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The battle for my city didn't last long. For the first few days, it seemed likely we were stuck in a siege that would outlast our attackers.

We had an abundance of small arms and vehicles, not to mention rockets which we thought they lacked entirely, but we underestimated their numerous snipers, molotovs, and miniguns. Pipe bombs were especially shocking, as our county guard had grown accustomed to facing ineffective duds that would fizzle out.

On just the 1st day of the 2nd week, they catapulted dozens of explosive to high ground. They had triple the troops our officials estimated and were far faster than anticipated. I got calls and texts to stay in the center of town but instead approached the danger, observing from quiet rooftops. For each rocket that took an arm from the enemy, their innumerable bullets shredded several soldiers.

Women ran through the streets. A mousey but heavy-chested brown-haired girl, barely old enough to smoke, was chased down by a pair of motorcycle thugs who stripped her and chained her to both bikes, one by each wrist, and made her run faster than I knew she could. I'll admit, seeing her firm body struggling to keep pace and getting her feet shredding on the forsaken gravel gave me a boner. Her breasts bounced wildly, almost falling behind her sides. I'm sure they were bruised simply by the force of their bouncing. They disappearance around a corner and reappeared around another, again and again in circles. They slowed down as she tired out until she could not run any longer. When her legs gave up, she was dragged full speed, screaming and crying in agony as her butt, belly, and breasts were all torn from her by the rough ground. they slowed down once more and a third biker slammed a broken rifle into her ass.

Men, women, and children were massacred by shotgun and fire.

Another young girl, who was smaller and had smaller boobs and shorter black hair that was tied back, was laid face down on a picnic table. Her elbows were bent under the sides and her hands were nailed up to the underside of the table. She kicked her legs wildly as a hideously masked man held her but firmly in place and 2 more held her arms.

The whole while, her whole family and some friends were held at gunpoint, watching several strangers- monsters- do this to her. The guy who nailed her palms stood and I saw his face was painted green, white, and black in a camouflage style. He waled around to hammer nails into her feet.

She was particularly skinny and resembled the letter "A" when spread out like that. The 4 men spoke to each other and man with his face painted pointed at the captive family, at which point they screamed and seemed to be pleading, though I couldn't hear what they said. The masked man walked slowly over and pulled out a very long knife, maybe a small sword, and stabbed each one to death, one by one. Even their strongest men weren't a match for this beast. I could vividly see the poor girl's red crying face and her whole body shaking wildly, especially her face shaking side to side and back and forth. Her crying and screams were unlike anything I'd heard. Her family's clothes were stained red with blood. Green, blue, and white shirts were defiled.


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Once her loved ones were slaughtered, she was tortured further. Still seeing her dad bleeding out in front of her, her bones were shattered by the smashing of hammers and her skin was peel off. The monsters even took normal forks- perhaps from her kitchen table- and actually parted her flesh and fucking ate it. They happily munched as she screamed. I couldn't hear them, due to both her screaming and how far they were, but could easily discern they made as much noise chomping over their forsaken meal as I would a hamburger.

Apparently she wasn't cooked well enough, because after eating some off her, they set fire under her hands and poured boiling water over her.v

I wondered if I could predict a torture they commit, but I found I wasn't being creative enough. Just as I was predicting they might shit on her, I heard engines and tires from down another street. It wasn't the same motorcycles from earlier, in fact they looked very different. These several bikes were vibrantly colored and much larger. The thugs riding them were not as tatted but their tattoos were much more colorful. They also rode forward, instead of leaning back or sitting straight up like the previous trio.

Who could unite all these different people? How could they all work in tandem, despite being so horrible and anti-human?

These larger motorcycles also had captives, but mostly tied over the backs like bag of supplies, though a couple of slower moving ones did have chains of young nude girls jogging to keep from being dragged. I could tell, even from far away, that the extreme paddling off their feet left a long trail of blood.

The girl that was nailed to a picnic table was facing the other way and seemed unable to notice anything except her own gross pain. She was simply shaking and every other slave was staring in anxious disbelief. All were crying, some were wailing, and a few struggled to get free despite the whippings they took for it.

They all looked so alive.

Several armored cargo trucks rolled through, plus some jeeps with cages, and the girls were all loaded up- except 3. They were all petite, tough one was plump for her height. They cried and danced endlessly, shaking and moving in fear. They were slapped and grabbed all over. Their bellies were punched and their ankles yanked from under them. They would flail their arms as they fell and scrambled to get up, crying and waving about as they were dragged across the floor to the cars.

A particularly fit lady wearing a white tank top and black jeans stood atop a nearby roof and lowered a rope that was tied around 1 girl's neck. Several men doused her feet in gasoline and she was then lifted into the air. A fire was set below her and she lowered inches a a time. Her 2 friends were being ruthlessly spanked as they watched in horror. Eventually, the rope was lowered enough that the girl had to keep her legs spread far apart and expose her anus and genitals to the heat. The flames licked her pussy and buttocks and she shook viciously, kicking her legs wildly about until they gave in and she unwittingly swept her feet through the flames. She was then raised in the air, kicking even more wildly then before, and eventually was cut down and thrown in the back of a van. she seemed to die off a heart attack but I've since seen their capabilities and pity the girl for possibly surviving.

The other 2 were no longer just spanked. Their legs were pushed back and their knees tied to their necks. One begged as she was sent to replace the girl formerly dangling, shaking her ass around as she was carried upside down to the rope. She looked much the same but this time with a very red rump and her knees above her head. Her whole body was drenched in gasoline by men on the roof after she was raised. She didn't get close to the flames. Instead, she just waited, shaking violently, being lowered and raised just to keep her guessing, all while the last in line was laid down for her feet, hands, thighs, belly, and breasts to all be smacked with whatever utensils the invading army pillaged from their houses: rulers, spoons, and canes.

The girl dangling by the rope was pelted by troops with rocks and pillaged goods, especially socks filled with shit. Her whole body swung back and forth, like a miserably crying pendulum. She was cut down without indication, just falling into flames were she cooked. Shake shook, cooked, and screamed. I could feel the hot wind vibrating similarly to how she moved.

The last girl had bits her hands and feet shoved into a bucket off fuel one at a time, then her some was poured on her nipples and tummy, then on her rump. Several women circled her and simultaneously set a different spot on fire, and she wailed instantly. Her ropes were away and she ran down the street screaming and waving her arms and breast. She shook and danced and then finally just fell and rolled around in pain and flames.

But it turned out I would see a huge number of such horrors, especially girls on fire.

As it turned out...

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