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I do not own the characters, series, or know anyone who does. Also, I love these three characters. At the same time, there are just great things in terms of guro and gore for them.

On the Block: Cattleya, Menace, Elina

Her moans sounded much louder than they were as they echoed off the walls of the small cave just outside the village's borders, but no one would come to her rescue at this hour.

To her shame, they were the moans of forced pleasure from a captive, taken against her will from just outside her home by surprise to be the plaything of a sadistic creature known for her short temper and the joy she took from her inflicting pain.

Cattleya, the weapon merchant, was sweating profusely from the pleasure she was being force-fed by Melona, the protean assassin, despite the cool dampness of the cave. It was a mix of pain and sexual pleasure, all of the right buttons being pressed at once, and the warmth of the slimy, jiggling body was not helping.

Spring had just began to settle into their part of the continent, but winter had yet to completely release its grasp from the land. This was one of those chilly mornings that would need the fire to be refilled and relight. Unfortunately, it was also the best time for a certain assassin to strike and claim her target before anyone knew she had even awakened.

For all of her playfulness and love of torment, Melona took her assassination attempts seriously when she knew who she was dealing with.
She had began her attack by wrapping her arms around Cattleya's frame, holding and restraining her in place so as to prevent her from fleeing or being able to alert others, and then covered the busty smith's mouth with the bangs of her hair and using her nature to force the secondary limbs into her mouth and down her throat.
She tried to bite at the arms sinking deeper into her throat, but to no avail. She tried to bash her head into Melona's, but, when she did, her head was entrapped in the protean's cleavage.

Cattleya's reaction was to struggle as her breathing became more labored, but panic was settling in and her thrashing was not nearly enough to break free or even knock the assassin out of her stance.
And then she felt a sharp pain in her throat, followed by another pain like something twisting in the back of her throat. Her eyes grew heavy, but the pain wouldn't let her pass out. It was a calculated pain that made her gurgle on the slime inside her, but not enough for her to pass out as she so wished it would.

When her struggling lessened from the pain, her eyes locked on Melona as she lowered her head. Her voice was warm against her cold skin, but her whispering tone and cruel smile made her even more terrifying. "I just cut out your tongue from the back of your mouth." She whispered, and then traced her tongue along and into Cattleya's ear. "Did you know, the tongue isn't actually inside the throat..."
It was the most disturbing thing she had ever felt, but she couldn't make bring herself to struggle as she still felt that twisting, now stabbing, pain inside her throat or the feel of the protean's tongue in her ear.

Finally, Melona removed her tongue, but only to paint the picture of Cattleya's torment more. "Your blood is tasty, but that's no surprise. With utters as big as yours, that milk has got to go somewhere. Mineral flavored milk, you could say."
To Cattleya's horror, she watched as piece of her drifted through Melona's arm. It was small and meaty, but she knew what it was. "Your tongue." Melona said to confirm before she moved her mouth closer and snatched it with her teeth.

She brought her mouth close to Cattleya's ear again and chewed her morsel so that she'd be able to hear every bite. When she finished she moved her bangs aside, part of them remaining inside Cattleya, and let the meaty mush fall into her mouth and slide down her gaping, forced open throat.

"I'll be swallowing that properly later. For now, I'll be content with your blood." She said slowly, seductively, before squeezing Cattleya until the embrace of unconsciousness took her.

When next she awoke, Melona was already aware. When Cattleya's eyes began to open, Melona's lips locked around hers and began to suck greedily, forcing something gelatinous from Cattleya's throat to Melona's mouth.
A few moments later, with her cheeks puffed up from she didn't want to image, Melona opened her lips just enough to let a light stream of congealed blood fall on Cattleya's face, coating it and covering it in a grotesque ooze.

She tried to close her eyes, and only then found that her eyelids had been removed; either bitten off or torn off. The only protection she had from the jelly-like blood were the glasses that had been left on her face, but even those did not help her for long as gravity caused it to slide over, but thankfully not into, her eyes.

"That's a better look for you." Melona said, and then she began to lick the blood off Cattleya's face, starting with her eyes though lingering on them as she let her saliva drizzle onto them.
As she did, Cattleya felt a crawling all over her body. She couldn't see what was happening, but it felt like Melona was pressing her body so close to Cattleya's that she had a guess: Melona's body had taken on a form more akin to the stories of a slime; save for her head which remained humanoid lingering above her own.

