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This is another excerpt from Lami Pi Productions.

Third Grade Kick-Fighters
by Regis

Jackson checked a second video in this hidden folder on his wife’s computer, and this one was set in a living room again, with the mandatory cover over the expensive carpet. This cover was stretched canvas, held in place by lead weights on each corner. The first thing Jackson noticed that was different was that there were 4 large batteries for the electric fence that defined the ring, instead of the usual one.

Together this heavy-duty power supply was capable of putting out a very high level electric shock on a sustained basis, easily enough to cook the meat of a girl if she was locked on to it in protracted contact. It also had the power to burn her badly if she remained in contact for even a short period of time. They might as well have used razor wire for the fencing.

The electric fence forming the ring was going to at the very least give whichever girl leaned or bumped into it a significant and very unpleasant jolt. Jackson wondered if these little girls would have the ability to get themselves off contact with a hot line, as the current would cause their muscles to quiver, and not respond normally.

With sufficient current, muscles would not respond at all. Any little bitch pressed against the wire would simply quiver erotically. Surely these ladies wouldn’t electrocute a little girl at one of their parties. He supposed anything was possible, considering the conspicuous enjoyment the young ladies got from the punishment their little girls were absorbing.

The mothers were obviously quite serious about making this a very hurtful experience for their daughters. The children who would fight had yet to discover this. A title came up on the screen that Jackson didn’t immediately understand. It read “Pepper Fight”. That meant nothing to him. Were the kids going to use pepper spray on each other? That was bizarre, and although everything about these videos was, he was sure it would be explained by what followed.

Two very pretty slender eight-year-old girls, a blonde and a brunette, were lifted into the ring. They too wore no diapers. Their cuntlets were amazingly swollen and open, reddened by what must have been some kind of strong irritant. Their forearms were bound tightly together behind their backs, wrists to elbows.

With only their lithe legs free, this was obviously to be a brutal kick fight, between two grade 3 girls, carefully prepared by their aggressive mothers, most likely with their sweet-looking swollen cuntlets as the prime targets. Jackson Avery was ready to watch the naked girls, these with powerfully developed lower limbs, kick each other silly. This fight promised to be nasty stuff.

Unlike all other fighting little girls Jackson had seen on the videos, in which all of them were barefoot, these two wore perfectly fitting high heel shoes. The feet of both of these girls were small, though arched beautifully in the spike-heeled shoes, and he was sure the expensive looking erotic stiletto adult-style footwear had been custom made for them.

The girls small toes went into an extended sharp metal-capped point, and the tops were cut low enough that they revealed half an inch of the space between the lovely little girls’ pretty toes. The shoemaker was clearly a master, making the feet of such young girls into stirring cock-raising sex objects.

Keeping their balance in their unfamiliar high-heeled shoes with their arms bound and out of services was going to be a challenge for them. A swift kick to the cunt properly placed could give a significant jolt the young girl’s immature gonads deep inside her. He had no idea what a kick to the cunt would feel like inside, where the uterus could be affected by such a traumatic blow.

These remarkable shoes the girls wore were true ‘fuck me’ spikes, sexy as hell, designed to do damage in a kick fight, and
these pretty young kids were about to seriously fuck each other’s meat with them. Jackson knew his fist was about to give his cock a great workout with this one, and both his fist and penis were ready for action.

Their mothers, acting as their trainers and wearing rubber gloves, carried a plastic container with cut slices of hot red peppers. They had the girls spread their legs, and they rubbed the juicy pepper slices against the youngsters’ bare cuntlets, causing them to redden and swell even further open as the natural acid coated the delicate porous membrane that lined their swollen heat-gaping cuntlets, drawing sharp screams from their disbelieving little daughters.

The burning pepper juice on the children’s cuntlips coated the sensitive nether-lips, causing them to redden and swell even further open as the natural acid coated the delicate porous membrane that lined their swollen heat-gaping cuntlets and exposed vestibules.

Jackson was surprised that a mother would go this far to make her child suffer, just to impress her friends and other women. He surmised from the condition of the girls’ open cuntlets that they had both received an earlier similar treatment, and now were getting the last minute enhancement of natural hot acid to their pussies for the pleasure of observers.

Jackson’s penis was out, and was rigid as he slowly stroked it. There was no doubt he was enjoying what he was seeing. He was learning things he would never have guessed possible about his wife Martha. Any man thinking he was lucky and sticking his bare penis into either of those red little girl cuntlets would be in for a hot and burning surprise.

The mothers quickly left the ring, and without prompting, the two experienced young schoolgirls, their arms tightly bound behind their backs, got at it. With fire blazing in their eyes and pepper acid burning their open cuntlets, Jackson was certain neither of these fit looking and wound up 8-year-olds was going to play nice.

As expected, the first targets for vicious kicks with the wicked pointed toe high heels were their puffy red gaping cuntlets. The first kicks were telling, and the girls had no defence to mount as the kicks kept coming. Their only reasonable defence was an aggressive offence.

Already the women in the audience were shrilly screaming encouragement in this outrageous cunt-kicking contest. With their hand under their skirts or inside their pants, they were all shamelessly masturbating. The most excited and vocal of all were the girls’ mothers, who now had buggy whips, and were urging their girls on with malicious lashes to their arm-bound bodies.

Confirming Jackson’s estimate, the young women both appeared to be more interested in seeing their delicate little girls being hurt than seeing them win. As in the other videos Jackson had seen, the mothers were both carrying cattle prods, and looked like they were prepared to use them. He knew what a stunning jolt they were capable of delivering, and knew how much they would hurt a naked little girl.

