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Terminal Fist Butt-Fuck
by Regis

“I have to tell you," Billy told Jackson, "I have no problem putting the rocks to kids. Having a cuddly naked little girl lying with you in your bed, bouncing on your prick, or kneeling down screaming as you drill her up her asshole is fantastic, something you’ll never forget. Driving your cock into her until she screams while you hammer the head of her uterus with your rigid prick is an amazing feeling.

If you’ve never tried it, you should. Once pretty little girls are properly trained they always give amazing sex. Best of all, in nearly every situation, they have no idea who you are, in their eyes you’re just another dirty old man, so they are never able to come back and bite you.

“A buddy of mine has an operation set up on the top three floors of an adults-only condominium downtown. He takes in street kids, or ‘borrows’ them from homeless single mothers, cleans them up and trains them, and for $500 you can fuck kids seven to ten years old. Most of the kids are girls, but little boys can be had by those who favor them.

“That’s not all, and this is really over the top. For only $2,500 he’ll set up a client to off a kid in a special studio or in his special dungeon room, everything provided. I get there at least once a month, but I’ve never done a kid, I mean like killed her. I’m not into that shit. What I say is let the little cunts do each other.

“Let someone else do the dirty work, or even better, for my taste, let the little cunts do each other. I prefer watching that. Either that or have a client who gets off on that shit do her. Offing a kid is a badass thing to do, but it’s interesting to see. I’d never do it, but I’ve paid to watch a few times.

“Once I watched when a client paid $5,000 for a pair of 8-year-olds to fight each other, armed with the small blades open on jackknives. The hot little cunts were high on speed, and they actually managed to kill each other! They were a lot more aggressive than they were good with those little blades, and it took 45 minutes before the 2nd one died.

“Organized kid fights are not that rare, believe it or not, but this was special. I couldn’t believe them letting a fight between little girls go all the way to a fucking double kill, but I’ve got to tell you, it was super hot and I loved it. It doesn’t get much better than that!

“One of the most unusual demonstrations I ever saw was done in a photo studio my buddy had built with a one-way mirror on one wall. It was a professional space, with pro lights, diffusers and everything necessary to make sparkling images. It was as professional a layout as it can get.

“As we sat behind the glass two guys came in with a cute little blonde who we were told was called Beebee, a 6-year-old from Austin, Texas. Her mother was a 19-year-old street girl who had trained her girl to entertain men with her little cunt. One of them was using a smartphone to take pictures of her performing for them.

The cute little cunt was buck naked, and judging from the redness of her little buttocks and the tears streaking her cheeks, she’d just been given a good spanking. One of the guys was naked, and the other was using a smartphone to take pictures of her performing for them.

“I found out my buddy had procured the kid and her Mom just the day before, and had delivered the Mom to D-Ring right away to pay off a gambling debt. It turned out he had to do that quite often, but at the moment D-Ring can’t use that many kids to use as they’d like.

“The two guys who’d bought Beebee were in great shape, muscular dudes. This little girl was used to working with guys, and fully cooperated. They all got themselves stark naked. The kid knew how to pose, and gave them some really nasty shots, poking big dildos into herself and posing with the over-sized toys sticking really deep into herself. That little mini-pussy was a fucking pro.

“Little Beebee even gave them some scat pictures when she turned her back, squatted and took a shit for them into a bucket of soapy water, and then pissed into the bucket. The kid was not only well coached in the art of sexy and obscene performance, but was also clearly very experienced at turning on men with her nasty behavior for their camera.

“Then one guy picked her up, and grabbing a wrist and ankle, stretched her pretty good, horizontally. Can you believe she was able to produce another stream of hot piss? Then he got hold of both her ankles so she was upside-down, and with a remarkable display of power, overextended her legs straight out to the sides, making the shrilly screaming child’s pert little pussy stretch wide open.

“This exercise must have put unendurable pressure on her little bladder, because even though she’d peed only a few minutes earlier, she now pissed out another amber stream for them. This activity changed her demeanor, and she began to shriek in protest, to no avail. These guys were serious, and the naked kid knew she was in serious trouble.

“Holding her by one leg upside-down, he worked a couple of his thick fingers into her little cuntlet, and stretched it until he had 4 fingers in, and then amazed me when, with considerable pushing and twisting, he managed to get his thumb worked into her womb as well.

The cute little bitch Beebee was fully stuffed, and her little tummy showed a moving bump, signaling the severe distress going on inside her. This was far more than a powerful fist fuck she was receiving. This guy had to be fucking up her gonads inside.

I couldn’t believe that the child’s immature little fuck organ took his whole fucking hand into itself. It’s amazing what a cunt can take, even at that tender age. Her screams spoke eloquently about how much he was hurting her, and he was going out of his way to ensure she got no pleasure from the manual invasion.

“Now he got serious. He pulled his fist out of her cunt, and his fist was bloody. He quickly got a rope around her neck, and hauled naked little Beebee up, high, hanging her. He spread her legs, thrust his bloody middle finger into her little asshole, and working it around, added a second.

The child grimaced as he stretched her little rectum, but her professional smile returned quickly. She was still a pro. This was show business, and she was the fucking show! I realized the kid had been doing this for some time, and knew how to handle herself.

“I was surprised when he managed to get a third finger into the cooperating kid’s bum, but he was just getting started. He took some of the weight off the noose around her neck by pressing his fingers further up into her. Her smile disappeared, now replaced by her screams.

“With surprising force, he got the 4th finger into her, and all hell broke lose when he ruptured her little rectum and actually worked in his thumb! With a firm and decisive thrust, his entire hand was up the kid’s ass! This was the most incredible ass-fuck I’d ever seen!

