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This is a dolcett/cannibalism story of which origins I'm not certain. It's been around for at least a decade, and at some point, somebody added a second half with a vore theme to it.

I figured I'd post it here for everyone to enjoy.

Amy shivered in the long line of naked, condemned girls. Like the other girls, Amy was totally naked, and her vulva was shaved, so that the people who eventually ate her vulva wouldn't get hair in their teeth. Two of her friends, Molly and Tasha, stood shivering in the cold line next to her. She also recognized Susan from her History class at high school. Amy was 16, and Tasha and Molly were 17. At the front of the line, seated nude behind a small desk, she saw another friend from high school, Lisa, a 17-year-old blond with big breasts that bounced when she walked.
Lisa, however, wasn't going to be butchered and cooked today like the rest of the girls. She simply worked at the processing plant. She was talking to each girl, taking down personal information, and grading their meat. She did this by measuring their breasts, waist, and hips, and determining their fat content with a small meter that ran a tiny electric charge through their bodies. She also fondled each girl's breasts, buttocks, and slipped a finger into each girl's vagina and rectum, and tasted the milk from their breasts.
Like most people, Amy, Tasha, and Molly had eaten girls before. Tasha and Amy loved eating fresh vulvas, and Molly and Tasha loved eating roasted breasts. In fact, both Amy and Tasha had butchered another girl themselves before, as birthday presents from their families.
Tasha stood before Lisa. Lisa looked mildly surprised to see Tasha. "Oh, hi, Tash," she said. "Let's see," she said, consulting her computer screen. "You were caught having sex with Molly here, the penalty for which is being eaten." She consulted her screen further. "Hmmm, you were found having 69 with Molly, 'eating' each other's vulvas." She sighed. "Tasha, girls should only eat vulva if it's fully cooked and not attached to another girl." She shook her head. "Well, I hope Molly's vulva tasted good, because soon both of your vulvas are going to be eaten for real."
Amy looked in wonder at Tasha and Molly. She hadn't known they liked girls. She wished briefly that she could have eaten their vulvas, they were so beautiful and tasty looking. Tasha and Molly were both tall and lean.
Tasha looked like a supermodel, with long legs and medium sized breasts with small, hard nipples. Her buttocks were perfect, firm and round, the result of much exercise. She had long brown hair, and her face could have graced the covers of fashion magazines. Her vulva was beautiful, a nice, plump mound with a long, bare slit. Her vaginal lips were large and meaty, and her clit was engorged. Amy noticed that Tasha's vulva was very wet. She was clearly turned on by the thought of being butchered, cooked, and eaten.
Molly was also tall, with much bigger breasts and big nipples. She was not as thin as Tasha, with muscular legs and beautiful, tight, muscular buttocks, and a flat stomach. Her vulva was also beautiful, with shorter lips and a smaller clit. It was also leaking. A lot. Her hair was blond, in contrast to Tasha's, and was also long.
Lisa fondled Tasha's breasts, tweaking her nipples, judging the fat content and meat in them. Milk squirted out of Tasha's nipples as her breasts were fondled, for every meat girl was put on hormones to trigger lactation before they were eaten, as it was felt that it made the breasts more tender and moist, and have a nicer flavor. It also ensured a ready supply of milk for the stores, as the girls were all milked regularly in the week before their consumption, and once again just before they were butchered. Lisa tasted Tasha's milk and pronounced it excellent. Then she felt Tasha's buttocks, noting their firmness, before slipping a finger into Tasha's anus. Tasha caught her breath when she felt Lisa's finger penetrate her rectum, which convulsively gripped the finger. She felt her vulva contract, and her breath came in short gasps when another of Lisa's fingers entered her vagina while Lisa's thumb stroked her clitoris. Lisa slipped her fingers out of Tasha, licking the one that had been in Tasha's vagina, and made an entry in her computer.
"Tasha, you're a grade A roaster. You'll be spitted alive through your rectum and roasted whole after you're gutted. However, because your face is so beautiful, your head will be shielded from the heat as you roast. With luck, this will permit you to live through your roasting and be aware of your being eaten. It will be cut off after you've been cooked and you've been eaten off your bones. Your tongue will be cut out, and your brain carefully removed so that your head isn't spoiled as a trophy. Your tongue and brain will be used as stuffing for another roasted girl." Tasha and Molly gasped on hearing Tasha's horrible fate.
A quick examination of Molly produced an identical result, and then it was Amy's turn. Amy was shorter than Tasha and Molly. She had big breasts, even bigger than Molly's, with big nipples, and tight muscular buttocks with a flat stomach. Her face was very pretty, though not as pretty as the other two girls, and she had short blond hair. Her vulva was firm and meaty, like Tasha's, and her labia and clit were even bigger than Tasha's. She was surprised to find that her vulva, too, was very wet, with a trail of her vaginal juices leaking down her leg.
Lisa consulted her computer screen. "Amy, hi! Let's see, you were caught sucking David's penis in the dugout on the baseball field at school. Bad mistake, you should have sucked it somewhere safe."
"We were too horny and couldn't wait," Amy said weakly.
"Did he ejaculate in your mouth?" asked Lisa.
"Yes," replied Amy, who was feeling numb at this point..
"Did you swallow his sperm?" Lisa asked, unable to hide her interest..
"Of course," Amy replied. "It tasted great. I just wish he could have fucked me at least once, before...."
"Yes well, its too late for that now, Amy. You'll be dead within an hour, and most of your body will be eaten within two days, as will David's. But your description of his semen ... rich and creamy, was it?" She smiled at Amy's nod. "I see he was taken to the boy-butchering plant," she said ... I'll just call over there and have him milked of semen for an hour or so before he's butchered. I'd love a nice, rich quart or two of semen to go with my dinner tonight, and his penis (I remember it as being big and meaty-looking) will be sliced lengthwise and cooked alongside your plump breast tonight, along with his sliced testicles. Nothing like a nice garnish with semen gravy for a plump breast roast," Lisa smiled down at Amy's breasts.
Amy's knees almost gave way at that, and Molly and Tasha had to grab her to keep her from falling.
"Oh, it won't be that bad," said Lisa sympathetically. "The roasters who are roasted alive die within thirty or forty minutes over the fire, unless their heads are shielded like Tasha's and Molly's here,and a parts girl will only take about fifteen minutes to die. Of course it's horribly painful and degrading while it lasts, but you'll be digesting in some peoples' stomachs in no time."
"Which do you think I am?" Amy asked in a quavering voice.
"Hmmm," Lisa said as she felt Amy's breasts and tweaked her nipples, "Let's see...Big, firm breasts with big, well-defined nipples... a lot of meat here, but a lot of fat too." A surprising amount of milk squirted out of Amy's nipples, more even than had squirted out of Molly when Lisa milked her. Lisa licked Amy's breasts and nipples clean. Amy shuddered with pleasure at the touch of Lisa's tongue on her sensitive nipples. "Your milk is delicious, and plentiful. Too bad! It almost warrants keeping you alive as a milker." Lisa saw the hopeful look on Amy's face and quickly moved to quash it. "I said 'almost'. Your breasts will be digesting in someone's stomach before the end of the day, Amy. One of them will be in my stomach. I get first pick of you girls for my own use, and your breasts are certainly appetising. From the size of them, it looks like I'm going to have a nice, full tummy, too."
Lisa ran her hands over Amy's buttocks, commenting on how firm they were, and how much meat her rump roasts would provide, before slipping her finger into Amy's rectum. Like Tasha before her, who was intently watching the procedure while fingering her own vagina and anus, Amy felt her rectum contract around the invading finger. Her vulva muscles contracted around another of Lisa's fingers, and she felt her breath come in gasps as she had an orgasm.
"Your vulva will be juicy and tasty, your labia and clit are firm and meaty, and your legs are well muscled and should produce good steaks. But you're just not pretty enough to be a whole roaster, so I'm going to grade you as an AA parts girl. You'll be butchered alive, Amy, and contrary to what you might have heard, it's more painful to be a parts girl than a roaster. The only thing worse is to be a hamburger girl, to be ground into hamburger while still alive."
With that she ushered the girls into the butchering room. As soon as the door opened, Amy, Tasha, and Molly could smell girls cooking. They looked around, wide-eyed, as Lisa ushered them past trays of severed breasts, vulvas, buttocks, and many internal organs.
Lisa noticed the girls staring at the internal organs in one set of trays. "Oh, those are sex organs. Those little things are ovaries, these are uteruses, those are fallopian tubes, and those are urinary bladders, very nice and tangy. You girls will all have your sex organs in those trays in a few minutes. They're very tasty, but they mostly appeal to the overseas markets."
Split halves of various girls hung on meat hooks, and a mound of ground meat lay in a bin on a table. 'Ground girl,' Amy thought, and shuddered.
Amy, Tasha, and Molly stared at a huge bin filled with girls' severed heads. The heads all had wide-eyed stares, desperate with fear and pain. They knew that their heads would soon join those in the bin.
A whole girl hung impaled on a meat hook. The point went in under her chin and came out her mouth. Amy jumped and shrieked when the girl moved slightly on the hook and gave a weak moan.
Lisa noticed and slapped the impaled girl on her plump rump roast. "Oh, that's just Ellen. She was a bad girl, she was caught sucking a guy's penis in public. Just like you, Amy ," Lisa said with a wicked grin.
"She's....She's still alive," quavered Tasha.
"Sure, she could survive for another few hours. They were careful when they impaled her. But since it upsets you girls, I'll just help her along."
With that, Lisa grabbed a long slicing knife from a nearby table and sliced off Ellen's right breast. A low, gurgling moan escaped her mouth as her breast was freed from her body. Amy, Tasha, and Molly watched in horrified fascination. Lisa laid the jiggling breast down on a nearby table. Amy noticed that the severed breast continued to jiggle for a few seconds on the table. Milk seeped from its nipple.
Lisa then brought the knife around to Ellen's vulva. "Pay attention, girls. This is going to happen to all of you; you'll all have your vulvas cut out. The only difference is that Tasha and Molly will be roasted when that happens, and their vulvas will be fully cooked. Amy, on the other hand, will have her vulva cut out while she's alive, just like Ellen here."
The girls winced as Lisa pushed the knife into the skin above Ellen's vulva. A small scream escaped from Ellen's mouth as a small trickle of blood marked the point where the knife entered her. Lisa pushed the knife deeper and began cutting around Ellen's vulva. In less than a minute, Lisa was able to reach into Ellen's body below her vulva, grab hold, and pull it out of the rest of Ellen's meat. Ellen gave a huge gasp as her vulva was pulled from her body.
Amy, Tasha, and Molly looked on in fascination as the vulva meat came out of Ellen, with her uterus and other sex organs still attached. A few slices with the knife, and each of Ellen's internal sex organs came off, eliciting a small scream from the tortured meat girl each time, to be laid on a nearby table. A last cut removed her bladder, and her vulva was free, ready for seasoning and cooking. The girls marveled at the bloody hole between Ellen's leg roasts, where her vulva meat should have been. They could see into her body as her guts tried to push out through the new hole.
Lisa picked up what the girls recognized as Ellen's ovaries and handed one each to Tasha and Molly, who gingerly accepted them, holding the ovaries with shocked fascination. Amy studied the ovaries briefly, then looked at Ellen, who was gasping and looking in shock at the sight of two naked meat girls holding her ovary meat that had been inside her a few minutes before. "I want you girls to eat Ellen's ovaries," Lisa said. "They're very good raw. Of course you'll never get a chance to digest them, because your stomachs will be cut out in a few minutes, but I figured that since you like to eat pussy, you should have a chance to try fresh ovary before you roast."