He knew what a stunning jolt they were capable of delivering, and knew how much they would hurt a naked little girl. This highly developed competitive sport was incredibly stimulating, and Jackson knew it’s potential would triple if men were allowed to attend the lice productions.

The two naked children were wide-eyed as they realized their mothers would not hesitate in using the cruel devices on them. This was not at all like the protected space and relationship they knew at home. Their mother was supposed to protect them, and ensure their safety.

In polite society women do not scold or punish their daughters in public. This was neither public nor polite society. These women were following their basest instincts, animalistic and vitriolic in their passion for hurt, damage and injury to their lovely naked young daughters. The girls were actively playing their part in satisfying all of the horny, jaded and screaming female spectators.

Most surprising of all was the extent to which the young girls were into it. The grade 3 girls were kicking with extreme, sadistic ferocity. Both displayed full intent to injure their pretty, shrilly screaming rival. Each was fully committed to doing extensive damage to the other’s naked body, using her only attire, the sexy and very dangerous spike heeled and steel toed shoes, now used as very effective weapons.

The brunette girl took a vicious kick to the stomach, with both the toe and heel of the shoe of her blonde opponent breaking skin and digging in. The blow drove her back into the wire, with her shoulder blades against the upper wire and her buttocks on the lower.

She landed with her knees bent and widespread. The stout hot lower wire supported her hips as it delivered a series of sharp pulsing intolerable electric shocks. The girl quivered with the jolts of electricity coursing through her, and was unable to summon the strength to get up.

The brunette’s pelvis was rotated in this position, and the blonde quickly took advantage of her foe’s nicely presented cunt, and she kicked her shoe at it with all her might. Her aim was perfect, and the front of the shoe drove deep into the exposed swollen cunt. The force of the kick was enough to securely jam the shoe inside her vagina.

The blonde felt the shock the other girl was experiencing through her cunt-jammed foot, although not as powerfully as the girl spread on the wires. She quickly attempted to jerk her foot back, but it was wedged in tight. Her only recourse was to bend forward and slip the heel strap off, allowing her foot to be pulled loose.

Now she did as she had apparently been instructed to do. As winner, she got to further humiliate her fallen opponent. She spread her feet, only one of them now housed in a shoe, and positioning herself carefully, let loose a stream of urine onto her defeated foe’s face, the warm fountain of her pee entering the brunette’s screaming mouth, and then directing her spray to the completely defeated girl’s upper body.

The jet of warm urine did precisely what she had intended, but what she hadn’t counted on was that her stream of piss onto the downed girl on the electric wires formed a bridge, a perfect conductor, and suddenly through her own flowing urine she received a startlingly painful zap to her cunt and on up into her bladder.

The blonde child had no experience with electricity or electrolytes. Her own piss led the electrical charge directly to her cunt. It did not occur to her that the only way to stop the current shocking her was to break the bridge the electricity flowed along; she had to stop pissing or back up.

She trusted her instinct, and promptly leaped away from the downed brunette girl, ending too late the sudden painful flow of electricity to her genitals. She couldn’t believe how much that shock had stung her pissing pussy as well as her entire internal groin area.

She had felt the surprisingly powerful jolt right up into her bladder and to the deepest recess of her gonads. She couldn’t believe how much the self-inflicted electric shock hurt her. The lesson was one she would remember the next time she fought in an electrified ring.

The pretty little blonde had won, but the visibly quivering little brunette was still being severely punished on the electric wires. Instead of disconnecting the group of batteries to give her much needed relief, the two mothers used their buggy whips on her, lashing at her quivering body.

The electrical punishment she was receiving superseded their effect, and when that didn’t work, they produced the cattle prods and gave her a sustained series of severe jolts to her battered face and breasts. Jackson was delighted to see the relish with which the mothers cruelly punished one of their distraught daughters. They displayed no interest in relieving her agony.

They continued zapping her with the powerful prods until the spasms of her body forced her to fall off the wires, with visible red wire burns on her back and blackened marks on her buttocks from deeper burns, where it appeared the lower wire had actually cooked some of her tender meat. That burn would leave a permanent scar on both of her buttocks.

These livid wire burns complimented the angry whip welts that marked both young girls’ naked bodies. They were by design, to make the effect of the fight more stimulating for the ladies, and as a permanent reminder of their experience for the combative little girls.

These pretty little girls would never be able to forget the brutal origin of their scars. He was sure these children would be back in the ring, naked before a female audience, within just a few weeks. Jackson now better understood that this was highly serious sport for the ladies and their kids.


It's amazing what a guy might find in hidden files on his wife's computer. Mothers enter their 8-year-old daughters in nude kick fights, and the kids wear special spike heels with pointed toes that will damage the meat and genitals of their opponent. It gets very nasty, but life's a bit like that, and they're learning early. This is an excerpt from Lami Pi Productions.


Thank you for posting this


There's lots more where this came from. PM me on


Thanks for this. What a great story.


This is part of a much larger story, Lami Pi Productions, in which Jackson, inspired by his wife's secret habit, started a company with a private retreat where vicious fights between naked little girls were featured. I've posted some other excerpts from the larger work.


Great to see the interest these excerpts are getting. Arch


Thanks, Ar3ch,

I'm sending the large story (over 300 pages to date) to anyone who PM's me on I don't include the illustrations, as agreed.


With permission of the owner of the pictures, the version with pictures is now available. PM me at with e-mail address for send.

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