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Young Robin In The Bitch Prison
by Dante

The women's prison was hell from the day fifteen-year-old Robin arrived. She was manhandled by the jail guards when she was unloaded from the Court’s security van. These pricks liked to get their grubby hands onto a fifteen-year-old young offender, especially one who had been carried over to adult court. The jail guards were no better than the two sheriff's guards who had ridden out in the back of the van with its darkened and steel mesh-covered windows.

Once she was convicted, the pricks felt it was open season for free feels, and that was exactly what the took. The guard pricks had got their hands under her blouse, and had unhitched her bra, freeing her large breasts. Then they had got her tight jeans down to her knees, and had fingered fucked her vagina and anus at will, thrusting and probing with their fat fingers in her most private spots. It was as if she were nothing but a common a criminal or something.

She had taken as much shit as she thought she needed, when they at last arrived at the federal prison. It was a bad place, by reputation and to look at. It would prove to be even worse to live in. This was the place reserved for the worst criminal female offenders, and most of the inmates were hardened lifers.

Robin shuddered as she was taken in through the imposing stone gates, past the six foot thick walls, and through the cold and uninviting reception area. All they took was the packet of official papers the guard passed along, and then she was whisked through a long dark hallway and into the wing of the penitentiary reserved for lifers. She was taken into a large unpainted cement room where she was summarily stripped naked in front of a leering group of male guards. These horny guards loved the new law that sent kid lifers to the adult section.

Robin was forced to evacuate her colon and bladder into a soup bowl provided for the purpose, and then she was given a painful deep enema, to flush out anything she may have planted deep inside herself. She was then given a thorough and humiliating deep body search during which the male guards thrust first their fingers, and then their whole hands deep into her pussy, so that she was actually violently fist fucked. Because a fist would not fit into her tiny anus, she had the thick handle of a broom driven painfully deep into her flushed out colon.

This was as far as it usually went for juveniles, but because this large breasted fifteen-year-old was tried and convicted in adult court, due to the nature of her crime, she was going to be a permanent resident, and as such was given the whole treatment by the large gathering of guards. All three shifts of the horny male guards had heard of her conviction, and had shown up to greet the enticing teenager.

They liked to have fresh meat arrive, and were anxious to take part in the initiation of this prime bitch-beef on the hoof. They saw the pretty teenager as nothing more than raw cuntmeat, to be sexually abused for their own amusement. They got to see a lot of well-built female lifers here, but seldom were they so beautiful or so young. This little lady was going to provide a lot of fun for the horny men on long winter evenings.

After she had finished with the humiliating evacuation of her excrement, she was violently gang raped, simultaneously in both of her bleeding intimate passages, so that she would learn respect for the forty-seven guards in the wing who controlled her. Finally Robin was given a filthy short cotton T-shirt that was sweat-soaked, and stained with streaks of what she realized with disgust was dried human shit. Someone had used the filthy shirt to wipe his or her ass. At last, wearing only that incredibly offensive T-shirt, she was turned loose among the other female prisoners. They also planned to have their way with her.

At the tender age of fifteen Robin was a true lifer, with two
consecutive life twenty-five year sentences with no chance of parole. She had been convicted of assisting her young boyfriend in raping, sexually mutilating and then stabbing to death a group of a dozen camping Girl Scouts. Robin claimed she had nothing to do with the rapes, but compelling evidence said otherwise.

She said in her defense that all she had done was to help Roger sneak through the three tents to tape the mouths of the pretty little girls and bind their wrists and ankles, and then to hold the little girls still while her boyfriend one at a time unbound them, pulled the tape off their mouths, and fucked the hairless little cuntlets of the ten to twelve-year-old kiddies.

They figured it was safe to ungag them once they had bound all of the sleeping girls, because they had followed this pack of little cuntlets and their adult leader for more than six hours on their long hike into the mountains, and there was little chance of anyone being within miles of the camp site.

Robin had used Roger's big sharp hunting knife in some of the
cum-dripping little pussies at the beginning of the sex and murder orgy, and her boyfriend even let her stab some of the girls in the second tent in their bellies while he humped his big prick into the squealing little bitches. Robin had found the adventure all very impersonal, because she didn't know any of young girls, so killing them in the bloody sexual orgy was just like helping her dad slaughter young piglets for market on their farm.

Except that this had been more fun, because the young girls were sort of sexy, with their cute little hairless cunnies, and most of them were probably enjoying being raped by her good looking boyfriend, because he was such a wonderful if. somewhat crude hunk, and Robin saw that he was thoroughly enjoying the action.

The pretty little sluts with their bald virgin pussies squealed a lot as their immature naked twats were violated, and they bled a lot as the big thrusting cock of her boyfriend plunged into them. They matured quickly, with a clear audible ripping sound as their tiny pissing little cuntlets were torn mercilessly open, brutally invaded by the impossibly thick male shaft.

The defenseless young Girl Scouts screamed beautifully as Roger ravaged the delicate meat of their sex organs, pumping violently into their ripped and bleeding genitals with such force that blood splattered onto his lap from the brutal action. Not only was it nasty, but the action was about to get much worse for them. Robin used the hunting knife with more skill than Roger gave her credit for.

The young girl scouts were all given a thorough and horrifying slashing of their arms, sides, legs, titless chests and pretty faces before their bellies were ripped. She made sure the little girls were conscious and watching her butchering performance as they were all neatly disembowelled alive before they were allowed to die.

The Girl Scout leader was another story. She was securely bound inside her sleeping bag, and could hear but do nothing about the carnage that was taking place by firelight. At last Roger and Robin went into her tent, slashed open her sleeping bag, and dragged the chesty scoutmaster out of the tent. It didn't matter where they worked on her, as none of the little girls she had supervised would see her nakedness as she was
brutally ass raped, because the children were now all dead.

Roger told Robin to take a series of flash pictures of the scout
leader's face and body with the young woman's camera while he got behind the nearly adult bitch and drove his prick, well lubricated with fresh kiddie blood, up into her beautifully gripping anus. The pictures all showed the naked carcasses of the slain children which were strewn around the camp. These two had been thorough, and the little girls were almost all dead. Only one or two still quivered or showed some reflex reaction in their hands and feet. They had all been gutted, and two of them had even been decapitated.

