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The tortured feet of Tina (foot, torture, nc, rape, snuff, foot cannibalism)

She is wearing heels, nylons, and a business suit, and very innocent. She is tall, slender, sexy and charming, a real fox. Short blonde hair, pretty face, big green eyes. She leaves work and are going to her car. Three men grab her in the parking lot and carry her to their car. One of her deep red heels falls off from struggling. They throw her in the back seat, her feet are on one of the guy's laps. They take her to an old building. Hans stares at her feet and laughs, he can smell the bare foot and see her painted toes through the nylon. They're very soft and sweet. She is struggling to get away. They drag her into the warehouse and tie her down on her back. They stand around her and warn her that they are going to ask her some questions. If her dont answer, they will extract the information from her. Hans pulls out a tray with all kinds of tools on it.

-Where is your boss?

-My... my boss?? I don't know, I really don't know! We hadn't seen him for a week in the office!

-Where is he????? Tell me now!

-I promise I don't know! But why do you want to know it? Why do you want to find him?

-He has information we need. You have one more chance!

-Please, believe me, I swear! I don't know where is he!

-OK, if thats the way you want it!

-But please! I don't lie, that's the truth!

Hans walks to her feet.

-We will start easy Tina!

Hans takes a long needle and show it to her.

-No... no... dont use that... please... I swear...

-One last time, where is he?

-I... sob... I sweeear... sob... don't... sob... know...

Hans take her bare foot and tears the nylon off.

-Stop, stop... no... no... AAAAAAAAHHHHH!

Hans firmly holds her foot with his right hand, he takes a needle in left hand and slowly press the needles down into her big toenail. Her foot writhes, he pushes further, he sees blood begin to trickle. He pushs deeper into her tender toenail.
Hans begin to twist the needle side to side, puts his face down near her toe and watch as he twists and turns the needle.


-OK Tina, where is he?

Blood begins to trickle down the front of her foot. Hans takes a second needle.

-Where? WHERE IS HE!!!

-Oh my God! You must believe me, I swear, I swear for anything I don't knoooow!

Hans plunges the needle into the bottom of her big toe.

-OOOOOHHHHHHHHH... aaaaahhhhh... that's huuuurt... so muuuch!

-Tina, I have nine more dainty toes to go and your soft soles to play with. This can go all night. I want to know where he is!

-You sick bastard! Don't you understand? I don't have any infor... uuuhhhh... What... what do you want with those pliers?

Hans take the pliers. He clamps the pliers around her second toenail.

-OK Tina, here goes...

-I do anything just... oohhh... ohhhhhh... aarrgghhhh... AAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Hans slwoly starts to pull on her tender little toenail. He pulls harder, the pressure begins to build. He feels it loosening. Blood begins to pour out, her body is sqirming. He tears the toenail and all that holds it to her foot are tendons, he twists and tugs and tears it out. Hans holds it up and show it to her, takes the toenail and brings it up to her face. He lays it in front of her on her chest.

-Jesus... Jesus Christ! This can't... be... true! My God... my toe...

-Shall we do it again Tina?

-My toe... my toe is ruined... my nail... it's huurt...


-Pleeeease... stop this madness!! Stoop the pain!

-Only if you tell me where he is?


-OK Tina, have it your way!

-Noooooo! Stoooop! Listen to me, don't hurt me, listeen to mee!! Give a minute!


-I can't stand pain! I can't stand it, see you? If I'd know anything I have told that to you! You must see this! Please! Believe meeee!

-OK Tina, I think I'll try something else.

Hans goes to her other foot, removes her shoe.

-Please... why do you do this to me? Why my feet? Why do you want to cause me pain? Why?

-Tina, I have a foot fetish. You see, this is fun for me.

Hans removes her shoe and feel her soft warm foot.

-It smells so nice and its so tender!

Hans massages it then he takes a scalpel and gently cuts the nylon off.

-No... please mister... don't cut... don't cut...

-Hmm, Ill bet these little toes would taste great! Maybe as a meal?

-T... ta... taste... great?? Meal?? Wha... what???