When Tasha and Molly hesitated, Lisa warned "I can always make it worse for you two if you don't eat." With that, Tasha looked over apologetically at the meat that was Ellen, and popped the ovary into her mouth. She chewed for a bit and then swallowed. "How is it?" asked Amy, unable to contain her curiosity.
"Delicious," replied Tasha. Ellen gave a moaning wail as Molly ate her other ovary.
"Don't worry Amy," said Lisa. "I won't leave you out. I'll let you eat Tasha's ovaries when I cut them out." Tasha trembled when she heard that, and Molly gripped her hand comfortingly.
Lisa then cut through Ellen's belly from just below her ribs to just above the hole where her vulva had been. Ellen's guts poured out, splashing the girls. A few quick strokes from the knife and Lisa cut Ellen's intestines from her anus and removed her guts, putting aside the special pieces, like the liver and sweetbreads. She expertly removed the gallbladder from Ellen's liver and put it aside. "Special seasoning," she said. Only Ellen's heart and lungs remained, still working.
"Almost done, girl," cooed Lisa. "I'll finish you now by cutting off your head."
Amy, Tasha, and Molly perked up; they had never seen a live girl beheaded before. Lisa simply took a big serrated knife and started sawing at Ellen's neck. Blood spurted everywhere, and Ellen gave a last gurgle. Her head came off in seconds, and blood fountained out of her severed neck.
Molly noticed that Ellen's eyes were wide open and moving around in shock. "My god, is she still alive?" she asked.
"Hmmm? Oh, yes, the head stays alive and conscious for around thirty seconds after it's been cut off," said Lisa, looking at Ellen's severed head thoughtfully. "Long enough to start removing the brain, if you're quick, which I will be with you girls. Brains are yummy and tender."
Lisa put Ellen's parts in the correct bins and led the girls on, past several girls swinging on nooses, including one whose feet were kicking. She was turning purple, her tongue was protruding from her mouth, and she was peeing.
The girls looked wide-eyed at her, and Lisa commented "We don't hang very many, and it's a hard death, but you'll all urinate when I cut you, too."
They could now see spitted girls roasting over pits, and a small group of naked girls waiting beside a teenage boy. He greeted Lisa, looked over the new arrivals and whistled. "Those are fine cows, Lisa, I wish I could stay and fuck them, then butcher them, but I'm on lunch now, and I've got a fine smoked vulva set aside. I should be back, though, in about forty-five minutes."
"OK, Dan, have a good one," called Lisa after the retreating boy. "OK, girls, listen up. For those of you who don't know me, My name is Lisa, and I'll be your butcher today. My job is to butcher you as painfully as possible, and cut your meats up into quality cuts. It'll hurt a lot when I butcher you, but it won't last. That's what you have to hang on to when I'm doing you."
The other girls gulped. The new group consisted of a short, big-breasted brunette, a skinny, flat chested blond with a head shaved bald and no eyebrows or eyelashes, a small oriental girl with small breasts, a huge-breasted black girl, Tawanda, a beautiful big-breasted Hispanic girl, and a South Indian girl named Angela with beautiful black hair and 36 DD breasts. It looked like large breasts were a feature of the menu for today. Amy wondered if the plant was having a special on breasts.
"Kay, step forward," Lisa said. The flat-chested blond gulped and stepped forward. "Since you don't have much in the way of breasts, and you're only average-looking, you'll be ground up alive." Kay's knees gave way and she almost fainted. The oriental girl caught her and kept her upright. "You're pretty bony, but that's OK; you'll provide a high-calcium blend of ground meat." Amy's clit tingled at the thought of seeing a girl ground up alive.
"If you want, I can milk you first, although its not really needed," Lisa said.
"P-please, milk me first," said the terrified Kay.
Lisa obligingly grabbed Kay's nipples and started milking her while Tasha and Molly stood next to her; Tasha with her fingers in Kay's vagina, fucking her and rubbing her clit, and Molly with her fingers in Kay's anus. Amy watched as the milk squirted out of Kay's nipples into a glass jug already filled with milk. After a minute, the milk stopped coming, and Tasha and Molly took their fingers out of Kay, licking them clean of her juices. Lisa directed Kay to a large transparent grinder. Everything about the machine was transparent, the bin the girl would stand in as she was being fed into the grinding wheels, the grinding wheels themselves, the chute where the girl burger came out, and the bin it went into. Kay started peeing as she reached the platform where she would step into the machine. Amy noticed that Kay was standing on a grate, and her pee just washed right down it. Lisa waited until Kay stopped peeing, and then hosed her down with a high pressure hose. Lisa then gently pushed the soaked, sobbing girl into the machine and closed the glass door.
"I don't want to die!" screamed Kay, in a last sob.
Then Lisa pushed a button. Slowly, the grinding wheels on which Kay was standing started to turn, and the startled girl started walking on the wheels, stepping between the grinding burrs on the wheel. Suddenly, Kay slipped, and her right foot fell between the grinders. There was a crunching noise and Kay screamed in a horrible high-pitched scream. Blood spurted from the foot, and Kay's legs were pulled into the grinders. Her screaming continued, and all the girls watched in horrified fascination as the screaming girl was pulled further into the grinder. Kay burger was emerging into the burger bin out the other side of the grinder. At last, the grinder reached Kay's hips, and all the girls winced as they watched the grinder blades tear into the screaming girl's clit and labia, grinding her vulva and buttocks, as well as her internal sex organs. The screaming died down into gurgles as the grinders continued up into Kay's chest, mangling her flat breasts and nipples, and crunching her heart and lungs. Then her head fell into the grinder, and the girls watched in silence as it was crushed, popping her eyeballs out of their sockets, and grinding her brain. The grinder continued for a minute, as the last of the Kay burger flopped into the bin, then shut down.
"In case you girls are wondering, none of the rest of you will be ground up like that. Gina, step forward." The short, big-breasted blond stepped forward coolly. "You're a parts girl, Gina, like most of the rest of you. Let's get you milked, and then we'll butcher you."
Lisa started milking Gina's breasts, while Tasha slipped her fingers into her anus. This time, Amy worked up her courage and slipped her fingers into Gina's vagina, fingering her clit. When Lisa was finished milking Gina's breasts, Amy slipped her fingers out of her vagina, and licked them clean, tasting for the first time a girl's vagina that was still attached to the girl. It tasted very good, and again Amy wished she could have licked and sucked Tasha's and Molly's vulvas. All of the girls paid close attention to Gina's butchering, as it was what most of them would undergo.
Lisa led Gina to the breast-remover, which was simply like a large paper cutter set on a stand that could be adjusted for height. There was a leg-spreader that Gina had to sit in, leaving her buttocks thrust out, and her vagina gaping wide open. Tasha and Molly licked their lips as they looked at the spread open pink vagina, and Amy wished she could have tasted it. Lisa quickly slid the lower bar of the breast-remover so that Gina's meaty breasts rested on the flat surface. Then she quickly brought the blade down, slicing Gina's breasts off cleanly, so close to her chest that the white gleam of her ribs could be seen before being covered with blood. Gina screamed as her breast meat dropped off of her chest into a bin on a stand right below. They jiggled as they landed in the bin, nipples up. Blood flowed from the wounds on the screaming Gina's chest. Amy's nipples hurt in sympathy for the suddenly breastless girl. The rest of Gina's meat started peeing at the shock and pain of having her breast meat removed. After a few seconds, the urine died down to a trickle running down her leg, and Lisa turned the hose onto her legs.
Instantly, a rotating meat saw came to life at the back of the leg spreader, right above Gina's buttocks. The saw was on a flexible arm, and Lisa brought it down against Gina's right buttock, slicing through the firm, round buttock in seconds, exposing the pelvic bone. Gina's screams got even louder as her left buttock joined her right one in a very large bin. There was surprisingly little blood.
Lisa then immediately went to work slicing Gina's vulva out with a very sharp knife. The screaming died down to gasping gurgles, the pain was so great. In under a minute, Gina's vulva came free, pulling out her internal sex organs with it. As Lisa cut each of Gina's internal organs free, they went into separate bins. Soon, her vulva was free, and it, too, went into a bin, after Lisa affixed a label to it, with information about Gina, so that meat buyers in the store could know something about the girl their vulva came from.
Lisa quickly gutted Gina, to the accompaniment of more gurgling screams, and then used the meat saw to cut off her arms at the shoulders, and her legs at the hips. They went into separate bins for further processing later. She was now a gutted hull, barely alive, with pain-shrouded eyes.
While this was happening, Tasha knelt down between Amy's legs and started licking her vulva, while Molly buried her face between Amy's buttocks, licking her anus. The other girls noticed and began fingering their vulvas. The oriental girl with the small breasts, Kim Lee, stood in front of Amy, who bent over at the waist and started licking her vulva, tasting for the first time the delights of a live girl's vagina leaking its hot juices into her waiting mouth.
Lisa noticed this activity, but said nothing. She simply placed what was left of Gina into the head-chopper, a modified guillotine. All the girls looked on in wonder as they knew Gina was about to be beheaded, and the thought of seeing another girl die by losing her head turned them all on.
Gina gave a last moan of pain and fear, then Lisa tripped the blade, which came down in a whoosh, slicing cleanly through Gina's neck, cutting her head off. The girls all gasped as Gina's head rolled into the catching basket, eyes blinking wildly.
Lisa immediately picked up the severed head of Gina by her hair, and turned her so that she could see her ruined, ravaged body, with blood spurting from her severed neck. The eyes blinked, and tears came out.
Instantly, Lisa placed the head in a curious-looking contraption with a small cutting saw on a track at the back of the head, and she started the blades moving. She then lowered the saw blades into Gina's skull, and the girls all heard the loud noise of the blades cutting through Gina's skull. In seconds the back of Gina's skull came off in Lisa's hands, exposing Gina's brain, the second one the girls had seen, after seeing the mashed, ground brains of poor Kay. Amazingly, Gina was obviously still alive, as her eyes were still blinking, and her face was twisted into a grimace, which twitched and then loosened in death as Lisa pulled her brain out of her skull with a sharp hook. She laid Gina's brain on a table along with her severed head, and reached into Gina's gaping mouth to cut out her tongue. Amy and Tasha were amazed that Gina's face still looked alive, even without a brain in her head. Lisa ripped out Gina's windpipe, cutting loose her heart and lungs.
After putting the various pieces of Gina in the appropriate bins, Lisa called Kim Lee forward. The oriental girl started shaking, and slowly removed her vulva from Amy's mouth, but not before peeing heavily into Amy's hungry mouth. Lisa noticed this and directed Amy to drink Kim Lee's pee, not that Amy needed to be ordered to do that as she greedily drank down the hot liquid. Tasha looked up from her position between Amy's legs and quietly asked Amy to urinate into her mouth, which Amy obligingly did. Tasha drank down the golden fluid that flowed from Amy's vulva into her mouth, and then stood up and spread her own legs so that Amy could lick her vulva. Molly moved from licking Amy's anus to licking her vulva, and the Hispanic girl, Loretta, moved to replace Molly licking Amy's anus. Amy's vulva tingled, not only at the wetness of Molly's tongue licking and fucking it, but at the taste of Tasha's vulva, and the horrible death she faced.