The young Girl Scout leader struggled beautifully, thrashing and kicking her gorgeous legs in futile attempts at self defence. The eighteen year old boy kept his hips locked to her buttocks, thrusting and bucking into her, ramming his enormous erection into her depths as young Robin ran off a whole roll of film on her lively struggle.

Roger lifted the woman and stood with her long legs wrapped around his. He was firmly locked into her asshole as he slowly moved her over to the remnants of the camp fire, while Robin went into the tent to see if she could find any more film. She did. When she returned with the camera reloaded, she saw Roger holding the buxom bitch with her beautiful big swaying tits hanging over the campfire.

He had thrown on fresh logs, and they were now crackling merrily. The fat round mammaries were only inches above the dancing flames, and the dangling and wildly swinging boobs were bright red and beginning to blister. Roger held her by the neck and forced her face toward the flames.

The young bitch's hair was done in a French braid, and Roger undid the interwoven locks, allowing them to swing free over her shoulders. The flames licked toward the blonde hair, drawing sharp piercing screams of stark terror. Robin captured the look of horror as her hair suddenly burst into flame.

Suddenly it was time for Robin to do her newly-learned trick with the knife. Roger screamed as he felt himself nearing orgasm.

"Quick," he shouted at her, "get the fucking knife into her throat, slash her fucking throat, I'm going to cum!"

Without hesitation Robin put down the camera and picked up the bloody knife. She placed the blade against the naked bitch's throat, pressing it against the tender stretched flesh so that it pushed hard against the Girl Scout leader's gullet.

"Now!" Roger screamed, as he was clearly beginning to ejaculate inside his victim. Robin knew that at orgasm time, she must do exactly what Roger commanded or she would be in deep trouble.

Robin rapidly drew the large hunting knife across the bigger girl's throat, pressing on it as hard as she could. The keen edge sliced easily into the stretched neck, separating the flesh, and letting loose jets of bright blood that sparkled brilliantly in the light of the fire.

"Again, quickly!" he shouted, and she slashed again, deeper this time.

"Oh shit, that feels great," he shouted, "You're the best fucking
girlfriend I ever had, Robin. Her tight asshole is squeezing my prick beautifully every time you hit her with the knife! Do it again!" Robin repeated the violent deep slashing several times, and the body of the big girl bucked beautifully on Roger's raging prick. This was the big payoff for Roger, so Robin knew she was pleasing her boyfriend. His sexual gratification meant everything to her.

Robin was suddenly startled when the beautiful head dropped and rolled free of the marvellous body. Triple jets of blood sprayed into the air from the jagged stump of her neck. It was fantastic. This lady was an adult, so this was murder. Robin consoled herself in the fact that it really wasn't that bad, at least on her conscience, because she didn't even know the Girl Scout leader. Besides, it was Roger who was fucking her and getting all the rush from the act, and he had told her to do it. She couldn't be really guilty for just doing what she was told.

Whenever she went out with Roger, Robin always had lots of kicks, but nothing she had done with him was ever as exciting as this. Roger knew how to treat females, and when he felt it necessary to kill them, how to make killing them exciting, even for another girl. He was the greatest. They took the camera with them when they left the bloody camp site, and spent the rest of the night hiking out of the mountains. The bright moonlight had helped them to take control of the camp, and now it assisted them to find their way back to the stolen car they had left back at the road.

The next day they dropped the rolls of film off at a one hour photo centre, and an hour later Roger sent Robin pick up the colour shots. That was where Robin was arrested, and when she told them that it was all faked for the camera, just for fun, the policeman punched her in the belly so hard she puked. That was when she told them it was Roger who had done it all.

They booked her, and found he had left the cheap hotel they had booked into, and had not left a trace to prove he had ever existed. By the time they found the camp site, scavenger coyotes had ravaged the small bodies, and had eaten all of the cooked meat of the headless leader's big breasts.

The place was a mess, and loaded with incriminating evidence. Without Roger to share in the blame, Robin was going to go to prison for a very long time. The parents of the kids they had killed were really pissed off, and the judge was going to make sure somebody paid big time. That somebody was Robin.

Roger had beat a hasty retreat, disappearing from the face of the earth, as far as the authorities were concerned. They had little interest in him, other than their requirement to keep the file open. They had their sacrificial lamb, and one that the public loved. The massacre of little girls and their leader was so revolting that such a pretty young girl could be willingly involved in such a heinous crime that the public was able to focus its anger on her, and they did.

The courts responded with a suitably unthinkable sentence. She would be sixty-five years old before she could even be considered for parole. That was long enough to ensure that the public's taste for revenge would be satiated, and the case long forgotten. Fifty years was a long time to survive in a maximum security prison. The judge insured that she would be housed on death row. A pretty girl like her in the hands of hardened female criminals would be destroyed within the first few years. The judge was comfortable that he had effectively given the fifteen year old a death sentence.

On her very first day at the prison, Robin came up against the prison's dominant Queen Bitch, Reenee. She was a thirty year old inmate who apparently had all the others under her total control. Robin learned from one of the other prisoners that the big blonde bitch with the mammoth tits was the Prison Warden's prime squeeze, and as such, she had the clout to back up her demands for homage by all the other incarcerated cunts in the female pen.

The women in Reenee's section were assigned to work in the prison laundry, along with boys and girls from the young offenders unit. Less than an hour after she started work, several of the other prisoners dragged Robin off to a back storage room, while the male prison guards ignored the action. They let the dyke women administer their own justice, and for standing back, they got all the free sex they could take, and were given a couple of young cunts to use and abuse at their parties every Saturday night.

When the door was safely closed, she was grabbed and was held by three of them against a rough work bench. One of them slapped her hard on the face, blackening one eye, while another lifted up the short skirt of her simple prison dress while another pulled down her grey cotton panties. A twelve year old boy dropped to his knees and began mouthing her exposed tender vagina.

The work bench was a hard edge she felt scraping against her upper buttocks. She was sure she was going to pick up slivers. Her arms were stretched out to the sides and held securely by the adult women. The feeling of the warm tongue and moist active lips against her delicate private sex organ was more than she could handle, and she moaned, and spread her knees to make room for the young boy's aggressive head pressing into her most private parts.

He was very good, and well trained, probably by these women prisoners. Robin was going crazy with the erotic sensations from that creatively thrusting tongue. It's moist warmth and sensuous movement over and inside her lust-inflamed sex organ made her wilt with erotic pleasure. She was just entering her third orgasm when the boy was rudely jerked away from her steaming sex, and a pair of tongs closed over the delicate and inflamed sex meat. The woman holding the tongs squeezed them hard, hurting her pussy in their powerful grip, and used them to pull her beautiful sex organ out from her body, stretching it painfully.