-Tina, im kind of hungry. But my appetite can be surpressed by the right answer!

-I don't know! Believe me, you must believe me! I don't know anything! I'll do anything just don't hurt me mooore, but I don't know that!


-Well?! Why don't you believe me?! Oh my God! Mercyyyy!

-OK, have it your way. First, I'll test your flesh!

Hans takes a small blowtorch and lights it, he turns it up and show it to her.

-You like this? Its about to cook one of your gentle toes.


Hans holds her foot and put his mouth to it. He smells her sweet tender flesh.

-Mmmmmmmmm. Very feminine, innocent, tasty... Now hold on Tina, this is going to hurt.

Hans spreads her toes and leave the third one alone.

-Huuurttt? Noooooo! Don't hurrt me!!! Not my toe!! Release my fooot! Please!! Nooooo! AAAAhhhhhh... it's hooooot... it's tooo hoooooot... AAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...

Hans turns the blowtorch on high and slowly edge it to her vulnerable third toe. She begins to feel the heat, it suddenly begins to sting. Hans smells her flesh begin to roast, it smells wonderful for his. Her screaming just gets him hornier, he loves the smell of her roasted toe. He lets it cook a little longer until its brown and crispy, her screams begin to hurt his ears. Hans stops and puts the torch down.

-AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH... aaoooooohoohhhooohhhhhhh... heeeeelllleeelllpppppp... buuuuuuurrrnnnn... ohoh... oh... oh... sob... ohhh...

Tina looks down and sees her smoldering toe. Hans holds her foot and gives her one last chance. She feels a snap. He has snipped off her third toe!


Blood pours onto the table. He has set up the table so it catches the blood.

-Tina, Im really enjoyng myself!

-The... the pain... is... tooooooo muchhh! I can't... can't stand mooooore! Please... sob... please... sob... stop it!

-Can I offer you this toe as a snack?

-You... you monster! No... nobody could be so cruel! You... you want me to... to eat my OWN TOE???

-Yes Tina, and I'm going to do the same to all of them. But first Ill make you eat this one or maybe ill taste it!


-This just the beginning.

The room smells like her feet now, Hans is hard from torturing her. He looks at her shoes on the floor, he holds her foot and begins to nibble on it. He feels her toes wiggle on his face. She feels his teeth begin to bite harder. He stops and take the scalpel.

-Tina, I think I'm going to change your position.

Hans turns her over on her stomach and retie her down. Hans ties her feet firmly to the table so her soles are facing up and flat against the table. Hans looks at her ass and tear her jeans off with the scalpel.

-Ooohhhh... sob... mercy... mercyyy... sob... have mercyy...

Hans goes to her feet, her soft white soles stare up at him, he takes the scalpel and let it gently run down her sole from top to bottom. Then he takes it and run it back up again a little deeper. The third time, Hans sees blood begins to ooze out as he goes along.

-Ggggggnnnnhhhhh... aaaaaaiiiiieeeee... huuuuurrrttt... pleaseeeeeeeeee...

Hans licks the blood and spreads it around her sole, he sees her try to wriggle her foot. She cant move it. He takes the scalpel and sticks it into her tender sole deeper and deeper. Over and over all over her foot.


He makes little cuts everywhere, hundreds of tiny cuts, blood is everywhere.

-WHERE IS HE??? Tell me! Or Ill begin to cut pieces off!

-Howw?? Howw can I prove you that I don't know anything? I swear, swear, swear, swear!!!

-Sorry Tina, I dont believe you! Besides, its too late. I have to finish what I have started. Don't even bother now. I'm doing this because it makes me horny. I'm going to fuck you to after Im done from behind with your feet bent back so I can bite them at the same time!


Hans takes the scalpel and begins to slice down the outside of her foot. He slices a long thin piece about a half inch deep and two inches long, it falls to the side. Hans take it and lays it in front of her face. It has her little toe attached to it.
-My God! Oh my God! No... Jesus! Jesus help meee! Nooo...

