and classmate, began blushing once again as both Miss Myers and Alice looked at him in a steady, evaluating manner.

"I think this will do, for now." Miss Myers stated, tapping her index finger on the tip of Jacob's penis, making it bobble slightly and the boy twitch a little in reaction. "It's certainly a better classroom use for it than anything Jacob might choose to do with it."

"What?" Jacob asked, obviously confused. "What do I have to do?"

"YOU don't have to do anything, Jacob." Miss Myers said, sternly. "Alice here is in need of a bookmark, so, for the rest of today, your penis will be it. Just stand by her desk, quietly, and don't move yourself, or her bookmark, unless she asks you to."

"A bookmark? I'm going to be a bookmark?" Jacob asked, still confused.

"You interrupted Alice's learning earlier today, so it is only fitting that, as your punishment, you help her with her studies in any way you can." Miss Myers said, her tone severe.

"Even if it's only in a little way." Alice said, with a suppressed giggle, staring in unabashed amusement at the boy's erection.

"Quite." agreed Miss Myers, dryly.

"I.. F-fine, whatever." Jacob sputtered, blushing even harder.

"Okay, then." Alice said, opening her large history book to the spot she had been keeping saved with one of her fingers. "Page 498. In, please."

Jacob frowned at her slightly, then gingerly eased the tip of his erection onto the page of the book, just along its outside edge.

Alice rolled her eyes at this behavior.

"All the way in, silly, and from the top of the book, not the edge." she commanded.

Jacob frowned at her again, clearly unhappy with the tone she was taking with him, but did as she asked. He shifted his position to the front of her desk, then placed the full length of his penis upon the top of the page, in the center.

"Good." Alice stated, satisfied.

Then the girl slammed the thick tome shut.

She made no special effort to close the book any more forcefully than she would have normally, but the book was a large one, both in size and thickness, and each individual page was thick, heavy duty paper. Nearly five hundred pages worth of history came down on the boy's flesh, causing him to yelp in surprise at the weight.

"Quietly, Jacob." Miss Myers reprimanded, ignoring the pained look on the boy's face, before she turned to leave to two students to their respective tasks.

"Umm.. Miss Myers?" Alice asked, before her teacher had reached the front of the room. "It's not sitting flat."

Miss Myers turned back to see the girl motioning at her history book. The pages were arched in a curve over Jacob's penis, and the hard cover of the book was sitting up at an angle, supported by the bulge.

"Oh. Well, you'll just have to put more weight on it then, I suppose." Miss Myers said, simply.

"That makes sense." Alice replied, happily. "Thank you, Miss Myers."

The girl started pulling every textbook she had from out of her desk and from inside her backpack, then began to pile them up, on top of her history text. Each successive book, each nearly as large and thick as her history book, made Jacob issue another pained groan as they landed heavily on the top of the stack.

Jacob whimpered as the last book, Alice's copy of their science text, added its weight to the pressure on his penis.

"Oww.. Why does your stupid history book have to be flat? What difference does it make?" he whined.

"Bookmarks are supposed to be flat! They shouldn't be bending the pages they're between." Alice said, firmly. "And they're also suppose to be quiet. So hush, you!"

The girl peered down at her stack of books, which was piled nearly to Jacob's chest and must have weighed forty or fifty pounds. The whole stack still wasn't quite level, and the bottom text, the one with her new bookmark in it, still had an unacceptable bulge.

Alice looked at the stack for a few moments, one index finger tapping on her chin, thoughtfully. Then she snapped her fingers, jumped up, and went purposefully to the back of the classroom.

She returned half a minute later, carrying a large disk of metal, which was painted a flat black. She hefted the weight, a five kilogram slab of steel, up and on to her stack of books. The weight, part of the project about momentum and inertia that Alice had created for the upcoming science fair, came down hard, and caused another pained groan to issue from Jacob as his penis was further flattened, which was duly ignored by the girl.

Alice left and returned with yet another five kilogram steel weight, which she also hefted up onto her stack of books. Jacob's inevitable groan was accompanied, this time, by pleading protests.

"Okay, okay, no more, please!" he begged, cringing at the weight on his penis. "That's enough, stop!"

"Hmm, I think you may be right." Alice said, as she looked down at where her bookmark was sticking out of the top of her history book. "That does look pretty flat. Also, hush."

It seemed that either the pain of his predicament, or perhaps merely the fact of so much weight physically bearing down on Jacob's penis, had accomplished what Miss Myers' class rules hadn't been able to, which was to render him entirely flaccid and unaroused. The now softened flesh of his member was pressed nearly flat inside the book, no longer bulging out the pages to any noticeable extent.

"Well, that's that taken care of." Alice said, happily, ignoring the continued whimpering coming from the boy attached to her bookmark. "Now I can get back to the important stuff."

Important stuff which seemed to consist mainly of, at least from what Jacob could see, reading a novel whenever she wasn't chatting quietly with the girl sitting at the desk to her left. Both girls ignored Jacob completely, despite his occasional moan of pain.

Jacob's predicament lasted for hours, as it hadn't even been halfway through the day when he'd been caught and reduced to the status of bookmark. Perhaps the worst part of the day was lunch, which the class took inside their own room. A seemingly endless line of girls stopped by Alice's desk to chat, many of whom decided to rest their arms and upper torsos on such a conveniently placed stack of books, apparently oblivious to the additional pain they were inflicting on the bookmark at the bottom of the stack.

The last hour of the day was just as bad as lunch, though, because it seemed to crawl by more slowly than any similar period of time in Jacob's life ever had before. Finally, though, the end of the school day arrived.

Alice began removing weights and books from the stack on her desk after the final bell rang. As she did so, Jacob could feel the strain ease off his poor, flattened penis. When Alice got down to the last book on her desk, her history book, she studied it for a few moments, clearly pondering something.

Then she took a pair of scissors from her backpack.

"Miss Myers?" Alice called, toward the front of the room.

"I don't want to lose my place. May I keep this bookmark?" she asked, raising her scissors up and snicking them together a few times, demonstrating her intentions.

Jacob paled, then gulped.

Miss Myers came over to Alice's desk, then looked thoughtfully down at her student's history book.

"I'm afraid not. You'll just have to do your best to remember your current page." Miss Myers said. "I think, or at least I hope, that perhaps your bookmark has learned his lesson, and won't disturb class in such a rude manner again."

"Aww, I kinda liked this one." Alice said, clearly disappointed.

"Don't worry, dear. I'll have a nice, new bookmark for you tomorrow." Miss Myers said. "One that won't cause your book to bulge unnecessarily."

Alice flipped her history book open to the page she had marked, then giggled.

"Oh, my. It looks like a pancake." she said, clearly amused. "A little penis pancake!"

"It does bear some resemblance, doesn't it." Miss Myers agreed, smiling.

Jacob's poor penis was squashed flat and wide, and it didn't seem to be in any hurry to return to its former, normal shape. He gingerly removed it from the page, a task made more difficult by how it seemed to want to stick to the paper. Once he was able to get it to come unstuck, he rolled it up and tucked it away as rapidly as he could, embarrassed, into the underwear and pants he was finally able to pull up.