Suddenly another woman produced a glowing hot soldering iron, and the big bitch mercilessly thrust the thick shaft against the side of Robin's painfully stretched pubic mound. The glowing tip of the iron easily burned into the intimate female flesh, searing and sizzling as it plunged deeper into her. It emerged inside her squeezed pussy, burned through the inner lips, and then emerged out the other side of her distended pleasure mound.

In that one heinous act, Robin's marvellous little pussy had been
brutally pierced. Robin screamed as the monstrous hot iron was suddenly jerked out of her, with tiny bits of her damaged sex meat cooked right onto it. Before she could react further, a thick iron ring, open on one side, was thrust into the new hole, and when it had entirely pierced her sex mound, Robin was pushed down to the floor, with her ringed cunt set over the anvil, and the huge ring was hammered closed, permanently locking it in her little vagina. She was mortified.

She stood up, her knees shaking from the incredible inhuman abuse she had endured. Then, as the pain subsided, she noticed the pull of the iron ring hanging from her vagina. It weighed three pounds, and at the moment it felt like fifty. As it pulled the flesh downward, it caused the inner lips to tug at the hood over her clit. She took a couple of steps, and discovered that any movement she made caused the ring to tug at her inner lips, which in turn caused an even masturbating motion on her clit. She was now doomed to be in constant heat!

Robin was unable to pull her panties into place with the monster ring attached to her pubes, and as she looked at it, she felt with a sinking feeling that she would never again be able to take a thrusting penis into her vagina, as the ring pierced her love tunnel, effectively blocking penile entry. Her heart sank as she realised she would never again enjoy sex in her womb. At best, she realised, she would only get a guard into her anyway. She would have to find an alternate form of sexual gratification.

The next morning in the exercise yard the head guard forced eight of the women inmates to line up and to bend over a wooden rail. Their skirts were raised and their panties lowered, then a pole with a dirty damp rag tied on the end was swabbed into each of the ladies' vaginas. The guard repeated the trip along the line three times, in both directions, so that the rag was used to transmit any yeast infections from cunt to cunt. The woman standing beside Robin explained to her that this was a
special punishment, and that these were known as the fish women. They were kept together in a special cell, and the exercise she was watching was a whim of the warden's.

He became a raving sadist when he smelled the aroma of a ripe cunt. He had set these women aside to provide him with the desired odour. The mop was to ensure the uniform development of vaginal yeast infections. None of the ladies were allowed to bathe, and the same damp and dirty rag was used to probe them internally each day. Their life was reduced to a daily penetration by the filthy mop and a constant round of rubbing
themselves raw.

The result was that all of their pussies become very ripe, their cell smelled like a fish market, and their stinking cunts became so itchy that they scratched themselves incessantly, which kept their clits erect and their juices flowing. They scratched themselves so much that their disgusting cunts were constantly red and begin to swell out. It was a very interesting experiment in culturing a community cunt rash. This specially cultured yeast infection was appropriately dubbed "The Curse".

Any guard who stepped out of line was required to have sex with one of these beautiful women with these beautiful but disgusting smelling cunts. The result was that he became infected with the special culture, which caused him deep itching inside his penis, with development of a drizzle, and the growth of warts on his fuck shaft. There was no cure for "The Curse," which was not life threatening, but provided an incredible and ongoing irritation. Once a guard had transgressed and was infected, he was limited to fucking the infected women.

Any female prisoner who stepped out of line was required to join the ranks of the keepers of the yeast, by joining in the disgusting daily cunt-swabbing, to be infected with "The Curse". The program had begun less than a year ago with three re-captured escapees, and their ranks had slowly grown to the present eight. The fish women became permanent host to the incredibly vile and virulent strain of the vaginal yeast developed through this long standing practice of reverse feminine

This prison had become a whole counter-culture for those with no life or future outside its walls. And like many such cultures, this one had developed a distinctly regressive tone. Power was everything, and the expression of power was to humiliate and sexually debase those prisoners who were controlled.

Robin was in the first stage as a new prisoner. She was getting a tough but necessary education into the brutal realities of prison life, of the tight hierarchy within the large group of female prisoners, and in the ways that the prisoners, the guards, and the prison administration all interacted. She was thoroughly shocked and disgusted at what she was learning, and also fearful for her own personal safety. Some of the women wore disfiguring scars, and there were even a couple who were

She found out that the beautiful young women had been permanently disfigured as a form of punishment and for entertainment, by guards and by other prisoners, while they were inmates in the prison. Young Robin saw clearly that her years ahead in this maximum security prison for hardened criminals and tough minded prison guards were not going to be easy, if she should survive them, nor would they be pleasant.

This was a place where an attractive young female would have to fight desperately to survive, and her very survival might depend on her ability to take all of the horrible treatment and sexually degrading harm that the leaders of the degenerate older female cons and the merciless guards dished out.

The terrified young girl was stretched out on the top of a solid wooden butcher table when Robin entered prison's big kitchen. She had been told there would be excitement in the kitchen after the exercise period, and she found there was already a sizeable gathering when she arrived. It was punishment night, and Robin had heard there was to be a severe entertainment torture session that everyone on her cell block was required to attend. It was very serious, because it was to be conducted
by the big tough bitch Marsha, who ruled the women's wing of the prison.

There were no further details, because it had all come through word of mouth. Robin was told that these special sessions were always very brutal, and that the victim would at the very least require weeks to recover on the prison's hospital ward. Four of the tough female prisoners held the girl as Marsha ripped off her clothing, destroying the prison garb in the process.

This in itself was a bad omen for her. In moments the girl, a bit older than Robin but still in her teens, was totally naked, and shivering uncontrollably from stark fear. Beside her, on the griddle, were three empty frying pans and some large iron pokers, all smoking from being super-heated.

The naked teenage girl was a thief. She had been caught stealing a cigarette from another girl's cell, and had said she was just returning a cigarette because she had borrowed one earlier. She had been beaten by the guards who had found her in the act, and then they had taken her directly to Marsha.