Cattleya's body was posed and folded in such a way that her arms were laid straight at her sides, her legs from her knees bent or folded under her yet kept from touching by just thin bit of Melona's body, and her labia and anus penetrated and being slowly abused by her slimy form.
There were distortions under her skin, her belly looking like there were snakes traveling inside her, and bulging as they moved around and bunched up at various deadends within. Melona's body had and continued to contort and mold itself to comfortably fill every centimeter of Cattleya's intestines, stomach, womb, ovaries, and esophagus.

Once Melona finished cleaning Cattleya's face, now stained red, the weapon smith's expression was distant and dead, which caused the protean to pout slightly in an annoyed manner. "I didn't say you could die..." She stated.
Immediately, Melona's body reacted inside of Cattleya's, and her eyes went wide as Melona's body tore out of their fleshy confines to begin ravaging Cattleya's in such a way to make her live again. Her lungs were massaged, her heart was squeezed, and blood flow was redirected by force to where it was needed.

With her body as it was, Melona could connect veins and aid organ functions as long as there was blood to flow. This was mainly used when she was ordered to interrogate a prisoner or just to see how long she could keep someone alive. It was a terrifying amount of inside, but she loved to use it on people that angered her.
From Cattleya's perspective, she felt her body move like a wave of water was washing through her body from her legs to her head, and then vomiting a mix of blood, guts, bile, and gore from her mouth.

"Oh! There's your tongue!" Melona exclaimed happily, and leaned forward to slurp and lick up the partially digested mush as most of the expelled contents of Cattleya's body were absorbed into her slimy body.

Melona looked back to Cattleya and brought her head to the side of Cattleya's. "You lost an eye, I see, and a little bit of blood must have gotten into your brain. Can you still hear me?" She asked as she looked into Cattleya's eyes; one pupil turning to look at her and the other eye red from a bursted blood vessel and bulging against its socket.
Cattleya's response was a mouthful of bloody vomit.
Melona smiled at this. "I guess I can't keep you alive much longer." She said, and then began to reform her body with what was outside of Cattleya's; though what was inside of her did move like water trapped inside a balloon as it tried to rejoin with the rest of her.

When she finished, her body resembled that of a small child's. Her pupils retained that clover shape to them, her breasts were much smaller but not quite flat, her hair was shorter but her bangs still acted as a second pair of arms, and her legs were bear of any clothing.
She straddled Cattleya's waist between her legs and placed her hands together beside her head as she smiled cutely. "I'll kill you now and finish eating you. Doesn't that sound good?"

She moved the bangs of her hair to the sides of Cattleya's head and raised her up. This caused another series of vomit to spill from her mouth and onto hers and Melona's legs. Her head tried to lol itself, but her kept was strong enough to keep it up. After a few shakes and two pumps of her throat, the last of the vomit gurgled out.
Melona leaned Cattlelya's forward a little more, much like one would burp a baby, but all that fell from Cattleya was part of her guts; literally spilling from out onto the protean's back.
Melona pushed Cattleya up once more and straightened both of their postures. She watched for a moment, admiring her work really, as her body roiled and wreathed inside Cattleya's; the underneath of her skin moving as Melona's own body separated the guts and gore from her chest to finish her torment.

Melona moved her arms to Cattleya's breasts. She tweaked and twisted her nipples with index and middle fingers for a moment, enjoying the feel of her massive bust, and then began to force her hands into her breasts through her nipples.

First came her fingers, sharp, needle-like tips easily pressing into her flesh after forcing the tits back until they gave way, and then her hands, further widening the holes in her chest. Cattleya was forced to look down as her breasts were penetrated with her one good eye.

Second came her arms, halfway up her shoulders, and then Melona let her arms slid off like wet clay. The protean scooted back as far as her bangs would allow her and concentrated as her arms wormed their way through and around Cattleya's breasts just under the skin; distorting them in a horrifying way and pushing her tit-fat out through what used to be her nipples.

Third and finally, as her breasts bled themselves out and flattened like empty sausage casings, Melona let herself melt back onto Cattleya's lower half and legs. Inside of Cattleya's body, Melona began to reform herself in the most terrifying way she could think to: conforming her body to fit Cattleya's.