Unfortunately for him, Alice lived just a few houses down from his own, on the same street. Her amused giggles followed slightly behind him his whole walk home from their school.

2 - The Second Lie

"Miss Myers, Jacob's masturbating again!" Alice said, disbelief and shock in her voice.

Jacob flinched, then began tucking himself away as fast as he could.

He wasn't fast enough.

"Jacob, to the front of the room, please." Miss Myers said, sternly. "Now."

In another few moments the boy was, for the second time in two days, before his teacher and in front of his class, with his pants around his ankles and his cock erect, being scolded.

"I really thought that yesterday had made an impression on you, Jacob." Miss Myers said. "I suppose you weren't masturbating today, either?"

The funny thing was, Jacob actually hadn't been. At least, not at first. He had been merely examining his penis. His member had only really started to recover, from his ordeal as a bookmark on the previous day, that very morning. It had finally mostly resumed its normal, natural shape by lunch. A bit later, in class, he had been massaging and stretching it gently, trying to work the last of the flatness out of his cock, when the familiar, pleasant sensations of a growing erection had distracted him. Before he knew it, he had found himself vigorously stroking his turgid flesh under his desk, or mostly under his desk, anyway, which was when Alice had again caught him.

"I was.. I was just stretching it out." he said, a little desperately. "Really."

"Stretching it out." Miss Myers repeated, her disbelief obvious.

"Y-yeah. It's still a little sore, from yesterday, and it felt like it just needed to be.. er.. stretched." he finished, a bit lamely.

"Really." Miss Myers said flatly. It wasn't a question.

"Y-yep." Jacob said, nodding his head quickly.

"Miss Myers, he is so totally lying!" Alice said, obviously unable to contain herself. "I was watching him do it for, like, five whole minutes."

"Of course he's lying." Miss Myers agreed, shaking her head. "Jacob, corner."

"But.. but, Miss Myers.."

"Corner!" Miss Myers ordered, pointing. "I'll figure out what to do with you later."

Jacob slumped over to the corner and stood in it, facing the wall, with his penis still stubbornly erect, wondering glumly just what might be in store for him.


It was the lovely spring weather that ultimately decided his fate.

Miss Myers liked to leave the windows of the classroom, as well as the door, open during nice weather. Unfortunately for Jacob, the chock that kept the door open was made of old, crumbling plastic. When Miss Myers went to prop open the door to let the lovely afternoon air in, the chock simply disintegrated into useless bits.

Normally, in such a situation, Miss Myers would have just used a chair to hold the door open instead. Budget cuts being what they were, though, there was a severe shortage of chairs, and all other furniture, in the whole school district. Miss Myers had no spare chairs, nor desks, nor much of anything, really.

What she did have, though, was a boy who needed to be punished, and punished severely, for disrupting class.

"Jacob, come out to the door, please." Miss Myers said, into the classroom.

"W-what do you want me for, Miss Myers?" the boy asked, warily.

"You're going to chock open the door, so I and the rest of the class can experience a bit of the lovely breeze blowing by." his teacher answered.

"Oh. Oh, okay." Jacob said, his relief obvious. "That's easy enough. I can hold the door."

"Oh, no." Miss Myers corrected him. "You're not going to hold the door open. You're going to chock it open."

"Um.. H-how am I going to do that?"

"You're going to remove your underwear and pants, then sit down at the open door, with one leg on each side of the door and your hands beneath your bottom. After that, you're going to hold still as I use your penis, which you can't seem to leave alone, as a chock to prop open the door."

"I.. uh.." Jacob stammered, gulping and looking nervous. "C-can't I just hold it open with my hands?"

"If you had not tried to lie to me and to the entire classroom, then yes, you could have." Miss Myers said, her voice hard. "But since you did, your punishment must be more severe, as is appropriate."

"And I think using the thing with which you keep interrupting class to help make the day, for both myself and your classmates, more pleasant and enjoyable is entirely appropriate, don't you?"

Jacob didn't think so, but it seemed that his opinion in the matter didn't count for much, apparently, so he slowly removed his jeans and sat where instructed, biting his lip with worry as he did so.

The door stop was set a little way out from the outside wall of the classroom, which meant that there was just enough room for his left leg to fit behind the fully opened door, while the right rested along the front of the door. His erect penis lay along his right leg, on the side of the door that needed to be chocked.

"Good." Miss Myers said, looking down at him. "Now, scoot a little closer to the door, please."

Jacob did so, inching forward on his butt until the edge of the door, which Miss Myers was still holding open, was just barely brushing against the skin of his crotch.

"Now angle your right leg out." Miss Myers instructed. "No, more than that. I need to have unimpeded access to your penis for this."

Jacob spread his legs to a wide ninety degrees, shifting his hips slightly to do it. His left leg being still behind the door, and his right leg now removed completely from the closing arc of the door, meant that his penis jutted out and slightly up, pointing more or less at his teacher, free and completely unprotected from whatever she intended for it.

"Very good." Miss Myers said. "Now, hands beneath your bottom."

"Miss Myers.." Jacob said, his tone pleading.

"You brought this on yourself, so there's no use complaining, Jacob."


Jacob did as he was instructed, then looked back up at his teacher, his mounting worry etched on his face.

Without another word, Miss Myers used the toe of her shoe, which was exactly the sort of sensible thing one would expect a teacher to be wearing, to push Jacob's still quite rampant erection to the ground. She ignored Jacob's gasp as a portion of her weight came down on the end of his penis, crushing it slightly against the rough concrete. Then, without altering the downwards pressure she was exerting, she pushed the boy's stiff member across the surface of concrete, towards the small gap underneath the bottom of the door.

Jacob cringed and issued a little pained whimper as this happened, the sensitive underside of his penis feeling like it was being sandpapered. He felt every pebble, every bit of grit and dirt, as well as every irregularity in the old, cracked concrete, that his penis passed over as it slid across the ground.


When Jacob's penis reached the small crevice between door and ground, Miss Myers, without pausing, pressed the turgid shaft firmly into it. Her body dipped slightly, as she used nearly her full weight to force the boy's flesh into the crack, to wedge it in position.

"Oh, ouch! Miss Myers, please!" Jacob whined, as his teacher put his penis into its proper place.

Miss Myers looked down at Jacob's penis, eyeing it critically. She tugged experimentally on the door a few times, testing how effectively it was being held open.

"Ahh! Ah!" Jacob yelped, in time with the tugs, each of which pinched the flesh of his penis terribly.

Miss Myers frowned down at the door, apparently unsatisfied. Then she used her toe to tap her new door chock more firmly into place.

Miss Myers didn't put any extra effort into her small kicks. They were kicks, however, even if not particularly forceful ones, and Jacob cried out as his flesh was wedged further and further into the gab between door and concrete.

"Gah! Buh.. ahh!"

Miss Myers tugged on the door again, much harder this time, and made a satisfied sound when it moved barely a fraction of an inch at her effort.