Lisa didn't get much milk from the breasts of Kim Lee, but butchering her didn't take much time at all. Kim Lee's breasts sliced off easily, and her vulva was cut out of her body with ease. Amy watched the removal of Kim Lee's vulva with interest, as her tongue had just been licking it, probing its inner folds, and sucking its juices, tasting the small girl's final orgasm. After gutting and dismembering the small girl, Lisa cut off her head and removed her brain, throwing her brain into a large bin on top of Gina's brain. The severed head of Kim Lee with its vacant stare was placed carefully next to Gina's head, their lips and noses touching, as if in a last kiss, although neither girl's severed head still had her tongue in her mouth.
"Tasha," Lisa called. Tasha let loose a stream of urine into Amy's mouth, and slowly moved to meet her fate. Molly got up in time for a last quick lick of Tasha's urine-soaked vulva, and a last, lingering French kiss. Molly stood silently, watching her lover meet her doom.
This time it was different. Lisa had Tasha get down on all fours on the spitting table, and slowly cranked the huge, thick hollow spit into Tasha's anus. First however, Tasha apparently proved irresistible even to Lisa, who just had to take a few quick licks and suck of her big vulva, and then a few licks of her rectum, "Just to lubricate your anus with saliva," as Lisa said. The spit entered Tasha's rectum, and she gasped, as did Molly, in sympathy. After a few inches of penetration, Lisa stopped the spit. "Time to gut you, Tasha," she said in a chipper voice. Tasha, Amy, and Molly paled. Lisa brought up a sharp knife, and in one swift movement, cut Tasha from just below her beautiful breasts, to just above her wet vulva. Tasha screamed, and Molly moaned at seeing her lover cut open. Tasha felt the knife slicing into her beautiful belly, and she felt her guts begin to push out of her body. The pain was intense, and her fear and panic beyond anything she'd ever known. Tasha's entrails bulged out of her belly, and Lisa reached into the cavity and pulled them out, to greater screams from Tasha, as well as loud gasping gurgles. Lisa quickly cut Tasha's intestines away from her rectum, and removed them and Tasha's stomach.
Then she got a smaller knife and cut away each of Tasha's internal sex organs one at a time, pausing to hand Tasha's ovaries to Amy with the command to eat them at once. Amy popped one of Tasha's ovaries into her mouth and chewed the tasty organ, but she covertly handed the other to Molly who gratefully put it into her mouth, eating the other of her lover's ovaries. Lisa pulled Tasha's uterus out, then held open her body cavity so that the girls could see. She even held a mirror so that Tasha herself could see her nearly empty body cavity. Only her beating heart and lungs still remained.
Lisa then pushed the spit all the way through Tasha, from her anus to emerge out her mouth. The hollow design of the spit allowed Tasha to still breathe. Lisa then reached for the bin of ground meat, which by now was carefully blended with cornmeal, onions, celery and salt and pepper, and scooped some of the stuffing into Tasha's body cavity, along with half a dozen ovaries from another bin. Then she sewed Tasha shut, and shoved a stabilizing rod into Tasha's vagina. She left Tasha like that, spitted, with her buttocks pointed toward the girls. A quick repeat of the procedure was done to Molly, and the two gutted lovers were on their knees with spits running through their rectums and mouths, side-by-side on the table.
At that point Dan returned, leading a tour group of freshmen high-school students from Amy's high-school, consisting of ten teen-aged boys, and ten girls.
"Hey Lisa, I'm back! I can give you a hand, now," called Dan, "I brought a class on a field trip to check out what we do here; you don't mind, do you?"
"Of course not!" Lisa replied," Always happy to give a demonstration!"
The students stared wide-eyed at the spitted Tasha and Molly, at the severed girl parts, and at the naked, scared girls waiting to be butchered for their meat. The boys especially ogled the naked girls with their shaved vulvas, whistling at Amy, Tasha, and Molly, whom they all recognized. One of the girls was Dan's big-breasted little sister, a cheerleader named Maritta; she marveled at the spits sticking through Tasha and Molly, and she wondered what one of those huge spits would feel like, going up her rectum.
"Amy," called Lisa. "You're up. Time to perform for this nice tour group." The boys and girls of the group applauded and cheered, laughing and pointing when Amy began to pee in utter terror. Lisa expertly milked Amy's breasts, much to the delight of the boys in the tour group, who had never seen milk squirt from a girl's nipples before. The girls in the group were equally interested to see what their breasts were capable of. She was good for almost a pint of rich, creamy milk. Then the black girl and Angela, the South Indian girl, helped Amy into the breast-remover, with Tasha and Molly watching intently from the table. Amy's legs were spread, opening her exposed vulva to reveal her pink, meaty vaginal lips for the boys and girls of the group to see. Lisa pulled open Amy's vagina-lips to the delight of the boys, who also gaped and laughed at her exposed anus. There were noticeable bulges in most of the boys' trousers. Amy's big breasts rested on the bar.
"Now its time to cut off Amy's breast meat, boys and girls. Would you like to see that?" Lisa asked. The response was a chorus of cheers. Amy braced herself for the pain and loss that was about to happen. She knew that her big, beautiful breasts, her pride and joy, were about to be cut off. Lisa slammed the cutting blade down through Amy's breasts. Amy felt the white-hot pain as the blade sliced away her big breasts like butter, and she watched, as if it were happening to someone else in slow motion, as her big meaty breasts peeled off and fell into the breast-bin. The cheers from the tour group were deafening, as were Amy's screams. She watched as her breasts jiggled in the bin, one destined to be eaten by someone unknown, the other by Lisa, tonight, along with David's penis and testicles ... all drenched in David's creamy semen. They came to rest, nipple side up, touching nipples with one of Kim Lee's breasts, and one of Gina's. The nipples on her severed breasts continued to leak milk. Tasha and Molly cried silently as they watched their friend's breasts get cut off, partly out of grief at watching Amy's magnificent breasts severed from her body, and partly out of apprehension that they would be alive to see their own breasts being cut off and eaten, but they wouldn't feel it, having been cooked on their spits alive, which would kill their nerves.
Dimly, through her pain, Amy saw that a boy and one of the girls in the tour group were taking off their clothes, and the boy's penis was hard. They were turned on by Amy's butchering, by the sight of Amy getting her breasts cut off. The girl was the cheerleader, Maritta; she was only five-foot-three, with long, blonde hair, a round, bubble butt, and the nicest breasts in the whole school; not even any of the teachers had breasts as big as Maritta's. Many of the girls were jealous of Maritta's luscious body; they were always trying to get her in trouble, hoping she'd be punished by being selected for butchering. There were even a few teachers that would like to see Maritta's breasts getting cut off!
Amy then felt the knife-sharp pain of her firm buttocks being sliced off to the cheers of the tour group, or at least the boys, anyway. By now, Maritta's dark-blue sweater was pushed up over her breasts, and she had her mouth full with the boy's penis, while the group continued to watch Amy's butchering, fingering their vaginas and rectums, while the boy squeezed Maritta's breasts and tweaked her nipples..
Then, what Amy had been dreading second most happened, Lisa began cutting out her vulva. Amy felt the stabbing pain as Lisa's knife cut into her most sensitive meat, slicing a rough oval around her vulva. When the sliced oval was complete, Lisa reached into her vulva and pulled it way from her body, trailing her internal sex organs, as Amy gave a gurgling scream. Amy felt her guts being pulled out of her body, her most prized and sacred possessions being ripped from her, and she came in one last raging orgasm, the final and most intense orgasm of her life, as she squirted her girl juices out of her her dying vulva. The group (except for Maritta, and her boy friend) quieted as they watched the mysterious vulva of Amy being exposed for the first and last time.
Amy felt Lisa cut off her ovaries and watched her toss them into the bin with the ovaries of Molly, Kim Lee, and Gina, as she explained what they were to the group. Her ovaries came to rest touching Molly's ovaries in the bin, in a strange sort of chance..
Lisa slowly sliced off Amy's womb, tossing that up against Tasha's uterus in another bin. Her vulva went into the vulva bin, touching lips with Kim Lee's vulva with its pink labia spread and the pink clit still popping out of its hood with a drop of Amy's ejaculate still glstening on her labia.
After gutting Amy, and cutting off her arms and legs, Lisa put her in the head chopper. Tasha and Molly watched intently, both because they hoped their friend's pain would soon be over, and because they knew that their own pain would not be ended the same way.
Lisa leaned over next to Amy's ear and whispered: "Bye-bye now, Amy, sweetheart; I'm going to end it now. You'll probably live to feel me hooking your brain and pulling it out of your skull, but then it'll be over, and you'll be ready for cooking and eating. You should know that I've reserved one of your breasts for myself and I'll cook and eat it tonight for supper. It just looked so yummy, and I've always admired them."
"Which one?" asked Amy, sobbing in agony.
"The one I didn't milk completely, silly...Which one did you think?"
"Enjoy!" By now, Amy was half mad with pain, and prayed that it would be over. "Please cut off my head," she whispered..
"Okay, honey," replied Lisa, and released the blade.
Amy felt a sharp pain at the back of her neck, and then sudden relief from most of her pain. Only the pain in her neck remained, and her view of the world tumbled. Dimly she heard cheering, and she felt her hair being pulled, and her field of view moved. She saw a gutted hulk of what was once a girl's body, with blood spurting from its severed neck. She wondered who had been beheaded. She saw a glimpse of Tasha and Molly, looking horrified, with tears running down their faces. She wanted to comfort them, to tell them that she was all right, but she found that she couldn't speak, She tried to turn her head to see what the explosion of cheers was about, but she couldn't do that either. It dawned on her that the headless body she saw must be hers, and that she was just a dying, severed head. She felt a metal band go around her head, and saw blades cutting into her skull. The pain was bad, but it was followed by a brief stabbing pain in the center of her head. Her eyes glanced toward the mirrored ceiling, and she saw her own brain being pulled out of her head. Her last thought was how wrinkled her brain looked, and then everything went black.
Lisa tossed Amy's brain into the brain bin, cut out her tongue and put it in the correct bin, and then set her severed head gently alongside of Gina's and Kim Lee's, touching lips with them.
She then split Amy's gutted, limbless, breastless, vulvaless, and headless body down the middle, through her spine, with a meat saw, and hung the two halves of Amy's corpse on meat hooks.
Lisa turned her attention towards the visiting students, who were so fascinated by the butchering of Amy, that they were oblivious to the illegal activities of Maritta with her boy friend, now nearly out of sight behind the group. They were in plain sight of Lisa's two rent-a-cops and Dan, though; they waited until they saw Lisa point towards Maritta, and wave her in, before they made their move.
They seized the two lovers, jerking them apart; one cop grabbed the boy and dragged him off outside to the transport to the boy-processing plant, yelling and thrashing, while the other twisted the almost bare-breasted cheerleader's hands behind her back, and cuffed her. He carried Dan's struggling little sister up to Lisa and her girl-butchering tools.
"I'll understand, if you don't want to torture your own sister to death," Lisa told Dan, "you'll have to cut her breasts off, and cut out her vulva, you know."
"Nope, I don't mind at all!" said said the boy, "I've always wanted to, actually; I'd like to fuck her while I'm cutting off her breasts!"
So Dan helped Lisa clamp Maritta into the leg spreader; her eyes widening in shock, moaning "No, nooo," as she realized that not only had she just been classified on the spot, as girl meat, but her own brother was going to fuck her and butcher her!
It was the girls' turn to laugh and point (especially the ones who hadn't made the cheerleading squad); they couldn't wait to see Maritta's huge breasts get cut off, and her vulva cut out!


