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A cute Fish and the sea Restaurant.

Close to the coast of Sydney, a lovely voice is heard. A small black shadow glides through the sea. To whom does this lovely voice belong?
Leila is a brave mermaid veal. With her golden hair and her silvery tail fin, she belongs to a particularly rare breed of mermaids. She has a smooth skin and small but well-shaped breasts. An innocent girl like her is a popular prey in the ocean. As such a Valuable Girl, she normally is strictly guarded…
But today she seems to be traveling alone!
"Daddy is so mean! As if I could not take care of myself!" She complains. "The ocean is dangerous, but he can’t lock me up at home forever!"
A small fish nudges her.
“I Know! I should speak with my Father…” She says annoyed. "But first I would like to see the sea diamonds!"
Frantically, the fish swims back and forth.
“You already sound like my father! ^Leila the diamonds are dangerous! ^”
Leila ignores every warning and approaches the coast. It doesn’t take long before she finds the diamonds! These are precious stones in rainbow colors. A big pile lies right in front of her. It is strange that no one has taken them yet...
the fish tries to hold her back.
“Stop! I just want to look from a closer angle!” She manages to shake off the fish.
Carelessly she swims to the stones. Suddenly a trap is triggered. A net wrap around Laila's body. “What?” She is completely tied and helpless, she looks quite shocked.
The fish shakes his head.
“Don’t be so mean! I know you have warned me! Hey not run away!"
Poor Leila… According to the law of the ocean, a fish is considered dead when he gets caught by Humans. She tries to free herself with all her strength. But it's too late. The fishing net already get pulled upward. After just a few moments, she feels the unusually dry air.
"For real?" Leila complains.
Confused, she tries to scan the environment. She is on a boat and there is a girl! She looks into the big eyes of a young women cook. She seems hardly older than herself. She could be her sister. But there is a big difference: She is a Human… Leila is just prey.
"What a wonderful catch! We have a main menu!" Says the cook, grinning.
Leila doesn’t understand a word ... But she can imagine what she said. It would be unfair to keep fighting. She is lower in the food chain. She must submit…"It's a pity ... But lost is lost…”
The cook looks at her questioningly.
"Oh, I forgot that Humans don’t speak the language of the ocean." Says Leila thoughtfully. She tries to communicate with sign language. "You won! I will not defend myself!"
The cook seems to understand. She also answers with sign language. “good girl! Don’t worry. The other Mermaids had a lot of fun! You'll make a lot of customers happy.” Carefully she opens the net and places Leila in a water tank.
This would be her chance to flee, but Leila is curious. That sounds like an exciting adventure ... And her father would certainly be super pissed! Hi hi hi she already can see his face if he heard about it!
The cook smiles at her relieved. Secretly she had prepared a stun gun. But she doesn’t seem to need it! “You're really brave! Do you want to sing for our guests? I heard your voice, you have a very cute voice!”
For people, the language of mermaids sounds like singing. Leila blushes. "Do you really think so?"
The young cook nods in agreement. "I'm sure everyone likes it"
“I'll try ... But wait, don’t you want to eat me?" Leila answers with a glimmer of hope.
“Not immediately! Did you think that we eat something as noble as you, raw? You will be something special!"
Leila thought humans have hundred teeth and are super mean. But this cook is super friendly. Leila writes her name to the side of the tank. “This is my name… What is your name?”
The cook writes her name next to Leila’s. “Mai”
Mai laughs “So we have a nice name for the menu.”
“thx I guess…” grins Leila restrained.
Mai starts the engine and drives back to her restaurant. It is a modern building that was built on a boat bridge. Open windows allow the view of a luxury fish restaurant. Aquariums and white tables decorate the interior. With the help of her staff, Mai place the water tank in the middle of the tables.
“Don’t worry. The guests will soon arrive. make yourself comfortable.” Mai explains.
Leila tries it, but the water tank is very tight. She doesn’t have much space to swim! She would love to look around but this “air” is really exhausting. She'd rather stay in the damp water.
"I almost forgot." Says Mai in Human language. She grabs in the water and takes away Leila shells. Which had so far covered her small breasts. “You will not need them."