"There." Miss Myers said, it seemed, to herself. "That's settled."

"Jacob, stay there and sit still." Miss Myers instructed, firmly, as she re-entered her classroom, through the now propped open doorway. "And, for goodness sake, try to keep quiet. Door chocks aren't supposed to whine and complain about having to do their job."

Jacob whimpered, hardly seeming to have heard her at all through the pain radiating out from his cruelly pinched cock flesh. His penis throbbed terribly, and he desperately wanted to pull his hands from beneath his bottom and use them to free it from its predicament.

He didn't however, because he knew that he would simply end up being punished even more severely if he made the attempt. So he sat, hunched over and fairly miserable, for the rest of the afternoon, his penis propping open the door, allowing the fragrant spring breeze to waft into the classroom.

An hour had passed, and he thought he might be beginning to grow accustomed to his position, because the pain in his trapped member had begun to subside slightly, much to the boy's relief.

This was, of course, when the day's gentle breeze began to shift, strengthening into actual wind. A fairly brisk wind, at that.

A spring thunderstorm had apparently chosen that afternoon to waft past the school. It didn't actually pass above it, sparing the facility a wetting from its showers, but it passed near enough that the winds accompanying it buffeted the grounds thoroughly.

Doors are, of course, excellent at catching the wind, as anyone who has ever tried to close one against a storm can tell you.

The wind surged and ebbed around the school, and every time it puffed past Miss Myers' classroom, it caught upon the open door, pulling on and rocking it strongly. The force of the wind was such that the heavy metal door would have blown shut, slamming it hard against its frame, had it not been firmly chocked open.

Said chock cried out piteously each time the weight of the door, backed by the strength of the storm, was heaved by the wind and pitted against his flesh, trapped and wedged in the crevice at its base, which managed, barely, to restrain it.

By the time the storm passed and the wind died down, Jacob had been reduced to near incoherence. He remained in an upright position only because he was supported by the door he was keeping open, his forehead and face pressed up against its outside edge. He was moaning continuously, his quiet keening only barely audible, as the storm ended, the final bell rang, and the school day came to a close.

He would have scarcely noticed the parade of his classmates, as they filed out of the room and left for home, had not some of the girls bumped and nudged his splayed out right leg with their toes as they passed by it. He wasn't sure whether the brief contacts were purposeful or accidental, but, either way, the results were the the same. He groaned and grunted as the small tremors each passing girl caused to travel up his leg produced concurrent movements in his hips, painfully tugging against his abused, trapped penis.

Finally, the last of his classmates departed, save one.

"Alice, would you close the door for me, please?" Miss Myers called out, her voice slightly raised.

"Of course, Miss Myers."

Jacob glanced up to see his classmate looking down on him dispassionately, eyeing his trapped flesh.

Then she kicked his penis.

Not particularly hard, mind you. She performed a kick that contained just enough force that it would have easily dislodged a normal chock from beneath the bottom of the door. Unfortunately, Jacob's penis was not a normal chock, and his chocked cock stayed firmly in place, still wedged tightly between the ground and door.

Alice, scarcely pausing after the first kick failed, kicked the chock several more times in rapid succession, each kick slightly stronger than the last. Every kick, one after another, failed, quite dismally, to remove the fleshy obstacle preventing the door from closing.

"Gah! Ouch! Ow, ow ow!" Jacob cried, at this casually brutal treatment of his most sensitive flesh. "Stop, please! Ah!"

"Miss Myers?" Alice called, after ceasing her efforts with a frown down at Jacob. "I can't close the door. The chock seems to be stuck."

"And whiny." she added, to herself, still frowning.

"Well, you'll just have to kick at it harder, I suppose." came Miss Myers' reply. Her tone of voice was distracted, as if she was preoccupied with something else and only half paying attention to what she was hearing.

"Oh-kay." Alice called back.

"Wa-wait, wait.." Jacob groaned, pleadingly.

Alice didn't wait. She wound her leg back, her tongue poking cutely out of the edge of her mouth in concentration, then delivered her most powerful kick yet directly to Jacob's crotch.

"Ahhhahhahhhhha!" Jacob said, loudly, in response to the pain this caused. His cry, high pitched and quavering, sounded almost like laughter as it trailed of into whimpering.

"Miss Myers, I think it's just getting more stuck." Alice said, as she poked her head into the classroom, after her final kick failed completely to remove the chock.

"Well, I suppose I'd better have a look, then." Miss Myers, sounding a bit put out at having to bother with such a relatively trivial problem.

A moment later, Jacob's teacher joined his classmate in staring down at his firmly wedged penis.

"Hmm.." Miss Myers hummed, thoughtfully. "That does look pretty stuck."

Jacob's penis, which had been thoroughly erect at the beginning of his current punishment, had gone, if not completely flaccid, then at least much softer. Rather than making it easier to remove his penis from its place chocking open the door, however, it seemed that this fact had just allowed more and more of his flesh to be trapped beneath it. Even worse, it appeared that his scrotum was now quite caught by the bottom of the door too, his testicles bulging out against the taught, straining skin of their protective sack.

"Could we just let the custodian deal with it?" Alice asked.

"No, no. I'm sure we can think of something..." Miss Myers said. "Perhaps if we simply.."

Miss Myers reached out and tugged on the door, firmly. It remained open, but budged a little, squashing the softened flesh of the chock a little.

"Do you want to try to simply pull the door closed over the chock?" Alice asked, divining the direction of her teacher's thoughts.

"Yes, I think that just might work." Miss Myers agreed. "If we both put our weight behind the effort, then that may do the trick. It isn't a particularly sturdy chock, after all."

Jacob blinked up at them, uncomprehendingly for a second, then began to tremble.

"Wait, please!" he began to say, but it was too late.

Both women grasped firmly on to the door, Miss Myers by the handle, Alice by the outer edge, then set their feet and heaved against it, straining hard.

Though neither female was particularly large, both being rather slim and graceful examples of the human form, their combined weight and strength was enough that they accomplished what the winds of the thunderstorm could not. They closed the door, despite the resistance of its chock.

If Jacob had been asked before this occurred, he would have assured the questioner, in no uncertain terms, that there was not nearly enough space between the bottom of the door and the surface of the concrete for either his penis or his testicles to pass. Miss Myers and Alice, however, proved him quite wrong.

First his testicles, trapped by his already caught scrotum, popped under, rolling slightly along the ground as they did. One, then the other, squishing briefly, agonizingly, between door and concrete. Then his penis, which, rather than simply popping though as each teste had, was dragged and rolled along with the bottom of the door. It was scraped and crushed forcefully against the rough ground, twisting and stretching out tightly, until finally the head popped loose and the entire thing snapped free, rebounding against Jacob's crotch like a rubber band.

Jacob, his mouth open wide in a silent, shocked wail throughout this brief but incredibly painful process, looked down at his abused flesh after it was over, whimpering in disbelief.

Alice nudged the tip of his penis with the toe of her shoe, looking down at it curiously.

"That looks fairly pathetic." she said.

