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Hello everyone! I am not new to this site in terms of browsing, but certainly in posting. I am a writer who, as the subject line says, writes scat related stories. While I might not be prompt with replies and whatnot, I wanted to post some of my work here on this site to spread my name a bit. Whether or not I post all of it here, I'm unsure of, but I do have other sites I post to.

You can also find my work on Tumblr and on my recently remade HF account.

I will post a few of my works below, so people can see how I write.


Here's one of my more recent stories I did as a request on Tumblr.

Samus Pantypoop
Tags: scat, panty pooping, accident

‘Hindsight is 20/20’, Samus thought as she struggled to make it back to her ship. Perhaps she should have landed closer to her objective, or perhaps she should have taken care of this issue earlier. There was nothing she could do now but hurry. Even as she boarded her ship, got free of her Power Suit, and was so close, Samus knew it was too late.

Her stomach was tight, full, uneasy. Normally, her muscles were strong enough to keep this sort of thing at bay, but not today. As Samus made her way to the bathroom aboard her ship, she felt it crowning. Her anus was spreading under the sheer weight of it all. It slowly inched its way out as she struggled to free herself of her Zero Suit. She was so close, finally getting a grasp of the neckline to begin removing it, but that's when a sudden surge hit her.

No longer was she in the clear as that firm, yet sticky log began to freely leave her body. Samus gasped in surprise, leaning against a nearby wall as her muscles disobeyed her and pushed everything out of her. She knew just to let it happen, there was no stopping that thick mess as it spread her asshole wide.

It curved as it hit her Zero Suit, slowly coiling inside her outfit and spreading outward as she dumped more into it. Faint pops were caught by Samus’ ears as air escaped her hot, melted chocolate. The texture was odd, slowly covering more of her firm butt, but the warmth was oddly pleasant. A sense of relief, and a bit of pleasure, came over her, even as her suit began to bulge and sag from the raw weight of it all.

Soon she found herself pushing, wanting to empty her colon into her distended Zero Suit. She groaned, forcing more mess out of her, quivering as the incredible heat radiated out of her now soiled suit. Whenever Samus thought it was over, another log slithered its way out. Part of her wished she could continue this for longer, to experience such strange pleasure for more than a few fleeting minutes, but even her body couldn't hold that much in. The last log came rushing out with only a slight push, six inches in less than a second.

Samus moaned loudly. She could feel her pile of mess in her suit swell, the heat spread, her colon finally relax, and her backdoor gape from such a long, sizable bowel movement. Her hand slowly moved its way to her ass, fingers touching the outside of it. She could feel the weight, the sheer volume and heat, in a new way. There had to be at least 2 to 3 pounds of perfectly firm, moist poop inside her suit. It ballooned outwards at least 4 inches; a massive bulge in her otherwise skin-tight suit.

It was more pleasurable than she'd ever have thought. Her mind wandered as her hand squeezed and pressed up against her soiled suit. Perhaps she'd do it again, maybe even try something else. Being a bounty hunter was a lonely life, she loved finding enjoyment wherever she could and this required further experimentation.


This is one of the first things I wrote, and still one of my favorites. I write a lot of stories with Legend of Zelda characters, so this is one of many involving that game series. I do not have special titles for most of my work, so forgive me for the rather plain ones I have.

Ashei (Twilight Princess)
Tags: urination, scat (w/feet), outdoors

On the fringe of Snowpeak, before a frozen lake, she shivered as a chilly breeze blew over her. Ashei was rather quiet and never really complained, but waiting for the hopeful hero of Hyrule was getting tiring. She had been trained in mountains, lived there for many years with her father, yet even the young woman had limits to how long she could weather the frigid climate around her. A tad bit frustrated, she walked into a small grove of evergreens; they would shield her from the wind and some of the falling snow.

Just as Ashei was brushing away the snow, hoping to sit and relax, her body notified her of other, more urgent, matters. She felt... full, down just below her belly. It was something she needed to release, let out, empty herself of. While she'd like to sit and wait, to watch the pass that led into this area, she needed to take care of this. Not wanting to ruin the spot she'd so carefully cleaned of snow, she retreated further into the trees.