"Hey, I can’t sing naked ..." Leila complains in oceanic. Well, she probably has no other choice. She is the main menu!
Mai went into her kitchen, she probably needs to prepare a lot for Leila's big show...
Time passed. Leila tries to get used to the new exciting environment. It is interesting to observe the servants of Mai at work. They don’t behave differently as Leila's servants. A little bit like Penguins. It looks like they are preparing a great dinner. They decorate the tables and light candles. Fire is unknown to Leila. But it looks inviting. At the entrance, they place a large sign:
Mermaid Leila roasted in lemon sauce. Today at 11 pm.
Leila doesn’t understand everything, but it seems to explain something about her…
Meanwhile it is getting dark outside. The restaurant shines in the most beautiful colors. First guests enter the restaurant, they look at her hungry. Leila blushes. It's kind of embarrassing!
Suddenly she hears a lovely music. A man presses on white and black buttons, which belong to a strange device. Leila feels inspired. Probably she should sing now.
“♪♫ … ♪…♫♫…♪♪♫.” She sings a love song that spontaneously occurs to her. Creativity has always been a strength of her. The guests seem to be thrilled. Leila feels very proud!
More and more guests are arriving, the man try all kind of melodies, he seems to challenge her!
No problem! Leila can also come up with faster and sadder songs!
Meanwhile, the restaurant is filled with guest. Mai approaches smiling. She is waiting for the end of the current song before she tells Leila: "Well done! I could need a singer like you! But your flesh is worth more than your voice."
Leila Reply’s happy. "It's a lot of fun! But you're probably right. I'm very curious... How are you going to eat me? I have never been eaten before ... This is a very new experience for me!”
"Let yourself be surprised!” She grins even stronger now.
The servants bring the water tank into the kitchen. Leila waved goodbye to the guests, who thanked her with applause…
The kitchen is similar Luxurious as the first room. Most of the devices look very strange for Leila. They seem to serve the preparation of food. But Leila doesn’t know how to use them. The principle of cooking is not fully unknown to her. But mermaids use volcanoes, which they connect with tubes to their stove. They don’t know electricity! She doesn’t quite understand how to cook without water? As said: She had seen fire for the first time…
"Don’t be frightened! You go to bath in a more delicious liquid now.” Mai calmed her. They place a large pot over a small fire. The pot is filled with a mix of fruits, spices and water.
Leila doesn’t know what the purpose of the pot is, but she understands what Mai wants. With a targeted jump, she jumps into the pot. The water is pleasantly warm. The nose of a mermaid is not very good, but even Leila can perceive a sweet fragrance. It smells delicious!
"What do I have to do now?" Ask Leila with hectic hand movements. Her curiosity is getting even stronger now.
“Nothing!” Explains Mai. “You just need to stay inside the pot for 30 minutes.”
This doesn’t sound very interesting. But the water is cozy. It is very relaxing! Playfully Leila puts her head on the edge of the pot and start dozing.
Mai ignore the cute sight, because there is work to do! She heats the oven and starts to cook the lemons sauce. All ingredients should be fresh. She sharpened her filleting knife and heated spiced rice. Everything is ready and there are still 5-minutes left.
How cute, her prey seems to have fallen asleep. “Wake up sleepyhead!” She says in Human language.
"Do I have to get up Papa?" Leila ask in oceanic. “Oh… right.” Are they finally eaten her?
Mai declared with sign language. “It's time to get you out of the water. Don’t worry, it will not kill you. I know from experience that you can easily survive eight hours without water! You will have all the time you need to enjoy it.”
Mai lift Leila out of the water. “puh… You are very heavy for such a small fish.” She complains in Human language. Completely out of breath she puts Leila in a baking dish.
Now Leila is very nervous. She felt safe in water… But without water she now realizes that her life will end soon. Her instinct demands that’s she has to escape. But she is completely helpless. Besides, she doesn’t want to disappoint Mai! “What now?” She asks anxiously.
"You just have to relax, the more relaxed you are, the better you will taste.” Mai encourage her.