"It does seem to be somewhat worse for the wear, doesn't it." Miss Myers agreed, glancing down at Jacob's penis.

Miss Myers, apparently, was prone to understatement. Jacob's flesh was scuffed, scraped, and bruising. It looked rumpled and dirty, and was quite small and flaccid now, laying there sadly on the ground between Jacob's legs.

"My.. my poor penis.." Jacob moaned. "What have you done to it?"

"Merely given it, and you, the punishment you merited." Miss Myers answered, a bit frostily. "Perhaps, this time, you've learned your lesson."

Alice poked at the former door chock with her shoe again, causing Jacob to groan in pain.

"Oh, it hurts." Jacob said, weakly. "It hurts so very much."

"Well, if you think that it's simply too much for you to bear, you can always go see the school nurse." Miss Myers replied. "She can have that thing off of you in a jiffy. She's quite good at it, you know. It comes from all the practice."

Jacob's eyes widened at this, and he shook his head frantically.

"Oh, I would dearly like to see such a thing." Alice said, bouncing on her toes and looking interested. "May I escort him there, please?"

"Of course, Alice, dear." Miss Myers said, smiling benignly. "Miss Pennington never minds an audience. She does love to talk about her work as she performs; she'll go on and on. Perhaps she'll even need an extra set of hands."

Alice's face brightened at that.

"That.. that isn't necessary!" Jacob said quickly, doing his best to scramble up, shielding his mistreated manhood with his hands, as best he could, as he did. "I'm.. I'm fine."

Whether he was fine or not might have been debatable, because he seemed unable to stand up completely straight, hunched over and cradling his cock and balls. He managed to pull on his underwear and pants, grimacing when they touched his sensitive, abused flesh, then collected his bag and books from inside the classroom.

Alice walked a dozen or so yards in front of him his whole way home, her hair bobbing cheerily in time with each of her light steps. Every few moments, she would turn her head back and glance at him, grinning and occasionally giggling, her amusement obvious at his slow, pained progress.


3 - The Third Lie, The Final Lie

"Miss Myers!" Alice's outraged voice shouted. "He's doing it AGAIN!"

Miss Myers sighed, not even bothering to turn from her whiteboard. She shook her head as she let it fall wearily back, eyes upraised as if looking to the heavens in appeal.

"Of course he is." Miss Myers said, her voice resigned.

"Jacob, up here, please. Now." she ordered.

When she turned around, Miss Myers was not surprised to see an embarrassed Jacob, his pants again around his ankles, standing before her with his erection aimed impudently up at her.

"Well, what is it, this time?" she asked, her tone impatient.

"I.. I.." Jacob stammered, his eyes roaming desperately, looking everywhere but at his teachers face.

"I.. was just... massaging it!" he finally blurted out, face crimson. "Just massaging it."

"You were massaging your penis." Miss Myers said, her tone utterly flat and unamused.

"Y-yes. It's just so sore and.. stiff.. and stuff, from yesterday, that I.. I.." he said, trailing off a bit before rallying. "It just felt like it really needed to be massaged."

"For fifteen minutes?!" Alice asked, disbelievingly, from her seat.

Miss Myers just shook her head, closing her eyes, her frustration clear on her face.

"You were only massaging your stiff penis during class, not masturbating." she said, her voice dripping with scorn.


"Why, Jacob.. Why do you even try?" Miss Myers said, her shoulders slumping a little in disappointment as she opened her eyes and shook her head again, looking at her student.

"I.. I.. Well.. it's.."

"It's just so embarrassing." the boy finally said, quietly, face flaring an even brighter red. "Getting caught, I mean.."

"Then why on earth do you do it in the first place?" Miss Myers asked, almost pleadingly.

"Well, it's been three days since I.. uh, you know, and it's hard.. uh, not to.."

"Yes, I can see, quite clearly, how hard it is for you." Miss Myers said, acidly, staring down at the still slightly bruised and scuffed but quite erect penis before her. "Go to the corner. I don't even want to think about you right now."


Lunchtime arrived about fifteen minutes later, and it brought with it the opportunity for Miss Myers to punish Jacob for his actions.

"Miss Myers?" Alice called, sounding a bit guilty. "I.. uh, accidentally dropped my hot dog."

"Umm, sorry.." the girl finished, shrugging sheepishly.

The class was once again taking lunch in their classroom, eating the lunches that the school provided for them each day at noon. The meal was hot dogs, on a bun, with a side of fruit and milk to drink. The entire class was busily munching their way through their meals, with the exception of Alice, who stood, with an empty hot dog bun in one hand, looking in dismay down at the floor to her dropped wiener.

"Oh, dear.." Miss Myers said, patiently, as she walked over to the girl. "I don't suppose you could just rinse it off, could you?"

Strictly speaking, they weren't supposed to do such things, what with it being less than sanitary, but, budget cuts being what they were, there wasn't much in the way of extra food being prepared every day. The school's administration had made it very clear to the faculty that no extra meals would be provided to the students, either as seconds or as replacements (much to the annoyance of both the larger and older students, who might very well have need of a bit extra). Theoretically, the administration could justify this position by saying it promoted awareness and self-sufficiency in the students. Really, however, it was intended to save costs and just meant that when one of these inevitable little accidents happened, someone went hungry if the meal couldn't be salvaged.

"Umm, no. I don't think so." Alice said. "Jamie was walking by when it happened, and she stepped on it."

"It wasn't my fault!" the girl in question said, heatedly, from her own desk on Alice's left. "I didn't see it."

"It's pretty smushed." Alice said, glumly. "Jamie does have big, flappy feet, after all."

"I do not!" the girl cried in protest.

"Girls, girls." Miss Myers said, distractedly, trying to defuse the situation while she pondered what to do about it.

"Perhaps someone would be kind enough to share with you.." Miss Myers murmured, scanning the room.

Unfortunately, most of the students had already finished, or nearly finished, their meals. Even Jamie had already finished lunch; she had been returning from depositing her waste into the garbage can by the door when she stepped on the fallen frankfurter.

Then Miss Myers' eyes fell on Jacob, who was still standing in the corner, eyeing his classmates jealously. Students being punished, such as Jacob, weren't allowed lunch, so he couldn't share his with Alice. But perhaps, Miss Myers considered, he might be able to help his classmate out with her problem anyway.

"Jacob, come over here, please." Miss Myers said, loudly enough to be heard over the buzz and chatter of the rest of her class taking lunch.

Jacob shuffled over, warily, his steps small so as not to trip himself with his own pants. His hands were held protectively in front of his erection.

"What.. what do you want?" he asked, his eyes darting between Miss Myers and Alice, clearly worried about what was in store for him.

"Hands behind your back, please." Miss Myers instructed.

Jacob complied, slowly, his naked penis thrusting out towards the two women as his posture shifted. He gulped.

"Would this suit you, Alice? As a replacement?" Miss Myers asked, running one finger carelessly down the length of Jacob's erection, looking at the girl.

Alice blinked in surprise, then bent down a little, peering at the cock in question, obviously considering.

"Isn't there anything a bit.. larger?" she finally asked, straightening up.