She removed her headpiece, the mask she used to stave off predators, as well as the full ‘yeti’ garb. Her pants dropped, Ashei squatting down as the cold nipped at her exposed skin. Spreading her lips, she revealed her sex as well, tender flesh chilled by the mountain air. With one last glance about, part of her still paranoid there could be people watching, she began to let her muscles go loose.

It started as a trickle, little drops of fluid, but soon built up into a steady stream. Hot, honey yellow ‘nectar’ began to squirt from her pussy. Steam rose from it as it arced to the ground, Ashei sighing as she relieved a bit of her burden. The pitter patter the pee made as it hit the cold earth soon grew to loud splashes, the snow melting into slush around her target. There was a strange joy the girl took in doing this; living life out amongst nature in ways she couldn't back in town.

As much as she'd like to continue, feel the constant rush of relief, her bladder was soon running on empty. Only after a strong minute her urine slowed and gradually stopped. Ashei, finally free of her tension, huffed in satisfaction. She began to stand and, like many things in life, another problem made itself known. There was a heavy weight, a push, a nudge at another door. One that wouldn't wait. It would seem she had one more burden to set free, but she was getting too cold.

Without her outfit her core was getting cold, and subsequently the blood was leaving her extremities. It was her feet that felt it the worse. Melted snow had slowly seeped into her footwear, it would almost be safer to take them off at this point. Yet if she did that, she'd have to warm them and, given that she had other pressing matters, it wouldn't be easy. At least for most people.

Ashei was no stranger to this climate. There were certain… tactics she could use. Ones that she'd learned herself and, while she wouldn't admit it, secretly enjoyed. In a hurry, she cleared another spot in the snow, kicked off her boots, kneeling with her legs tucked firmly under her. Her pants came down just a bit, only enough to let her pretty, pink pucker breathe. She felt the wind blow over her toes and kiss her butt with a chilly touch. As dry as the air was, it was soon going to get steamy as she began to push.

Wet, ropey goodness began to leave her butthole. Ashei bit her lip, groaning as she felt both the pleasure of release and heat as her poop began to cover her feet. Her personal hot chocolate, always good for warming up on a cold day, slowly caked the young woman's soles. A small, embarrassing moan escaped her as she swung her hips from side to side. She wanted to get every part covered, after all.

The consistency was lovely; it was thick enough to maintain its shape but watery enough to get into all those hard to reach nooks and crannies. She wiggled her toes, letting the moist, brown batter get between her digits as it piled higher. Pops and crackles signaled every next inch of the dirty snake emerging from her rectum, until none was left. Soon, her feet were covered with a nicely coiled rope, the end cut off by her tight ring. Heat soaked into her, steam rising from the pile.

Bowels and bladder empty, cold extremities slowly heating back up, Ashei gave another happy sigh. This was perfect… the texture, the temperature, all how she loved it. She'd just have to wait here until even the heavy load she'd dropped cooled and relish every second. If that bumbling, easily distracted Link came into the pass and had to wait for her, she'd just make him stand there. This was now her personal time.




Very nice stuff! You're an excellent writer. I hope it's not rude of me to ask, but what's your opinion on hyperscat? Are you open to commissions/requests?


Thank you for the compliments. I was worried my writing would be out of place and hidden in the rest of the work on this board.

I do not find it rude at all, given that it is a somewhat common thing. I am okay with hyper in small amounts. For example, if it is an amount more than possible, but still not too out there, I am fine with it. When it gets to filling toilet stalls, as another example, is when it is too much for me.

I have thought of taking commissions, but I worry that my schedule, as well as the particulars I prefer to write, would interfere too much. I am open to requests though, but I cannot promise it would be done quick.


I also prefer loads of a more realistic size.

Both of these stories are very good. I'd especially like to hear more about Samus' exploration into panty/zerosuit-pooping.


Have you ever though of doing something with edible scat characters such as Princess Bubblegum ( ) or Strawberry Shortcake ( )?


I wasn't sure if people were still checking here. For those interested, again I'm more active on Tumblr and HF. I won't be posting all my work here.

I have been thinking about it. I do have a partial idea in mind, but I've got a few other things to write before then. A few of my things, a few for others.

I'm very familiar with that Strawberry Shortcake picture. I have done some normal coprophagia stories, but maybe I should also try those out with additional "flavors" mixed in.


Are you gonna link those to us, then?


Really hope you come back sometime, or at least start posting on HF again. Really loved your Zelda stories.

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