At first, it wasn't that bad as most of her body was already destroyed, but then, as she began to push her head up through Cattleya's throat, what little of her mind was left began to register the horrors she was facing as the promise of death approached.
Her throat bulged painfully until the head was pressed through, and then a new pain began as Melona's body turned acidic and began eating the muscle and flesh inside her mouth, head, skull, chest, torso, belly, arms, legs, and even the marrow from her bones. The only part that wasn't being eaten was her neck, but that kept her in constant pain as her sensory system kept sending her signals of pain.

After a few minutes of torment, Cattleya's life finally faded, but Melona continued to slowly eat away her body. An hour passed before she finished, and then sucked Cattleya's husk of skin and bone into her mid-section to finish digesting.

"Mmm. That was fun. You were a good meal, Cattleya." Melona said before she licked her lips. She laid down on the ground and rubbed her bulging belly.


A bit of a confession: i wanted to work on and post Menace's execution today, but things turned sour. Tomorrow or the next day I will release it if I'm feeling well.


Sweet, nice to see some queens blade in here (Y)


Menace, Setra (scepter), Amara (Menace's country), Anarista (trainer and spy of Sadler)
Disclaimer: Queen's Blade and its characters are not my property and I do not know anyone who owns them. Personally, I like this series and its characters and wanted to add on to the Vanquished Queens series with 'executions' of Cattleya, Menace, and Elina.
Story behind this one: In the series, Princess Menace is betrayed by Anarista and left trapped in the Amara slave quarters, where she ultimately dies. For the purposes of this, she is executed. Above are names and minor descriptors for those unfamiliar with the characters.

Trust was difficult to build, but easy to break as many would say. Yet few would or have ever felt that sting as sharply as Menace, Queen of Amara.

She remember that day as starting off pleasant enough, even dream-like.

Anarista, her combat trainer, adviser, mentor, and confidant, had informed her that she had arranged a stage play between actors of Amara and Sadler as a show of their alliance and cooperation together.
She hadn't been wrong, it did show their allegiance, but only how far they were from it.

"Training so early again, your majesty?" Anarista had said that day.

The queen, only a princess at the time, had understood the need to defend herself from assassins and that had turned into a hobby for her. There were times when she would wake early in the morning to practice her martial arts that Anartista had only begun to teach her.

This morning was no different as she sat with a towel over her shoulders and her hands bandaged for protection.
Her smile was genuine as she greeted Anarista's forced one. "I am, yes. Did I wake you this morning?" Menace replied.

Anarista's room was in the slaves' quarters of the palace, close to the pits of combat and the training room. She had been offered a room in the royal quarters, even Menace's own private quarters, but she had refused.
She seemed to like being among the prisoners, rebels, and traitors, but now the queen knew it was because she hated Amara and its people.

"Not at all. I was just coming to inform you that breakfast is prepared." Anarista replied with a loving smile. "If you prefer a bath first, water is already warmed for you."

The princess had gasped with joyful surprise. "Oh! Thank you Anarista. You're so kind to think of me. Won't you join me?"

Anarista shook her head. "I am sorry, Princess, but would you all me to refuse? A new shipment of your favorite massage oils will be arriving within the hour."

"Oh..." The princess had been saddened by this, but she quickly regained her smile. "What about a milk bath this evening then? Setra found out about it from a merchant and he was telling me all about it last night."

The Sadler woman seemed to consider this before nodding her head and smiling. "If that is your wish, then I will ensure I can join you." She answered.

While the princess bathed and cleaned her body of sweat and dirt and then ate her breakfast, she had noticed that Setra hadn't returned. He had left to arrange her daily routines and meetings, but he normally checks up on her.

The princess went to her private quarters for her oil massage. Her handmaids were there with jars of warm oil, but Anarista was not present.
She asked where Anarista was, and the two endowed women only said that there was something planned for her today.

Menace had been annoyed with their answer and ordered that they tell her, and she was told that it was a stage play Anarista and some of the other slaves had been working on.

The princess was satisfied with that and laid down to allow the handmaids to do their task.

Setra had come by two hours later to check on the princess and inform her of what the day's plans were. He was surprised to find out about the play and offered to reschedule her appointments.
She asked that he would and he went to do so.

It was near the evening when Menace was about to take her milk bath when Anarista appeared with a basket of wood chippings and bottle of oil. "Oh! Princess!" She said, surprised. "I thought you would already be taking her bath." She said.

Menace had smiled at her adviser and went to throw her arms around the woman when she asked to stop. She looked down at her arms and saw the basket and bottle, and then detected the scent of something sweet. "Maple?"