Miss Myers sighed and shook her head.

"I'm afraid that it's this or nothing." she said, tapping the head of Jacob's penis. "I'd share my own lunch with you, but I didn't bring one today."

"I don't know.." the girl waffled. "It was on the ground for hours yesterday. I'll bet it's pretty dirty."

Miss Myers had to concede that the girl had raised a fair point. It wasn't an insurmountable one, however.

"If I give it a thorough scrubbing, would it then be acceptable?" she asked.

"I suppose so. I am fairly hungry." Alice replied. "Thank you, Miss Myers."

"You're quite welcome, dear." Miss Myers replied, smiling. "Just try to be more careful in the future."

"Ah, Miss Myers, what's going on?" Jacob said, a little breathlessly, as his teacher lead him by the penis, one hand firmly gripping his erection, to the classroom sink.

"Push yourself over the sink, then hold still." Miss Myers instructed, apparently ignoring the question.

Jacob did, and Miss Myers scrubbed him down, every inch of him, quite vigorously. She used the brush with the stiff bristles, even on his sensitive head, much to Jacob's dismay.

"Oww, oh, Miss Myers, please." Jacob wheezed, as his teacher's firm grip settled around his testicles and tugged them out, away from his body, as she scrubbed them thoroughly as well.

"There we go, all clean." Miss Myers said, after she finished drying him off. "Now, go back over to Alice and let her prepare this however she wants."

"Um, what do you mean? What am I doing?"

"Alice accidentally dropped her hot dog, so you're going to be filling in for it today. That is your punishment." Miss Myers said, flicking the end of Jacob's penis softly with the pad of her index finger.

"I.. What?" Jacob asked, obviously confused.

"For the rest of lunch, this is Alice's hot dog." Miss Myers said, impatiently, tapping her student's penis. "Now go over to her desk and let her do with it as she likes."

"I.. Okay, I suppose." Jacob said, now more bemused than confused.

"Good, I'm going back to my desk. Don't dawdle." Miss Myers stated, leaving him at the sink.

Jacob made his way back over to Alice, then steeled himself and thrust his erect member out towards to girl. He more than half expected her to squeal in disgust and slap it away, but, surprisingly, she didn't.

"I guess.. this is for you?" he asked, unsure.

"Oh, good. I've been waiting for that." Alice said, sounding pleased.

This was not at all what Jacob had expected to hear, and it flummoxed him a bit.

"You have? Umm.. What are you going to..?" he hesitatingly asked.

"Just hold still a moment." Alice instructed, as she picked up her empty bun and flipped it open.

She brought the bun up under her replacement hot dog, slotting the erect tube of flesh perfectly into its open top. She looked happy at how well it fit.

"Okay, hold the bun in place, please."

Jacob moved his hand towards the bun, but before he reached it, Alice stopped him.

"Wait, did you wash your hands?" she asked, suspiciously.

"Um, no?" Jacob replied, raising his eyebrows in surprise.

"Ugh, of course not." Alice said, with a snort of disgust. "Wait a moment."

The girl brought one of her napkins up, folded it around the bun, then repeated her earlier command.

"Hold the bun, please. And don't touch any part of it without the napkin!"

"Okay, jeez.." Jacob muttered, as he did so.

Alice eyed him, then picked up the packets of condiments that had come with her lunch. She tore open and emptied each one, slowly, carefully, and evenly, along the length of Jacob's erect penis. Jacob stared at her in bewildered fascination as she did this, his attention torn between watching her hands, as they brushed lightly along his member, and watching her tongue, which was once again poking slightly out of her mouth and pressed against her upper lip, as she concentrated on her task.

He found himself contemplating the attractive light pink color of her lips, and the even brighter pink of her tongue, his heart beginning to speed up, as certain facts began adding up in his mind.

She was treating his penis as if it were a hot dog, just as Miss Myers had said she would. And hot dogs went into people's mouths, so therefore, his penis, as her hot dog, would, at some point, probably in the near future, be going into her mouth. Her mouth, the one with the luscious pink lips and the soft pink tongue, would be on his penis.

He felt his penis begin to throb in time with his now racing heart, as he gazed, open mouthed, at his classmate's lips as they parted in a pleased sigh.

"There, that looks good." Alice said, happily. "You can let go of the bun now, I've got it."

They both looked, for a few moments, at the hot dog between them. The fact that his very pretty classmate was holding his penis, even if it was currently encased within a bun, and about to put it in her mouth, caused Jacob's turgid cock to throb and swell even further, and a little bead of pre-cum formed at the tip, pearly and glistening.

Then Alice bent, as Jacob's breath caught in his throat, and took the end of her new hot dog in her mouth.

For a moment or two, it was everything Jacob had hoped and dreamed it would be. Alice's soft lips closed gently around his glans, sucking on him softly, her breath tickling him as it puffed out through her nose, and her tongue darted out. Jacob felt his knees wobble as Alice ran her tongue under the head of his penis, then around and over it, inquisitive, licking and tasting at him curiously. It even flickered briefly at the very tip, collecting the little bead of his essence there and carrying it back into the girl's mouth, seemingly for further examination.

Alice made an approving humming sound in the back of her throat, as if pleased with what she was tasting.

Then she bit down. Hard.

While Jacob had managed to add up some of the facts of his current situation, he hadn't, unfortunately, managed to add up all of them. He may have realized that two and two together made four, but he had, in his libido addled mental state, over looked the fact that, in this case, four and four equaled ate.

"Ouch!" Jacob yelped, as he slammed the palm of his hand down onto Alice's forehead and pushed the girl's mouth from him, dragging her teeth across his cock head as he did so. "Ow, what're you doing?!"

"Hey, why'd you stop me?" Alice asked, glaring up at Jacob, or trying to, around his arm. "I'm hungry."

"You bit me!" Jacob accused, his tone a combination of shock and outrage.

"Well, of course I bit you!" Alice said, crossly, using her free hand to push Jacob's away from her forehead. "You are my hot dog, after all. What did you think I was going to do?"

"I.. I.." Jacob sputtered. "Well, not bite me, jeez!"

Alice eyed him, perplexed, then her eyes widened in realization.

"Wait, did you think I was going to..?" she asked, sounding scandalized, her mouth, with its pretty pink lips and tongue, falling open in astonishment.

When Jacob didn't reply to her, she narrowed her eyes and shook her head.

"Ugh, boys." she stated, simply, somehow managing to infuse an entire lifetime's worth of disgust into that last word.

"Now, hold still." she commanded, as she leaned back towards him, her mouth open and her small, perfect teeth gleaming.

"No!" Jacob protested, pushing her head back again with his palm.

"Stop it!"

"No, you stop it!"

"Quit squirming, I'm hungry."

"So am I, but that doesn't mean I can just go around biting people!"

"Miss Myers!" they both called out, together.

They heard an aggrieved sigh, then the sound of their teacher approaching.

"What is it now?" Miss Myers asked, sounding resigned.

"Alice bit me!" Jacob said, at the same time as Alice complained, "Jacob won't let me eat my hot dog!"