One of the boys worked for the annual and had a digital camera; he was planning to capture the butchering of Maritta in pictures, for the school yearbook. "I'll call my pages, 'The Horrible Death of Meaty Maritta!' he thought, as he snapped another picture of the helpless meat being stripped naked.
Lisa used a knife to slice the waistband of the little blonde girl's pleated skirt, and ripped it in half; she tore the shredded skirt away, and pulled Maritta's pink panties (with her name embroidered on them) down to her knees. Maritta's sweater was still shoved up over her enormous breasts; Lisa cut the straps of her bra, and popped her breasts out, bouncing and jiggling. Lisa bunched up a handful of sweater material, and sliced through it, right at her neckline. She adjusted the leg spreader, making sure the photographer would be able to get good pictures of Maritta's rectum and vulva being butchered.
"Well, I hope you paid attention to Amy's butchering, because that's pretty much how you're going to be prepared, Maritta ... butchered for parts," Lisa told the sobbing girl, "except that your brother is going to butcher you and fuck you! Maybe he'll want to fuck you after you're dead, too! But that won't be for a while, yet; you've got a lot of meat to be cut up, first!"
Maritta peed herself, as she heard her awful death sentence, causing a general titter from the tour group, and the photographer got a good shot of her intense pee stream gushing out from between her tender spread labia.
"You bet, Lisa, I've always wanted to butcher my sister's vulva, anyway," said Dan, pinching the helpless girl's nipple meat, "how 'bout if I cut out her milk glands after her breasts are cut off? Times have been hard, and we could use the money."
"Sure thing," replied Lisa, "I've got to go eat lunch, myself! Make sure you do a slow, sexy job of butchering your little sister, the camera's watching!" Lisa spread open Maritta's rosy rectum and shoved a inch-and-a-half diameter wooden plug up her butt, the helpless, exposed girl jerked and screamed as the eight-inch plug was driven all the way up into her. "So she doesn't get poop on her best meat, while she's being gutted," Lisa told the giggling students. "Here you go," Lisa handing Dan the knife, "Finish killing her for me; just go ahead and do whatever you want to her."
"Gladly!" said Dan, inspecting his sister's vulva, which was lightly furred with golden down; he pulled open her labia and thrust three fingers into the meat. He squeezed the trembling, melon-sized breasts and pinched her puffy pink nipples until she cried out in pain.
Maritta hadn't been on a hormone regimen to force milk production since they didn't know they were going to kill her until the last minute; but there was an alternative series of injections that would be used; it was quite painful. Dan pulled a large hypodermic needle out of a drawer and filled it; he pressed the point right into the tip of Maritta's right nipple, sinking the point two inches into her breast meat; he rapidly depressed the plunger, emptying the contents into his naked little sister's breast.
The swelling started before Dan had finished injecting Maritta's left breast; Dan stepped back and waited a few minutes while the naked cheerleader's huge breasts swelled up even larger. She began to whimper as pressure built in her breasts; milk dribbled from her distended nipples. Maritta screamed in agony when Dan kneaded his sister's swollen, tender tits, directing twin streams of milk from them into the jug. Dan managed to extract almost a quart of milk from each of her breasts, before starting the process of cutting up her meat.
Maritta squealed shrilly as Dan plunged a gutting blade into her belly, just a little above her vulva; he cut right through Maritta's belly button, slicing her open all the way to her breastbone, her big breasts joggling as the blade stuck into her sternum. Her guts bulged out through the gash; Maritta was flopping around so wildly, she was gutting herself!
Dan used hose clamps around the naked girl's ankles and wrists to prevent her from bleeding to death too soon while he sawed Maritta's feet and hands off. Dan moved the hose clamp nearly to her shoulders, and cut through her arm meat with a knife, an inch below the clamp; he finished by cutting through the bones with a saw.
Maritta's breasts had swollen up again, so much that milk was squirting up in the air from her skyward-pointing pink nipples. Dan milked the cut-open girl again, leaving her intestines to dangle in loops. Then he opened his pants and let them drop enough to get his erect penis out. It was already dribbling in anticipation of entering Maritta's pretty vagina. He sighed in satisfaction as he slipped himself inside and began to move back and forth. " hymen," he said. "You've been a bad girl more than just this time, haven't you, little sister ... errr ... meat?" Dan climaxed explosively in his sister's soft tenderness, and withdrew his penis from her. "Here, lick it off, so I can put it away," he said, moving to Maritta's head. Maritta obediently cleaned her brother's penis with her tongue. "Thanks," she whispered. "At least I'll die with my vagina happy."
"Time to cut up your meat, Maritta," said Dan, softly, and got out his fileting knife.
Maritta's eyes widened in horror as she felt the burn of Dan's butchering blade slashing into her tenderest meat, slicing almost a quarter-inch deep around her vulva and her rectum, leaving a heart-shaped gash. Dan pulled up on her pretty pink lips, showing off the sweetness of her vaginal opening.
He cut the little rosy ring of Maritta's rectum free of her colon, then began cutting his sister's rectum away from her buttocks, slicing generously around the wooden plug. "Got to leave plenty of rectal meat, so there's a good, strong flavor," he said. Then, he cut deep into the meat surrounding her vulva, carving all around her plump, firm steak. Dan sank two fingers into the tortured cheerleader's vagina, and jerked outwards; Maritta let out a horrified shriek as her vulva was pulled out, her sex organs still attached to her quivering meat. Dan reached inside her, pulling her uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries away from the rest of her guts, and flopped them out on the cutting board for butchering.
Dan carefully cut deeper and deeper into the naked girl's tender buttocks, slicing her rectum free. Dan reached inside his little sister's belly and yanked her plugged rectum through, ripped her intestines out and dumped them into the gut bucket.
After milking her one last time, Dan cut off his sister's breasts, and carefully removed the milk glands from behind with a small hook, setting them aside. He could get as much as $1200 for each of them from certain places in the Orient. He tossed the rest of the meat into the bin. He seized the cut-open girl's hair, yanking her head back, and began sawing at her exposed throat with a serrated knife. Maritta's throat spurted blood as the dying girl felt her brother's knife cut through her arteries; her back arched, as dying spasms tore through her cut-up carcass. She choked as her windpipe was severed; her tortured body suddenly went rigid, as the knife cut into her spinal cord. When Dan cut through the last bit of neck meat he held his sister's severed head up by the hair, so she could see her own naked, gutted carcass convulsing in the butchering rack; then Maritta was just meat.
He impaled the meat's cut-off head on a spike; her mouth was open, and her tongue was hanging out, making it easier to cut out.
Maritta's meat continued to flop and spasm for almost half an hour, especially when the saw began ripping through the meat of her buttocks, splitting her in half. Dan cut the girl into quarters, and hung the dripping chunks of meat from meat hooks; his assistants would move them into the cooler for aging, later. The photgrapher snapped a last few pictures of the dead cheerleader's carcass, still twitching, hanging above the meat bins.
"Perhaps you could get a couple of pictures for me, personally," said Dan. "I want a couple shots of me, cutting off my sister's breasts, and one of me fileting her vulva, too, when you get 'em developed."
A few minutes later, Dan fitted the heat shields onto Tasha's neck, to preserve her head from being cooked by the fire in the roasting pit, keeping her alive while she roasted. He then bent her knees and tied her feet to the spit about two feet from her buttocks. Placing a rod between her knees to keep her legs apart, he finished her preparation for roasting. Tasha's spit was then placed over the roasting pit, with the help of two of the boys from the tour group. An electric motor turned the spit as Dan gave Tasha her initial basting with a cup of liquefied fat, rendered from previously butchered girls.
Molly watched in tears as her lover was set to cooking over the fire. Almost immediately, she started sizzling and browning. Despite the spit, and the restraints keeping her still, it was obvious that Tasha was trying to squirm away from the heat, wriggling in pain on the slowly-turning spit. Dan carefully slid a long pan under Tasha, to collect her gravy as it dripped from her cooking flesh. Then it was Molly's turn to be cooked. Within a few minutes, Molly was helplessly roasting and squirming in agony on a spit alongside Tasha, who was already starting to brown lusciously.
After milking the big 36DD breasts of the Indian girl, Angela, Dan strapped her into the impaling machine, as it was decided that she would now be roasted whole, instead of being cut into parts. "I'm going to impale and cook Angela, here, alive," Dan explained to the cheering tour group. Angela paled and peed profusely, much to the derisive laughter of the group.
After Dan cleaned Angela up, he positioned her on her hands and knees in an automatic spitting device, with the spit up Angela's rectum, and a stabilizing rod up her vagina. He pressed a button, and a blade came up and sliced Angela open from just above her vulva to just below her breasts, to the accompaniment of gurgling screams. Angela's guts came streaming out of her body, helped by a wash of warm water through the hollow stabilizing rod in her vagina. A few quick cuts by Dan removed Angela's guts from their attachments, and all that remained were Angela's internal sex organs, and her heart and lungs, which the tour group could see racing inside her gutted body. "I'm going to leave Angela's internal sex organs to cook with the rest of her," explained Dan. He then ran the spit all the way through Angela's body and out through her mouth before stuffing her with the remainder of the Kay/cornmeal blend, and a few uteruses, including Kim Lee's, Gina's, and Maritta's, then he finished sewing her up.
With the help of a couple of girls from the tour group, Dan set Angela's spit over the fire. One of the girls from the group commented on how Angela's eyes were darting from side to side, and low moaning sounds were escaping from her mouth around the spit.
"Yes, she's still alive and will remain that way while she's cooking. Her breasts, vulva and vagina should be fully cooked before she's done, and her buttocks and legs should be rare, but still sufficiently cooked to be mouth-wateringly hot inside, next to her bones," commented Dan, who then basted Angela with her own milk."She'll feel herself cooking for quite a while. She'll get to feel her breasts harden as they cook, until all the nerves in her breasts become partially cooked and lose sensitivity. She'll also feel her vulva cooking, she'll feel her clit and labia cooking until their nerves overload,too, and she can't feel them anymore. The carving knife will wake them up again, though, and she'll feel herself being carved and be able to watch her body being served and enjoyed by some nice family. It'll be very painful, but she'll make a wonderful family meal."
Angela felt the heat in a blast as she was put over the fire, then a welcome cooling as she was basted with her own milk and that of some of the other girls. Gradually, she felt her nipples, clit, and labia cook and crisp up, along with the sensitive skin on her breasts, inner thighs, and buttocks. Her belly felt full because of the ground girls in it, and the other girls' uteruses inside her, and soon her belly skin started to brown. She felt her breasts start to firm up as they cooked, and her labia and clit lose their suppleness as they to started to get done. Despite the fresh oxygen flowing through the hollow spit into her lungs, the heat on her cooking body soon made it difficult to breathe. She could no longer feel her breasts or her vulva or buttocks with the same sensitivity as she could before she was put on to roast. Much of the pain and agony became moderated as her nerves were desensitized. She felt her breasts only by the weight they exerted on the area where they joined to her ribs, and by the way they moved as she turned on the spit. Initially, they had flopped around like breasts should, but they got firmer and firmer as they roasted, until they felt like solid meaty masses, like bowls of hot oatmeal strapped tightly on her chest.
The smell of her cooking flesh was delicious, and her mouth was watering around the spit as she inhaled her aroma. Her eyes focused on the bodies of Tasha and Molly, spasming as they browned on their spits over the fire-pit facing her. They looked so tasty, Angela thought. Their breasts, too, had hardened and stopped flopping as they turned. She watched as Dan took Tasha off the fire and set her in the display rack to cool and be inspected by the patrons of the plant's restaurant. Tasha's dark, rose-colored nipples leaked steam as she lay in the display rack, customers looking hungrily at her. Her eyes rolled frantically in her head as she watched for some one to buy her and eat her. In a few minutes, Dan took Molly off the fire as well, and carefully set her next to her lover. There was a noticeable stir among the customers as Molly was added to the display of meat and the card describing their crimes and punishments was set in front of them. Molly's big 38DD breasts, with her beautiful big nipples, which were now a much darker rose color after being cooked, steamed temptingly. Tears rolled down Molly's tasty cheeks as she heard the hungry customers discussing how much they wanted to eat her and her lover.
It was only a few minutes later when Angela felt Dan remove her from the fire. She was aware that she was as cooked as she was going to be, and now she was going to be sold and eaten. She was set up in the display rack to cool and be visible to the patrons of the restaurant, her roasted, living body tempting their appetites. Her large nipples leaked steam as they cooled. She heard a buzz of conversation, heard the cash register ring, and felt herself being picked up by her spit and carried to one of the small, insulated vans that delivered cooked meat to private homes.
To her surprise, Tasha and Molly were in the van, their spits in the racks as hers was. The van door slammed and it started up. After driving a short distance, the van stopped and Angela's spit was lifted from the rack and she was carried into a small house. She was taken into a dining room where her spit was set up in a vertical position next to the large, low table where she would be eaten. There were two other low tables, and to her astonishment, the roasted, living bodies of Tasha and Molly were brought in and set up as she was, each next to a table. All three of the tables were covered with white sheets. A youngish couple came in with a teenage blonde girl that must have been their daughter. They removed their clothes and each approached one of the girls. The man turned to them. "We just want to thank you for being our meals," he said. "This is our daughter's eighteenth birthday, and you'll be very special treats for her, and for us." He smiled. "Ordinarily, we eat our meat uncooked, but this being such a special birthday for her, we decided to let our daughter choose the meat for her celebratory dinner, and she chose you, uh," he looked at the tag on her spit, "Angela!"
The girl, smiling, spoke up: "It was your luscious breasts, Angela ... I just had to have them! They looked SO firm and tasty as you were being taken into the plant. We couldn't get to you in time to keep them from cooking you, although we did manage to keep them from butchering you. Then we saw Tasha and Molly looking so yummy, and Mom and Dad said that they looked real tasty to them, so we got you all here for the meat in my coming-of-age celebration. Daddy's going to eat Molly, and Mom really wants Tasha, and I'm going to eat you, so you'll all be digesting in our tummies in a few short hours."
Angela could not believe that this sweet, slender young girl, with her shy smile and laughing eyes, could eat her all by herself, and from what she could see of Tasha's and Molly's faces, she knew they were thinking the same thing about the parents. The woman must have sensed their puzzlement, and she giggled and said, "I'm sorry to be laughing, but you are about to hear and experience something very different from what you are used to. Yes, indeed, each of us is going to eat one of you, whole, and as alive as you are right now. We are just one of many families who carry a number of mutated genes which give us greatly accelerated metabolisms, so we NEED to eat at LEAST one whole person a day, and we also are capable of swallowing whole, living human beings into any opening of our bodies. We can even unhinge our jaws to swallow you into our mouths, if we wish, but we much prefer to eat our meals into our genitals or rectums. It gets so hard to breathe when someone is in your throat. Usually we only eat small children into our mouths ... they're quick to eat and swallow, and they aren't big enough to obstruct our breathing, at least, not for long."