Without asking any questions, Marsha called the evening punishment session, and now the girl was stretched naked before the assembled prisoners, displaying her neatly trimmed cunt for all to see. The organ was pierced with a heavy iron ring like the one Robin wore, and she wore large but thinner rings through her nipples. She was an erotic sight stretched out and helpless, and Robin felt a stirring in her loins.

Robin stood with the other inmates and watched the horrific proceedings. Marsha took a large butcher's cleaver, and held it high. The bitch holding the naked girl's right foot lifted her right knee and placed the foot flat, with the girl's toes spread near the edge of the block. The little toe was pulled out from the others, and the bare foot was pressed hard against the butcher block.

An arch of hot golden urine sprayed up from the teenage girl's moist vagina as she screamed out in her naked terror. Marsha checked the faces of the other prisoners, and saw with satisfaction the looks of near shock on the newer faces, as they anticipated the impending horror. The question was not what would happen, but when the blade would whack off the toe. Marsha was particularly satisfied to see the startled face of
young Robin, who's mouth was spread wide from her dropped jaw.

Suddenly the heavy blade fell, and Marsha displayed her skill as she neatly chopped off the girl's smallest digit. The victim's lean hips bucked, and she shit out a fat stool. The pulsing of the small jet of blood showed the girl's racing pulse. Without pause, her left hand was spread on the table, and almost before she could grasp what was about to happen to her, the sharp cleaver struck, cleanly severing her thumb.

The strong women restraining the girl flipped her up onto her side, spread her legs, and the large butchers' cleaver fell again, much more forcefully this time, completely cutting off her right foot just above her slender ankle. Triple jets of her blood spurted from the stump, and the severed foot fell to the floor. Marsha picked up one of the hot pans from the stove and thrust the bottom against the bleeding end of the vandalized leg, effectively stemming the flow of spurting blood.

Marsha's face showed a depraved grin of satisfaction as she pressed the base of the glowing hot pan against the bleeding stump, painfully scorching the raw flesh to close the arteries. Everyone could hear the sputtering of broiling flesh as smoke rose to confirm the damage that was being done where the foot had been removed. The beautiful young girl was now maimed for life.

The naked victim sobbed uncontrollably from the pain and horror of her barbarous treatment at the hands of the prisoners' Amazon leader. Lifting the sobbing cunt's head by the hair, Marsha pressed the base of the piping hot pan against the girl's cheek, and when she pulled it away, the cheek was an angry red and charred at the edges, deeply burned.

As the startled female prisoners watched, a huge blister rose on her face, surrounded by a rim of smaller blisters over a deep purple discoloration. Her tender face meat had been severely burned, with some of the meat cooked. The intent had been to make her suffer now, and to permanently scar her. Discipline in this prison was harsh, and the women were not yet finished with this young thief.

The pan went back onto the grill to reheat, and Marsha instructed her four helpers to flip the young bitch over onto her hands and knees. When she was repositioned, her spread buttocks revealed the puckered starfish of her anus neatly tucked in the spread pocket of her ass slot. The opened moist folds of her pretty vagina, neatly trimmed of its curls along its sides, was also prominently displayed.

Marsha insisted that all of the prisoner bitches pluck the hair from their crotches regularly, denuding the sides of their cunts and their ass cracks, leaving only a neat puff of pubic hair at the top of their pubic mounds, well above the hood of their clits. This was the way she liked to see cunts so that they were fully visible, with no danger of being obscured by excessive pubic curls, which many of the girls had. This was particularly true of the Hispanics, the Italians, and the Indians.

With this regular enforced genital trimming, all of the females in the ward had their vulvas ready and properly prepared for intimate observation at all times. It was not for cleanliness that the cunts were bare, but for the raw sexual gratification Marsha got from looking at bare pussy meat. She liked to see cunts and the groin area around them neatly displayed, and she disliked getting hair in her teeth when she practised oral sex with her partners. Every prisoner but the fish women were prospective love partners for the lesbian dyke, which meant that every cunt had to be plucked clean for instant display at all times.

She told the kneeling girl to shit again, and slapped her ass to make her point. Without hesitation, the sobbing young girl obeyed. The long dark stool she produced curled, then dropped to the table. With a second powerful slap across her bare ass, the girl produced a third fat stool, followed by a diminishing string of lighter coloured turds that curled into a heap on the larger faeces. When her colon was cleared, she was given a series of enemas of hot soapy water. This effectively flushed out the lower holding portion of her digestive track, so that she would not foul the instruments that were going to be used inside her.

Marsha had done this particular operation many times before, and as she expected, the hot water enemas had made the girl's anus curl outward into a full lipped pucker. She stuck a finger into the puffy rectum, and pulled on it severely. As she did, a white hot electric needle was thrust through the thick roll of the girl's strained sphincter muscle, piercing it. Quickly an open iron ring was thrust through the fresh bleeding hole, and once it was in place, large pliers clamped the ring closed, giving the young amputated girl a permanent anal ring.

The young bitch was now a properly marked female prisoner, identified by her amputated foot and digits and her rectal jewellery as a perfect little asshole thief. Justice was swift, and the treatment exceedingly cruel here in Bitch Prison. Robin was so shocked by the treatment she saw and received that she had no thoughts of her past behaviour or remorse for how she and Roger had treated those girl scouts and their leader. Every day she felt more and more like a piece of meat, and she started to think of all of the prison women in the same way.

In truth, the fight should never have happened, as far as Robin was concerned, but what could she do? It was one of the small slender big breasted girls that Bitch Queen Marsha liked to play with, a pretty twenty-two year old bitch with a deep cunt who could take Marsha's fist and give good fist back. Her name was Nancy. She had been caught by Marsha in the cell of another bitch, with her fist buried deep in the other woman's womb. Marsha had hit the other bitch hard in the face with the heel of her hand, driving the cartilage of the woman's nose back into her brain, killing her instantly.

The woman's sudden death had caused a small problem. Usually when two women were found cheating, particularly by making love to each other, the custom in the prison was that they would be forced into a fight to the death. With her lover dead, Nancy would now have to be punished by fighting some other bitch. When a volunteer was called to step forward, one of the prisoner jammed the prongs of a fork up under Robin's skirt and into the fold of her buttocks, digging the utensil into the nub of her rectum... Robin leaped forward with a scream, and she was immediately accepted as Nancy's opponent.