Anarista nodded. "Yes, maple chippings from the market place. I thought something sweet smelling would be perfect for your bath, and this is a rare oil from Sadler." She said.

"That sounds wonderful! Let's add it to the bath!" Menace said with true delight.

Anarista joined her mistress in the milky white bath. Knowing how the princess was, it was likely the milk was from the breasts of healthy, pregnant slaves and Amara women and 'flavored' with the lavender and bees' honey from the slaves' fields.
Menace seemed to be enjoying the feel of it on her skin as she experimentally lifted her hand to watch it slide off of her finger tips and cupped it into her hands and tested its texture.

That was the last pleasant memory the queen had with Anarista.

Partway through their bath, Anarista stood and stepped out of the tub. "I was get you your towel. Forgive me, but I must go." She said.

The princess smiled and nodded her head, but said nothing. She had a feeling what her adviser was going to do, and she did not want to give away that she had a guess.

When Anarista left, Menace took a deep breath and let herself sink into the pearly tub down to her neck; leaving her head the only thing above.
She closed her eyes and let her mind wonder as to what the play would be about. There were many historical events that Amara and Sadler had been through, some of battles and some of alliances, but now, as friendly kingdoms, she liked to think that the two would grow and flourish together.

Her last thoughts were of their kingdoms mingling together into one race...
And then she was awakened to the shouts of rebellion in the works.

Her eyes went wide as she recognized that she was in the slaves' quarters; more specifically the largest of the combat pits.

She was on a stage, an open gag in her mouth, and, in the distance, the royal family and servants locked in cells, and Anarista, her back to Menace, standing before a crowd of slaves as they cheered.

Her words hurt...
Anarista spoke of how her country was conquered by Amara. Of how the royal family had taken her from her place as princess to the slave of Amara's because of her looks.

Many of the slaves were the same, Menace's two handmaids from earlier in the day were passing out rotten fruit.

Anarista stepped away from Menace and ordered that she be held up. Two of the larger, former at this point, slaves complied; grabbing and raising her by the biceps and wrists.
On her command, they began throwing the rotten fruit as Anarista encouraged them to let out their anger at the royal family and pampered air of Amara.

The most beautiful woman of the desert kingdom was reduced to a bruised, sobbing, and filthy mess.
Her skin, just minutes ago cleansed in a rich bath of milk and minerals, had become the canvas of decades of rage and hatred.

Menace's eyes turned to Anarista, a pitiful and pleading look in her eyes.
Anarista's answer came in the form of a wickedly curved knife and a firm grip on her hair before she plunged the blade in.

She started the sides of Menace's throat, cutting half an inch into both sides. Next, she made a shallow cut from one side of her throat to the other, and tore the princess from the hands of the burly male slaves.
She present the dying princess to the crowd who cheered with glee, and then forced her to her knees.

Anarista straddled Menace's legs from behind and bent her backwards. She cut into Menace's gut then, from the left side to the right, and then from below her naval and dragged the knife upward to her breasts.
She grabbed the upper right flap and pulled at the skin, drawing a pained and panicked scream from the gagged princess as her guts were spilled out.

Next, Anarista turned the knife back into her hand and deepened the cut in Menace's throat, now sending a spray of blood out into the crowd. What members were in range and hit immediately went to clean themselves and move away from the bloody spray.

Finally, Anarista stabbed her knife into Menace's right breast and rose to her feet; keeping her grip on Menace's head.
She put one foot to Menace's back and pushed as she brought her other, now free, hand to her chin.

Pushing on her back and pulling on her head, Anarista twisted and turned Menace's head to the left and right, tearing and ripping the flesh and muscles and bone of her neck.
What seemed to take hours of torment to Menace took only seconds before the former slave held aloft bloody head of the Princess of Amara; her mouth still agape by the gab and tears staining her face as her final moments were spent watching the cheering crowds of slaves and wiping faces of her distance family and friends.

The queen startled at the memory's climax, and then realized that she had one hand around her throat and the other between her legs.

She let out a sigh before bringing her other hand from her legs to her mouth, and then began to lick her fingers clean as tears formed in her eyes.
It was shameful, even to her, but she could not help but be turned on by the phantom pains of her former life.

She was among the undead now, a servant to the Swamp Witch. If she wanted to, she could stage another execution for herself...

Only, this time, it would be one she ordered, and not one she asked for.


Elina is hard to get down based on personality. I'll use someone else.


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