Hans unties her feet and bends her feet up, he climbs up on the table and spreads her legs. She feels his huge cock begin to feel around her underside. He probes around until he feels her moist wet pussy. He begins to slowly ease it inside her. The blood from her foot is dripping onto his leg, he begins to nibble on her toes. He slides himself completely inside her and begins to slide back and forth.

-Pleeeeaaaaassseeeee... ohooohhhh... oohoooohhhh... aohhooohhhhh... rape... rape me... just don't... huuurt mee moreeee!

He bites her toes and begins to chew on them.


Tina looks back and sees his mouth with her blood and flesh on it. He pushes harder and harder. Hans bites both her feet and pushes harder and harder from the sweet scent of her toes. He bites deeper trying to bite her feet off. He pushes faster and faster, she is shaking and writhing. Hans cant take it anymore and he bites right throught her tender foot as he begins to cum. He feels her toes clench in his mouth as he gnaws on them and chews them away.


One of the other guys begins to grab her fingers. She feels one guy grabs her hand. Hans continues to fuck her as they begins to pull at her fingernails. She feels pressure as she sees pliers attach to her index fingernails. They rips her nails right out of their beds. Blood pours from her fingers, her pussy tightens up and it gets Hans harder. He shoves himself deeper.


He turns her back over onto her back. They retie her and stretch her feet out, Hans takes the blowtorch and holds it up in front of Tina again. He grasps her left foot firmly and holds her toes so her toenails stick up. Hans inserts her foot into a vice at the end of the table so her toes stick up through the top of the vice, she can sees them, the pretty blue polish glistens. He takes her baby toe and hold the torch to the bottom of it.

-Have mercy... have mercy... I do anything, anything, ANYTHING just stop the pain! I beg you! I BEG YOU... AAAAAAAUUUUUUUHHHHH! ITS HOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! TOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOTT!!

Tina feels the heat begin to build, the pain is unbearable, her atch as her toenail begins to turn color from the heat. The blue melts into brown and then black, the paint pours down her toe. The toenail curls, blood and toenail polish flow onto the top of her foot. Hans move to the next toe.

-Hmm, this time will start on top!

Hans let the torch work its way into her fourth toenail, again the blue polish pours down and stings her skin. She feels her toenail pop off!


Blood spurts out, he begins to suck on her toes. Tina looks down and sees his mouth over her toes chewing and biting. Blood pours everywhere, the scent is sweet and feminine. The polish melting and her toe burning and roasting, she can smell it, its frightening. She screams uncontrollably, her whole body shudders, her delicate feet become a meal for Hans. He slides one foot into an oven and watches it baste. They can smells the flesh burning. Sweat pours down. Hans pulls her feet from the oven and tear at her flesh, all she can do is watch as Hans tear her toes off with his teeth. Hans bites into her soles and rip the tender flesh from her foot.


She begins to lose more blood. The other guys tear at her fingers, there is blood everywhere, they bites into her breasts. Hans take a long thin knife and slowly slices her left breast off. They tears into her arms and thighs with small knives and pull away her flesh. She looks at them and see them pulling and chewing at her. She can see how hard and turned on they are as she screams in pain. After while she lays there letting them tear her apart, jerking a little here and there, Hans sit at her feet chewing and tearing pieces off. She feels the pain but cant fight it anymore.

-Mo... monsters... mo... ggrrrrhhhhhhhh...

Hans looks at her face and it turns him on. He has to fuck her as she dies, he shoves himslef inside her, while they feast on her body. Her fingers are torn off, her toes are gone. There is no strength left, She slowly dies as they enter her. Hans licks her face as he fucks her. Tina looks deep into his eyes, tries to say something, than her muscles tighten as she struggling for a half minute, then dies.


Great story ^^ its really cool to have more foot story here :)

Just... for the next story... I think that could be better for you to take your time for the foot torture or eating :)


Great story ^^ its really cool to have more foot story here :)

Just... for the next story... I think that could be better for you to take your time for the foot torture or eating :)



this reminds me of something… Weren't there more stories about Tina and her feet?

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