The father chimed in, "We really prefer to eat raw, active and alive people, since their ability to feel us eating them is so much greater, and they squirm and wiggle so tastily as they are eaten, and writhe so satisfyingly as we digest them. Your being roasted is rather too bad, since it partially destroys your nervous systems and makes it hard for you to feel anything, or to move. Luckily for you, though, the authorities were so intent on punishing you and ensuring that you would feel lots of pain, that you were roasted rather rare, which left much of your nervous systems intact, and your ability to move is almost unimpaired...of course, moving is a little painful for you, since your skins are quite nicely browned up, and starting to crisp."
Laughing, the girl said, "There they go, once a schoolteacher, always a folks can't resist lecturing, even at a time like this, while our dinners are getting cold!" To her father she said, "C'mon, Daddy, let's get these girls off their spits and onto the tables where we can eat them. My vagina is positively dripping, as I'm sure you would have noticed if you had paid more attention to the birthday girl than to your dinner."
"OK, Honey, help me get Tasha down first, so your Mom can start her. Do you want her headfirst or feet first, dear?"
"Oh, gosh, I hadn't really thought about it...I guess she's a real feet first meal...yes, yes, feet first."
The girl and her Dad picked up Tasha by her spit and turned her so she would lie on the table with her feet towards the center. They carefully laid her down ... "Face up, dear?" asked the father. "Oh, yes, you silly! Just look how scrumptious those breasts look, sticking up like that!" the mother laughed ... face up, and carefully worked the spit out of her rectum. "Be careful, she's roasted, and easily damaged," said Dad. "I know, Dad, I know," came the reply. "Get hold of her buttocks, now, I'm going to pull the spit out." "OK, Sweetie, I've got ' pull easy; we don't want to hurt her...Oh, my dear, you're going to really enjoy her, these buttocks are absolutely superb."
"Oh, good, I'm so glad! I love a nice plump, round fanny!"
"Juicy, too. I'm getting it all over my hands and arms."
"You must allow me to make amends by licking it off..." said his wife.
"Oh, Mom and Dad, stop getting all mushy," giggled the girl as she extracted the spit from Tasha's rectum. "I swear, the sight of a naked dinner just gets you two going! There'll be plenty of time for sexy stuff after these young ladies are in our bellies."
Her father let go of Tasha's buttocks and helped arrange her on the table into a comfortable position. She looked luscious lying there, ready to eat. "Yes, and for all your false prudery, you always seem to find your way into the middle of the group," he said. "You always manage to get at least one big load from me, and I swear you can make your Mom squirt better than I can." To Tasha, he said "Be careful, dear, you've been roasted, so you're not very sturdy. Just let your throat and mouth relax for a while and you should be able to talk. I don't think your vocal cords are damaged. My wife is in the bathroom, washing her genitals. She'll be out soon, to take you into her vagina. Oh, don't be afraid! We've taken you away from a terrible fate of being cut up and eaten in little pieces."
"It's only natural for her to be scared, Dad. She's never seen anyone like us, and she's used to that horror show at the plant. I hope it's soon that our genotype becomes the majority, and we can do away with all that cruelty for cruelty's sake. Come on, let's get Molly down and off her you want her feet first, too? As if I didn't know," she said, grinning, in an aside to Molly.
They picked up Molly and placed her on the table similarly to Tasha, who was beginning to relax. As they began working the spit loose, the father said to Molly, quietly, "She insists that I always eat girls feet first."
"Well, he does," said his daughter. "And he always groans and moans like he's never had an orgasm before as he eats the girls' breasts and tastes 'em, jerking and coming like there's no tomorrow." To her Dad: "Hold her tight, now, I'm ready to pull it out."
"OK," said her father, and to Molly, "I like vulva, too, you know. Especially pretty ones like yours, so round and plump. You can't just go by what she says."
Molly gasped as the spit was withdrawn, relaxing into a more natural pose. "Gosh, look at her rectum, Dad. It's really spread open! You're going to love it! All that pretty tender meat inside it, too. Yum!"
A feeble voice from across the room: "You always did love having your rectum spread, Moll!" Tasha was regaining her ability to speak.
The remark called forth a burst of laughter which greeted the mother as she emerged from the bathroom. "Well, I guess I've missed another joke," she said. "Why does everybody wait to say something funny until I go into the bathroom? If I were of a suspicious turn of mind...Oh, Tasha, you look delicious! I'm going to get up and start eating you now!" She climbed onto the bed in order to eat Tasha. Tasha began to whimper. "Oh, don't cry, Tasha, dear! It's all perfectly natural, and besides, it's the best thing that could possibly happen to you now, after you've been roasted. You're roasted, a criminal, and condemned to be eaten. This is by far the best thing, and besides, most girls seem to like being eaten, at least by us." She sat down on the bed facing Tasha, her legs spread apart around Tasha's feet.
Tasha, quietly sobbed, "I'm sorry, but it's going to hurt so much when you eat me, I just can't help it."
"I really don't think it hurts, dear...I've eaten so many people that I've lost count, but none of them have ever acted like it hurt. Come, come, try to relax, Tasha, and you'll be a lovely meal." The woman began stroking and rubbing Tasha's feet and lower legs soothingly, inching her vulva toward them.
"Come on, Dad! You guys are going to start your girls and I'm going to be taking luscious Angela down and unspitting her all by myself! Damn it, give me a hand! After all, I'm the birthday girl, and I'm probably the hungriest! I've been eating lightly for days in anticipation of this."
Her father, chuckling, came over to help. "Eating lightly, eh?" he said. "You sure tucked that boy away in a hurry last night for someone who was eating lightly!"
"Well, I have been eating lightly! He wasn't very big, and I really didn't rush through him. And don't forget, I spent a long time preparing him. When I started, he was really scared to be eaten, and wouldn't stop crying and trying to get away. It took me a long time to get him to the point of wanting me to eat him. When I finally took his head into my vagina, he could hardly wait for me to digest him. And he was so sweet! When I had swallowed him in to his belly, he moved his arms enough that he could pull his penis up onto his belly, so I could eat it along with his belly! He had a nice, juicy erection by then, and it was delicious! Then, as I finished his penis, he lifted his testicles, one in each hand, out of the space between his thighs, so I could taste them completely as I ate him. Ohhh, they were yummy! I took plenty of time to savor them, those luscious testicles...they were really good! Big, too! I can almost taste them now. Ummmm ... delicious! And I took extra pains to digest him slowly and really enjoy him: he lasted all evening, squirming lusciously in my stomach ... I saved his final digestion all night while I slept with him in my tummy. I finished digesting him as I was taking my shower before breakfast, so there! Ooooh, boy, I still haven't gotten over those testicles!"
Angela felt herself being lifted and laid on the table in a similar fashion to the other two girls, and her spit was loosened and withdrawn. Her limbs were straightened out. Leslie was on hands and knees over her after removing the spit. She heard a smacking kiss as the girl's father kissed his daughter's vaginal lips. "Happy Birthday, Sweetie. Enjoy your dinner, and we'll talk after."
"Hmmph! 'Talk,' indeed! You just want to get me into a threesome with you and Mom." Then, grinning, "Thanks, Dad! So, so much. I'm sure she'll be everything I want. God, she looks and smells delicious!" She lay down next to Angela and caressed her body eagerly. "Hi, Angela, I'm eighteen years old today. I know you know that, but I just can't get over it! And I'm going to eat you for my dinner! Oooh, your body is soooo luscious! I'll try to eat you slowly enough so that you know you're being enjoyed, but you're awfully tempting, and I'll probably have a hard time restraining myself. It's even hard for me to stop stroking you and begin eating!" She shifted to a sitting position with her legs on either side of Angela's feet. "Oh, my! Oh, you poor dear! Your toes are roasted to death! You can't feel anything in them, can you?" Angela tried to speak, but all she could manage was a gasp. She shook her head "No." "Well, if you don't mind, I'll just bite off your toes and crunch them up; I really like that, and if you can't feel them, it won't hurt you."
Angela nodded her head, a tear running down her cheek, and managed a breathy " 'kay." "Oh, good!" and wasting no more time she lifted Angela's foot to her mouth and bit off a few of Angela's small, curled, crisp toes. There was a loud crunching sound as she chewed the toes into little bits and swallowed. "Mmmmm! Good!" and she bit off the rest of the toes on that foot. More crunching and swallowing as she set the toeless foot back down and picked up the other foot. This foot was de-toed in a like manner, and she was setting the foot back down when she saw that Angela was sobbing.
"Oh, no! Angela, what's the matter? Did I hurt you?"
"No, no. It's just... Oh, I don't know...I feel so frightened, and sad, and, and,...Oh, I can't tell..."
"It's going to be all right, Angela. Really! Oh, you'll see..." and she rose to her hands and knees over Angela and began kissing her all over, caressing and comforting, murmuring gently. "Oh, my dear, you've been through a real nightmare experience today, haven't you? Hmmm? But it's all over, now...nothing bad can happen to you now, you're here, you're safe, and soon I'll take you into my tummy, and love you, and digest you. You can just relax and enjoy being my dinner; you'll love it, and I'll put you deep and safe in my belly so nothing can hurt you, dear, nothing."
Angela's sobs diminished as Leslie's kisses and soft words had their effect on her, and she began to relax into a more accepting frame of mind. Leslie reseated herself with her legs on either side of Angela's legs and began inching her vulva closer to the toeless feet. When she got close enough, she spread her vulva open, with Angela's feet just between her outer labia. "See how my inner labia are engorged and ready for you, Angela!" Angela looked, fascinated, as Leslie's eager red, almost purple, labia, protruding out between the thick outer labia, separated to grasp her feet between them.
A loud gasp, followed by a sigh of pure pleasure suddenly interrupted Leslie's ingestion of Angela. Leslie and Angela turned to the source of the sound. Mom had placed Tasha on her own thighs and drawn her feet up so that Tasha's delicate roasted body was effectively "on rails", ready to slide down Mom's thighs to her vagina and be eaten. Mom had taken Tasha's feet into her vagina and was tasting and caressing them with her vulva and inner labia as her warm, wet vagina swallowed them inward. Mom and Tasha both were sighing with pleasure and Tasha was moving her feet sensuously in Mom's vagina as Mom ate her.
Angela looked back at Leslie, then down to Leslie's ready vagina. She inched her toeless feet closer, to touch, and go between, Leslie's labia, which rippled sensuously around the meat of Angela's feet, tasting them, as the thick, muscular outer labia grasped her and drew her inward. Leslie's clit had engorged and grown long and mobile, and was moving restlessly over Angela's feet, tasting and probing. Another gulp, as Leslie's vulva reached out and grasped more of Angela's feet and drew them in.
"Oh, my god!" said Angela. "Oh, my god! You weren't kidding! Oh, my god! You're eating me! But it feels! Oh! So good!" The only answer was "Aaaaahhhhhhh...!" as Leslie, her eyes shut in ecstasy, began to eat Angela.
Another pair of groans and sighs, from the other side this time, drew Angela and Leslie's attention. They looked to see that Dad had taken Molly's feet into his penis, which had stretched and erected to eat her. She was lying next to him and they were facing each other. His glans was stretched around her knees, with her calves extending through his penis' shaft and into his scrotum, where his testicles could be seen moving all over her meat. He was holding her tenderly to him, kissing and licking her vulva, and stroking her buttocks and thighs as she wriggled her feet and calves in him. His penis could be seen to be actively swallowing her as his glans crept up around her knees.
"Oh, god!" said Angela. "oh, god! Eat some more of me! Oh...Oh...I've never felt anything like this! Please, keep eating! Eat me!" Angela squirmed in Leslie's vagina as she was caressed inward by Leslie's vulva and labia, into Leslie's vagina proper and upward into Leslie's belly. As Angela moved her feet in Leslie's vagina, Leslie leaned far forward onto Angela's body, rubbing her breasts on Angela's plump thighs and kissing and licking Angela's vulva and roasted clit. Angela moaned as Leslie's tongue penetrated between her plump labia and tasted her vaginal vestibule. Angela's labia were only lightly cooked, with the very edges just slightly crispy. Leslie's tongue moved in and out, tasting her dinner's vulva and vagina, anticipating eating them. "Mmmmmmm....." Leslie moved her head up, pulling her tongue out of the meaty vulva. "Sooooo juicy! Mmmmmm!" and she began playfully licking and nibbling at Angela's tasty, erect clit as Angela's vagina began to spasm in an orgasm, luscious juices dribbling, nay, flowing, from between her labia to be licked up by Leslie's tongue. She climaxed violently, squirting vaginal juices powerfully into Leslie's mouth. "Mmmmm...! Thanks, dear! Oh, you're working out sooo nicely! So tasty and juicy!"
Leslie licked one more explosive orgasm from Angela's vulva meat, Angela gasping and moaning, her juicy plump hips heaving and rolling as Leslie stimulated her dinner with her tongue and lips. Then Leslie kissed Angela on her engorged inner labia, preparing to sit back up and resume eating her, when she was startled by a kiss in return from Angela's labia.
"Mom! Mom!"
Mom, who was sighing with pleasure as she enjoyed Tasha's fleshy calves, replied, slowly, "Yes, dear; what is it? Oooooohhhh, so good! Oh, Tasha love, these are such a delight! Yes, Les?"
"Mom, Angela's vagina just kissed me back!"
Mom raised her head to look at her daughter and her daughter's dinner. "Huh? What? How?"
"Just like you do, Mom...she pursed her labia and gave me a big smack on the mouth! I was just giving her vulva meat a goodbye kiss, you know, until I eat it, and it kissed me back! I swear, I would have thought it was you, or some other person with our genotype."
"If that isn't just like be so loving to your dinner as you eat her! Your Dad and I are so proud of how we taught you to be! I was pretty sure you were giving that boy you ate last night an extra-loving trip into your belly. In fact, look at your Dad, right now..."
Leslie and Angela, and even Tasha, who was practically out of her mind with excitement and pleasure in Mom's vagina, turned to see Dad, who was eating Molly's thighs into his penis. His glans was about halfway up her plump thigh-meat, and her calves and feet were being tasted and caressed in his scrotum, which had stretched to accomodate her, by his constantly-moving testicles . He was clasping her around her waist, holding her to him, and she had bent over to kiss his upturned face between her big, juicy breasts. Their tongues were moving in and out of each other's mouths, their eyes closed in passion as the delicious roasted girl planted kiss after kiss on the lips of the man who was eating her. Mom said, "See what I mean? He's so loving to her as he eats her, that she's practically ready to marry him. If she wasn't roasted and his dinner, I might have to watch out! Imagine losing one's husband to meat! Anyway, back to this kiss that Angela's labia gave're sure it was her labia kissing you, and not just some twitch your lips gave them?"
"Absolutely, Mom! She gave me a big wet kiss on the lips! Just like we do."
"Well, there's nothing we can do about it now; she's gutted and roasted, and that's pretty final stuff. She's dying now, in fact, and so are these other two poor girls. It's just their good luck that they got bought by us, so we could get them eaten and digested before they died. At least they'll have that pleasure. And so will we," she said, glancing at Tasha, who was waiting impatiently for Mom to eat more of her. Mom stroked her calves with her inner and outer labia, and Tasha closed her eyes, smiling in pleasure. "We have their family records, and after our bellies have had their way with them, we'll look up Angela's parents and see whether they are some sort of long-lost relatives. This mutation may be cropping up spontaneously in the general population, which would account for us not knowing about it." To Angela, she said, "Have you ever heard anything about a relative who could eat a whole person like we're eating you, or anything out of the ordinary like that?"
"No, Mrs. uh..."
"Oh, just call me 'Mom,'" laughed Mom. "You're not my daughter yet, but you're certainly going to be part of my daughter after she digests you, so 'you' will be calling me 'Mom,' anyway."
"Oh, Mom, thanks! I can hardly wait to be part of Leslie! But she has to eat me and digest me, first, and that's just as exciting! I'm leaking juices from every opening of my meat, I'm so excited by her eating me!" said Angela.
"Welcome to the family, dear!" said Mom (she always seemed to know what to say.). "We generally get involved in a threesome as we digest the folks in our bellies, and you'll love that! It will help ease the agony of being digested. But what about any stories about relatives who had odd abilities?"
"Nothing like that," said Angela. "I think I must be the first...I could always do this...I used to kiss my boyfriend's penis with my labia before he entered me, and afterward, when he was worn out...he loved it! That's what got us in trouble...He's probably butchered by now, and on peoples' tables."