Mai takes the knife in her hand. “That may hurt a little…” She warns Leila in Human language. She places the knife at the lower part of her fin.
Leila feels a short stabbing pain. But it's not quite as bad as expected. It just feels a little bit strange as Mia slowly slides her knife upwards. Always further upwards. Leila feels the pain in her belly and then below her breasts… Then it stops.
“Is it normal that it feels this good?” Ask Leila shocked.
“surprised? This doesn’t hurt badly, because Mermaid exist to feed Human!” Explain Mia with a grin.
“oh… If this really is true… Then please continue!” Leila orders!
“Psssst! Food shouldn’t give orders!” Mia laughs! She takes the pot with the cooked rice. With a spoon, she carefully spread the rice into the inside of Leila's fin.
It's a strange feeling. It feels right, as Leila’s fin is filled slowly. It's as if her body were made for it. Even if the hot rice hurts a lot, on her fresh wounds. A particularly large quantity of rice is stuffed into her belly. Soon, a first layer of rice is inside her.
Mai use the spoon to push the rice deeper in. This is the strangest feeling so far for Leila…. She no longer feels like a living being. However, it could also be the fault of the air... It a little bit to dry!
Mai gives her a glass of water. The liquid feels good. But Leila only has a short break… Mai already continue to fill her with more rice!
After ten minutes, she is completely stuffed! Now Leila feels as if she had a good meal behind her. She feels very, very full…
However, the filling is not yet finished. Leila is still somewhat open… Mai lay a few seaweeds on the last layer of rice. Only then does she sew the wound with edible threads…The filling was dizzying. Leila is glad it's over now, even if she's strangely happy now.
“Good Girl!” Says Mai before continuing with the next step.
the oven seems to be preheated. It will soon be time to roast this tasty fish. Lovingly, Mai seasons the main course. That feels very erotic. Slowly, Leila understands why the other mermaids had fun. Without warning, Mai turns her on her stomach. Leila’s back must be seasoned too ...
“nearly done!” Says Mai in Human. She ties Leila's arms with algae and lays her head on them. With a big grin, she takes the lemon sauce off the stove. She takes a brush to apply the sauce. It feels marvelous as Mai basted her whole body thoroughly. With loving accuracy, she not even forgets one centimeter of Leila’s skin!
Mai speaks one last time with her price catch. “It’s time! I wish you a lot of fun in the oven!”
Leila can’t use sign language tied up like this. Therefore, she says goodbye in oceanic … “Thanks for the lovely treatment. I hope I will taste good.”
Mai placed lemon slices on her back and put a big lemon into her mouth, then she lifts the backing dish and pushes Leila into the oven…
It’s hot! But its feels nice…
Leila can’t move, but she doesn’t have to anyway. She just needs to taste good. This is her last important task.
Puh it really is Hot!!! Leila still can’t believe Humans can cook without using a volcano. But she's definitely cooking, as hot as it is…
Time passed… Leila feels very dry. Cooking is not bad. But she feels so terribly dry! She needs water!
Mai opens the oven. “Still alive?” she asks in human language. She renews the lemon sauce. Leila is delighted! Liquid was everything she needed! Mai also gives her a glass of water. She wants to help Leila to stay alive!
Back into the oven it goes…
Slowly our cute mermaid is getting tired. She perceives a delicious fragrance. Its smells tasty… Now she would like to eat herself!
The thought of being the focus of attention, makes Leila happy…
It really is hot…
She feels tired…
Mai opens the oven again. “Yummy! You will be a wonderful roast!” She talks to herself. Leila is too tired to perceive what happens. The oven appears to be closed again…
Dry and hot…
And to tired…
Leila hopes she will taste great… After all its her destiny!

Leila roasted for another hour. Mai served her on a beautiful silver plate decorated with sea fruits and flowers. Leila was a true delicacy! The combination of girl meat and tender fish is perfect. Her flesh is exotic, even among mermaids! You can taste that this mermaid was well protected. Her tender flesh hardly needs to be chewed. Also, the rice filling and lemons sauce contribute to this tasty experience.
Leila indeed fulfill her true destiny…
I wonder if her father would agree with us?


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