The prison was built in three wings that enclosed a central courtyard. The fourth side of the clearing was contained by an eighteen foot wall, with shards of broken glass embedded in it to discourage the prisoners from attempting to scale it. The courtyard was one hundred feet per side, with the ten stories of windows from the cells providing a perfect vantage point.

It was the main exercise area for the women. Part of the surface was paved with concrete, with a twenty foot grassy strip on three sides. There were a few shrubs, but they were not well attended, and there were as many dead branches as living ones to add faint cheer to the area. There were some rudimentary exercise pieces in one corner, including wooden blocks and a pair of wooden rails. The space was otherwise wide open.

The Warden's office overlooked the exercise yard from an eleventh storey added to the wing opposite the wall. There were large plate-glass windows that provided an excellent view of the area, allowing the Warden to enjoy the shapely females that were his charges.

The women usually exercised at ten AM, and for the exercise session wore only their underwear. There were no funds for exercise clothes for them, and their work-outs were rigorous, so they adapted to working out barefoot in their bras and panties. It made for an enjoyable entertainment for the Warden's guests, and he was careful who was invited to his morning meetings.

This morning there would be no exercise. The women were confined to their cells, and they were happy to comply, because at ten AM today there would be only two people released into the courtyard to exercise, and other than wearing specially provided stiletto heeled boots, they would be stark naked. There would not even be guards present, so they could set their own exercises.

Although they would be alone, they would have no privacy, as all of the girls living in cells on the outside of the wings were granted visiting privileges with those who had windows overlooking the courtyard. There were faces in every available window, eagerly craning to see every corner of the yard, so that they would miss none of the action that was about to happen. It was fight day, and everything was ready.

At exactly ten AM, doors opened onto the courtyard on the opposing wings, and form each emerged a naked figure. The women stood briefly, letting their eyes grow used to the bright sunlight, and then they slowly moved toward each other. It was fight time, and both the diminutive twenty-two year old with the big tits and the fifteen-year-old with the startling figure both knew that there was no backing out.

Their only escape from this yard was to kill their opponent. One of them would die before this event was over. Both also knew that it was important that they not make the kill too fast, or it would go hard on them afterwards. The trick would be to stretch the fight out a reasonable time without giving up the advantage.

Robin was surprised at how good Nancy looked. The good looking bitch was short, slender, and sexy. Her pubic mound was large for the size of the woman, and stood between her legs with the open lips of her vagina spreading up from the base. For some reason she had been spared the piercing of her cunt with a heavy iron ring. The woman was prime cunt, and looked the part. She had her slender legs apart, bracing herself as she slowly approached Robin, and her pelvis was slightly rotated in a masculine way, as if she were confidently thrusting her sexuality forward in defiance.

Robin, at fifteen, lacked the maturity of the other woman, but had the sense to mimic the defiant, aggressive stance. She was not going to be intimidated by body language. Nancy was getting close to her, and they both sensed the tension in the air. Both knew there were no rules to this sport, and that they each had an equal chance of becoming victor. It was all a matter of luck and timing. Neither was going to kill the other with brute strength. Robin knew that Nancy had the edge with experience, because she had won a fight like this once before, and knew how to kill and survive. She knew she would have to weaken the older woman if she was going to have any chance of winning this one.

Robin spread her knees, thrust her pelvis forward, and rolled her shoulders forward with her arms out at the ready, matching Nancy's pose. She noticed the posture made her lean back so that her firm young breasts pointed like torpedoes. That was funny. She noticed for the first time that Nancy's big tits were doing the same thing. She suddenly realized how sexy the two of them, posturing like wanton harlots, must look to the prisoners watching then from all of the surrounding windows. If the stakes were not so high, this would be very exciting.

Nancy moved first, very slowly, setting one foot ahead of the other, and then planting it. Robin mimicked the move. They were ten feet apart, standing on the sun-faded and time-hardened black-top, and their steps were only inches at a time. As they moved step by step forward, they closed to within striking distance.

Robin assumed that Nancy would stop just out of reach, but she was startled when the beautiful older woman, who was almost exactly her own size, moved forward again. Robin continued to match Nancy's moves, and this bizarre controlled and restrained advance had the two booted nudes pressing their bellies and breasts against each other.

When advance was no longer possible, Nancy reached around and grasped both of Robin's firm round buttocks in her hands. Robin again matched the move. Nancy began squeezing until it seriously hurt, and then suddenly tugged the young girl's beefy buns apart with all her might. Robin screamed as the pull put incredible strain on her rectum. She tried to hurt Nancy in the same way, but she did not have the strength in her hands that the twenty-two year old displayed.

The searing pain grew, and she could even feel it tugging the cuntmeat at the base of her iron ring. Suddenly Robin's anus opened, and she released three big brown shot logs that fired out of her ass like cannon balls. The cunning bitch had forced her to shame herself in public. This was more humiliating than losing the fight to this cheating woman.

Before Robin could take the initiative, Nancy took a step forward, forcing Robin to step back with the matching leg. As soon as Robin had braced that foot, Nancy stepped forward with the other leg. She established a rhythm, holding the young girl firmly by her ass cheeks, and walked the girl backward around the courtyard. She was in complete control, but was making no progress toward killing the young new prisoner.

When the hit the grass, Robin suddenly dug in her spiked heels, and rushed forward with all her strength. It was working, Nancy gave way, lost her balance, and went over backward. Robin went down on top of her, but when Nancy's shoulders hit the grass, her hips came up, and the cagey fighter flipped Robin over her. Robin's hips flew over her head, and she landed on her back and hips heavily. Robin was so startled by the unexpected move that she was slow to react, but Nancy had continued with the movement, and let her falling momentum carry her back to her feet.

She stood over the shapely fifteen year old, then suddenly buckled her knees and dropped. Her pointed knees were aimed with care, and they drove into Robin's big tits, mashing them painfully against the girl's ribs. The weight of the woman drove the air out of Robin's lungs, allowing Nancy to bounce up and drop again, this time directing her knees into Robin's belly. This move drove the air out of Robin's lungs again, and bruised her diaphragm at the same time. For the first time Robin realised how serious her situation was. She was outclassed, mismatched, and at a clear disadvantage.

Up in the Warden's office, Marsha was a special guest, one of half a dozen female prisoners there to entertain the Warden and his few select guests. The women wore only stockings and heels, and the prison's hairdressing school had done up their hair specially for this event. Marsha was on her hands and knees, and the Warden had his penis buried deep up the bitch's anus. She was willingly paying the price for the freedom to totally dominate the female inmates.