"More likely in their stomachs," said Leslie. Angela began to snuffle. "Oh, I'm sorry, Angela, dear! I'm being insensitive again. You must have loved him, at least a little. I'm sorry we didn't know about him; we could have bought him, too. One of us would have found room for him, right, Mom?"
"I'm sure we would, dear. Probably would have had him for breakfast...a teenager's appetite, you know. But we'll have to speak discreetly to Angela's relatives, and her bloodline will certainly bear watching."
Leslie gave Angela's vulva another kiss, which was returned by the girl's lightly-roasted labia. "Aw, Angela, that's so sweet!" she said, "I'm going to start eating you again, dear...look at Tasha and Molly; they're almost a third eaten already! And I've barely started you! And I'm s'posed to be the hungry one!" So saying, she sat back up, settling Angela's feet deeper into her vagina, resuming her meal. She ate Angela's calves slowly into her vagina, savoring the roasted girl writhing sensuously into her. Angela was moaning in ecstasy as Leslie caressed and stroked her calves in her vulva, drawing her ever deeper into her vagina. Leslie had her eyes partially shut. She was sighing with pleasure as she ate Angela's perfect calves, moving her living birthday dinner into her belly. She opened her eyes as she felt Angela's knees beginning to wriggle into her vagina, and just gazed hungrily at Angela's roasted body, writhing sensuously into her, rich with her promise of overwhelming flavor; her meaty thighs, next on the menu, to be followed by her fine, fat vulva, with its juicy, dripping labia, resting on her luscious, firm buttocks, and up Angela's soft, tender belly, stuffed with spiced and seasoned ground girl meat to titillate the most jaded tastebuds, to her lovely chest, holding two glorious cooked breasts, still steaming faintly from their beautiful nipples, ready and waiting to be eaten. Leslie groaned loudly, thinking of all the dining pleasure awaiting her vagina. She gulped Angela's knees into her eager vagina and swallowed. Angela responded with a slow wiggle as she felt Leslie devouring her.
Just then there came a cry from Molly, gasping for breath. "OH, GOD!," she yelled. "OH, GOD! OHGODOHGODOHGOD! Ooooh! Yesss!" Her body was curved backward, with her head thrown back, her eyes clenched shut as her hands held Dad's head and shoulders in a tight grip. Dad's glans was slowly stretching around her buttocks and her vulva was obviously being eaten into Dad's penis, although the only one who could see it was Dad, as he looked down between Molly's big breasts. Molly's hips were jerking slightly, and Dad's penis was jerking a lot, little drops of semen emerging around Molly, lubricating her, as her tasty vulva entered him. Molly's calves were entirely within Dad's scrotum now, and he was beginning to fold them back at the knees, to lie next to her thighs as they entered his scrotum.
Molly continued her gasping vocalisations of pleasure as Dad continued eating her vulva, the lips of his glans tasting and eating her juicy labia and tender clit, drawing her into his hungry penis. As he finished her vulva, his glans moving upward to her soft belly, she quieted down somewhat, and he gathered her in his arms. Holding her to him, he rolled over onto his back, Molly lying on his belly and chest. Her big roasted breasts hung down onto his face and he began licking and nibbling them as he ate her, tasting and teasing her beautiful rose-colored nipples. She wriggled her hips sensuously in his penis and said, "Oh, God! that was soooo good! I don't think I've ever felt anything like that before!" She kissed the top of his head.
"I told you I like vulvas like yours," he replied. "So incredibly tasty. It's so difficult to eat a vulva like yours slowly enough to really appreciate it...When that complex of intense, wonderful flavors hits the taste buds in my glans, and the meaty fullness of it enter my penis, it's almost impossible not to just 'gulp!' it in, missing the subtle nuances of it." He smiled up at her. "Your buttocks are wonderful, too. So round and tender! I'm really enjoying them. Mmmmm! And don't think I didn't notice that delicious set of ejaculations you gave me as I ate your clit! Absolutely delightful, and very, very tasty!"
She giggled, "I, I, I'm so glad you enjoyed them! I always thought that being eaten alive would be a terrible thing, but it turns out that I've never experienced anything as wonderful! Even having sex with Tasha wasn't as good as this! You make my body ache to be your meat!"
"Ache away, then, because you are my meat!" Dad chuckled. "I'm just sorry we couldn't get to you in time to spare you all that gutting and roasting, all three of you. It always saddens me when I see lovely young girls and boys purposely hurt and tortured before they are eaten. It's just plain cruel, and they do it because they need to justify their slaughter of you kids for meat. They set up these ridiculous laws against damn near everything, so they can condemn you kids for slaughter, then they slaughter you in incredibly painful ways so you'll be "punished" for violating the impossible rules. Even if they can't eat you whole and alive, as we do, there's no need for all that suffering. They could run a lottery to pick boys and girls to slaughter, and then slaughter them humanely. Damned barbarians!"
"There he goes again," laughed Leslie as she began to take Angela's meaty thighs into her vagina. "He's lecturing again! His poor dinner has to listen to him going on and on about stuff she doesn't care about. Can't he see, no, feel, how she's moving her hips in his penis? She wants him to eat her, not educate her!"
"Oh, I think he's sweet!" said Angela, moving her thighs back and forth past each other in Leslie's vagina. "See how happy he's making her! She's really ecstatic about him eating her. Her body's going into him to be digested, and he's not only not hurting her, he's making her feel wonderful!" Then with an impish smile, "You're the one who's allowing herself to be distracted and not paying attention to what you're eating! I almost expect you to look at me and say 'Oh! Did I eat your vulva already? I didn't notice!' Look how your Mom and Tasha are doing."
A look to Leslie's left brought Mom and Tasha into view. Mom was just finishing Tasha's vulva, and Tasha was writhing almost soundlessly, climaxing time after time, eyes closed, hands gripping Mom's thighs in her orgasms as she felt her vulva being eaten by Mom's vagina. Mom was also orgasming, squeezing Tasha fiercely in her vagina and moaning softly with ecstasy. Both were squirting vaginal ejaculate which served to lubricate and flavor Tasha as Mom ate her. Mom's hips were bouncing in her climax, and Tasha's breasts were being jounced temptingly.
"Damn, Angela!" said Leslie, "I guess you're right! I think I must be just so excited about my birthday that I distract myself! Oh, god! You rubbing your thighs together like this tastes so delicious! Ooooh! I'm really looking forward to digesting you! These plump thighs moving in my stomach! Mmmmm..."
"Oh...," murmured Angela, "Now you're really tasting me...Oh, my thighs..." she began to writhe more sensuously in Leslie's vagina as Leslie's labia caressed her.
Leslie moaned in pleasure as she ate Angela's firm, tender thighs, swallowing them gulp-by-gulp into her vagina as Angela leaned back on her hands, head thrown back, eyes closed, groaning and gasping with desire as her thighs vanished into Leslie's vagina. Angela was, by this time, rythmically thrusting her hips as they approached Leslie to be eaten. Leslie was torn between watching Angela's writhing meat, and closing her eyes in ecstasy as she ate and tasted the girl's luscious body. She found herself opening her eyes and watching, alternating with a surrender to her sensations, eyes closed.
In one of her periods of closed-eyes enjoyment, Leslie felt something rubbing her belly. Surprised, her eyes flew open and she saw that Angela's belly was touching her own, which was bulging noticeably. She had eaten Angela's thighs and was about to begin eating her hips. "Oh, Angela! Look how far we've come! I'm going to eat your hips, now...your lovely legs are inside me! Oooohh!" She threw her arms around Angela's body and drew her to herself in a great hug. Angela returned the hug, wrapping her arms around the lovely young girl who was eating her. They kissed, the young blond girl and her dark-skinned dinner, all the darker from being roasted. Angela still moved while they embraced, rubbing her belly and her big brown breasts on Leslie's breasts and belly, as Leslie tasted her lips and tongue.
Clasped together, the two toppled over onto Leslie's back, Angela on top. Angela slowly began to break the kiss, pulling back and saying, "Oh, Leslie, dear, we've got to stop've got to eat me! I'm dying, you know, because I've been gutted, and I can't last too long. Look ... Tasha's almost ready to have her breasts eaten, and Molly, well, Molly's about to give your Dad a real treat...just look at those big, tender breasts! They're just about to reach his glans, and he's gonna go nuts!"
Leslie glanced at her Dad as she relaxed on her back, getting ready to eat Angela's ripe hips, and saw her Dad, with Molly's arms around his neck, and her mouth kissing him fiercely on the lips, just at the moment that Molly's luscious roasted breasts made firm contact with his glans as he drew her in. He let out a wordless cry of ecstasy, and began thrusting with his hips, bouncing Molly in his penis up and down on his chest and belly. She was hanging on to his neck to avoid being flung off as he orgasmed heavily, over and over, as he tasted and ate her breasts, bouncing her lower body inside his penis and curled up in his bouncing scrotum. She was wet from the spurts of his semen that came out around her body as he climaxed. His semen was being pumped up past her, and into her open vagina and rectum, and she cried out "Oh, God! OhOhOh! Your semen is filling my vagina; your testicles have pushed my vulva open and they're inside me! Moving! Oh, this can't stop!" She squealed with delight as she was jounced around by his orgasm, and groaned and gasped with ecstasy as he ate more of her breasts.
Leslie said, "I told you he would do that, Molly! Your breasts have made a big hit! I haven't seen him bounce this much in a year or more! Congratulations! You're gonna love the rest of this! Wait'll he gets 'em inside! All his girls love it!" Then, turning to Angela, she said, "I love to watch him do that! He stoutly denies it, but he's really breast-fixated. I think he was weaned too young, or something. He even goes bananas over mine, and I'm not very big! C'mon, let's start your hips; this is a good position for that, you're almost sitting in my vagina. Just let me take a nice little gulp...Ooooohh! Your vulva is so tasty! Mmmmmm, and plump! Oh, Angela, you're so yummy! Come on in!"
"Oh, God, Leslie, I thought you'd never get this far! I could hardly stand the waiting! It felt so good when you started eating me, I wasn't afraid any more, and just wanted you to keep eating me forever. Oh! Oh! Oh! God! My vulva! Oh! Oh! I can't stand it! Aaaaaahhh! Oh! Eat it! More, more!" Angela squirmed frantically in Leslie's vagina as she felt her vulva caressed, tasted and eaten. "Oh, God, Les! Keep eating!"
Leslie reached up and gripped Angela fiercely on either side of her waist, squeezing her with her hands as she resisted her building climax. Angela's waist was twisting from side-to-side as she rocked her hips in Leslie's vagina. "Oh, my God, Angie! Oh, my, your vulva is so perfect! So juicy and tender! Oh, oh, oh, your sweet labia! How you wiggle your luscious meat in me! Mmmmm! round tender!...Aaaaaahhh! oh, God, your labia kissing me inside! Oooooh, ooooooh...what's this? Mmmmm...your clit? YES!! Oh, Angie, it's delicious! OhGodohGodohGod...." The two girls orgasmed powerfully as both were overcome with the ecstasy of Leslie eating Angela's vulva and buttocks, clinging to each other as Leslie swallowed Angela's roasted body.
As Leslie's dinner was eaten further into her vagina, Leslie's orgasms lessened in power and frequency, the meat of Angela's beautiful vulva with its meaty labia and delicate clit, and her plump, firm buttocks having been eaten deep into Leslie's vagina. Angela, feeling Leslie's labia caressing and eating her waist, was slowly rolling and thrusting with her hips, inside Leslie's rippling, swallowing vagina. "Oh, my luscious, sweet Angela! You're driving me insane with pleasure! Ooooh! how your juicy buttocks rub inside me as you wiggle so meatily! Oh, God, you're delicious! Delicious isn't a strong enough word, but I don't know any other ... luscious ... juicy ... tender ... tasty ... flavorful ... yummy ... none of 'em are good enough to describe your meat and the way you feel, moving like that, in my vagina. Oh, God, I'm coming again! Aaaaaaah, aaaaaah, AAAAAAAHHHHHhhh! ... Ooooohhh...You taste good enough to be all vulva, or even all clit! I feel like I'm all clit, eating you! I am all vagina, and I want you inside me! Mmmmmm....let me finish that tender belly!"
Angela gave an extra strong thrust with her hips, pressing her clit against Leslie's vaginal wall, as Leslie began to eat her upwards from her waist. "Oh, Les! I wish my belly had been left whole for you! They cut it open to take my guts out and stuff me, and then just sewed it up all sloppy. I'd like it to be a nice, smooth, whole belly for you, instead of this crummy sewing!"
"It's OK, dear...We normally like our dinners to have their own guts in 'em when we eat 'em, but this time we couldn't. And you can't blame those yo-yos down at the plant ... If a girl is roasted with her own guts in, and they haven't been thoroughly cleaned out, it's a disaster! That's one of the reasons we usually eat our people raw. But there's no need to worry about your belly ... It tastes just wonderful!" So saying, Leslie pulled more of Angela into her vagina with her vulva and ran her clit over the belly's meaty surface, tasting, tasting, tasting. Angela squirmed with pleasure as Leslie enjoyed her belly, sighing.
Yelps and moans of pleasure from Tasha and Mom punctuated the soft slurping sounds of the three girls being eaten, as Mom slowly ate Tasha's beautiful breasts into her vagina, working her in to savor her round, firm lower breasts, so delicately roasted and plump, and her puffy areolas and their erect, hard nipples, so intensely, yet delicately, flavored.
Leslie was almost to Angela's big breasts; they were brushing her vulva as Angela writhed in her vagina. Leslie swallowed one more time, and Angela's heavy breasts were resting on Leslie's vulva. Leslie stopped eating Angela as quiet exclamations of delight and pleasure began to come from Molly and her Dad. Both she and Angela looked in their direction.
Dad was lying on his back, Molly in his penis, lying on his stomach as Dad was eating her breasts, which were so large that they had been pushed up over her shoulders and were just now dragging their big juicy nipples to his hungry penis. Molly was squirming in anticipation with each little swallow Dad's penis took of her breasts, coming closer and closer to the prime tasty nipples. As he reached them and began to eat them, both gave out little, keening sighs of passion held in check.
Suddenly, Dad groaned, his penis began to jerk in spasms, and Molly was soaked in his emerging semen. Molly gasped in delight as she felt her nipples eaten into Dad's penis. "Oh!Oh!Oh! Mr., Mr.,...uh, Dad, this feels so good! I don't think I can hold back ... Aaaaaaaaah! Oooooh! Oooooh ...... I wish I had more nipples for you ... ummmph!" This last as she began to kiss Dad's glans opening passionately as it contracted around her upper arms and neck, having eaten her breasts. Dad just panted and groaned as he ate her. His scrotum, stretched to accomodate her body, rested on the bed between his legs as she writhed excitedly inside it, her buttocks and vulva clearly visible, thrusting and ejaculating. Dad's glans pulsed and throbbed around Molly's arms and head as her gasping, kissing mouth entered him.
Angela, waiting for Leslie to eat her beautiful breasts, began stroking Leslie's bulging belly and trembling vulva toward herself, rubbing her hands along Leslie's body over and over. Leslie squirmed and moaned, all the while watching her Dad eat Molly's face. Finally, Angela, becoming impatient, began continuing her hand strokes from Leslie's belly to her vulva, and then to her own breasts, lifting them from Leslie's vulva and allowing them to fall back to land with a "Smack!" Leslie looked back at Angela.
"Oh, Angie, I'm sorry!" she said, reaching down to caress her dinner's arms. ("Smack!") "I just love to watch him eat his dinner's face("Smack!")...they both have such a wonderful time." ("Smack!") "Ooooh! that feels so good! Mmmmm("Smack!")mmm, and I love the flavor! Oh, God, ("Smack!")Angie, you're delicious! Now stop ("Smack!") that, and help me, here...this is hard!" She ate a little more of Angela's breasts as Angela stopped dropping her breasts on Leslie's vulva, giggling.