"Jacob." Miss Myers said, in a reasonable tone of voice. "Alice dropped her hot dog, so you're replacing it. What did you think happened to hot dogs?"

"I don't want my penis to get eaten!" Jacob said to Miss Myers, fervently.

"And I don't want to go without my lunch!" Alice said to Jacob, just as fervently.

"Jacob, you know that Alice suffers from low blood sugar. She needs to eat regularly." Miss Myers said, maintaining, against odds, her reasonable tone. "If she has low blood sugar this afternoon, she won't be able to concentrate and learn as well she should."

"You interrupted her learning earlier this morning, so your punishment is to do what you can to remedy that. Alice needs lunch, so you're going to provide it, which is entirely appropriate, I feel. If you don't want to have to do that, then you shouldn't have disrupted my class by masturbating and then lying to me, poorly, about it." Miss Myers finished, with her hands on her hips, her eyes narrowed and her tone firm.

"But.. I.." Jacob said, his mouth open and nearly speechless.

"Am I going to have to restrain you?" Miss Myers asked, rolling her eyes in frustration.

"Oh, do, please." Alice said, pleadingly. "Lunch will be over before I get my hot dog, at this rate."

"Very well. Hold still, Jacob."


Miss Myers produced a roll of masking tape, and taking Jacob's arms in hand, began taping them together thoroughly behind his back. The boy, his expression shocked and disbelieving, didn't offer more than a few, feeble struggles against his teacher.

"Mi.. Miss Myers.." he said, pleadingly, looking back at his teacher, while Alice continued to hold on to her hot dog, watching.

"Could you do up his mouth, too? I don't want his whining to put me off my appetite." Alice asked, after a moment.

Miss Myers complied, sticking several strips of tape across the boy's mouth, then running the whole roll around his head twice, muffling his pleading.

"There." Miss Myers said, satisfied. "Enjoy your lunch, Alice."

"Thank you, Miss Myers." Alice said, smiling brightly up at her teacher.

"You're very welcome, dear."

Miss Myers left them there, with Jacob bound and restrained within tape, his hips thrust out and his eyes pleading, and with Alice staring hungrily at her lunch, licking her lips.

"Finally." Alice said, then leaned back down towards her hot dog.

Jacob was unable to prevent Alice biting him. There was no soft suckle, no curious tongue flitting over his flesh, teasing as it tasted him, this time. She simply closed her mouth over the end of his penis, which stuck out just slightly past the hot dog bun, nibbled on him briefly, then bit off the front half of his glans.

"Mmph!" was all the protest that could be heard from him. He tried to pull his hips away, but discovered, too late, that Miss Myers had even taken the time to tape him, quite securely, to Alice's desk. He couldn't escape.

Alice, ignoring the muffled whining and struggles of the boy attached to her hot dog, chewed on her mouthful of meat, slowly, her expression thoughtful, considering. Then she swallowed it.

Jacob watched in horrified disbelief as his pretty classmate chewed and swallowed down a part of his penis, then went back for more. With her second bite, she nipped a little more of his cock head off, quite cleanly, along with some bun and condiments. Her chewing was less slow, less thoughtful, and she swallowed him down faster, and went for another bite. And then another. Each bite caused the boy to "Mmph!" into his improvised gag, and buck against his restraints, his wide eyes locked on to his gradually shrinking manhood and the girl eating it.

His glans was gone in the first four bites, more quickly than he would have believed. When Alice started in on the shaft of his penis, however, her pace slowed and the size of her bites shrank. The girl seemed to be spending a lot more time chewing each bite too, before finally swallowing it down. It appeared that now she had finally gotten started on it, she was in no hurry to finish her hot dog off. She even paused, for a few minutes, to drink some of her milk and eat half her apple, before continuing on, slowly but steadily, with her entree.

This lasted for ten or fifteen minutes, until Alice got down the the last inch or so of her hot dog. Apparently deciding that she was tired of her slow nibbling, she took the rest of Jacob's penis off all at once, burrowing her nose and chin into his groin in an effort to capture as much of his flesh between her teeth as she could. The wad of cock meat, bun, and condiments made a large bulge in her cheeks as she worked her jaws hard, chewing it, slowly and surely, down into paste.

Jacob watched, whimpering in utter disbelief, as Alice swallowed the last of his penis, its bulge visible as it traveled down her throat. The girl then let out a pleased sigh, licked her lips clean, and patted her belly, obviously satisfied.

"How was your hot dog?" asked Jamie, who was leaning back in her seat and idly flipping through a teen fashion magazine. The girl's tone of voice was absently conversational, as if she was simply inquiring about the weather to pass the time.

"Hmm." Alice mused, rubbing her chin lightly with her index finger. "Well, the tip was fairly tender, but the rest was quite chewy."

"Oh." replied Jamie, not looking up from her magazine. "How did it taste, though?"

"Not like anything particularly special. It wasn't horrible or anything, but.." Alice stated, trailing off at the end, as though considering what exactly her hot dog would have needed to make it more palatable. "It probably would have been better cooked. Less chewy, certainly."

"Well, it can't have been as bad as the ones they served us from the cafeteria." Jamie said, dismissively. "I think they make those out of saw dust, wax, and out-of-date bullion cubes."

"That's true." Alice agreed. "I just wish mine had been a bit more substantial, is all.."

She stared at the spot where her hot dog had been attached to the boy in front of her. Now, instead of a rigid pole of male flesh, there was only an empty spot on Jacob's crotch, with a slight depression, which was where she had bitten her last bite of meat from, just above his loose, hanging testicles.

Alice tilted her head to the side slightly, then quirked her eyebrows up in interest. She reached out with one hand and cupped the soft orbs of flesh, hefting and weighing them appraisingly in the cradle of her fingers. She turned them back and forth, as if inspecting a piece of fruit for blemishes, and squeezed them gently, curiously, feeling them slide around in their sack.

"Miss Myers?" Alice called. "I'm still a bit hungry. May I have the testes as well?"

Jacob, who had been more or less in a state of shock at the loss of his penis, had started rousing from it as he felt his gonads be gently manipulated by Alice's soft, warm hand. His head shot up at her words, and he shook it back and forth, in desperate negation.


"I don't see why not." Miss Myers replied, her own tone as absent as Jamie's had been, not bothering to look up from her novel.

"Mmph!" came Jacob's muffled protest "Mph mmph!"

"Thank you." Alice said.

Then the girl gently lifted up the sack before her, isolated just one testicle, and inserted it, still in its protective layer of skin, into her mouth.

And then she chewed.

Jacob, who had been struggling back and forth, went rigid, his back bowed and his head thrown back, as Alice's small, strong, perfectly white and perfectly straight teeth began grinding his left nut into the consistency of apple sauce. Her steady chewing went on for nearly a minute before the thin, but tough, skin of Jacob's scrotum gave way. Alice sucked the pulped remains of the entire testicle, which was still somehow attached and sending agonized sensations to its owner, into her mouth, to chew on it a bit more. She only nipped it free of its connective cord just as she started swallowing it.