“Her little colon was stretched entirely out of shape with the man’s clenched fist in it. He got her upright, and with some bouncing, she slid down until she gripped his wrist with her ruined rectum. His wrist sealed it, so no blood leaked from her anus, but there was nothing to stop the blood trickling from her cuntlet. And there was more to come!

“Through bounce after violent bounce, his fist drove still deeper into the frantically screaming child’s torso, with her extremely stressed little anus desperately gripping his upper muscular forearm. The sadistic man began to ejaculate from his excitement of what he was doing to the helpless little girl, and he wasn’t done yet!

“The sadistic guy, his prick at full erection and pulsing as it arched upward, jerked his arm up and down until her over stressed rectum ruptured, giving him suddenly more access. Taking full advantage he continued driving his hand even deeper into the naked little girl’s torso, until her widespread buttocks reached the bend in his elbow!

“I did the math, and guessed his fingers had broken through her gut, and reached right up through her diaphragm to between her fucking lungs! The guy with the camera was capturing everything, and paused only to jerk out his own penis and start madly pumping it.

“Beebee had stopped screaming, producing nothing more than sharp little gasps as he slowly lowered his arm so that she was still butt stuffed, but was now taking all of her weight on the tight noose around her neck again. The noose now prevented her from getting any air.

“The guy with the smartphone kept shooting pictures, and as she was strangled the kid gradually went limp on the guy’s arm. She let loose a spray of piss, but there was no way she could release shit with his whole upper arm up her ass. The guy was good. He had killed her!

“He pulled the rope off her head, lifted her on his arm over his head, and then powerfully threw her against the wall. She shot off his arm, and when it immediately pulled out of its warm flesh housing, his fist held a firm grip on her guts, which trailed behind her, jerked out of her asshole as she flew to smash her head against the brick wall.

“She was dead before she was thrown, but the crushing of her skull and exposure of brain made the perfect cap to what turned out to be an outstanding fucking entertainment kill. I was very pleased to be there to witness that live performance. These guys really knew how to do a kid, and they did a terrific job in offing this pretty little bitch for their video.

“It was far from pretty, but was one of the most imaginative kills I have ever witnessed. The half dozen of us watching from behind the mirror were spurting cum as strongly as the guy who performed the amazing kill. You don’t get to see a little girl take a muscular arm up her ass every day.

“That’s fucking awesome,” Jackson said. His penis was out, and he was ejaculating as he listened to the extreme tale of total destruction of a pretty little girl. This was the kind of thing that got his blood pressure up, and he knew that would be true for the gamblers he was looking to attract.

Half of the new staff he’d have to hire would be accountants and bookkeepers to keep track of all the money that would be rolling in when he got a business going featuring this level of sexual degeneracy. This was what life was about, and Jackson was preparing to grab the reins.

“One of the best fucks I ever had,” Billy continued, “was with the youngest girl to ever work as a whore here in the totally private zone, a startlingly pretty 7-year-old Ethiopian girl from a primitive village in the Omo Valley. She was a rich chestnut brown, had nice budding little nipples, and a bum and legs to knock your fuckin’ eyes out.

“The cute little nigress slut had been born in a grass hut, and was harvested at the age of 5, when she showed that her little body had promise. A yacht that never left American waters met a ship at anchor, where a couple of dozen black minicunts were offloaded, and they were trained by the best at an upscale New York penthouse brothel on 5th Avenue.

“She was far too young to have any titties, but that naked little body was outrageously sexy. She moved like a professional stripper, and did the most erotic dance to get me going I’d ever seen. I don’t know how they can get little kids from such a backward place be so cock-raising in their movements, but this little chickie really had had what it took.

“My dick was already standing at attention when she got her tender little mouth over its head, and in less than a minute her tiny fists rapidly pumping the base of my dick almost had me shooting. Then she got into bed with me, and I swear to God, fucked me like a fucking little brown rabbit. She proved to be insatiable.

“She got me to cum four times in not much more than an hour. That’s my personal record for full ejaculations. That pretty voracious little cunt got my fucking balls aching from gross over-production. I’ve never been so turned on by any gorgeous whore I’ve ever fucked, regardless of age or degree of sexual experience.

I was in agony for hours afterwards, and felt like my dick should be in a sling, but I can tell you fucking that pretty little brown kid was definitely worth it. She gave me the ride of my life, and next time I have the opportunity I’m going to see if she’s still offering her amazing services.

My guess is that by now she’s been given the ultimate sexual experience of being killed in one of the brothel’s infamous slaughter shows, for the pleasure of those lucky enough to watch. I’ve been to a few, and must say although they’re very expensive, they’re nothing short of spectacular.”


Hey Regis. This gets better and better. Great stuff. Thanks. Arch


You're welcome, Arch. As I go through looking for more stand-alone excerpts, I recognize the form is a collection of 'minor' episodes glued together by the central adult characters. I could post these weekly for months. And may.


That was amazing!
I especially liked the fisting story, one of the best large insertion snuff i've read. Do you count on making more of that?


Anon 9627, PM me on for more info.


Extremely deep butt-fisting a little girl seldom turns out well. I don't recommend you try this at home, for a number of compelling reasons.


One more bump.



Will you add to this Regis? I hope you do!



Interesting that the one guy casually started jacking off while the other spoke. Thought there mightve been a fuck scene or something


It was all about what was in his mind, the locus of erotic passion.


E-Sarah, PM me on



done Regis ;)


Got it and replied.

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