"That little cunt better not cave in too soon!" the Warden said to the buggered woman.

"Nancy has her instructions, boss," Marsha answered. "She knows she has to drag it out for your video cameras, to make it a saleable snuff video. She's just making sure the little bitch is under control for later."

"Okay, but they both better be bleeding before too long," the Warden said. "These fight videos don't sell worth a shit unless there is lots of bitch blood. You told them they both had to bleed, didn't you?"

"Absolutely, boss!" That was not quite true. Only Nancy knew that there was a video being made, with long lensed cameras pulling in great views of the action. She had been told she would get a big cash send-off and early release for her participation in this fight, as long as she was willing to kill the girl for the cameras. Nancy had been around long enough to realise that was bullshit, but she also knew she would pay dearly if she killed the great looking kid too soon, or did not have the bitch bleeding early in the fight.

Nancy got to her feet and stood back to give Robin a chance to get up. She knew that the fight was more visual with them both standing up. Robin had no such notion. She was not aware of the cameras, and was desperate to find a way to avoid the older girl dominating her. She was certain that she could not take too many knee drops, because they left her temporarily helpless. She also knew she was vulnerable lying on her back as she was, with her knees spread, displaying the large iron ring through her cunt, and her belly and tits fully displayed...

She also knew that she was through doing it Nancy's way. She could never win by reacting to everything Nancy did. She would have to take the initiative, to do the unexpected, if she was going to get through this fight alive. She realised that staying on her back was the last thing Nancy expected her to do, so that is exactly what she did. She decided to play hurt, and force Nancy to compromise her advantage.

Robin groaned, and was not faking it. She pulled herself up into a ball, but then relaxed back into the vulnerable tits-up position. Nancy moved toward her and used the toe of her boot on the downed teenage girl's exposed ribs. Nancy heard the crack as she felt the pain stab through her chest. The bitch had broken one of her ribs! This was incredible. Robin had never had a rib cracked before, and she could not believe how painful it was.

She threw her legs wide apart, and threw her arms over her head at the same time, making her ribs a perfect target. Thankfully Nancy chose the exposed breasts instead, and she kicked the one nearest her foot so hard that it slapped violently against the other big boob. That was a mistake. Robin brought her arms forward and grabbed the sexy looking boot. She jerked it forward and then lifted it as hard as she could, and the move was so surprising that it threw Nancy backward. Robin heard the crack of Nancy's head on the edge of the black-top where it met the grass.

In an instant Robin was on top of the bitch. She sat up, with her cunt and the stout iron ring pressed against the downed twenty-two year old's belly, and began pummeling her fists into Nancy's fat tits. She was elated that she had at last grabbed the upper hand from her foe, who clearly had superior fighting skills. She pounded the fat tits with all her might, flattening and bouncing them, giving a painful lesson to the bitch she sat on. Nancy lifted her head, and Robin slammed her fist into the woman's jaw, jerking her head to the side so hard that it wrenched her neck. Robin was proving to be more effective as a fighter than Nancy had expected possible.

When Nancy arched her back and lifted Robin in the air, Robin slipped forward, and Nancy grabbed the iron cunt-ring in her teeth. Robin replied by pissing in the lady's face, drenching her in a spray of her hot urine. Nancy let go of the ring and twisted quickly onto her side. Robin came down on her, grabbing the woman around the waist, and bit down hard on the side of a big tit. Nancy screamed at the dirty fighting, but there were no rules to this sport, and she realised she would have to get the initiative away from the feisty little fighter.

She grabbed and twisted Robin's arm until the girl screamed and let go her tooth grip on the big breast. Robin bounced off her and quickly changed position, pinning the older girl to the grass. This time she went for Nancy's cunt with her teeth, and sunk them into the neatly plucked pubic mound, biting as hard as she could. Nancy grabbed Robin's leg, pulled it back and bit into her calf. She could feel the muscle tensing as she bit as hard as she could, but the grip of the girl's teeth in her cunt did not let up. The biting was incredibly painful for both of them, and they quickly realised that neither was gaining ground.

Robin grasped Nancy's head between her knees and bounced up and down on the grass, slamming the woman's head into the sod as hard as she could. Unfortunately, although the punishment was substantial to Nancy's ears, it was also hurting her own knees with each pounding blow, and she gave it up quickly. She kneed Nancy's face, and a raised leg caught her on the cheek as well, and it felt as if her cheek bone was either smashed or severely bruised. Robin was quickly learning that anything she could do to the older girl would quickly be done to her. What she needed was a weapon.

She quickly spotted the bushes and the dead branches. She jumped up and ran to get one, so that she could use it as a whip. She found one that was perfect, but had difficulty breaking it from its root. She looked back to keep an eye on Nancy, who had seen what she was doing, and had run to another bush. At last Robin got the branch off the bush, and she quickly ran over to Nancy, who was also having difficulty with her switch. She had not removed it when Robin reached her and began thrashing her with the branch she had got loose. She slashed at the defenceless woman's belly and breasts, brought the whip up between her legs and brutally whipped her cunt, and she even got in a few good lashes at the bitch's face. The whipping was devastating, causing angry welts to grow on the battered flesh, and the skin to split and bleed.

Nancy would not give up, and took a beating because she persisted in trying to break off the branch she had chosen. As she worked at it, another branch, dead but with many small branches attached along its length, broke off in her hands. Suddenly she was armed, and with a much more potent whip than the one being used on her own hide. She slashed at Robin with all her might, and beat the girl so severely that the young fighter dropped her own whip to try to cover herself with her arms. Her efforts were useless, and soon she too was covered with angry bleeding welts.

The inmates loved the brutal action, and pounded on the glass harder than ever. Their noise reminded the girls that this was a violent sex show, and that a violent end was expected. Both were ready to kill the other, but also knew they would have to wear the other down before either could commit the killing they were there to do. Robin suddenly turned to face Nancy, oblivious of the makeshift whip, and charged at her, with her head down.

She used her head as a battering ram, and the surprise of the gutsy move was enough that she caught Nancy full in the belly with her head, driving the bitch back onto her ass once again. Robin saw that her only way to keep the bitch under control was to sit on her, and she quickly straddled her again, and resumed her pounding of the bitch's big bleeding breasts with her bloody fists.