To Jacob, having his crushed gonad finally be bitten loose and swallowed was an astounding relief. The amount of pain the thing had been sending him as his classmate chewed it up had been all out of proportion to its size, which was exactly what one would expect from a testicle, after all. His chest heaved, and he sobbed out pathetic sounding "Mmph"s in a steady stream. Having his testicle be eaten had taken so much out of him that he could barely muster a protest when he felt his remaining orb slip, still whole, out of its sack and into Alice's warm mouth.

Then, despite his feeble writhing, she chewed, and chewed, and chewed, and eventually, swallowed the remnants of his remaining teste as well.

Her final act during her lunchtime meal was to slurp up Jacob's entire empty scrotum, every bit of loose skin, then bite it off as close to his crotch as she could. She chewed on it steadily, the loose skin half filling her mouth, like it was gum. After several more minutes, she finally swallowed that too, feeling the last of Jacob's contribution to her recommended daily values slide down her throat, with satisfaction.

"How were those?" Jamie asked, her tone actually moderately interested now. She had, apparently, run out of magazine.

"Interesting." Alice said. "Savory, and very rich. Sort of like a raw egg, only with semen instead of egg white."

"That doesn't sound very good." said Jamie, pulling a face.

"I did say interesting, not good." replied Alice, with a laugh and a face of her own. "Still better than the school hot dogs, though."

"Well, that's not a particularly high bar." Jaime said, laughing as well.

Jacob, head swimming, still restrained, stared down at where his manhood had been at the beginning of lunch, just a short time ago. All that was left now was smooth, slightly reddened skin, as if his poor penis and testicles had never even existed in the first place. Though the memory of the pain of having his cock and balls eaten was still flowing through him, the actual pain was fading rapidly down mere soreness, as there simply wasn't anything left down there of his to actually feel pain any more.

He stared blearily at his two classmates, who were laughing and chatting together happily, who so easily dismissed his plight with such casual disregard; because he'd earned it all. He had disrupted class, lied about it, and been punished for it. Now, the only thing that remained of his manhood was a small lump of masticated meat, slowly dissolving within the stomach of the smiling, pretty girl in front of him, which would nourish her and allow her to concentrate on her studies. For this one afternoon, at least.

His experience, however harsh it had been, had finally taught him one thing. He had learned his lesson. He would never lie about masturbating, ever again.


Author's Note:

This one came out of pretty much the same place as my last story, "The Vacuum Incident". Like it, this one is oddly bloodless, despite the fact that cocks and balls are getting removed left and right. What can I say? Sometimes I simply like my ultra violence a little more cartoony, and a little less realistic. I suppose that perhaps I just get tired (lazy?) of having to invent excuses to not have the de-cockee bleed to death within a few minutes, so I take the easy way out by ignoring the issue altogether, ha ha.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

And please remember not to masturbate in class. Miss Myers IS watching, you know.

4 - Outtakes (Things that could've made it into the main story, but didn't.)

"Miss Myers, our shuttlecock broke." Alice said, her tone apologetic.

She approached her teacher, with her partner, Jamie, trailing behind her, looking vaguely guilty. The shuttlecock, what was left of it, was in pieces in the second girl's hand.

"Well, drat." Miss Myers said, looking dismayed. "We haven't got any spares."

"I guess you'll just have to share with some.. one.." Miss Myers started to say, her words trailing off as she caught sight of Jacob, who stood at the edge of the badminton courts, in his normal school clothes, his pants around his ankles and his penis still (still!) erect. The boy was peering lecherously at the nearby girls when they weren't looking, waiting for his teacher to find a suitable punishment for him.

"Hmm, one moment, girls." Miss Myers said, as she walked towards her wayward student. "I think that I've found just the thing."

Jacob was happily admiring the girls of the class, who, in their P.E. tennis whites, all looked quite appealing. Including and especially Miss Myers. It was particularly frustrating for him, though, because he had to watch, not daring to touch his painfully erect penis, as the girls ran, jumped, lunged, and bent over in their tight shirts, cute little shoes, and short, short skirts, with absolutely nothing else to distract him. He had been hoping to perhaps sneak away, to resume what he had been interrupted doing earlier, while Miss Myers' attention was elsewhere, but it seemed unlikely.

Especially since she was now walking towards him purposefully. He gulped, suddenly worried.

"Mi.. Miss Myers?" he asked, as she stopped in front of him.

"Jacob, don't speak. Just don't." his teacher instructed, firmly. "I'm still quite peeved at you for interrupting class earlier today. Fortunately, I've discovered a way for you to be punished and to still be involved with P.E. class, so at least you won't get a failing grade today for non-participation."

"Now, hold still." Miss Myers instructed, brusquely.

Then she produced a knife. A silver, shining, and quite wickedly sharp looking knife. From where, he had no idea. Miss Myers then bent down, with it in hand, towards his erect penis.

"Miss Myers!" Jacob said, panicking and holding his hands over himself protectively. "W-w-wait!"

His teacher paused, then rolled her eyes at the boy, exasperated.

"Oh, for goodness sake, Jacob." she said. "It's just a Qknife. It won't be permanent."

"Now, move your hands and hold still."

Jacob complied, hesitatingly, still not completely reassured, but obeying.

Miss Myers, impatient, bushed his hands aside, took a firm grip near the base of her student's cock, then with a simple swipe from the knife, disconnected it from him entirely.

Jacob yelped, startled by the sensation, but not in pain.

"There, was that so bad?" His teacher asked, bouncing his member in her hand a few times, as she turned from him.

"Um, what are you going to do with my penis?" Jacob asked her, nervously. He could still feel his teacher's hand on his cock, warm and strong, and it was a bit disconcerting.

"For the rest of P.E., this is no longer your penis." Miss Myers said, holding his member firmly, her tone disapproving, and shaking it at him. "It is now just a shuttlecock, for your peers to use as needed."

"Uhm.. oh." Jacob said, then gulped.

He watched as, a few moments later, Miss Myers handed his penis to Alice, who's hand felt slightly smaller, but even more pleasantly warm, on his penis. While he was no longer physically attached to it, he could feel everything happening to it. Alice smiled at her teacher, thanking her, then looked down at the erect cock in her hands, also bouncing it up and down in her palm, testing its weight. Then the girl turned to Jacob, winked at him, and tossed it high into the air.

Half a moment later, she slapped it with her racket, hard, completely across the court to her opponent, Jamie.

Who slapped it back.

Jacob let out a wheezing breath as the pain of each impact rocked him. He folded up, his hands and arms cradling themselves over his crotch, uselessly, as the girls batted his disconnected cock back and forth across their court, only occasionally missing.

Unfortunately, P.E. had started less than half an hour ago, which meant that he still had nearly two hours of torment to endure.

Things, he thought, just couldn't get any worse.

Which is when he noticed Miss Myers standing over him.

"Jacob, another shuttle cock broke." she said. "Spread your legs for a moment, please."

"Wh-why?" he croaked, through the pain his penis was enduring.