"I got your attention, didn't I?" laughed Angela as Leslie opened her vagina and ate more of the round bottoms of her meaty breasts, smacking her labia.
"Yeah, but you're going to have to help me hold back from eating your breasts too fast ... it's so easy for me to get just absolutely carried away by the incredible flavors and shapes of breasts and nipples in my vagina that I just eat them too fast to really enjoy them, and I come out of my frenzy for them only to find that I've already eaten them and don't remember it."
"She's had that problem since she was a little kid," said Mom, who'd been listening. "She's getting better, comes with maturity." She swallowed more of Tasha, who had lifted her arms up next to her head so she could slip more easily into Mom. Her breasts made two very noticeable mounds in Mom's smooth vulva as they passed into Mom's vagina. The nipples made two little lumps. Her eyes were closed and her head thrown back. She was smiling as she felt Mom's labia caressing her neck.
"What do I do?" asked Angela. "I haven't got a lot of options, here."
"Just use that yummy arm meat of yours to hold yourself back when I swallow you, especially if I get too, uh, 'gulpy,'" said Leslie. "All I need to keep me focused is a little resistance."
"Like this?" Angela pushed against Leslie's hipbones.
"Exactly like that." Leslie began slowly and carefully to eat Angela's big roasted breasts into her vagina, her inner and outer labia trembling with desire as they caressed and gripped their meat and drew it slowly into Leslie. Leslie's clit moved about on Angela's breasts, licking, tasting. Angela gasped and moaned, twisting and rolling her body in Leslie's vagina and stomach as she was eaten. Leslie closed her eyes and groaned, her hips thrusting as she took Angela in.
As Leslie devoured more of the plump, round bottoms of Angela's breasts, Angela began to sense that Leslie was losing control. She spread her arms out on Leslie's thighs and belly to retard her ingestion. Leslie opened her eyes and looked at Angela's breasts, now well on their way into her, and smiled. "Thanks, Angie... I was just starting to lose it; your breasts are so wonderful... it's not just the size and beautiful shape of them that gets to me, but the flavors are so intense! And they're really firm and hold their shape so well, but they're still so tender! Melt-in-my-vagina tender! Ooooh! I can begin to taste your areolas...Aaaaaahhh!" Angela's eyes were pinched shut in ecstasy as she felt her breasts being eaten, Leslie's labia moving, opening around them to take them in. Both young women were almost rigid with tension as Leslie's vagina slowly fed on Angela's big juicy breasts, drawing Angela into Leslie's belly. Angela's erect, plump nipples seemed to creep into Leslie's vagina, the labia slowly covering them and caressing their intensely-flavored meat into Leslie's vestibule.
As Angela's breasts slowly began to disappear into Leslie, a long sigh of contentment was heard from Dad. Both girls turned to look. Molly's eyes were just outside Dad's penis, disappearing within. It was obvious that she was kissing him inside his penis as he swallowed her. There were two bulges made by Molly's breasts farther in. She was wiggling them, twisting and turning inside Dad's penis to rub their flavorful flesh into as many places as she could as she passed through Dad's penis into his scrotum. Her plump roasted arms extended from his penis on either side of her head, her blonde glossy hair lying on his glans, slowly being drawn inward, while his scrotum, stretched around Molly's writhing hips and legs, moved as she wriggled.
Both girls could only spare a moment of attention to watch Molly being finished, as they were almost totally overwhelmed in their orgasmic feeding of Angela's lovely nipples to Leslie's eager vagina. Angela and Leslie both moaned in ecstasy, then their moans turned to a cries of unbearable pleasure as Leslie's vagina opened and received Angela's luscious nipples, her labia caressing and tasting the hard nipples on the tender, juicy breasts. Leslie's hips thrust convulsively, Angela clasped within them, her head and arms jerking and bouncing against Leslie's vulva and belly as she was lifted and dropped in Leslie's bucking hips.
"Oh, god, Les...Oh, god, Oh god ... eat 'em, EAT 'EM! EAT!! o eat ooooohhh...god o god Les...ooooh Les..." Angela's voice rose and fell with her orgasm as Leslie's vagina ate her exquisite nipples. She rolled and thrust with her plump hips, as they were about to enter Leslie's stomach, as Leslie writhed and thrust in ecstasy, unable to say anything but "Nnnnggghhh!" in the throes of her orgasm, swallowing Angela hungrily.
"Oh, God, Angie, that was fantastic!" sighed Leslie as her climax faded. "I just blew up!" She began to eat again, drawing the tops of Angela's breasts into her vagina. "I just love nipple! There's not much meat there, but it sure packs a lot of flavor."
"Mmmmmm...," said Angela, twisting and rolling her breasts and hips inside Leslie as she slowly was drawn into her vagina. I don't know about flavor, but oh god, oh, god, your labia eating me ..."
"I'm going to smother now, aren't I?" This from Tasha, her eyes wide with fear, whose mouth was about to disappear into Mom. "My mouth and then my nose will be inside you, and I won't be able to breathe."
"Oh, no, Dear," said Mom. "There's plenty of oxygen in my vaginal lubricant. You'll just breathe it in and fill your lungs with it. You'll be alive until well into your digestion, and maybe longer; no one really knows."
"Knows what?"
"How long a digesting person can be said to be alive, dear," said Mom. "I sometimes feel that the liquified dinner is still completely alive, even as I absorb her. Or him, of course. I can sort of feel their personalities as they move through my small intestine and I absorb them. I feel that I should warn you, dear, that your digestion will start pleasantly enough, but soon it will become very, very painful, and the pain will last until you're not exactly "you" any more. If it's any help, the more you try to struggle against it, the faster you'll digest and the sooner it will be over. Try to suck as much of my digestive juices into your vagina and rectum as you can, and try to inhale them into your lungs, so I can digest you from the inside, too."
"Ohpfff." Tasha began, but stopped as her mouth was muffled inside Mom. She was still moving her lips, though, and Mom wiggled her hips in pleasure. "Mmmmmm, tasty," she said. "Nose next, and some of that pretty hair. Ooooh! Your tongue!" Drops of Mom's vaginal juice began to appear on the skin of Tasha's face where it slid in between Mom's labia. Mom was drooling.
Angela's arms, plump and juicy, were being forced up next to her head as Leslie continued to dine on her, eating her pretty neck. Angela's chin was just touching Leslie's labia, brushing her clit. "Oh, God, Les, I'm going in; you're finishing me up! I never thought that I would die with so much pleasure! Eat some more!"
"Mmmmm! Just try to stop me!" said Leslie, stroking Angela inward with her labia. "But you're not going to die, remember? Didn't you just hear Mom talking to Tasha? I've noticed the same thing, and I'll be able to identify you, as distinct from me, until I actually absorb you, and not just your body. It's a wonderful feeling, and lasts a long time. And, what's more, the three of us usually get into a threesome after we finish eating, and I'll swear that my dinner enjoys it, even though she's in the agony of digestion. That boy I had for dinner last night sure did. I guess that would make it a sixsome, but the dinners' rôles aren't very active." She chuckled. "They're busy being digested."
"Oh, Les! I love being your dinner! I think I lopfff." Angela's mouth entered Leslie's vagina.
"I know, Angie...I love you, too." Leslie replied, swallowing Angela's face to her cheekbones. "Yum! Those pretty brown eyes! Up the hatch with them!" She giggled as her labia covered Angela's eyes. Angela was giggling, too, her chuckles muffled inside Leslie. She rolled her buttock meat in the entrance to Leslie's stomach, Leslie's pylorus tight around her like a big rubber band, admitting her flesh a swallow at a time. Leslie's stomach stroked and caressed Angela's meaty buttocks and vulva as she started to fold her at the hips.
"Oh, God, Ange! Your beautiful buttocks and vulva are in my stomach! God! That's such a delicious vulva! And it's opening up, as your hips bend and it's so juicy aaaaahhhh! aaaaahhhh? aaaaahhhh! Oh, that sweet clit! It's so yummy!" Leslie's bulging belly showed Angela's squirming in Leslie's stomach as Leslie's hips bucked in orgasm.
Angela's head was no longer visible except for her long raven-black hair, flowing out of Leslie's closing vagina. Her arms, inside Leslie almost to their elbows, extended out of Leslie's vagina, her hands caressing Leslie's thighs. A few quick swallows brought Angela's hands into Leslie's vagina, where her fingers and Leslie's labia stroked each other playfully. Another swallow, and the fingers were gone. Leslie's belly shook and quivered as Angela's luscious hips bucked and rolled in Leslie's stomach, Leslie gasping in delight as Angela, realizing that she was completely eaten, climaxed powerfully, gushing her vaginal juices. Faint muffled sounds could be heard coming from Leslie's belly as Angela howled in her orgasm.
Angela's orgasm began to taper off, enabling Leslie, as her rippling vagina moved Angela's upper body toward her stomach for digestion, to spare some attention to the progress of her parents as they consumed the two roasted lovers. Looking over at her Mom, Leslie could see that Tasha's entrance into her Mom's stomach was nearly complete, Mom's pylorus being busy admitting Tasha's head into the chamber where Mom would digest her. Mom's eyes were closed in ecstasy as she was lying on her side, her belly jumping and shaking as Tasha's body writhed and bucked in climax after climax. She was moaning softly as her own hips moved in a slow rhythm. Leslie's bed was close enough to her Mom's to allow Leslie to reach out a hand and pat her Mom lovingly. Mom opened her eyes and looked at her daughter, smiled sweetly, and closed her eyes again, to enjoy Tasha's orgasms.
Turning to her Dad, Leslie could see that Molly was completely inside him, and his penis was now a much more "normal" sized erection. His scrotum was huge, of course, containing all of Molly, who was writhing and twisting inside it in constant motion, having orgasm after orgasm. Dad's testicles could be seen moving over Molly, sampling her flesh and absorbing some nutrients from her that were necessary for making sperm. Dad's eyes were closed, too, as he luxuriated in the sensations produced by the lovely roasted girl in his scrotum. He was breathing heavily, with soft exclamations of pleasure. He orgasmed quietly, semen spurting. He was getting ready to begin Molly's journey into his stomach, and from the way his scrotum shook with her climaxes, Molly was more than ready.
Leslie returned her attention to Angela, writhing in increasingly desperate orgasms in her intestines and stomach, moving Angela's body more swiftly now, into her eager stomach, as Leslie prepared to digest her. Her bulging belly rippled and moved with Angela's constant ecstatic rolling and twisting as she was swallowed toward Leslie's stomach. As her big juicy breasts began to stretch Leslie's pylorus open, Angela felt Leslie tighten her muscles around her and release them in orgasm as her stomach accepted the beautiful breast meat, slowly, a swallow at a time. Angela began a series of powerful climaxes which would last until she was digested.
Leslie heard her Dad sigh in pleasure. She looked over at him and saw that Molly was, by all she could see of her Dad's scrotum, beginning her journey into the opening of Dad's intestines, to wind up in his stomach. She was wiggling sensuously in his scrotum and trying to help by pushing herself into Dad's gut. Dad was smiling, his eyes closed, as he felt his beautiful, breasty dinner entering him to be digested. He was obviously tasting her face as he swallowed her up into his belly, which was beginning to bulge around her. As her big heavy breasts neared the opening to his gut and entered, he writhed and shook with a powerful orgasm, his penis spurting thick, creamy semen. He loved breast, and these were incredibly large and luscious. He pulled her in further.
Leslie felt Angela complete her entry into Leslie's hungry stomach, folding her arms back at the elbows as Leslie's pylorus sealed her in her stomach. Angela, knowing that Leslie would not open her pylorus again until she was completely digested, climaxed so heavily that faint squeals could be heard outside Leslie's distended belly as Angela shrieked in her orgasms. Leslie began the pleasurable work of arranging Angela's flesh for digestion, squeezing and compressing her into as small a bundle as possible, all the while stroking and massaging her plump meat. Angela was jerking in orgasm as Leslie caressed her meat and began rolling her over and over in her stomach, dampening her with digestive enzymes to open her skin for the acids to come. Leslie moved, surprisingly gracefully, considering the bulk and mass of Angela in her hugely bulging belly, across her bed and up to her Dad's spurting penis. She eased into a position that left Angela lying on the bed in her big belly and her mouth at her Dad's glans, which she began to lick and kiss. Dad opened his eyes and looked down at Leslie, smiling. "Thanks, Les, for cleaning me up. I guess I lost control."
Leslie laughed. "Oh, Daddy, you always lose control! And when I saw those big, beautiful breasts on Molly, I knew that this would be a big one. Besides, just try to keep me away...I love your semen, and you know it."
"Yeah, Sweetie, I love giving it to you...hmmmm....just think of all the little brothers and sisters you're eating right now. They're what would happen if I gave it to your Mom."
"No, they wouldn't, and you know it, Dad," said Leslie. "Mom would be lapping it up, just like I am, and down to her stomach it would go, to be digested. I know you hold back your sperm when you're fucking our vaginas."
"Well I didn't, once." said Dad.
"Yes, and I'm really glad to be here, Daddy." Leslie began licking again, grinning at his teasing. Angela stopped her sensuous writhing momentarily as she felt Dad's semen coming out of Les' esophagus onto her body. Tasting it in her vagina, she began to thrust her vulva against Leslie's esophagus, rubbing the semen into her vulva and labia, exulting in the flavor. The coolness was nice, was hot inside Leslie, and she was aware of being uncomfortable, even before she began to digest. She knew that digestion would be an agony, lasting several hours, followed by the nirvana of her absorbtion. "Oooohhh!" said Leslie, stopping her licking momentarily, "Angie's squirming real nice, Dad. She really likes your semen. She's flavoring her vulva with it. God, she's luscious! I love feeling her move; she's so plump and rounded."
"Well, I guess there's no use asking whether you enjoyed your Coming-of-Age dinner, then, is there?"
"Oh, God, no, Dad! She's the tastiest and juiciest girl I've eaten in a long fact I can't really remember ever having such a satisfying meal. I think the fact that she was roasted helped, too...I think it gave her no hope of ever escaping, and knowing that she was essentially dead made her much more willing to be my meat. At least, then, she would escape that part about being cut apart so horribly."
"You're probably right, Sweetie, oooohhh! Uhhh! Could you stop licking for a minute? I just went hypersensitive, and your tongue is blowing me into outer space!......uh, thanks, Baby. Just hold it in your mouth for a few minutes 'til I calm down."
"Sure, dad," and Les thrust her tongue down inside her dad's glans and kept it there.
Then there was a loud sigh of satisfaction from Mom. They both looked over, and Mom was ecstatically smiling and groaning, moving her hips in orgasm as she stroked her own breasts. Her belly was shaking with Tasha's frantic motions inside it, and muffled screams of agony and fear were audible as Mom began to digest her. She rolled and struggled and screamed as she became Mom's nourishment, and Mom was in transports of pleasure at her motions and shrieks, her own vagina positively gushing her ejaculate of pleasure and excitement.
Then Molly began to scream, too, and Leslie rolled away from Dad, knowing that Angela was about ready to begin the process of being digested in her own stomach. They would come together again, in a couple of hours, but right now, the pleasure of the digesting girls' agony was too luscious to be interrupted by distractions. Leslie closed her eyes and let the sensations of Angela's body, writhing and screaming in pain as she began to dissolve in her stomach, carry her away to Ultimate Pleasure.