Nancy bucked and heaved beneath her, then planted her back on the grass and reached upward with her great legs. She swung an arm up at Robin's head, forcing Robin to throw her head back, and in an instant she hooked her heels around Robin's neck. She used her legs to jerk Robin back, and when the young bitch was stretched back far enough, she grasped the ring in Robin's cunt with both hands and jerked on it in a series of rapid hard tugs that brought a matching set of screams from the young girl.

Nancy slid around until she gripped Robin's waist with her legs, but kept a firm grip with one hand on the heavy ring impaling the girl's cunt. She applied a leg grip Marsha had taught her, one that not only made it very difficult for her opponent to breathe, but also bent and put debilitating pressure on the trapped bitch's spine. With enough strength, this hold could snap the victim's back. Fortunately for Robin, Nancy did not have the leg development to kill her with this hold, but she was able to squeeze the air out of her lungs, and prevent her from breathing.

Robin squirmed desperately, inhibited by the firm hold on her cunt ring as well as the powerful grip on her waist. She reached desperately for Nancy's cunt, and all her might thrust her entire hand into the spread organ. She opened her hand, tensed her fingers, and grasped at the soft pad at the rear of the fuck chute. This fleshy pad was the base of the bitch's uterus, with the wrinkled little opening in the centre that was her cervix. She squeezed with all her might, gripping the end of the internal organ in her grasping fingers.

She felt the pressure on her waist decrease slightly, although the grip of the legs was still solid. Robin twisted, and the reaction was not only a scream, but also a further loss of pressure by the gripping legs. With a sudden inspiration, Robin jammed her middle finger into the screaming girl's cervix, forcing the rigid digit right up into the bitch's uterus. This was her deepest inner sanctum, where fertilised eggs grew into babies. With all her strength, she scraped her finger nail against the soft membrane that lined the internal sex organ, digging deep trenches with such effect that the legs gripping her waist sprang open.

Robin jerked her fist out of the protruding cunt, and sprang to her feet. This fight was getting dirty, and she was going to make it much dirtier. Nancy writhed on the ground, and her spread legs made her cunt a perfect target. Robin kicked at the pouting organ with all her strength, repeating the vicious kicks several times, until Nancy was at last able to roll away. She kicked at the bitch's tits, bruising the large mammaries with the brutal attack.

She became aware of a strange sound that filled the large courtyard, and realised it was the inmates banging cups and utensils against the glass. The closed windows prevented the women from shouting encouragement to the fighters, so this was their way of expressing themselves. She assumed the loud pounding on the thick glass panes was meant as encouragement of her brutal attack on the bitch who had cheated on Marsha. It didn't matter anyway, because they could do nothing about how she fought the dirty-fighting bitch.

She kicked at the side of Nancy's head, and was surprised that the brutal kick brought about a shift from defence to offence. Nancy suddenly reached up and grabbed the ring in her cunt, and with all her weight managed to jerk Robin to her knees. She slugged Robin on the side of the jaw, forcing her to fall back over her heels. Nancy sprung to her feet and immediately began kicking Robin's tits. She was striking them at the base, and the results were not only more painful, but caused the flesh to split, and soon blood streamed from the base of the youngster's big breasts.

Robin tangled her legs in Nancy's, and managed to bring the bitch crashing to the ground once more. She kicked blindly from the position on her back, and with a lucky blow she caught a stiletto heel in one of the downed bitch's fat mammaries. Feeling the resistance, he drove her leg straight as hard as she could, and ripped a trench in the big boob, ripping a vein that spurted blood with each heartbeat.

The naked female fighters rolled away from each other and got to their feet, facing each other as they had at the beginning, but this time leaning forward with a posture that showed wariness and respect for the foe, but also an aggressiveness that said each was planning to strike first. Fresh blood sparkled in the brilliant sunlight as it sheeted down over their bellies, diminishing in area as it formed trickles.

The naked bitches crouched, their round breasts pointing, and they made obscene threats to each other than nobody but themselves could hear. They slowly circled each other, making outrageous death threats that they fully intended to carry out. The naked bitches, high on their own adrenaline, were like trapped animals, with no escape other than to kill their opponent.

The male guard on the roof shouted to catch their attention, and stood up, holding high above his head a large iron crowbar. He dropped it over the side of the wall, and even before the sharp flanged end opposite the hooked end dug into the grass, Nancy was running toward it. Robin's hear sank as she realized there was no way she could get to the weapon first. Nancy would kill her with it before she could get it away from her. Suddenly a guard shouted from the roof of the opposite wing, and Robin bolted toward the pitch-fork he held high even before he dropped it from the roof.

Her haste proved almost to be fatal. She ran right under it, and she pulled back at the last moment, avoiding the sharp curved prongs from piercing her skull. Instead two of the three prongs dug into her right breast, emerging several inches from the bottom of the impaled girlish mammary. The handle banged against the side of her head, and she sat down hard, her ass denting the soil beneath the grass.

She got to her feet and pulled the long prongs of the pitch-fork out of her breast. Blood spurted from the holes as she braced herself. She did not have to move to rejoin the fight, because Nancy was charging straight at her, pointing the sharp end of the crowbar straight at her belly. She saw the rush too late to get fully out of the way. As she looked up Nancy was upon her, and she twisted desperately to avoid the crowbar driving into her navel. Instead it caught the side of her belly, and emerged through her side, impaling her.

Nancy's rush carried her right past her target, leaving her weapon behind through the torso of the younger girl. As she spun, Robin thrust the pitch-fork at the naked back of the young woman, but her aim was low, and the prongs dug into the bitch's buttocks. Robin kept her hold on the handle, so that she was able to jerk her weapon out of the bitch, who turned to face her, but was defenceless.

Robin grinned. The fight had suddenly turned murderous. Even though she was impaled in her belly and sides, she was in control, in that she was still on her feet, and still armed. The tapping on the windows had now turned to banging, and she could see the excited faces of the inmates watching the incredible bitch-fight.

She remembered the fun she had with Roger when he had permitted her to kill the little girls he was fucking, and to stab them repeatedly with the big knife. She was going to make this cunt bleed bad before she killed her. The pain in her side from the cracked rib and the crowbar sticking through her diminished as she relished the moment. She was going to win, by getting to kill that cheating bitch.