"So I can let Jennifer and Laura use your testicles as a replacement, obviously." Miss Myers said, absolutely no pity in her tone.

"Oh." thought Jacob. "Oh, crap."

It was going to be a long P.E. session.


"Miss Myers, my pencil broke." said Alice.

"Hmm. I haven't any spares, so I suppose you'll just have to use Jacob as a replacement, for now." Miss Myers replied.

"Will that work?"

"Penis, pencil, what's the difference?"

"Miss Myers, this penis is dull." Alice reported, a moment later. "I can hardly write with it at all."

"Well, dear, I suppose you'll just have to sharpen it then."

"Oh, okay. Thank you."


"Miss Myers, my desk is wobbly." said Alice.

"Jacob, be a dear and place your penis under the short leg of Alice's desk, please." replied Miss Myers.

"Aww, now it's wobbly the other way."

"Well, just put your weight on the too tall corner and bounce on it a few times. I'm sure that will even everything up perfectly."

"Okay. Thanks, Miss Myers!"


"Miss Myers, the school bus is broke down on a steep hill, and the parking break isn't working! Whatever will we do?" asked Alice, worry in her voice.

"If only we had something to chock the wheels of this enormous bus, which happens to be parked on broken glass and rusty nails, with." said Miss Myers, shaking her head sadly.

Then Miss Myers and Alice both turned to look at Jacob, who was sitting alone near the back of the bus, his pants around his ankles, with his penis erect and jutting upwards, as if it was just begging for it.

"What?" he asked.

END Outtakes


This was amazing.


I'm glad you liked it. It was fun to write.


Cuuuuuuuuuute! I only wish teacher would give him some release as a final mercy.


Cuuuuuuuuuute! I only wish teacher would give him some release as a final mercy.


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Can I add more stories with a more tender, dominant but slightly considerate teacher?




I somehow pictured the teacher as a tall, high heeled, British accented woman.



That is pretty much exactly how I pictured her(sans heels).


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No mercy for those who've earned punishments from Miss Myers, I'm afraid.



I completely agree with you htabdoolb.

Teachers, especially female teachers, have to make it clear that class disturbance of any kind is unacceptable. Masturbating in class, or even looking like you want to masturbate, in front of your teacher or female classmates must be punished without any mercy. I surprised that this Miss Myers gave so many opportunities to the boy to shape his behavior and he not. I hope next time she will not be so tolerant to those disrespectful boys.



well im thinking of a second teacher that lets the boys masturbate, only to catch them and regularly use their penises in painful ways, VERY painful ways and telling them if men are worth their penises, they might make it useful in ways to help the students.

And Jacob, now gelded , could report to the kitchen to be made useful as meat.

Can I write this?



Well, I'm curious about it.

My only requirement is that you not masturbate until you finish the story completely. Miss Myers looks very disapprovingly upon students who delay finishing their homework in a timely manner. Who knows what she might do to you.

I am completely serious about this. (Not really)

[YES really]


And I'm thinking about the principal who is sitting in her office looking at a boy who was sent there by the teacher and thinking what to do with him. To suspend him for two days or to castrate him and then crucified in the school yard. Any case she needs to call the boy's mother to school.



Sorry, i jerked off one miss myers but homework will be there, I swear!



Sorry, i jerked off one miss myers but homework will be there, I swear!


Well, that was light-hearted and fun. Thank you, I enjoyed the casual torture a lot.



S-sorry Miss Myers. I jerked off a lot but couldn't help it! And sorry I'm months late!


Some Extra independent chapter


Miss Myers was quite intrigued and excited to meet the new assistant teacher. Her profile simply read as Kim Cutting.

She was a curly, red-headed woman who looked no older than 24, with bright white skin and freckles that put her out of place as an authoritative figure. But Miss Myers read that she reformed many, many boys (and girls) using "corporeal adjustment"

Miss Myers just wondered how she'd handle the biology lesson coming up this Monday. She decided to pay her a visit.

What she found was quite interesting. It could have counted as child abuse in the past, but now in this school, it was different.

Her room was decorated spartan, save for a few visitors...and furniture.

Ms Cutting was seated on a comfy office chair, writing her first notes and script for her first lesson. The office supplies however, were mostly children.

Boys and girls, completely naked, were often furniture, or tools using their tenderest parts due to their punishment. And they were shockingly quiet.

One of the quite rowdy students, Robert whom Miss Myers had never managed to discipline, a boy of 10, was whimpering, his huge penis' urethra housing several pencils and pens, as did three other kids, their erect penises housing several writing implements, young boy shafts reddish from straining expansion. Each had an expression of pain and had sweat on their faces which Ms. Cutting occasionally wiped with a kerchief before resuming writing.

Basically she used every naughty kid who had sexually expressed anything as a test.

Her profile told as much of implementing an incredible reform. If the student lost function of his penis, he was gelded, and the useless penises and balls recycled...alongside the student's entire body! Meat for the kitchen, bones for glue, leather, blood for ink, the student was recycled in a humane, painless and environmentally friendly manner.

Needless to stay, her old school reported that discipline was incredible.

"Good day, Miss Myers, how can I help you?"

She stood up and amiably shook Miss Myers' hand with a bright smile and invited her to sit. "Please."

For ten minutes they exchanged pleasantries until Myers could bring up the co-ed genital torture reform Cutting made.

Myers' face was one of satisfaction. "You seem to be well tucked in...Though I can't help but realize you punish girls as"

"You see Miss Myers...we are awfully hard on boys. But they deserve it..." She stuck her pen harshly to Robert's already stretched penis, making him whimper as his urethra felt on fire. "Sshh.." She shushed him, laying a finger on his lips.

"But we neglect girls..." She pointed to the sullen, naked high school girls who meekly cleaned the room, two of them sobbing as their stretched hairs were braided and tied around the school curtains to keep them from drooping. They were red-faced, huffing as their hair felt like being torn.

"Ten more minutes, boys and girls and you are free to rest and dress for class." She happily chirped, yielding a wave of sighs. "I hope you learned your lessons about not masturbating..." She kept counting sweetly.

"Not playing with your hair during class..." The girls sighed and confirmed:

"Yes Miss Cutting..."

(To be continued, here is just a teaser!)


>> Her room was decorated spartan, save for a few visitors...and furniture.

Oh, stuffed heads on the walls will never spoil the simple spartan spirit. As well as necklace with little teenager balls and earrings with the preteen cocks.



Have patience. After a Creator's Update gone wrong, I'll continue writing this. I already got some a "dissection lesson"


Sorry for my English, it is my fourth language.

"Dissection lesson" is grate. What about a lesson were a students learn about boy gentiles developing from a new born to an adolescence. Mother of the class students will donate their boys for this lesson while the teacher (woman of cause) slowly sliced their scrotums, penises and testicles. Starting with a new born and then a toddler, preschool,preteen and then one or two boy from the class.

Of cause it will cause a lot of laugh to see muffled boys screaming into their gags when their boyhoods are taking from them.



Miss cutting will anesthetize as much as school budget will allow. She isn't a complete monster.

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