The original version of this has been around for more like 15-20 years. It was posted on a long-defunct site that was called I think 'Butchered Sistermeat' or something like that and consisted entirely of stories and really unpleasant naive drawings (some with parts, but only parts, obviously traced from photographs) of what appeared to be a guy's fantasies of murdering and eating his sister, who I seem to remember is Maritta in this story. The original version was longer, didn't have the vore part, had a different ending and included an extra segment in the middle where serious criminals who were deemed not fit to eat were executed by being fed to piranhas and so on.


This is nice, I never read it before, thanks for posting here.


Please space your paragraphs. A block of text like this is barely readable.


Wow. Talk about a blast from the past!

This story was originally posted to a BBS (B.ulletin B.oard S.ystem to those that didn't grow up during the dawn of the internet) called "Dolcett BBS". I know this because I was a moderator for that BBS from 1992-'96.

It was posted there a year or two before the BBS was closed by it's owner in '96.

I've seen the story go through about a dozen re-writes over the years by as many different writers. This one is better than most, but still not as well writen as the original version, imho.

BTW, I've still got a copy on a 3.5 floppy, but if you want me to post it here, you'll have to find me a working disk drive from the '90's! lol


I would love to see the original, if anyone happens to have it and are able to access it


Remembering back to the BBS era turns me on more than the story! Damn, tell me more about your 3 1/2" floppy. Which as we know, should be called a "stiffy", because 5 1/4" (and 8" oh oh oh!) were the real floppies.



You can get a USB floppy drive on Amazon for $10 if you feel like it.


I wish it was possible for a beautiful woman to cook and eat me that would be Awsome




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