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It's been a LONG time since I posted something. Just found this old story...

Any girls interested in recording this for me, email me at

Danielle awoke dazed and groggy, her eyes slightly opened as she adjusted to the dim lighting in the dungeon. "Where... Where am I?" She said quietly to herself as she soon realized that she wasn't in the safety of her bedroom. It was when she tried to move her hands to rub her eyes that she realized the immediate danger she was in.

Panic quickly consumed the young 18 yearold girl as she came to the conclusion that her hands had been handcuffed behind her back, and that it wasn't a waking dream. She was indeed in some sort of dungeon and had no memory of how she had arrived there.

Danielle awkwardly rose to her feet and surveyed the room with a new found intensity. "WHERE AM I!" She screamed, her voice reaching a new pitch. It was at this time she realized that whoever had put her in this situation had not only handcuffed her hands behind her back but had also stripped her to a red pushup bra which pushed her 34c tits nearly to her chin, and a pair of red boy shorts. Both of which were not hers.

"Glad to see you are awake, Danielle", a harsh voice said in the shadows as Danielle's lip began to quiver. "Where am I?... Who are you?" She asked in a frightened whisper. "Wrong questions Danielle. I think the most important question right now, is what am I going to do to you", the voice replied as the creature emerged from the shadows.

It wasn't human. The beast had to be at least 7 feet tall and dark bristly hair covered it's entire naked body except for around its massive cock. The complete oppisite of a human being. It's cock was all Danielle could focus on at that very moment, even though she didn't want to. It was a 12 inches, fully erect, covered in boils and sweat and was being stroked by the monster's meaty hand while it grinned at the scampily clad girl.

"Now Danielle... We can do this the easy way, where you drop to your knees and suck like the good girl I know you are... Or... I can force you to your knees, and jam this 12 inch meat pipe down your throat and let you fight it out. Either way, i'm getting off in that tiny mouth of your's!" The demon said walking to the frightened teen, still stroking his cock.

"No... No... NO!!!" Danielle screamed as she tried to back away but instead clumsily tripped over her feet and slammed onto the ground. "Ow..." She sobbed, her eyes filling with tears.

The beast was now hovering over her 100 pound body. "You're not going to get away from this little girl", it said pulling Danielle to her knees by her red hair. Danielle winced and opened her eyes only to find she was now an inch or 2 away from the creature's massive pric. "Be a good girl and make it worth my while!" The beast sad grabbing a knotful of Danielle's hair.

"OH MY GO!---" The demon saw it's opprotunity when her mouth was wide open and decided to take it, shoving it's gigantic dick into the teenager's screaming mouth.

Her eyes bulged. The lining of her throat ripped violently at the sheer girth of the cock that was being pushed in it. Her legs and arms spasmed instinctively. The beast shoved its dick further into her mouth, paving the way for the more lucrative thrusts that were still to come. It began to pull back out slowly, making sure her throat was good and stretched for the coming onslaught it was about to receive.

"HAHA!" The demon cackled as it completely pulled out of her mouth, letting her spit out the blood that had filled inside. “MMM!” She tried to scream but only blood poured out. “MMM!” She tried again but with the same result. “MOMMYYYYYY!” Danielle managed to scream one final time before the creature forced its cock back in her bloody mouth. It began to thrust in and out with an unbearable fury, dislocating her jaw on its first thrust while all Danielle could do was cry.

There is no possible way to describe the pain Danielle was experiencing. The creases of her mouth slowly tore open, as the tissue inside began to slowly rip and pull apart.

Danielle's teeth were being slowly pulled out from the friction of the penis. With one thrust the beast's cock managed to jaggedly rip out her two front teeth, leaving her nerve endings wildly throbbing, sending waves of pain throughout her tiny body as the demon continued to thrust.

Every vein in Danielle's body seemed to be pushing beyond her skin, as if they were also trying to escape. Even the veins in her eyes were visible and pushing outward, eventually exploding, causing blood to pour from both of her sockets and down her newly contorted face. Needless to say her jaw, which had been dislocated before, was now in several broken pieces.

The actual jaw bone itself had cracked, and was now being bounced around her neck like a chicken bone that a fat man might choke on. Her nose even broke in a few pieces from the overwhelming push of the hard dick in her mouth.

"UGH! GOD YES! CHOKE ON IT! CHOKE ON MY FUCKING COCK!" The creature bellowed as he forced Danielle's mouth down as far as he could. It was beyond agony and all she could do was cry and try to cope with the immense pain that only seemed to multiply with every passing second.

"CHOKE ON IT! CHOKE ON IT! UGHHHH!" The creature said as a burst of cum erupted from the head of his dick and shot like a firehose down Danielle's throat, completely surpassing her mouth. "Ugh... No... Not that easy... I want you to swallow", it said pulling his penis back a good 11 inches only to let the cum fill Danielle's mouth instantly with cum.

The taste of the cum was the final bit to push her over sanity's edge. It was terrible. A bitter, saltiness that almost seemed chunky and sticky, and very hard to swallow but her survival instincts forced her too.

For several minutes the beast held Danielle's mouth at the head of his cock, letting her mouth fill with cum while she struggled to keep up swallowing until a mix of cum and blood began to pour from her nose.

Another few minutes and her stomach began to buldge. She was quite literally filling up with cum to the point of bursting. There was no reason any girl should deserve what Danielle was experiencing, the humiliation, the pain, the taste, and now the impending doom that would soon come.

Then BOOM!

In one glorious and horrific explosion Danielle's stomach violently burst open shooting cum covered organs throughout the room. The beast laughed, and let Danielle's twitching head fall of his cock and slam onto the ground.

"Worst suck job I've ever got... I wonder if your 16 yearold sister Kelly can do any better?" He said laughing at the dying girl.

Danielle finally snapped.

Her body twitched and convulsed. Blood, guts and organs slowly oozed out from her open stomach wounds as she puked cum and blood into the red pushup bra he put her in.

"See you in hell, cunt!" The creature said raising his gigantic foot and smashing it down on Danielle's cum covered tits, which in turn pushed the remaining cum the girl had swallowed up to her head and had completely popped her head open like a pimple.

And with that the beast walked away. Still erect, still horny, and headed into the next room, where Danielle's little sister Kelly slept unaware of what soon would happen to her.

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