She thrust tentatively with the pitch-fork, jabbing the prongs into Nancy's big bulging tits. The outer prongs each dug deep into a jutting tit, bringing a scream from the twenty-two year old. Robin jerked the fork back and thrust again as hard as she could, this time aimed at the bitch's lower belly. They dug in deep, and emerged through her back. Robin screamed in delight as she saw that she had driven the prongs right through the slender bitch.

Nancy grabbed the handle as she fell backward, and kept Robin from pulling it out of her again. Robin moved over the cunt, and grabbing the end of the long handle, pulled it forward until she brought it against Nancy's face, breaking the pretty young woman' nose with it. She had also dug deep furrows in her belly, re-arranging her intestines, and ripping the front of her belly in three evenly spaced slots that came up nearly to her navel. Nancy kicked up at the fifteen-year-old's cunt so hard that her boot lodged inside the fuck-chute beside the heavy iron ring, and it stuck there. She pulled her bare foot free of the jammed boot, and kicked again in desperation, missing her young opponent.

Robin grabbed the handle of the fork and pulled with all her might, jerking it out of the downed girl's torso. Nancy struggled to her feet, with small loops of her viscera starting to leak out of her opened belly. She turned her back to protect herself from the next jab of the pitch-fork, and the prongs jammed onto her kidneys, bringing fresh screams. She spun as she was hit, and jerked the handle of the fork out of Robin's grasp. With all of her effort concentrated on the task, she dropped to her knees, and pulled the weapon out of her side. She once more struggled to her feet, and faced her disarmed young foe.

This time she was armed, and realised how dangerous the young cunt was. She was bleeding internally as well as from the wounds in her back, belly and tits. The young cunt was standing as if she was in shock, with the crowbar sticking in her belly and out her side. She too was covered with blood, but had not sustained the damage Nancy, at least not yet. Nancy meant to change that, and to do it fast, before she got too weak. The winner would get no medical attention until she had killed her foe. Nancy realised that she had been hurt so badly by the young bitch that she needed help, and she needed it quickly.

Robin was desperate. The only other weapon in the compound was the crowbar, and it was sticking through her side. She grabbed it and started jerking on it out of sheer desperation. Nancy made that task as difficult as possible by jabbing at her with the pitch-fork, driving the long prongs into her breasts, her buttocks, her arms and her legs. Each time she did not fully penetrated, because she was afraid of losing the weapon again. That proved to be a serious error in judgement.

At last Robin got the crowbar free, and blood spurted from the holes it left in her belly and her side. Nancy saw that her opponent was re-armed, and in desperation charged her, thrusting at her with the long prongs of the fork as she came. Robin leaned back, and the prongs came up under her right breast, penetrated it, and the middle prong went into her neck, up under her raised chin, split through her tongue and jammed out through her cheek. Robin surprised Nancy as she swung the crowbar like a club as she fell, instead of thrusting with it. The thick steel shaft smashed three ribs, and both young women hit the grass again.

The pitch-fork was too firmly stuck for either girl to remove, and the crowbar lay between them. Nancy reached it first. Robin grabbed the boot stuck in her cunt and jerked it out. She jammed the stiletto heel into Nancy's ribs with such force that it penetrated, and dug into the bitch's lung. With the pitch-fork still impaling her breast, her neck, her tongue and her cheek, Robin managed to wrestle the crowbar away from Nancy. She got up onto her knees, but with the restraint of the fork could not get to her feet. Nancy lifted her pelvis, defenseless, and inadvertently presented her gaping cunt to the younger girl.

Robin took immediate advantage, and with all her might, thrust the crowbar into the offered organ as deep as it would go. Then she thrust again and again, each time jamming the long steel shaft deeper into the abdominal cavity of her enemy. The curved prying handle was all that stood out of Nancy's impaled cunt. The vicious wrecking tool had been driven right through her uterus and up into her guts with the force of the desperate thrusts.

Nancy struggled to her knees, but her knees were too wide spread, and as soon as she was vertical, her knees slid further apart, and her entire weight came down on the crowbar, driving it all the way home. The flayed end emerged beside her neck, and she balanced there for a couple of seconds that seemed an eternity, her eyes rolling, before she pitched forward and crashed onto her tits on the grass, dead.

Robin fell back onto her back, too exhausted to pull the pitch-fork out of her meat. She lay there, breathing hard, for several minutes before a pair of guards came into the exercise area. One of them put his boot on her face while the other grabbed the handle of the pitch-fork and pulled it out of her. She screamed hysterically at the pain, the horror, the excitement, and the shock of having survived.

She had killed the other girl, and everyone knew it. Robin was now someone to be reckoned with in this brutal prison. She had joined the elite by surviving a brutal bitch-fight to the death. As a proven killer, with everyone witnessing, she knew she had earned some respect in the hell hole of a prison. Little did she know how bad things could still get for her, but, of course, that's another story...

The End


Wow Regis. This is another Dante piece new to me. Thanks for sharing this treasure. Arch


Not often does Dante have protagonist live at the end of story.


Arch, it looks like you and I are the only readers here. The site doesn't provide stats on visitors, but I'm not sure there are any.


She might have survived this one but Dante did hold out the prospect of another chapter at the end. (I would not have sold life insurance to young Robin.)

I am sure there are other readers who appreciate these stories but they are certainly shy!


Good news, Arch, proof positive we are not alone. We are now 3, and should celebrate that. All I can tell you about the anonymous 3rd reader is that he does not sell life insurance, at least not to inmates such as Robin. I agree with him, and suspect Dante would as well. Unfortunately, due to inactivity by the writer for more than 2 decades, I suspect we will never get details on how she finishes her short adventuresome life. We can imagine it will be very much in the tradition in which it has unfolded to date. From the note of our new companion I believe he (gender is an assumption) is well educated, articulate and shares our tastes. Welcome, Anonymous! If it interests you, please PM me on


Sorry Regis. It might be just the two of us. I failed to tag my second post above. Ineptitude is one of my key competencies. Let's hope someone else emerges. Arch


Fine, I'll comment too.


Lovely. We've just been joined, so it won't be quite as lonely in here. Maybe we can just share by e-mail.


Thank you for posting this.


I am here, I just mostly remain silent


Wow, now that's the kind of young offender program I can support! Cooking, outdoor exercise, learning to use garden tools...

I was hoping a few guard dogs might make an appearance, but perhaps Dante was saving them for the sequel. It is "Bitch Prison," after all.

Thanks for posting, Regis!

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